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  1. shimon

    Train door mechanism

    Actually seeing these mechanisms a few years ago made me try come up with a better solution because this mechanism has both a high floor, wide doors and the cheese slope gap, the idea is to come up with something as compact as possible. Im not a train builder so I don't know if you guys pay attention to such details..
  2. shimon

    [MOC] Humvee

    Thanks everyone! The steering gear was chosen to be 20T just because its the most convenient to use, the rear wheel sounds like a great idea though! will try it out. The rear suspension works a bit differently and thus required a better solution due to little space caused by the steering gear.
  3. shimon

    Train door mechanism

    Have a motor in your locomotive and make a drivetrain through every wagon with u-joints, there is a youtube video of something similar. About the second one, I got very disappointed with 8 studs wide trains, even though it seems a perfect fit for the rail width but each wagon is very big and long, rendering the curved tracks useless
  4. Hello, I would like to share my latest project with you guys, the M270. It is fully RC and has a unique function switching mechanism allowing 3 functions to be operated with only 2 motors. Here are some pictures of the model with a video of the mechanism.
  5. shimon

    Train door mechanism

    Thanks everyone! About the activation mechanism, it is really a dilemma for me because using motors will require solid connection between wagons, same with pneumatics, so Im thinking the best way would be via a knob or a lever on top of the wagon.
  6. shimon

    [MOC] Humvee

    Hello everyone! Today I would like to present you the mini Humvee: It features steering, suspension and has a solid technic body.
  7. shimon

    [MOC] RC Merkava IV tank

    Thanks everyone! Here is the video: The tank holds a crew of 4 people, and the battery box can be removed to add more troops. It took me roughly 3 weeks of work.
  8. shimon

    Train door mechanism

    A compact train door mechanism solution for 7-8 wide trains, it is still a work in progress. Wondering what is the most convenient way to activate it, share your thoughts!
  9. Features RC PF drive and has interior.
  10. Hello everyone! I would like to present you my latest MOC, the IDF Eitan AFV. It features working steering and fully independent suspension. The challenge was to find a compact solution for the suspension Video on suspension
  11. shimon

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    @Cumulonimbus Sorry for the delay, tried to fix the file to make it as clear as possible despite LDD limitations.
  12. shimon

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    I do, will upload soon.
  13. shimon

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Thanks. Thanks. Yes, it flexes a little
  14. shimon

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    My reverse engineered version of the 42078 trailer: 20171121_164424 by legoferrari430, on Flickr 20171121_164435 by legoferrari430, on Flickr 20171121_164457 by legoferrari430, on Flickr The functions work great, the outriggers mechanism is pretty clever, the usage of friction pins on the crane however, gives it a little squeecking sound. Did not add some parts due to lack of them ( 11X3 panel in greed/red), winged panel. Great design overall, might attempt the truck itself next.
  15. Thanks for the comments! I will make a building instructions video soon!