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  1. shimon

    Martian Rover (Perseverance)

    Great, very interesting wheel design. This thing must be heavy, how much does it weight?
  2. Nice! reminds me of 8275. Doesn't it drive too fast with 1:1 gearing from motors?
  3. shimon

    [MOC] Scania P220 Skiploader

    Great! I like the combination of technic and system parts
  4. Update: The video is done, feedback is appreciated.
  5. Thanks! Video is coming up soon. The central diff is for smoother drive, without it moving the model when steering may sometimes feel a bit friction. Thank you very much! Im working on a video. As for the instructions, It will take some time
  6. Thanks everyone! The manual and electric pumps are for better playability - the electric pump is best for the front arm functions and outriggers, and the manual is best for the rear arm, but you can activate any function with both pumps.
  7. Thanks, it was a huge dilemma at first about what functions to pack, the rear sliding mechanism takes a lot of space. Initially it was meant to be 3 steering modes and manual pump only, but I eventually thought that this layout is less practical and decided to add a motor pump instead for better playability. So its a trilemma - steering modes, differentials + engine, electrics - pick 2. What would you pick? Clicking is a no no for me as well.
  8. I don't really see any problems with that setup when the model is not driven by a motor, the brown 3L axle locks the gear so it doesn't come off, and there is no stress nor friction driving the dummy engine. However, Im thinking about making a motorized RC version (instead of motor pump), and for that I will definitely have to replace the 20 teeth.
  9. Thanks! I use them for the front because the gear rack interferes with the 1 stud wide, it is inserted with a 3L brown pin with stop so that it wont slide off. For the back I use the same method just for symmetry.
  10. Hello everyone! Today I would like to present you my latest and most complex MOC up to date - Pneumatic Backhoe. Features: - Steering operated via steering wheel - 4 cylinder engine with 4WD and central differential - Both manual and electric pumps - manual pump can be detached for more convenient use - Suspended driver seat +360 degree rotation - Rear arm linear movement - All the pneumatic functions Video coming soon. Cheers, Shimon
  11. shimon

    Train door mechanism

    Actually seeing these mechanisms a few years ago made me try come up with a better solution because this mechanism has both a high floor, wide doors and the cheese slope gap, the idea is to come up with something as compact as possible. Im not a train builder so I don't know if you guys pay attention to such details..
  12. shimon

    [MOC] Humvee

    Thanks everyone! The steering gear was chosen to be 20T just because its the most convenient to use, the rear wheel sounds like a great idea though! will try it out. The rear suspension works a bit differently and thus required a better solution due to little space caused by the steering gear.
  13. shimon

    Train door mechanism

    Have a motor in your locomotive and make a drivetrain through every wagon with u-joints, there is a youtube video of something similar. About the second one, I got very disappointed with 8 studs wide trains, even though it seems a perfect fit for the rail width but each wagon is very big and long, rendering the curved tracks useless
  14. Hello, I would like to share my latest project with you guys, the M270. It is fully RC and has a unique function switching mechanism allowing 3 functions to be operated with only 2 motors. Here are some pictures of the model with a video of the mechanism.
  15. shimon

    Train door mechanism

    Thanks everyone! About the activation mechanism, it is really a dilemma for me because using motors will require solid connection between wagons, same with pneumatics, so Im thinking the best way would be via a knob or a lever on top of the wagon.