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  1. shimon

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    @Cumulonimbus Sorry for the delay, tried to fix the file to make it as clear as possible despite LDD limitations.
  2. shimon

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    I do, will upload soon.
  3. shimon

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Thanks. Thanks. Yes, it flexes a little
  4. shimon

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    My reverse engineered version of the 42078 trailer: 20171121_164424 by legoferrari430, on Flickr 20171121_164435 by legoferrari430, on Flickr 20171121_164457 by legoferrari430, on Flickr The functions work great, the outriggers mechanism is pretty clever, the usage of friction pins on the crane however, gives it a little squeecking sound. Did not add some parts due to lack of them ( 11X3 panel in greed/red), winged panel. Great design overall, might attempt the truck itself next.
  5. Thanks for the comments! I will make a building instructions video soon!
  6. Hello everyone! I would like to present you my latest MOC: The mini forklift Features: - Working lif - Steering - Lift tilt via lever The challenge was to make the lift operatable from the vehicle even while tilted, having no space for standard mechanical solutions made me think about another solution: A string mounted on an axle that allows certain linear movement in both directions. Luckily the 41L string with studs fits perfectly allowing the movement range needed. Video:
  7. shimon

    [MOC] AC Cobra 427 V2

    Thanks! Thanks! The rear susppension uses shock absorbers, the blue rubber band is for more stability only. The front suspension rubber bands work well, and are not going through too much stress, i might try to find a front shock absorber solution, Thank you very much! :) Thanks! Thanks!
  8. shimon

    [MOC] AC Cobra 427 V2

    Thanks for the comments guys! I didnt know scale modeling forum exsist, anyway this can be closed as ive made a new post there
  9. Hello everyone. If some of you remember i have presented the first version of the AC cobra 427 to share the concept and gather feedback. It is now modified and on LEGO Ideas. The car scale is 1:14, measuring 33 studs long and 13 studs wide (15 on wheelbase). The features are as follows: - has working steering via an adjustable steering wheel. - mini working v8 through a differential. - independant front and rear suspension - openable hood via a lever on the dashboard - openable doors and trunk - very sturdy and solid build This can be the first Idea set that has lots of Technic features. If you like my idea, please support.
  10. Hi I present you my latest solution for opening train doors The mechanism is operated by a gear and the current setup is suited for 8 wide trains. However, this can be applied to 7 wide too and im working on a solution to place the operating gear on top.
  11. shimon

    [MOC] AC Cobra 427

    Thanks. Im working on my editings skills and will release a new video soon with building instructions too. I have tried to fit a shock absorber to the front suspension but there is absolutely no space! And about the rear suspension, the real thing uses double wishbone but at this scale its impossible with the current lego parts (need small CV joints)
  12. Hello everyone! This time the challenge was to create a steering mechanism with suspension as small and compact as possible. Together with some other techniques and the usage of a technic chassis, this humvee was born! And i will share the concept of the mechanism: More photos If anyone wants, ill upload an LDD file later.
  13. shimon

    [MOC] AC Cobra 427

    Thanks guys! Im making an LDD file and will share it soon. Thanks! At first i wanted to make it in dark blue/blue with white stripes but the windscreen mudguards are only available in black, yellow, white and dark green. Thanks! Yes, they are pretty rare but the black windscreen mudguard are more expensive (used are 10$ a piece and new 20$) Thanks! I love this building style because first of all it tests the limit of compactness + look + solidness + functionality and the process to think of those solutions is very addictive! Thanks! And no, they are linked together with a 2L beam Thanks! LDD file will be ready soon!
  14. Hello everyone! Today i present you my latest and most complex MOC: the AC Cobra 427. The challenge was to create a medium sized car with a complex body structure and add as many technic features as possible making it look good, functional, playable and robust. After going through lots of difficulties i have finally managed to get it done. Here is the result: It features the following: 1. working steering via steering wheel + adjustable steering wheel angle 2. front and rear independant suspension 3. rear differential 4. working V8 piston engine 5. a lever that opens the hood 6. opanble doors 7. openable trunk 8. solid structure -Images removed- More photos on Flickr P.S sorry for my bad photographing and editing skills.
  15. Hi, I was bored so i decided to try reverse engineer the upcoming 2017 telehandler (42061). I filled dark areas with parts according to my sense of logic.