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  1. Very nice! Do you think it is possible to do a machine that assembles 3L chain tracks? like you empty a bag full of them in a machine and it goes out assembled
  2. @Aleh Thanks! I hope so @Rebel_Lego Thanks! this is actually the part I'm most satisfied with because the hood is very sturdy and easy to open @gyenesvi I'm 99% sure that there are 3 cylinders (2 thin), about the 6 LAs, I did think using a worm gear but further reduction was needed to match the side outrigger LA speed and there isn't much room for gears there but I guess it can be done. and yes the bottom center pic reveals a round 1 x 1 beam that can be the top of a mini LA
  3. I had the exact same thought, I have made a post on my reverse engineering attempt which I unfortunately couldn't finish due to lack of parts and lack of the 11L alternating beams. Also, I don't think that the hood uses 7 x 11 frame because it will interfere with the engine.
  4. Hello everyone, After seeing the huge amount of functions on this beautiful truck, I decided to try sharpen my technic skills and attempt reverse engineering it. I was able to recreate the major functions using some hints from the pictures and logical deduction, it was quite challenging. *WARNING* Those of you who don't want a spoiler on the possible mechanism solutions, don't look at the pictures. I have completed most of the model but stopped at the current state due to lack of parts, so before disassembling it I wanted to share it here.
  5. @Void_S Good job on the renders! It isn't easy to reverse engineer a model exterior from a few pictures (I know its hard because I have been doing that for years). Are you going to try and fill the insides as well? P.S, The 11L alternating beam also appears at the front part behind the mudguards, on the rear above the last wheel (two are holding the 16T gears for the mini LA's) and perhaps another one under the cabin (on the 4th hole of the 1 x 5 double thin beam step).
  6. shimon

    [MOC] M270 MLRS RC

    Hello everyone! This is my attempt building the M270 MLRS. Fully RC, using 4 PF motors 1 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 2 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 3 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 5 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 6 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 7 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr
  7. @Poodabricks Thanks! @higgins91 Thanks for the idea! I will start building one with transparent doors. @noahtheb Thanks! I will consider that.
  8. Hi everyone, This is my latest and most complex project, the elevator automatically stops on a desired floor and has automatic doors. Everything is done mechanically and no programming involved. using 2 PF motors, 2 PF switches and 9V lights. The model is a prototype and can be made cleaner with easier controls when integrated into a building. Feedback is appreciated.
  9. @Nazgarot Thanks, I just added a few photos that show the internal mechanism, can do some more on request.
  10. @Gray Gear You see, take Sariel for example, his style is similar to mine (brick built exterior with technic interior), yet all his models were posted on this forum (including military vehicles) and no one complained about them not being in the right section (you can check). So if you would have reacted the same to any of his or other members with similar building style posts here then its fine and you can open up a discussion thread on whether or not a model should be posted here and have other people input too. And if seeing other "more famous builders" posting same style creations here wouldn't make you think "why is this here?" then it apparently has something to do with my model(s) and its fine actually. @howitzer Thanks! You are right that nowadays the modern version of model team is something between the creator mustang (minimal technic features) and a 90% technic interior model with brick/tile exterior, maybe a proper definition should be made. Personally I would love to see model team style contests that will judge based on number of features, exterior smoothness (accuracy if a replica) and sturdiness.
  11. @Bluehose @Ivorrr @steph77 @deraven @Berthil Thanks! @JintaiZ Thanks for the advice! @Gray Gear Well, you do have a point here. The thing is that I have two reasons for posting the model on this forum - one is to share it with others and hopefully inspire and the other is to gather feedback in order to know how to improve. I did post it in the Military section at first but then noticed that it is mostly for scenes and non-motorized vehicles, and did not get any feedback. My style of build mostly combines Technic and System together, adding complex internal mechanisms (Technic interior) and a brick/tile exterior and that was my idea of the term "Model team" If I am wrong about that and "Model team" is considered as something else then this post can definitely be moved/removed. If the model wasn't motorized then it would definitely not belong here in my opinion. Also, I did post several military vehicles on this section in the past and they all had technic interior and brick exterior and neither got a complaint. My post did get removed from the Technic fb group, causing me to lose precious feedback.
  12. Hello everyone! I would like to present you my latest MOC, the Apache. It uses PF M for main and tail rotors and features a sturdy body. Hope you like it Lego AH-64 Apache - YouTube 1 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 2 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 3 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 4 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 5 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 6 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 7 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 8 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 9 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 10 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 20201231_175007 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 20201231_175342 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr 20201231_175244 by Shimon Bogomolov, on Flickr
  13. Thanks everyone! Wondering what vehicle should I do next
  14. Pictures are attached, tried to make the build as modular as possible while keeping sturdiness. Thanks, it was a challenge to make the boom thin to give the driver proper view. Thnaks!
  15. Thanks everyone! The orange panel indeed only available in the Osprey, bought it separate from BL, wasn't cheap. Thanks, the whole model evolved around the idea to couple these racks without the housing What part is it? Yes, I also thought about the gap in the orange panel Video is up. I'm not sure how to resize the images though Thanks! it wasn't easy to decide where to use system parts not to ruin the overall look.