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  1. Phil B

    2018 Lego Trains

    I'm secretly hoping for a proper, Emerald Night-style Hogwarts Express to go with the new Harry Potter theme (re)launching summer 2018 (or at least, I heard rumors this theme is coming back). And then of course a D2C Hogwarts castle with a couple of thousand pieces.
  2. Phil B

    Engine Shed V3

    There's even a dead bug on the bathroom floor - talking about realism .......
  3. I have a few "fake" pieces I received via BL sitting on my desk. These are typically pieces bought as Used in larger quantities, and the seller picked them up as used bulk before sorting and listing. I know they are fake (or better: not-LEGO, clone brand) because they are slightly different from real LEGO ones. For example, I have a Hasbro black 50950 Slope 3x1 Curved which I got in a lot of 20 and stood out because the base is slightly higher than a real LEGO piece. I also have a Blue 87087 Brick, Modified 1x1 with Stud on one Side which has a square opening on the opposite side of the stud (like in a Headlight/Erling brick) and an open stud on the top, with no markings except "M1" on the bottom, which makes me think it is a Mega Construx (formerly Mega Bloks) brick. This also arrived as part of a lot of used bricks. I didn't even notice it was different until I wanted to use it.
  4. Phil B

    Lego construction site

    LOVE IT.
  5. Phil B

    Lego Elves Dragon Sanctuary.

    What happened with the Dragon Sanctuary is "the perfect storm" for high secondary market prices: 1. Set contains unique material needed for a collection (the one egg and the building that acts as a collection display). 2. Set retired unexpectedly without warning. 3. Set never had a big distribution (it wasn't "in your face" everywhere). 4. Set only had a 4 month lifespan, which is very rare. and 5. Set contains a dragon (dragons are _ALWAYS_ in demand) That's why prices on EBay and Amazon are crazy.
  6. Phil B

    London Underground 'tube' MOC. (1996 stock)

    How about putting a large road tire in the train (perhaps with a shock absorber to keep it pushed down) and have that drive over the center of the track? Haven't tried this, but might give you an alternative.
  7. Phil B

    Lego construction site

    Ah Monty Python, love it ... would love to see the whole building :)
  8. I like this ... very creative and looks pretty good!
  9. Phil B

    EMD SW-14 Switcher

    Now you need to build that slug too .... :)
  10. Phil B

    Impossible LEGO

    Didn't read the entire thread, so apologies if this has been mentioned before, but one part combination that always gets me worked up is the Tile 1x1 Round w Straight Sides in a transparent color inserted in the bottom of a Plate 1x1 in an opaque color, like in Bart's bedside lamp from 71006 or in the Christmas lights on the Winter Village Cottage. Apart from force with pliers, I know of no way to safely separate this combination.
  11. For the yellow sticker on the baseplate, I have used Automotive Striping tape to good effect before - they come in all sorts of widths, including one that is almost an exact match with the height of a baseplate, and cost less than $5 for an entire roll (you can do 100s of baseplates with a roll). Check your local auto store.
  12. Phil B

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    This $0.99 sale of Fun, Level and Team packs has been going on for 2+ weeks now (I believe since Jan 21st). It is almost over - no more shipments. And yes, for the first week there were no limits and people were buying the pallets as they came into the store (before unloading) and also calling warehouse managers to have shipments sent across the country. It is very unlikely there will be restocks. There was a 9 item limit for a few days, but that got lifted after the last shipments. You can check the effects of this "dumping" of earlier Dimensions packs on Amazon - some Level and Team packs dropped from $30 to $8 shipped.
  13. Here's my experience clearance hunting the last 2 years: Walmart: You can score great deals on clearance items (I got a 21118 Minecraft the Mine for $35 last year), but you need to be a cautious shopper. Check seals and seams. I wouldn't go as far as claiming "don't buy clearance" because you miss out on gems (Picked up a General Grievous Wheel bike from a clearance aisle long after it was gone, in a mint box). Just be very much on your toes. And when in doubt, go to customer service and ask if you can open the set and validate its contents after you buy (or if the seals are broken, even before you buy - I did an inspection of a damaged box Popstar Tour Bus a while ago in front of a WM employee. Me with a set review open on my phone's browser, the lady pulling the contents out and checking with me). Target: I have not found theft/scams to be an issue in general at Target. I still check seals, but everything typically looks really nice in all of the 5-6 Targets around me (Mid-west USA). The times that I found damaged boxes I got additional discounts from customer service. Meijer: (For those who missed it, Meijer (a mid-west US Walmart/Target competitor) is running a 50% off all clearance prices (10-50% off already) until tomorrow Jan 28) - Never seen a tampered box. Even the clearance stock is pretty much mint, minus the occasional spider imprint. Love the 2x 21127 Minecraft Fortresses I picked up yesterday and today for $39 each (68% off) :)
  14. It's a risk vs. reward thing. The crappiest stores often have the best deals (75-90% off clearance, sets from 2014 etc.). This is for a reason: the type of customer they attract, and their spending power. If you live on food assistance, you're not going to ploink down $50 for a LEGO set. Some might feel the need to take a five-finger discount, but most leave the merchandise untouched. Which is why you can find the best deals in those areas, but have to be on your toes in terms of set inspection. Most stores however allow you to open up a set on the spot at Customer Service to verify contents, so have your phone ready at a page with a set contents overview and go to CS, pop the seals, and check if all is ok. Then fold the box flat and put it like that in your suitcase, with the bags separate, so you save space on the way back :)
  15. Phil B

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    Awesome display and awesome trains. Nagyon tetszett!