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  1. Phil B

    Some dumb PU questions

    Wait until they stop updating the PU app in a few years ... which will happen inevitably (anyone try to download the Nexo Knights app recently?). Let’s just hope the homebrew apps continue to be available, otherwise all this expensive PU stuff will be useless (sort of).
  2. Or check out @legoman666‘s supercapacitor solution. I think there’s a thread here somewhere detailing how he made that work.
  3. There are ways to do that using rubber bands, but it does require you to build something inside your train. I am not able to give details in this post (device I use is rudimentary) but google for “LEGO train close coupling” and you should get some answers.
  4. I’d stick a pin with eye (15100) in the center hole of the airplane part, and then use a 3L technic beam (either thick or thin) with a frictionless pin on each end across them to link them up, just like they do on 75955 Hogwarts Express. if that is not sturdy enough, you can replace the 15100 with a 32184, connected with 2 axle pins to the airplane part.
  5. Phil B

    7w Roof on 6w Body

    I would look at part 3957/3957b Antenna 1x4 for the roof supports. Both versions exist in Blue.
  6. Phil B

    When Do You Order A MOC?

    That is the “Bricks and Pieces” OP refers to :) . Only available in a select few countries.
  7. Phil B

    When Do You Order A MOC?

    This is not a direct answer to your question, but something to consider: unless you already have a vast collection of bricks of all different kinds, take into account that no matter how well you plan your first brick purchase (be it from BL, BrickOwl or, you will find that once you start building you will have to make one or more additional purchases. For three reasons: 1. You will invariably have missed something from your list of parts, or ordered the wrong quantity. 2. You will find out during the build that what seemed to work digitally does not render a stable build in the brick, or simply does not fit due to unexpected tolerance issues. 3. Most annoyingly: shops might not send you the right bricks, or the right amount of bricks, or tell you at shipping time that a specific part or quantity could not be filled. As a seller, if that happened to me I would always make it right and order the parts from somewhere else without cost to you, the buyer (as it is my inventory mistake), but not all sellers do this. Lots of sellers just refund you the cost of the missing parts, but that means you now have to pay for a new order at another seller, often for just a few pieces, and pay more shipping. Quite unfair and I would love to see BrickLink mandate a replacement policy for sellers, but I doubt that will happen. Net, expect to spend more than what your first attempt at ordering all the pieces is estimated to cost. This is not a cheap hobby.
  8. Phil B

    REVIEW: 4564 Freight Rail Runner

    Please, as per the forum rules, do not post in threads that have been silent for a long time. This thread is 10 years old. You can open a new thread expressing your love for 4564, and post a link to this thread, but do not directly post here. Thanks.
  9. Holy thread revival, Batman!
  10. Phil B

    Some dumb PU questions

    HA! But the PF motor package contained wheels and axles, and the PU motor does not. So the PU train motor ends up being more expensive if you need the wheels.
  11. Phil B

    Western Maryland J-1 Potomac

    That Potomac link does not work, nor will the text-link that you pasted, as it refers to a file on your personal computer. You will need to upload the picture to an image hosting service like Flickr and then embed or share the link here.
  12. Phil B

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    I have been running BlueBrick on Linux for years by simply using WINE. Never had compatibility issues.
  13. Thanks. I have one more thing to check - I didn't remove the lower ladder pieces on the left and right side of the tender as I somehow managed to put the motor plus the decorative sides inside these ladders. However, the ladders might be pressing on the decorative sides, which causes friction against the 9V wheels. I'm going to remove the ladders to see if my hunch is right.
  14. Lo and behold - unlimited runtime when installed in 10254. So the next question: Is 10173 not powerable with 1 9V motor (under the tender as per LEGO’s official suggestion) or is there something on my specific 10173 that is causing more friction? Before I converted 10173 to 9V I powered it from a custom box car with 2 PF train motors under it, so I always used 2 motors, but the train had extra carriages at that time. Now it is just the stock 10173. Anyone who can speak from experience?
  15. Phil B

    LEGO Trains 2021

    It's real simple for me: If the company focuses solely on Enhancing the LEGO experience, and makes complimentary products, they are fair game. If the company competes with LEGO (even if they make some parts that are useful and not made by LEGO) then they are not OK to be discussed here. And wrt old parts - that is part of the hobby. You either fork over the money to buy those rare parts or you change your design to eliminate the rare parts.