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  1. Phil B

    Single lithium batteries for Power Function trains

    Putting 2 batteries in series increases the Voltage (V). Putting two batteries in parallel increases the Amperage (A). In BOTH cases the Power increases, because Power = Voltage x Amperage.
  2. Phil B

    BlueBrick for Linux

    I used to run Bluebrick directly through WINE, worked without issues.
  3. Phil B

    1815 Steam Elephant Locomotive

    That is wonderful! I have 2 circuit cubes waiting for a project … great to see how well they work!
  4. Phil B

    Roller Coaster Thread

    Your rollercoaster looks awesome! On the topic of rollercoaster loops, @Masao Hidaka's recent YT video blew me away in terms of his super-creative solution to get loops and drops built. Here is the video:
  5. Phil B

    Common Bricks Used

    Can we refrain from offering clone bricks as the first solution to a problem for which valid LEGO alternatives exist? I’m ok with the occasional discussion on alternative brick brands but this is and remains a LEGO forum.
  6. Phil B

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Brio has metal locos that are battery powered, so technically it is possible to motorize trains for wooden track. Maybe a circuitcube with the BT battery box in a carriage and the small 2x4x2 motor in the engine?
  7. I happened to get in touch with one of the founders of Circuit Cubes when I had a small issue with my order. Fantastic guy, called me back twice. He is definitely (now) aware of the fact that there is interest in the AFOL Train community. I am going to ask the question above on Monday - will keep you all posted!
  8. Phil B

    Great Dutch train MOC's

    Yes I did read the post. What is your point?
  9. Phil B

    Great Dutch train MOC's

    Seriously gentlemen, reviving an 11 year old thread??
  10. I ordered two bluetooth+ kits ... cannot wait to use these.
  11. @Hod Carrier fwiw, I never said it was easy to do a digital build. I stressed that going from digital to physical is yet another level of complexity, and that (my personal opinion having done both) it is easier to build something digitally vs building “in the brick”, starting with the fact that most of us don’t have every brick in every color to our disposal. Not sure if my post was included in your comments, but just making sure you understand I never dissed digital building.
  12. Phil B

    Geting into it.

    Or put your folder where you save your files in Git :)
  13. How about just a simple round white sticker? You might even find one of the right size at an office supply store. Just stick it on, push an axle through to create the necessary hole and you’re all set.
  14. Amen to this. You took the words right out of my mouth. @SteamSewnEmpire : This is now the third time that you have been utterly aggressive at the slightest suggestion of something less than praise on this board. First in the debate on "building for a patron", second as a response to the Mercury post, third to @supertruper1988's response to you. There are ways to have dialog on a public message board, and there are ways to voice discontent. The way you do it is not the way to go - you create an air of entitlement around yourself that is unjustified. I really appreciate the great digital designs you have contributed to this board over the last year and wish you would continue to do so. I also wish you acknowledge that those designs are merely digital drawings and are unproven until built "in the brick", and that doing so and making the engine run reliably on (standard LEGO or third-party) track is an art on its own. You are free to make only digital builds, and if you keep documenting them as you have done, you are a great addition to this board. With regards to the Mercury - I think it would have been a good courtesy of @AbleChristopher to acknowledge your Mercury _IF_ he had indeed taken inspiration from your digital build. I cannot judge if he did - there are only limited parts in LEGO, so when trying to build a complex shape 2 builders will independently likely use several similar constructions.
  15. Phil B

    Alternatives to PF?

    Just an additional and repeat warning: it hardly ever happens that a digital build translates directly to a real-life working build without (often significant) modifications. It takes skill to build impressive digital models, but it takes even more skill to then turn them into working engines. There are alignment issues, strength issues, part availability issues, etc. that you will need to resolve that will drive up your cost significantly and require lots of time. You will need to budget for this.