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  1. Phil B

    2022 Winter Village Tram w 9v Train Motor?

    I'd look into CircuitCube instead. Yes, it is non-LEGO, but it is small and should be powerful enough to propel the tram on regular plastic track.
  2. Phil B

    Olton Hall MOC/MOD (Hogwarts Express)

    That is a great looking engine and consist! Hope she runs fine on switches - this is where mine struggles (still tinkering though I haven't touched her in 2 years). And glad to hear my MOC was of help!
  3. I would start with the rollercoaster track as a simple way to get a "mono rail" (though it technically has 2 tracks and is just an elevated rail system). Building a custom true monorail is going to be parts intensive and hence expensive. Alternatively, for similar cost, you can just buy an official LEGO monorail set - but that will set you back a lot of money too as those are expensive on the secondary market.
  4. I just love how you've used old and dirty tiles to break up the uniformity of the floor and create that marble effect that the real floor likely also has. Very creative and well done!
  5. Phil B

    My last post on Eurobricks

    User joined not even 1.5 years ago, but says that this forum (and eurobricks) is dying. I think he was hoping to gain an audience here for his other presences (youtube/instagram/facebook/snapchat/twitch you name it) and didn't feel it was worth the investment due to low returns. But I don't understand the salty farewell note - I would vote to just remove the thread altogether @JopieK
  6. Phil B

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Yet another train released for 2022!
  7. Phil B

    Set 40518 Duplex Bogie Modifiction

    Quick tip: Put better quality pictures up on an image hosting site (Flickr, brickshelf etc). The image embedding function on this site is limited to just profile pictures.
  8. Phil B

    Doublenook - MOC

    NP. I can be patient. It's not like I don't have a hundred other projects still waiting for me to build ....
  9. Phil B

    Doublenook - MOC

    Did this get removed again? It says "for Display Only" even though the tracking says 13 downloads. How do I download the file?
  10. Phil B

    12v track in

    It is indeed hard to place track in Studio. But to give it some credit, even when laying track IRL there is quite some flexibility in the connections and you can shape/reshape track to quite a degree. It would be great if Studio could get a better track-alignment option, but given that their flexible part tool is still pretty crappy and that has been in the software for years now, I don't have much hope. A better solution is to use BlueBrick ... specifically designed to work with train tracks & geometries. (
  11. Phil B

    Trains in 4-Wide

    0.01 EUR in volume on BL - so get your order in :) Part No is 6553 (, Axle 2L with Reverser Handle Axle Connector&category=[Technic, Axle]#T=S&O={"ss":"US","rpp":"500","iconly":0})
  12. Phil B

    Trains in 4-Wide

    If you have the vertical space, here is an articulated bogie design that has the same clearance from the track as the non-articulating version @Paperinik77pk published before. I think the half height offset created by the Technic Gear Shifter piece makes the coupler connection exactly the right height without needing adjustment, but I have no way to verify this.
  13. Phil B

    Trains in 4-Wide

    I am intrigued by the concept and the work you have done. Would this work as an articulated bogie? And this is stronger, but technically an illegal build:
  14. I am not an Electrical Engineer, but I don't think that's how it works. Your battery dictates how much current is provided to the circuit. So if your battery does 500mA, the controller board gets 500mA and the 800mA overcurrent protection limit would never kick in. There would be no damage to the battery. If a motor wants more current, it will not get it and will stop prematurely or turn slower than expected.