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  1. Phil B

    What is the best color for GN steam?

    Based on the picture I would suggest Olive Green ... but not sure the necessary bricks exist in that color.
  2. The anchoring system is what defines the new BMW Intermodal Container system that this thread announced. All I've done is update my design to make it compatible with that system. The previous design was compatible with the Maersk containers.
  3. And done ... now to update the instructions: Container Tan w Instructions BMR compatible by Phil B, on Flickr
  4. W00t! That means with a little tweaking my containers are compatible! Tan Standard Intermodal Shipping Container by Phil B, on Flickr
  5. Phil B

    1225 North Pole Railroad

    I love your models and they look great ..... digitally. Designing a train on the computer is _completely_ different from designing a train that also runs reliably on track. Many things that seem to work on screen do not work in real life. That's where most of the extra hours go into. So your comparison is flawed.
  6. Phil B

    1225 North Pole Railroad

    You are missing one key point here: This set is not intended for the mass market. Heck, I'm pretty sure @coaster couldn't even handle more than 10-100 orders of this set. It is clearly geared towards those who want an absolutely stunning looking train that will be a conversation piece when displayed/running around the Christmas tree, and who have the budget but not the time to design and build such a masterpiece. It is like buying a Koenigsegg or a Lamborghini .... Small niche clientele, high price but absolute perfection.
  7. Phil B

    Automated Trains - A Pure Lego Solution

    Very nice. Still my dream to once create a fully automated and programmable LEGO train layout. Perhaps when I retire (in 20-30 years :( ).
  8. Phil B

    [MOD] 10277 Another crocodile MOD

    Jang did this mod and it worked perfectly through all his curves.
  9. Phil B

    [MOD-WIP] Crocodile 10277

    Nice mods. It's a slippery slope though ... the mods you have made are based on the Ce 6/8 II, and bring the bodywork in line with that version. However, to make it a Ce 6/8 II, you will need to add another crankshaft between the front bogie/pony and the first large drive wheel, which is quite the challenge, not to mention the driving rod modifications necessary. Alternatively, you can undo a bunch of your mods and go for a Ce 6/8 III, which requires more handle bars on the running boards, but also requires a (simulated) door in the slanted side of the cab.
  10. Phil B

    [moc] Alco/MLW C424 British Columbia Rail

    I’d think so, after the release of the Fiat .... Cool Yellow also features in a few Friends sets.
  11. Phil B

    [moc] Alco/MLW C424 British Columbia Rail

    How would it look like in Cool Yellow instead of Flame Orangish Yellow? The Fiat 500 color basically. Might make it look more weathered and better fitting with the olive green ....
  12. Phil B

    Help identifying model!

    That’s a really wacky MOC (My Own Creation) .... no official LEGO set would have 2 IR receivers in it. The stickered slopes with 2256 on them are from the BNSF engine (set 10133).{"iconly":0}
  13. Phil B

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Built mine yesterday while watching Jurassic Park with the kids. Here's a picture: As you see, I didn't put the red rubber bands on the front wheels (both sides). First order of the day after building it was to remove the ugly gap between the main cab and the nose. I decided to go with a similar mod as done by Jang, but keeping the grill bricks on the sides intact. Here is how I did my mod, shown in as I am waiting for parts to arrive in the right colors (already tested it out in "borrowed" colors on my real-life build). Many thanks to @Sjuip for his LDD file (his post is located here). Here is the unmodified model plus all the extra parts required for this mod: The parts are: 8x Tile Modified 2x2 w 2 Studs in Reddish Brown 2x Tile 1x4 in Reddish Brown 8x Slope 30 1x1x2/3 in Reddish Brown (small cheeseslope) 4x Slope 30 1x2x2/3 in Reddish Brown (double cheeseslope) 4x Tile 1x8 in Dark Bluish Gray 4x Tile 1x3 in Dark Bluish Gray 4x Plate 1x1 in Dark Bluish Gray Modification instructions: 1. Start with removing the roof, taking off the two Tile 2x4 on the side and taking out one Brick modified 1x2x1 2/3 with studs on the side, and one Brick modified 1x1x1 2/3 with studs on the side (optionally you can choose to source these bricks separately and skip to the second part of step 3). Note that this requires a bit more tearing down than shown in the image, but I think you get the idea: 2. Before putting the two Tile 2x4 back in their original place, slide the Brick modified 1x1x1 2/3 with studs on the side over to the trans-black 1x2 brick in the center. This will make the tile sit firmly when it gets placed back. 3. Now place the 2x4 tiles back and disconnect the nose from the main cab. Lift the top tiles and plates from the nose to get access to the 1x3 brick and plate "sandwich": 4. Not fully illustrated, but it should be easy to remove these 1x3 plates and brick with a little pulling and wiggling: 5. Replace them with the 1x2x1 2/3 and 1x1x1 2/3 bricks you removed previously, and put the previously removed tiles back on top: 6. Attach the 1x4 tile in the center, and 2 2x2 Tiles with 2 studs on each side, studs facing out: 7. Cover the studs with the cheeseslopes: 8. Reconnect the nose to the main cab. Notice how the gap has almost completely disappeared (like in Jang's Mod, but without sacrificing a grill brick): 9. To extend the running boards, remove the 1x6 and 1x4 tiles from one side: 10. Replace them with a 1x3 and a 1x8 tile, sticking a 1x1 Plate under the overhanging 1x8 tile: 11. Repeat the running board modification for the other side of the nose, and then repeat the entire process for the other nose. Once done, your Crocodile should look like this: You will have the following leftovers: 4x Plate 1x3 in Black 2x Brick 1x3 in Light Bluish Gray 4x Tile 1x4 in Dark Bluish Gray 4x Tile 1x6 in Dark Bluish Gray Enjoy!
  14. Phil B

    [moc] New Haven Steamlined I-5 class 4-6-4

    Yes, especially if it is just validating the soundness of a build, as you can go hog-wild with colors. As said, happy to offer that service (@SteamSewnEmpire)
  15. Phil B

    [moc] New Haven Steamlined I-5 class 4-6-4

    One watchout: The process of designing a good looking steamer in LDD/LDraw/ is much easier than actually building the model and making it run. More often than not, especially for someone who is just starting (like me), what seemed to fit and look good in a digital model has unexpected issues (binding, curves, clearance, fragility) once built in real bricks. You would either need to be very clear and up-front to potential customers, or have someone build one for you to validate the instructions before putting it out there as paid instructions. But then you'd likely have to share revenue with the test builder. On that note, I'm sure there would be people here who would love to help you test these models. I myself might be interested :)