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  1. Phil B

    OcTRAINber 2021 WiP: Köf II

    The only problem I have with this build is that I now want to have one too ...... that'll be quite some reverse engineering :)
  2. Phil B

    OcTRAINber 2021 WiP: Köf II

    Shut up and take my vote .... this is amazing. Due to personal circumstances I am not going to be able to complete my own MEGA-KoF II which I teased in early October. And I am ok with that, because I could never compete with this most excellent rendition ... even though it is at a much small scale than mine, I doubt I could beat the details you managed to achieve - especially the crossed (X) side panels are fantastic. For those not familiar, this is what I had been teasing in the OcTRAINber Flickr chat:
  3. Phil B

    MOC Hogwarts Express build! Help!

    As someone who has worked on a similar MOC, I can only say: EPIC model. I love what you've done with the wheels on the tender.
  4. Phil B

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Ultimately it is your hobby, so you do whatever you want. I have seen people sticking to pure LEGO, even to pure LEGO only from a certain time period, but I have also seen people who only use a LEGO train base and track and 3D print the entire upper body, and anything in between. Some people treat LEGO bricks as holy items, some people are fine cutting, grinding, sanding, painting and otherwise modifying bricks to get the result they want. That said, this forum focuses on the LEGO brand, with total respect for companies that fill gaps in LEGOs product portfolio (BBB wheels, BrickTracks/TrixBrix different radii tracks and switches, FXTrack's(?) 9V revival, Kadee couplers from BMR etc). Ripoff stuff like the chinese clones and a certain german importer/rebrander's wares does not have a place here, but I'm sure there are other places where they can be discussed (Facebook Groups for example).
  5. Phil B

    PF Train Motor Testing

    Hello Jburgt. You are responding to a thread that last saw updates over 11 years ago. This is not in line with forum etiquette. From what it looks like, Mark is still an active Eurobricks member (his last visit was back in June) but I doubt he will have this article top of his mind. However, the answer you are looking for (“how to operate 2 PF motors on 1 batterybox and receiver”) has been answered numerous times on this forum in PF related threads: you can either buy the PF pole switcher component and use that on one of the motors (the component shows in Mark’s picture, so I think that is what he used), or you can open up a motor or a connector and switch 2 wires to make a permanent change to reverse the driving direction. I have used the first option many times and it works very well without the need to damage LEGO elements. note that if you want to do the same with PoweredUp (PU) you have to do this in software, as there is no pole switcher for PU.
  6. Phil B

    [MOC] Alfa Pendular CP4000

    You don’t. You submit them to a photo-sharing site like Flickr and then embed them here as a link.
  7. Phil B

    [WIP] Ex-GWR Collett Goods 0-6-0

    Love the progress and the comparison with the metal model. I would look into wheel placement, they are too close together on yours. Looks like you might need to add a stud gap between the front 2 axles, and a stud-and-a-half between the rear 2 axles (ifmy eyes dont deceive me the wheels on the scale model are not equally spaced).
  8. Phil B

    Single lithium batteries for Power Function trains

    Putting 2 batteries in series increases the Voltage (V). Putting two batteries in parallel increases the Amperage (A). In BOTH cases the Power increases, because Power = Voltage x Amperage.
  9. Phil B

    BlueBrick for Linux

    I used to run Bluebrick directly through WINE, worked without issues.
  10. Phil B

    1815 Steam Elephant Locomotive

    That is wonderful! I have 2 circuit cubes waiting for a project … great to see how well they work!
  11. Phil B

    Roller Coaster Thread

    Your rollercoaster looks awesome! On the topic of rollercoaster loops, @Masao Hidaka's recent YT video blew me away in terms of his super-creative solution to get loops and drops built. Here is the video:
  12. Phil B

    Common Bricks Used

    Can we refrain from offering clone bricks as the first solution to a problem for which valid LEGO alternatives exist? I’m ok with the occasional discussion on alternative brick brands but this is and remains a LEGO forum.
  13. Phil B

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Brio has metal locos that are battery powered, so technically it is possible to motorize trains for wooden track. Maybe a circuitcube with the BT battery box in a carriage and the small 2x4x2 motor in the engine?
  14. I happened to get in touch with one of the founders of Circuit Cubes when I had a small issue with my order. Fantastic guy, called me back twice. He is definitely (now) aware of the fact that there is interest in the AFOL Train community. I am going to ask the question above on Monday - will keep you all posted!