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  1. Phil B

    Do Big Ben wheels need added traction?

    I used 700c 23-25mm I think. You have to stretch them quite a bit to fit (especially for XL) but they stay on. Make sure you cut them to about half the width of the wheel ...
  2. Phil B

    Do Big Ben wheels need added traction?

    Are you talking about bicycle inner tube cutoffs? I have used those on BBB wheels (both Medium and XL) and they stay on. I bought a special size though, that was recommended somewhere here on this forum, which is not a common US type of inner tube (but available in various specialty stores and online).
  3. Phil B

    Side rods on small BigBenBricks wheels

    Yes, but it looks like this might hit the track. You might just need to put the side rod straight over the axle and not have it rotate...
  4. Phil B

    [MOC] DB BR50 (KabinTender) 12v in 7777 style

  5. Phil B

    Side rods on small BigBenBricks wheels

    I have seen people use a 2L thin technic liftarm on the axle to offset the side rod.
  6. Phil B

    LEGO 40th anniversary classic train

    The box style suggests this is a GWP. Curious what the purchase threshold is going to be. Likely aligned with the cost of a current trainset is my best guess.
  7. Phil B

    (moc) 4-6-2 NYC Mercury

    I cannot comment on #1 as I have no experience with painting bricks (and it goes against my LEGO building principles), but for #2 and #3 you need to ask yourself what the smallest radius curve is that your layout will have (and don’t forget about switches!). Even R72 will still have considerable movement on the trucks - only once you hit R108 or R120 your trucks will be acting more like the prototypical trucks. One trick I have employed on some of my builds is to make the bottom part of the skirts part of the bogie/truck. Using tiles on the top and the downward pressure of the engine to keep things aligned, this keeps an integrated look on straights while still allowing for a wider swing in curves. The downside is that, unless you make parts of it out of snotted tiles, there might be some discontinuity in the side of your engine as you need to leave small gaps to accommodate for the rotating skirt parts. Here is an example from my recent Hogwarts Express: HE Tender close-ups by Phil B, on Flickr
  8. There is an active BAP group on FB, including the author. You can check there if you need more help. I believe the group is called "The Brick Automation Project".
  9. Single PF train motor in the tender. It was slipping at first, but then I added bicycle inner tire rings onto the wheels and now it runs great. Pulls all 5 coaches easily.
  10. Only issue is that the funnel is a bit too chunky when compared with the real Olton Hall. I'm still trying to find a better solution - your suggestions got me thinking ... if only lego made a black cylindrical brick that is 1.5 studs wide (and not bulbous like a minifig head). Any suggestions, anyone? PS: @coaster: Received my OcTRAINber prize from your company yesterday. Awesome product! You'll see it featured in some WIP pictures here shortly on the next thing I'm building (which will be massive and also HP themed). Stay tuned!
  11. That is a great idea! How about this? Here's a real-life picture (I only had one 15535 Tile Round 2x2 with Hole in Black, so I had to use a DBG one). Took the clear O-ring off of the wheel.
  12. First of all, thanks for the compliments and the suggestions. A couple of quick reactions: I left the boiler 4 wide on purpose. If you look closely at the front drawing I included in my post, you see that the width of the boiler is equal to the space between the buffers, which in 7 wide is 4 wide. I like your suggestion for the smokestack but currently I have no spot available for an axle to fit in. As I am toying with the idea to make the firebox one stud longer, I might experiment with different smokestack designs as well. The roof of the cab indeed needs a more severe angle to be like the original. As I started this as a Mod of 75955, I just kept the overall look of the cab, while making it 1 stud wider. I also wanted to keep the height of the engine the same, which further restricted my ability to change the roof (I actually made the roof 1 plate less tall compared to the original to compensate for the increased wheelsize. For now I am happy with how she looks like and she runs smoothly (ok, handling S-curves through switches is problematic but I think that is a common problem with the lead truck design - if anyone has any tips on that I’d be happy to hear their experience on how to fix it).
  13. As already shown in a preview in my Hogwarts Express Carriages thread, I have completed my rendition of the "Olton Hall" steam locomotive, famous for pulling the Hogwarts Express in the fictional wizarding world of Harry Potter. Here she is in close-up: [ Hogwarts Express by Phil B, on Flickr This is a model that started as a Mod of 75955, but has progressed far enough from the original set that you can call it a MOC I think. Here is a list of all modifications I made: Lengthened the entire boiler by 6 studs and placed the middle section under a one-plate angle to better capture the shape of the real Hall Class. Widened the engine to 7 studs (almost 10 across the pistons and driverods). This allowed me to accurately model the forward facing windows in the cab, and allowed me to create openings for the wheel flanges to accommodate a larger wheel size, Upgraded the wheels to Big Ben XL Drivers and Big Ben Medium pilot truck wheels - I like how they have true spokes vs the printed spokes on LEGO's regular train wheels. The model works with standard LEGO Large and regular train wheels as well. Extended the pipes from the side to around the nose of the boiler. Redesigned the front buffer beam. Gone is the "lock" from the original model, but it features the same details as the real-life Olton Hall. With the change to 7 wide I widened the cab, but kept the original firebox and gauges from 75955, which was quite an "offset" challenge to do. Completely redesigned the tender to house a LiIon LEGO battery box and a Power Functions IR Receiver, though the model can work with PFxBricks as well. The tender is 6 wide, with one pivoting axle and a fixed PF train motor. On the pictures she is pulling my consist of 5 BR Mk I coaches - 2 First Class, 2 Second Class and a combined First Class/Baggage/Brake coach. Each carriage has a fully detailed interior and is 7 wide. Progress on these carriages has been documented in my Hogwarts Express Carriages thread. Here are the picture and drawing I used for inspiration: More pictures of the engine: The full consist: And the coach interiors:
  14. Phil B

    Tutorial: Simple BR Plank Wagon

    Wow that looks good indeed! Thanks for the quick turnaround!
  15. Phil B

    Tutorial: Simple BR Plank Wagon

    Love it! Wondering if you could put a vertical black 1x4 tile down the middle of the side, where the diagonal supports meet. Have you tried?