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  1. CaptainJackBrickster

    MOC Eisley

    Looks great. I'm thinking about combining my old Mos Eisley with the new one coming out for a beefed up cantina.
  2. CaptainJackBrickster

    MOC: Crown Castle Adventure Golf

    I just have to say; you make some of the best mocs on this website. I love the 80's aesthetic that seems present in almost all of them. It gives your builds a unique, clean, and modern feel to them while also invoking the decades of the past. Also I would love to see someone recreate the Gold Room Lounge from "The Shining" It's basically a 1920's ballroom. Seems like it would be an interesting build, but I don't have the resources to build it. Seems like it would be up your alley though.
  3. CaptainJackBrickster

    [WIP] Big Truck

    Hmmm... From what I see it looks like a Mack R600. If that's the case I would love to see it when it's done.
  4. CaptainJackBrickster

    MOC- Medieval Cottage

    Reminds me the Witcher 3. "Somebody call a Witcher?"
  5. Thinking about which Star Wars layout I wanna make next.

  6. CaptainJackBrickster

    [MOC] Grass Plains Battle Redux WIP

    Such a cool obscure scene nobody seems to do. I for one am a huge fan of the prequels so you get a thumbs up from me!
  7. CaptainJackBrickster

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I'm not too sure on these ideas..... I mean don't get me wrong I would love to see a new wave but... Judging on the way the last wave was received I don't think we'll be seeing one anytime soon.
  8. CaptainJackBrickster

    Episode IV Tatooine Layout

    Thanks :)
  9. CaptainJackBrickster

    Episode IV Tatooine Layout

    This layout took me a while to put together, so I hope you like it. It includes various official sets, and many more custom mocs.
  10. Here is my review on "The Joker Battle Training" set 30423. Hope you enjoy!
  11. CaptainJackBrickster

    [MOC] Fallout 2 Chrysalis Highwayman

    Guess nobody likes Fallout... ok
  12. CaptainJackBrickster

    [MOC] Fallout 2 Chrysalis Highwayman

    For a while now I've been thinking.... "Why doesn't anybody make fallout mocs?" So 2 hours later and a box of lemonheads I came up with this. From left to right the characters are as follows: The Chosen One, Marcus the Supermutant, Dogmeat, and an Enclave Soldier. I also made this mini cactus build. I made it to resemble the death screen in fallout 1 and 2. Thanks for checking it out! Also be sure to leave any feedback in the comments.
  13. CaptainJackBrickster

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    A TPM version of C-3PO would be so cool! If they did it right, that is.
  14. CaptainJackBrickster

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    In my opinion I wish we could get more TPM figures in general. A new Queen Amidala would be awesome in her Royal Star Ship. Although I know I am in a minority when it comes to liking The Phantom Menace.
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