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Found 23 results

  1. Hello Eurobricks, it's your old friend Big Cam here, although I am no longer active, I still remember the good times and the best times. I am making this thread because I know somewhere out there I originally posted these 73 images but for the life of me I can't find that post, and since Flickr is enforcing a new 1,000 image limit, I am cleaning house on my flickr account so that my review pictures won't get deleted. Which brings me to this That is a zip file of the 73 pictures I took of the Eurobricks 2012 Brickworld collaborative MOC. I figured I'd post it here just in case anyone wanted those pictures but didn't save them in the last 8 years. Keep on Bricking Big Cam
  2. Unit Coal Train at Brickworld KC 2019 Loading_Station_BWKC_2019_01 by Terry Akuna, on Flickr Loading_Station_BWKC_2019_02 by Terry Akuna, on Flickr
  3. Capn Frank

    Brickworld Wisconsin

    Brickworld Wisconsin is coming up quick. I know KLUG and WisLUG are displaying there. I'm displaying as a member of WisLUG. Anyone else displaying or coming?
  4. Rogue Angel

    Brickworld Chicago 2018

    No love for Brickworld this year? I am very excited, but have way too much to build yet (as usual).
  5. Its time to start thinking about Brickworld Chicago 2018 is only 4 months away. What topics would most interest you for the Train Round Table? Here are just a few possibilities... or suggest one - Third Party tracks options for wide curves, turnouts, metal rails (Like BrickTracks, 4D Bricks, ME Models, etc) ? - The new Lego Power Functions 2.0 standard ? - Third Party power options (like PFX Brick, S-Brick, etc) ? - Building Narrow Gauge ( using either narrow gauge or new Roller Coaster track ) ? - Rechargeable battery options (alternatives to the Lego LIPO battery) - BMW
  6. Modulex Guy

    Brickworld 2017!

    Hello All! This forum is unusually quiet. I bet all of you are busy building for Brickworld! Might as well get this topic going. Who's going? I'll be there this year. Anyone else hitting panic mode with their builds? Brickworld 2017 is coming fast!
  7. In a previous thread, I proposed a collaborative Nostalgia Train Layout for this Summer's Brickworld Chicago: This is a new thread is to determine participation so this is your chance to sign up :-) We hope that this collaboration will attract many participants by recreating the nostalgic look and feel of the older train layouts featured in Lego catalogs and the train idea book. Unfortunately Brickworld won't permit us enough floorspace to do the large "L E G O" layout I first proposed. Therefor we are moving forward with the alternative shown here: a moderately sized "50" nostalgia layout to celebrate 50 Years of Lego Trains! Here is a description: - The overall size is 16'x13' - Only official Lego sets will be featured: track, trains, stations and other sets. We have limited space so priority will be given to train specific sets first, then to general town sets as needed. Upgrades and part substitutions are fine as long as the trains still look original (for example replacing 12v traction tires, re-gearing an Emerald Night, etc). - This is a floor layout. The green and tan areas are created with colored roll paper taped to the floor. Tracks will be laid down over the colored paper. - Scenery will consist of loose trees, vehicles and figures placed on the paper between the sets (just like in the catalog pictures :-) Open areas will remain so people can step around for access. - Security will be addressed by having special stanchions up all show days (not just the weekend public days). These stanchions will feature a additional lower horizontal pipe to prevent young ones from entering the layout area. There should be about 30" between the stanchions and the outermost tracks. - Once we know what everyone is bringing, we will develop an operating schedule with hours when who's trains will run. The signup sheet is here: Please list what you can bring and then Please signup by May 15.
  8. A couple of the train enthusiasts have been talking about pulling together a special collaborative at Brickworld 2017 this June (thanks Eliot for initiating this). The proposal is to build a 25' x 50' Classic Lego Train Layout featuring only catalogued sets, trains, and minimal scenery - just like in the classic train catalogs! This will be built on the floor with colored paper underneath and stanchions around the outside. Many individual loops of track will operate simultaneous divided into the 4 areas: 4.5v, 12v, 9v, and RC/PF with the loops for each system spelling out a letter: L-E-G-O. Trains from each vintage run on their corresponding area. Along the tracks we place the various sets: train stations, grade crossings, freight depots, etc. appropriate to each system. We can even throw in some monorails and wooden trains. Running around the entire layout are a couple loops of ME wide radius track with fan-designed trains. And on the corners we can place large informational cards describing the history of Lego trains to inform the public. To start we are looking to socialize this and get feedback. So everyone please let us know your thoughts. Also, we need coordinators to own each area / letter. We are thinking of two people for each area who will design the loops, and coordinate assembly and disassembly of their area at the show. Just to get an idea of the scale, the proposed layout as shown requires 2080 track elements total with each area / letter requiring between 250 and 450 sections of track. Obviously the amount of track used will depend on how many people bring what. But if we only outline each area / letter and skip all the interior loops, then the minimum track needed drops to between 125 and 175 for each area / letter. Once BW17 registration is further along we will email all registered attendees to solicit participation. Sounds good? Well, probably not if it just winds up being a couple people. But if we can get dozens of contributors then everyone only has to bring a little bit. We will work out logistics for setup, take down, and marking track, etc. so everything gets back to its original owners. So if you plan to be at Brickworld 2017, please consider joining us! Thoughts? - BMW Detailed image:
  9. Hi EB, Figure I might share my Friends MOC on here. It was my main layout for the Brickworld Chicago 2k16 show! Battle of Heartlake BW16 by Chris Rozek, on Flickr Battle of Heartlake BW16 by Chris Rozek, on Flickr Battle of Heartlake BW16 by Chris Rozek, on Flickr Battle of Heartlake BW16 by Chris Rozek, on Flickr Battle of Heartlake BW16 by Chris Rozek, on Flickr Battle of Heartlake BW16 by Chris Rozek, on Flickr Battle of Heartlake BW16 by Chris Rozek, on Flickr Comments Welcome! Hope you enjoy my MOC!
  10. Hey... its time to start thinking about Brickworld Chicago again ! We are pulling together the Train Enthusiast activities for this year and would like to get everyone's input. Please respond with your interest in the following ideas ... or if there is something else we should include. If you wish to contribute to a presentation, please speak up too :-) - BMW - Train Roundtable - This is a train community meeting without a fixed agenda. Anyone can bring up a train question or topic for discussion. We have had this in the past and could bring it back. We talk about whatever anyone wants. - Presentation: Building Bridges - Ideas for ramps and elevating train track. This ranges from the simple/cost efficient approaches to lessons learned for spanning long distances. - Presentation: Designing Lego Train Yards - Have a group discussion on types of yards and lessons learned about implementing in Lego. Discussion of cutting turnouts possibly too. - Presentation: Train Set Modifications - Panel discussion of how to make something different from an existing Lego train set. Like what Benn C. did with his instructions to build the ConRail Diesel from 60052. - Train Set Draft - We did this once before where everyone brings a particular set. Maybe 40138: Christmas Train, or 31045: Creator Tugboat, or 31044 Creator Dog & Duck ? - Special Guided Tour of the Illinois Railway Museum - America’s Largest Railway Museum! ( ) Would you like to join a group walking tour just for AFOLs. With enough participants I can arrange to get us into normally locked equipment and sheds. How would you feel about doing it Wednesday June 15th in the morning?
  11. Hyler Talliwell

    Brickworld Lafayette 2015

    Hey guys, it's a bit early, but there'll be a small-ish Brickworld expo event at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds on November 21st and 22nd. As the show is in my hometown, I will be bringing 4 tables of my own creations and know of quite a few other displayers who will be there as well. As this is an expo and not a convention, displays are by invitation only, but if any Euro-brickers are in the area feel free to stop on by and see the builds! Hopefully Bryan isn't sad that he didn't get to make this post but given the lack of posts for the other 2015 expos, I decided to just go ahead and do so myself. All pertinent info can be found here:
  12. Prune Face

    Brickworld 2015 Photo/Video

    Even though I'm there, there are so many great displays, I always miss things, so I'd like to see your photo albums and/or video collections. Flickr/Vimeo/Youtube/etc
  13. For those train fans attending Brickworld 2015, don't miss the special train-related activities this year. We also have a few excellent new operating layouts and equipment too. See you at Brickworld Chicago 2015 in 1.5 weeks ! Technique Presentation: Modeling with ME Models Track Led by Anthony Sava A presentation and demonstration on ballasting and installing the new third party ME Models train track in train displays. Come see for yourself how the ME Models track compares to official LEGO track, and hear accounts of real world experience with how they perform. A question and answer period will follow. Community Presentation: Railbricks Led by Cale Leiphart Railbricks (the online magazine for LEGO Train fans) will conduct a special presentation. Cale, a contributor to the magazine, will take you through Railbrick’s history and also tell you how you can contribute to the magazine. He will also tell you where Railbricks is and its future plans. Find out about this great magazine and how you can be part of it! Technique Presentation: Model Railroading with Bricks Led by Michael Gale and Cale Leiphart Can the brick serve as a viable medium for traditional scale and prototype model railroading? On the surface, it seems counter-intuitive given the relatively coarse geometry and limited palette of elements available. However; in practice, many builders are creating model trains and layouts with dazzling and sublime levels of scale prototype fidelity. In this session, we will review the current state-of-the-art in the model train theme. We will make the case for legitimizing brick built model trains among the traditional "scale" standards. In doing so, we will highlight the challenges we face in this hobby and then explore remedies and opportunities in the face of these challenges. We will conclude by looking to the future - we believe it is a hobby with great potential and unique advantages. Most importantly, it is great fun!
  14. Hi folks. I'm in the fortunate position of being able to fly pretty much anywhere in the world for a relatively cheap price (compensation for being seriously delayed on my most recent international flight). I am planning to travel to North America this summer for one of the large conventions that they do so well. I'm particularly keen to take part in a large GBC, having just coordinated one here in Australia. My question is, which convention has the biggest/best GBC setup? I've been told that Brickworld in Chicago is the one to beat - would that be a fair assessment? Is there anything else I should be considering when deciding which one to go to? To the mods: I wasn't sure whether this should go in the Events forum, or even the generic GBC discussion topic in this forum. Please move/merge as appropriate. Thanks. Owen.
  15. Hinckley

    FABULAND Castle

    Here are some pics from my FABULAND Castle display at Brickworld Ft. Wayne last weekend. I hope to continue to expand on this display for Chicago. It was amusing to me how many kids were offended or "creeped out" by the FABULAND figs. Or, as they put it, "those weird animal people." A slight majority of people wanted to know what it was. Sometimes they meant, "Where did the figures come from?" Some asked if they were Mega-Blok. But, I was surprised by how many people expected it to be something. And this is true of all displays I've brought to conventions. If it's not an instantly recognizable license or theme, people need to know what it is I'm representing. There's little room for new, imaginative creations in some people's world views. Well, enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback. Thanks.
  16. jodawill

    MOC – Unnamed pirate ship

    168B First off, I apologize for the photos. I'm not a photographer. I did the best I could. This is my very first pirate ship MOC ever. I've put a lot of hours into this, and I'm pleased with the results. I borrowed a few ideas from Red Beard Runner, such as the skull on the back. That was my favorite pirate ship when I was a kid, although I didn't own it until a couple years ago. Constructive criticism is welcome, especially for the masts. They don't stay on there very well. You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but I did do some modifications to the base of the masts, adding some Technic plates to the bottom. I also have long axles going through the masts. Neither of those things really helped at all. I'm also still trying to come up with a name for it.
  17. Arkham Asylum: Relative Insanity Batman is trapped inside Arkham during Joker's latest breakout attempt, and is under siege by not only the crown prince of crime, but by Poison Ivy and her dangerous plants and Scarecrow with his fear inducing toxins. Based on the 2009 Game of the Year Batman: Arkham Asylum. While the theme of this creation is based on Arkham Asylum, the design takes cues from M.C. Escher's famed lithograph Relativity, and also features a 360 build that can be spun around to view all sides. Granted you have to spin it by hand--this thing weighs like 15 pounds. But anyways...while also being the largest creation I've made, it also features tons of cool details and features such as lights by Lifelites. There's a lot going on with this creation, so I guess I'll just start throwing out photos: Arkham From Minifigure Perspective Gates of Arkham Lite-up Batsignal Joker running free and Clayface's cell Sometimes you just need the right perspective. Sssshhh! Wait that's not right... Poison Ivy side and Mr. Freeze cell Poison Ivy Mr. Freeze, visible when lights are on only Killer Croc's cell enterance Fear induced dramatic flashback Joker running free; Bane cell with Bobo Osito Mr. Zsasz, visible when light is on only Arkham in the dark with lights on--notably a terrible picture. Scarecrow: A notable chunk of this creation is devoted to Scarecrow, who is here represented both by minifigure, and also by a large scale brick built figure (For his fear toxin induced appearance). At the Asylum Currently, this creation is on display at Brickworld Chicago 2014--so if you're there check it out! I'm happy with the final product, being both the culmination of weeks of building, and being my largest and arguably greatest superhero creation yet. I'm ready to challenge that last notion with more building, but in the meantime, enjoy! ~Tim Lydy Captain Nemo
  18. Captain Nemo

    MOC: 2nd Annual Superman vs. Flash

    Well hello again! It's almost time for Brickworld (You could count the hours!) but that also means it's time for another epic Superman and Flash race! (Because the two events are related?). So hold onto your hats, because here they co...oh wait...missed them...wait here they come Well just watch for yourself! 2nd Annual Superman vs. Flash Special Brickworld 2014 Edition Based off the first Superman vs. Flash creation, this 2nd Annual Brickworld version features three main sections divided across three vignettes. The 2nd Annual Race: Starting furthest from the finish line, section one features the tail end of the race, where Gorilla Grodd attempts to slip up the Flash. Section two features the mid-race, where Lex Luthor and Bizarro attempt to squash Superman once and for all; while the third and more familiar section features the finish line of the race. Before we look at the sections themselves however, I'll bring up some info on the creation overall. It's based on my 2013 creation Superman vs. Flash, and holds many similarities to its inspiration; such as having some of the same characters, like Lois and Jimmy; as well as having some of the same visuals like the flowing flags and the flying newspapers. From Left, Back row: Upset Aquaman, Jimmy Olsen, Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, Bizarro (Onlinesailin Custom Minifigure), the Gingerbread Man, Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold (Custom made by myself), Heat Wave. From Left, Front row: Martian Manhunter, Superman, Flash (Christo Custom Minifigure), Batman, Wonder Woman, Perry White, Bad Hair-Day Lois, Crowbar Joker, Robin. The most obvious difference between the two is the new much larger size and the updated speed lines, which are based on those seen in my creation Flash vs. the Rogues. There has also been a significant color swap from black and grey to dark tan and grey, which significantly changes the look and feel of the creation. The build has now been expanded to show more of the surrounding Metropolis area. To get a better feel of this, I constructed a Daily Planet fountain, with a large globe--this may acutally be my favorite part of the creation. I also added a Daily Planet Newspaper stand to give a better location to have flying newspapers come from. Another significant addition was the two palm trees. When building this creation, I was inspired by another builder’s depiction of Metropolis; Xenomurphy’s epic 2011 creation Superman & Young Justice vs. Brainiac; which features the Daily Planet in a more tropical Miami styled Metropolis. The palm trees fit with the atmosphere I created, plus they look spectacular in the wind! Section 1; the Banana Affair: The first section of the race is the farthest from the finish line, and also the smallest—but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t back a punch. Gorilla Grodd has laid a slippery trap for the Flash; using a well-placed banana (Which he does not like! Does not like!) to take down the scarlet speedster. But, just as foolish of a plan as it was last time, and as ridiculous as a plan as it was for the Riddler; we know by now that Flash is immune to comic takedowns by bananas—next time try the yellow banana thing on GL Grodd! Section 2; the Kryptonite Drop: The second set shows more trouble faced by our racing duo, although this time directed at Superman. Notable bald-baddy Lex Luthor has teamed up with Bizarro (A great custom minifigure by Onlinesailin, based off his expensive SDCC appearance), have gathered up a large collection of Kryptonite in a sack and are ready to drop it on Superman—if only they could have agreed in time who would pull the drop-cord! We also see a rather hilarious addition in this section—a third racer, the Gingerbread Man! Oh run as fast as you can Gingy, but not this year…not this year. Section 3, The Finish Line: The third section is the largest and most familiar to those who view my creations. It is the finish line where Superman and Flash race by the spectators to the victory line—causing huge commotion to ensue because of the supersonic winds that follow them! It’s because of the wind that we get some more commotion in this section. Lois’s hair is still messed up like last time, but we also get another spectator’s hat blowing in the wind, and another poor fellow is about to be drenched at the worst of times! There’s an old lady being mugged (Ironically, what with all the Superheroes around), and we also find Aquaman pouting at his now lack of water, and members of Flash’s Rogues; Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold (A custom figure I made in early 2013), and Heat Wave; coming late to the party to spoil what’s left of it (The after party?)! Enjoy, and see you at Brickworld Chicago 2014! ~Nemo
  19. Attention Lego Train Enthusiasts ! Just a reminder of the following “train” related activities going on at Brickworld Chicago in just a few weeks. All are welcome so bring a friend. If you are new to Brickworld then please find me (ask at the NILTC layout) and I’ll introduce you around. Looking forward to seeing everyone next month. - Brian Williams (BMW) Friday June 13th, 11 AM - 12:30 PM - Emerald Express Parts Draft - We are going to have a parts draft using the #31015 Emerald Express. (Note this is NOT the large Emerald Night engine). This is a small set with a low price and some great locomotive parts. If you don’t like the parts selection, feel free to bring one of the other $4.99 creator sets: #31013 Red Thunder or #31014 Power Digger. Everyone is welcome so be sure to bring a set (or several) along to draft. Friday June 13th, 1 PM - 2 PM - Train Round Table - This year’s agenda includes: - New 2014 Lego Train Sets - We will compare the new 60051 High Speed Passenger Train and 60052 City Cargo Train. The later has a North American Diesel and lime green wheelbarrow (ooooohhhh!). - 3rd Party Track Development - Latest information on new track products from ME Models, Big Ben, and AltBricks. - Power Truck Designs - New developments in Power Function power truck designs. Bring yours along to show. - Train Station Presentations - Cale (Pennlug) will present his new Red Lion station. Tony Sava will present his new Santa Fe station. - LTC Advocacy Group - Discussion about formation and support for a new ILTCO-like group to connect LTCs, facilitate group layouts, and advocate standards for L Gauge. Friday June 13th, 6 PM - 7 PM - Train Race (Jr Division Ages 5-12) - Once again Joe E. is kindly hosting the train races - this time with dueling figure-8 tracks. Bring your trains to race. Rules: Saturday June 14th, 5 PM - 6 PM - Train Race (Sr Division Ages 13 and Up ) - Ditto. All Days - Switching Layout Game - Connor Olson is bringing a good old-fashioned switching layout! Your task, should you choose to accept it, will be to test your wits by shunting cars around the yard in the fewest possible steps.
  20. Silver.Smith

    Vanguard Keep

    Hello all, First off, I would like to apologize for not posting a MOC in a while I've been busy in the lab brewing up something I hope you will all like. This past weekend was my first Brickworld Chicago and I wanted to bring something to show that I could truly be proud of. So, without further ado I would like present Vanguard Keep! Full Gallery For my Guilds of Historica friends I included a little Easter egg in the form of my avatar Sir Henry Drake hanging out on the stairs below. Thank you all for viewing, C&C always welcome. Update: Added cleaner photos
  21. Vincent Kessels

    MOC: Chicken Powered Canon

    This is my contribution to the Eurobricks layout on Brickworld: a Chicken Powered Canon. This was a bit of a last minute build, but I think it turned out quit nice.
  22. Attention all Brickworld train enthusiasts... We are pleased to have a Train Technology presentation at Brickworld Chicago on Friday, June 14. Name: "Building Techniques: Train Technology: Realistic Ballasting, Switching and Operation" Presenters: Steve Jackson, Cale Leiphart, Nate Brille Description: The PennLug team will present advanced techniques for Ballasting track, Remote Power Functions decoupling in a locomotive, NXT trolley control, and Prototypical Yard layout and operation. Samples of ballasted track and working locomotives will be available for viewing. Please join us in Chicago if you are coming !
  23. Calling all Train Heads, The Brickworld Chicago 2013 space registration is now open. Remember this year space is no longer an issue since the convention has moved to a bigger location! From club layouts to individual railroad themed MOCs - come one and come all. The process this year requires all LTCs to register their own train layouts on the website: If you are bringing your own tables then specify that in the "additional information" about three pages in. I, however, am still tracking everyone and will do my best to advocate so please address any issues to me. Please email me directly if you should have any questions, alacart buildings, modules, or rolling stock coming that you would like to combine in a collaborative train layout. If we have enough this year then I'll arrange one. - Brian Williams