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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! This is my first time posting a moc so let me know if I can improve anything. 41B4834C-6DAC-4F9F-836E-CFEDF4952B98 by Bob, on Flickr I made this a year ago but have recently revisited it to redo parts and make it better! The ground floor is dedicated to the garage and a small holding cell. This would mainly be used for over night prisoners, higher risk criminals would be transferred to a bigger facility. 49D03DCD-7CDB-4B73-865F-19C63E596D80 by Bob, on Flickr The whole build is modular so the floors can be easily lifted away for easy access to the interior 3B42090C-32F0-4038-B444-D92493EA6186 by Bob, on Flickr Unfortunately due to space constraints, a standard car just sticks out a little bit from the garage. However, it can fit the small undercover police car and the police motorcycle. Once I put this in my city (currently dismantled), the 2 police cars and truck will be stored in a yard behind the station. Besides, it makes more sense to me to store things that cannot be locked inside a garage. BD0F2094-0795-49B0-9AF1-21265188A57B by Bob, on Flickr 51CA1179-CE8F-4C6A-8A67-EC89A911287E by Bob, on Flickr The 2nd floor houses the main area for the officers. A divider wall separates the work stations from the rest of the room. Currently I have it set up so an officer could stay at the station 24/7, sorta like a security guard. E7B2BB48-61B3-4FDC-BD0C-5DDDB661E32E by Bob, on Flickr 149C6413-4225-484F-BD3A-CDFBFA86C596 by Bob, on Flickr The far desk is a sort of forensics area, with a computer to document finds and plenty of space to do all the necessary forensic stuff. It seems an officer is working on a strange case involving a pan and some money. Wonder what that could be? 448B3EFD-0D7E-4DC5-AF45-E40FDC2BAB93 by Bob, on Flickr The other desk houses the dispatch area, with a computer and some sort of station that has a mic and some gauges. A59CDAC6-CC52-4EB2-9277-F689545D263E by Bob, on Flickr On the other side, there is a simple bed and a cabinet containing some food and utensils. On the counter, there is a plate with fresh subs from the local deli, and a tasty donut from the coffee shop. Next to that is the all important coffee maker. 477B89F7-C1FE-4A2B-AFE6-330F5B3E56B2 by Bob, on Flickr Finally, on the roof, a simple overhang with some tiles on top completes the main structure part of the roof. On top of that, a big police sign lets the public aware of what the building is. Also on the roof, a security camera records the entrance of the station. Eventually I need to find a better place to mount it but it works for now. 17D4C4F8-3B07-4A0A-97BE-C77CB0005695 by Bob, on Flickr The 2 main vehicles that serve the police station Sorry if this got long, I like talking about my LEGO builds. Please leave any feedback that you have so I can improve my future mocs! hopefully the pictures work- first time using Flickr
  2. Kivi

    MOC Modular terraced houses

    After quite some time I managed to create another modular house. Well, two modular houses actually, as I decided to build two 16-wide mirror-imaged residential houses. Street view. Again I found the inspiration in the Anglo-Saxon world and chose the colours accordingly to represent the brick-built houses. Rear view. Each house has a terrace with the stairs leading down to the garden. Another smaller terrace is located on the top each house. Both houses are fully furnished inside. The dark tan house has a small kitchen and a living room on the ground floor and a huge chest of drawers under the stairs. The first floor has a bedroom and a bathroom. A bed with a small bedside table and a bookshelf. Bathroom with sink, toilet and towel rack in the corner. A 'chill-out area' on the top floor with TV set and comfortable armchair. Initially I had no proper idea what to put in here until my little son who was playing around while I was building asked 'Why they don't have a TV in the house if there is an aerial on the roof?' The brown house is very similarly furnished as next door. The ground floor has a kitchen and a living room (with TV set too). First floor. The bathroom is a mirror image of the neighbours' bathroom while the bedroom has a slightly different arrangement. A bed with a bookshelf. The top floor has a 'chill-out room' too, turned into an AFOL's workplace. A new modular is being built on the desk. Some bricks are still scattered across the desk while the majority of them is stored in the big cardboard boxes in the back. OOB modulars are displayed on the shelf beside the desk - from left to right are grand emporium, green grocer, fire brigade, town hall and palace cinema. A few additional exterior pictures can be found here.
  3. All, I decided to tear down my 4554 Metro Station from the 1990's and rebuild it into something in a more Modular theme. So I combined it with glass from my Greenhouse , a bunch of 2 x 2 tiles and some odd bits and pieces and came up with the Metro Station Bar. It was 13F/-11C outside so some of the pictures were a bit rushed. Anyway, I tried to reuse as much of the old set as possible throughout. So the greebling at the top looks like the detail work from the original, the Arrival board became the Bar's Sign. On the ground floor a red cupboard from the original became an ice chest, a Train Decorative side (#2871) became the header over the Bar. There's also the Station's clock on the wall and the original Station Chef has been rehired! Here's a shot with the stairs removed. You'll notice that the Metro Station Bar serves both kinds of wine (and it looks like it comes from an industrial source rather than a vineyard ) The rooftop terrace had the umbrella's up, but you couldn't see the detail so here's a shot of that. I reused the benches from the original. The hatchway on hinges leads downstairs. I believe that with the exception of the 2x2 tiles and the glassfront that the two story version is probably 90% original. Then I decided to add an additional floor. And this new floor's interior contains a couple of sofas, a low table and the Coffee Percolator from the original. (That Carpet colour is bright!) Finally, here's a shot from the rear. It's still very, very yellow, but I had a lot of fun transforming it from the original station! Thanks for reading. Comments, suggestions and criticisms welcome! Here's the original 4554 as reference.