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    10251 Brick Bank

    I actually didn't notice the hair, and thought the flag was for the woman who is a tour guide and uses it so her group can see her ...
  2. Thetford

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Let me guess, it was made very cheaply, and everyone can see the end of it coming?
  3. Thetford

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Am I the only one who read this and hoped that there will be a Lego lady pinup poster printed tile covering the escape route?
  4. Thetford

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    We also have to remember that it will likely have to be buoyant as well, if it is another one of Lego's bath time ships, so probably not too tall and easily capsized.
  5. Thetford

    Retired sets

    Bricklink prices only reveal how much AFOLs, and AFOLs alone, are willing to pay for a set. The prices and methods of payments are beyond that of your average KFOL and most TFOLs, and no parent in their right mind (who is not themselves an AFOL) will be willing to pay above retail price for a set they can easily substitute for one available.
  6. Thetford

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    We have to question, when rereleasing a set (or even releasing one to begin with), what is more viable. This includes the size of markets (which I have no figures on so this is purely random guessing, if anyone does that would be great), which in this case, would be AFOLs and kids (or rather, parents of said kids who themselves are not AFOLs), what will they sell more of: a large single set geared towards adults, or the eqiuvalent retail price of smaller sets geared towards kids? The aftermarket price becomes rather a moot point if you are considering sets for kids, as the guardians of the pursestrings - the parents, are not going to go for the aftermarket prices, unless it is for some highly must have toy such as that of the Cabbage Patch Dolls, Teletubbies or Elsa dolls. In the mind of a parent, would an alternate suffice instead? For example my mother - I can't comment on her Lego buying days because those were over a decade ago but rather that of current gifts - resented paying £30 for a toy school set for her partner's granddaughter given the number of contents - similar thing when she tried to beat the system and bought me a second hand copy of a video game, not knowing about the concept of online activation. I can just imagine her going on to Bricklink or eBay, taking one look at the price tag of any aftermarket set and saying "Bloody hell, you can forget that" and finding something similar to what is currently available.
  7. Thetford

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    Question, is the WV series actually targeted at adults? At least, in the same manner as the modular series is?
  8. Thetford

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I just wonder why Lego store employees would have a clue (where a few of these rumours seem to come from other than the above), after watching a documentary about Lego, they shutter all the windows and lock down when they see a stranger on campus (well, at least a stranger with a camera crew). How far in advance do these stores get notified about new content?
  9. Thetford

    MOC - San Francisco Taxi

    I like the use of the binoculars, I struggled to think of an alternate solution when designing a New York inspired taxi, I just ended up using a single light instead of two on each side. Seems so obvious now.
  10. Thetford

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    If Lego want to avoid the ethical questions of zoos (though to be fair, I am not aware of that many involving major zoos, only that issue with that Seaworld place), they could do a natural world theme, based on animals and their habitats all across the world in different biomes, perhaps with only a biologist or documentary TV crew if minifigures are needed at all. Add that with the countless police stations people no doubt own with their bars, transparent panels etc, then you get an instant zoo. Another theme that would be nice but would never happen would be modular towers, ie, like the modulars but have the floors sold separately, so one set would be the ground floor and roof (for example, a fancy foyer/lobby, or a storefront), and other sets are apartments/commercial buildings that can fit on top of each other due to same facade and stair placement, focussing on detailed interiors (cat lady's apartment/frat pad/newlyweds etc). Though I can't see much of a market for it. A licensed theme I would like to see is Tomb Raider, though I doubt it will ever happen due to the focus on gunplay, even in the earlier puzzle and exploration focussed Core Design games, it would likely be too violent with all enemies, shooting and butler popsicles
  11. Thetford

    Modularised 6332 Command Post Central [MOC LDD]

    @ilikeboomerang1, yeah I have that set too, I wonder why they didn't use those road pieces more often, I guess they must have been pricey to produce, and not long afterwards introduced the wider road plates we have today. I accidentally destroyed one of the crane A frames when I left it in front of the warm air vent, I have been wondering how to utilising the surviving frame, best idea I have so far is to use it as exposed framework in front of an office building. @Agent 86, yeah, I'm not 100% sure about that floor either, it feels a bit empty. I think I will keep it to one cell, though I might add more rooms on that floor, with a similar floorplan to the forensic lab,narrow hallway, four wide room next to it, and add more stuff to the bay window office, might turn that into an interview room, and move the vending machine down into the foyer. I'm a little surprised about the praise for the lab, it was a last minute addition as it was originally going to be a command/emergency response centre (similar to NASA mission control is how I could describe it), with the evidence locker being a server room, but I just didn't want another floor full of desks.
  12. Thetford

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Although unlikely, could it be a shopping arcade? A shopping centre/mall lining an alley? Though a video/amusement arcade is more likely.
  13. Command Post Central, the police station of the Town Jr era, distinctive by its use of trans green windows, released in 1998, was my first ever Lego set. As such, the set set earns a special place in my Lego collection (which since joining here, I have realised is quite meagre). Anyway, as you may know, the Town Jr era was criticised for its use of simplified building techniques and large pieces, and sets released during this period get heavily mocked today. To combat this, I have created an LDD* model heavily inspired by Command Post Central's aesthetic, using the Creator Modular Building guidelines (in regards to sidewalks, connections, storey heights and access). I have designed it in a way that uses more common, hopefully cheaper, bricks (cue many posters saying x brick is now hugely expensive on Bricklink), that when I do eventually decide to build this, it will be fairly reasonable to. OK, there aren't any fancy building techniques, and does not have the cute storybook gingerbread details like the modulars, but I'm content with it. I guess it also could be converted to an office building. Apologies in advance for the awful pictures, LDD can be a nightmare to get decent camera angles in. 2942 pieces. This MOC is fairly modern in style, incorporating many modernistic elements (I think ... I'm a town planner not an architect!) utilising clean lines, floor to ceiling windows that rise up the entire building. The tower is four storeys high (each floor exactly 10 bricks tall). The top three floors are interchangeable, (and can even be ommitted if a one storey building is desired), as each floor has the same footprint, and staircase located in the same place. Ground Floor: Foyer For public enquiries, the foyer has a front desk and waiting area, and a notice board for community information. In addition, the ground floor also contains access and a car port for patrol cars. First Floor: Holding Cell Features a cell with sliding door to hold any suspects, complete with a utilitarian bed, also has a waitig area for the public, bailers and the yet to be locked up, as well as a vending machine and water cooler for the thirsty. Second Floor: Squad Room Using the latest in computing technology, the police can track down suspects from the (dis)comfort of their office chairs, this floor also includes the break room to fill up on coffee and steal yoghurts, and the Chief's office, with panoramic windows to observe all. Third Floor: Forensic Lab Where all the actual detective work is done according to modern television, here is where the lab rats find the killer who always uses a highly new and exclusive product, made by only one manufacturer and sold in only one store in the city, that happens to keep a record of its customers, which includes the only person they met since the murder occurred. The lab includes the central work table thing with a microscope, a fridge to store evidence, as well as the evidence locker which is protected from tampering. Comments, criticisms and opinions welcome. *Due to being a financially strapped student, any and all brick built models will have to wait until I graduate and commence a career. Though I do wonder how extortionately expensive the modulars of today will be by then.
  14. Thetford

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Perhaps, if it is feasibly possible, for an inverted corner, a shopping arcade that goes diagonally from the inside corner to the outside corner? It could in theory be reversible allowing for both types of corner
  15. Thetford

    Simpsons 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    But I thought that historians now believe the bear most likely killed him? EDIT: I honestly never even noticed the bear in the statue after watching the show all these years, always thought it was a rock. Would have thought the stance would be difficult replicate anyway.