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  1. Hello everybody! So, I want to elevate my city, using just LEGO (no table or wood or anything like that). It would allow for an underground Metro System. I need it to support heavy buildings, like Towers consisting of 10K+ parts. Any tips, videos, or pictures on how to accomplish this (it needs to be structurally sound). Thanks!
  2. Zephyr261

    [MOC] Factory with working forklift

    Like, I am confused as to what is inside the building itself. Does it have like conveyer belts and machines, or is it just the mechanism that is inside
  3. Zephyr261

    [MOC] Factory with working forklift

    Great MOC! Do you think you could show us the interior?
  4. Hello! So, I am starting to create a realistic LEGO City Layout, based off of metropolutan areas like New York City or Hong Kong. I want to have billboards in my city to add the feel of Corporate America and commercialism in my city (which are defining features of cities like NYC). I abhor stickers, because I would rather have a brick-built sign than a sticker (I reserve stickers for things you can't build, like a menu sign within a building). Any tips on making realistic brick-built billboards? I see all these cool images online, many of whom use SNOT, but I don't know how they specifically built it. I am quite new to MOC building in general, so I appreciate any and all help! Thanks
  5. Zephyr261

    Tips for Realistic Vehicle Design

    Hello! I have never built any sort of custom LEGO Vehicle, but I really am interested in doing so. The problem for me is design and scale. How do you make a car that looks good, but is also proportionate to Minifigs? The kind of cars I want to build are modern, stock sedans, SUVs, buses, and trucks. I am mainly asking for tips, but if you have pictures of your own custom cars, I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. Zephyr261

    Chemicals terminal

    That is absolutely huge! It is quite impressive too. If I may ask, who commissioned you to build this? And is it a solo project?
  7. Zephyr261

    Andy's | Hamburger Stand

    This looks absolutely amazing! I am really picking up 1950s/Fallout vibes from this!
  8. Zephyr261

    Hello Everybody!

    Hello! My name is Mark, and I am a LEGO Fan from the US. I have been building LEGO Sets since I was 6, and have been building until now (at 25 years old). I have recently begun a LEGO City that is based off of 2 of my favorite metropolitan areas, New York City and Hong Kong. It is supposed to be a realistic city. I am relatively new to MOC building though, but it is a major part of my City Layout (I barely started, but it is supposed to be composed mainly of MOCs), so I am trying to quickly learn! Obviously, I am a fan of LEGO City, though not the recent waves, and I also love Creator. I have been lurking these forums for a while as a non-member, but since I am finally starting this city, I felt this would be a great outlet to post my stuff! I hope to get to know all of you. Cheers!