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  1. Zephyr261

    Avoiding a Bland Police Station

    Thank you for the examples! And yes, that was the French Police Station! Thank you for the advice! My project is quit ambitious, as I am trying to make a brick-elevated subway underneath the whole city (and if it can't support it, I'll add wood or something). So, you're probably right, I should start with something else. A brownstone is iconic, so I could go with that. Thanks for the tips!
  2. Hello all! I have begun planning for a MOC I am making in my goal to create a realistic depiction of a bustling metropolis city, heavily influenced by New York City. It would be a police station! I am not an experienced builder (as in I have never made a modular MOC before), and I thought the best way to come up with a design was to lay out my options, by scouting around the Internet for other existing MOCs are real precincts in NYC. However, I have noticed many of these Police Station MOCs are just "big grey boxes" (I don't mean this in a mean way, but they are largely grey and they are very rectangular), and the real precincts are decrepit, brick boxes! I want my station to look nice, have texture, etc. etc., but I don't want it to be just one big box. The coolest station I saw so far was this French Police Station (I forget the guy's name, but I believe he posted this on Flickr; his name was French too), but the problem is that its architecture is obviously French in nature, and would look odd in my American city. I have come here for advice. Specifically, how do I make my station look "nice" (i.e. doesn't look like a City set, it has texture, it looks like the great MOCs I always see here on Eurobricks!) and realistic without it looking like one big grey box? Any ideas for sources, or any existing MOCs you really like that fit my criteria (Urban, American Police Station)?
  3. Hello everybody! So, I want to elevate my city, using just LEGO (no table or wood or anything like that). It would allow for an underground Metro System. I need it to support heavy buildings, like Towers consisting of 10K+ parts. Any tips, videos, or pictures on how to accomplish this (it needs to be structurally sound). Thanks!
  4. Zephyr261

    [MOC] Factory with working forklift

    Like, I am confused as to what is inside the building itself. Does it have like conveyer belts and machines, or is it just the mechanism that is inside
  5. Zephyr261

    [MOC] Factory with working forklift

    Great MOC! Do you think you could show us the interior?
  6. Hello! So, I am starting to create a realistic LEGO City Layout, based off of metropolutan areas like New York City or Hong Kong. I want to have billboards in my city to add the feel of Corporate America and commercialism in my city (which are defining features of cities like NYC). I abhor stickers, because I would rather have a brick-built sign than a sticker (I reserve stickers for things you can't build, like a menu sign within a building). Any tips on making realistic brick-built billboards? I see all these cool images online, many of whom use SNOT, but I don't know how they specifically built it. I am quite new to MOC building in general, so I appreciate any and all help! Thanks
  7. Zephyr261

    Tips for Realistic Vehicle Design

    Hello! I have never built any sort of custom LEGO Vehicle, but I really am interested in doing so. The problem for me is design and scale. How do you make a car that looks good, but is also proportionate to Minifigs? The kind of cars I want to build are modern, stock sedans, SUVs, buses, and trucks. I am mainly asking for tips, but if you have pictures of your own custom cars, I would greatly appreciate it!
  8. Zephyr261

    Chemicals terminal

    That is absolutely huge! It is quite impressive too. If I may ask, who commissioned you to build this? And is it a solo project?
  9. Zephyr261

    Andy's | Hamburger Stand

    This looks absolutely amazing! I am really picking up 1950s/Fallout vibes from this!
  10. Zephyr261

    Hello Everybody!

    Hello! My name is Mark, and I am a LEGO Fan from the US. I have been building LEGO Sets since I was 6, and have been building until now (at 25 years old). I have recently begun a LEGO City that is based off of 2 of my favorite metropolitan areas, New York City and Hong Kong. It is supposed to be a realistic city. I am relatively new to MOC building though, but it is a major part of my City Layout (I barely started, but it is supposed to be composed mainly of MOCs), so I am trying to quickly learn! Obviously, I am a fan of LEGO City, though not the recent waves, and I also love Creator. I have been lurking these forums for a while as a non-member, but since I am finally starting this city, I felt this would be a great outlet to post my stuff! I hope to get to know all of you. Cheers!