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  1. stef2280

    Court House

    Hi Guys! Here my last project. I hope you like it! Instead the other times I have decided to build my project before release it! Some details: 13861 bricks plus 44 Printed tiles... I really hate stickers so I have tried the UV printing and... really love the result!!! Two different Facades 3 Skylights to watch perfectly the inside! With possibilities to Open them! Divided in 3 Blocks Modular Building Dimensions... I have realized a Video... well the first Video I have ever made... I know... my English is not perfect but please be good with me... eheheheh Anyway I hope you like my work! Thank you! Video: The Court House Other pictures here :-) on Flickr SBD10050_CourtHouse-45 SBD10050_CourtHouse-49 SBD10050_CourtHouse-50 SBD10050_CourtHouse-8 SBD10050_CourtHouse-24 SBD10050_CourtHouse-36 SBD10050_CourtHouse-23 SBD10050_CourtHouse-21
  2. stef2280

    [MOC] Old Town Hostel

    Thank you!
  3. stef2280

    [MOC] Old Town Hostel

    Hello! I am here with another nice MOC. I hope you like it! It is a "Old Town Hostel" modular building The video is available on YouTube here: Old Town Hostel here some features: 5283 Bricks Perfect Modular building dimension!!! Perfect compatibility with Lego® Modular Buildings Divided in 4 layers like all official Lego® Modular Nice scenario “broken window” Nice hidden garden behind the building with a barbecue and a chimney Nice tall city tree Ground Floor is furnished with a Reception Hall scenario First floor is furnished with curtains and tiles with a very nice spiral staircase Second floor furnished just with tiles Possibility to furnish first and second floor as you want You may get my instructions here: Some other pictures at my Flickr page: Stebrick Flickr
  4. stef2280

    Notre Dame de Paris Modular building dimension

    You can see when they are dark here on my flickr page:
  5. Hello everybody! After a lot of time and work I have finished my new MOC: Notre Dame DE PARIS I hope you like it. You can find it also on rebrickable to see the Bricklist: Notre Dame on Rebrickable Smile Dimension in cm: width: 51,8 cm, length: 145,7 cm, Height at the top of the central tower: 101,9 Dimension in Inches: width: 20,4 Length 57,4 Height at the top of the central tower 40,1 Divided in 5 macro blocks easy to move, transport and to stock: the "facade", the "nave", the "transept", the "choir" and the “apse" 63.181 bricks!!! But do not worry, I have done a very special thing to help you to save money… Total Bricks list and instructions divided in “VISIBLE BRICKS” 50.103 bricks and “STRUCTURAL BRICKS” 13.078 bricks. VISIBLE BRICKS: all the bricks you have to buy in the exact color and type! STRUCTURAL BRICKS: all the Hidden bricks of the building, you have to get just in the exact type of brick!!! It means you can use any color while keeping only the type of brick!!! You can use your own used bricks to save money!!! no matter what color you have ... just be sure of the type !!! For example: 1500 2x4 bricks… choose by yourself the color, you will never see these bricks because they are hidden inside the structure!!! SAVE MONEY!!! Bricks exchange proposal: Because during time some bricks can become RARE, I have done a special list Where I explain to you how to substitute some bricks that could become rare with other ones without change the final result of the building!!! During time, watching how Bricks market go on, I will do some upgrades to let the Notre Dame always buildable to save your money!
  6. This is my Police Station. Maybe someone have seen it on rebrickable or in my store at Bricklink. 4012 pieces without furniture or 4902 with furniture!!! If you are hero to build the instructions are ready for you!!! You can find more pictures at: If you want please visit also my facebookpage or my Bricklink store: http://www.bricklink...e.asp?p=ste2208 I hope you can enjoy with it!!! Stefano
  7. stef2280

    French Palace

    Wow!!! Thanks guys!!! You are too gentle!!!
  8. stef2280

    French Palace

    Thanks!!! Ok, I sell Instructions at Euro 30 and the Real Model with all new pieces Euro 4900 If you want please visit also my facebookpage Thanks Stefano
  9. stef2280

    French Palace

    Hi!!! Finally I have built my Palace here some photos!!! Stefano You can find more pictures at:
  10. stef2280

    French Palace

    Hi to every body!!! Here a photo of the final PALACE!!! A friends of mine in South Corea has realized the entire building!!! Here some photos!!!
  11. stef2280

    Venice - St. Marck's Campanile

    Oh yes! One month and it will be finished!!!
  12. stef2280

    Venice - St. Marck's Campanile

    ok! :-) Just some photos about some particular about Bells!! Ahahah nono I don't live in a Old house with a high celling! But... The final building will be 1,80m... so not so high! :-) ahahah Thanks to all for your comment!!!
  13. stef2280

    Venice - St. Marck's Campanile

    Hi, Some new progress about my CAMPANILE DI SAN MARCO!!! Here the home bells naturally with bells! Now I will start with the tower!