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Found 1 result

  1. I first started posting this story in February 2013, with the last segment being posted March 23, 2015. It tells the tale of Bob and his past, present and Future. This may or may not be the same Bob that runs the Neo-Nexus Force, but of a possible alternate universe Bob. Also, this is space related, and so I posted it here. If it needs to be moved eslewhere, feel free to move it. Bob, famous for his smile and being the new leader of the NEXUS force, was not always famous. He was first mentioned in the historical record in 1978 when he bought a house at 376 Garden Heights for him and his wife. (Her name is unknown at this time) At this time in his life, he was 20 years old, and was looking for work in the space exploration industry, notably working with Albert Overbuild on the plans that would eventually become the Venture Koi. In 1990, Bob was stricken with grief over the recent death of his wife (name still unknown) due to her accidental exposure to high radiation levels. (She was working on what eventually became the Imagination Reactor for the Venture Koi.) With her irradiated remains shot into space, Bob built a monument dedicated to his beloved wife and pledged to help further their dreams of space exploration. Here he stands in front of the marble monument located in Zorillo Plaza while putting on a brave face for the camera. Around 2006, Bob signed up for a possible crew assignment onto the recently finished Venture Koi. He was not picked, as the entire ship was rented for a voyage to find the Imagination Nexus, funded by Baron Typhonus. After the ship was destroyed in orbit around planet Crux, Bob built more ships of bigger and better designs, and eventually was assigned as captain to the Venture Explorer. He was on his 20th flight to the Crux system in late 2010 when he was attacked by Maelstrom forces, and forced to flee. He is the picture of him fleeing the corrupted vessel. After fleeing, he was kept a secure location by Dr. Albert Overbuild in order to train him for the evacuation of the Crux System, just in case the Maelstrom got the upper hand. Little did they know what would happen next... (the following segment happens after my current story-line, where the maelstrom takes over LU on January 31st 2012 and the Nexus Force flees to our universe through a now-closed inter dimensional portal in February of that year) Bob had suppressed the Maelstrom by flying into our universe. Peace reigned for 26 years before the evil Baron Typhonus found a way to open a indirect pathway to the Nexus Force's new home: our universe. By using his powers of corruption, he manipulated a world of insect-like creatures to attack New Crux, the Nexus Forces' new base of galactic operations, consuming it whole. Bob, leader of the Nexus force was on Earth at the time, and watched as the Insects established a based on Earth's moon. From there, they opened a portal to allow the Maelstrom to enter our universe. Needless to say, the stress on the moon caused it to implode, killing the insect swarms instantly. Bob, now without any formidable fighting force, was left stranded on Earth as the Maelstrom bombs fell. There was one hope left, however: Bob had been given several weapons from the old Nexus leaders designed as a last resort: Imagination powered swords, staff, and an war ax. When thrown into the Maelstrom, their incorruptible nature would end time & space itself in a huge explosion destroying all that existed in the Universe. Bob, the fearless leader, adventurer, & husband, took the weapons and hurled himself into the gaping maw of the Maelstrom from the top of the Empire State Building... When Bob awoke, it felt like he'd been sleeping forever. Suddenly, he remembered: the Maelstrom, the four weapons, falling from the Empire State Building and then... nothing. He sat up, which was weird since he should be dead, and the universe should have ended. Bob was then distinctly aware that he was being watched. He reached for his blaster, which was not it it's holster on his cybernetic leg... which wasn't there either, for that matter. He looked around and saw someone he thought he'd never see again except in his dreams: his wife. She didn't say anything, and didn't have to. They ran together and embraced each other. It didn't matter where he was or whether he was hallucinating in a hospital bed or not, at least he was with her again. And that's only where he wanted to be. the fading light of the sunset on a unknown planet, a certain Baron pays his last respects to a brave mini-figure... Any and all thoughts are welcome on this story!