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  1. just upload somewhere else and then write the link...
  2. leonema

    Can still play with LEGO Universe!!!

    yes, especially because i can still play my favourite game!!!!!
  3. leonema

    Can still play with LEGO Universe!!!

    to be really honest due to discord when started to play LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed for android... discord was the only support/info channel but then, because was a so boring game, started to look for Lego Universe servers... found a public one and then found Uchu and so started to play again LEGO Universe on 17/04/2021!!! and so, in short, all began with Uchu
  4. leonema

    Can still play with LEGO Universe!!!

    yes you can import whatever ldd piece!! the default brick build in property is still not fully implemented but as workaround you can import a full lxf file from ldd to use as model!! as you can see in the first post picture... that's my castle i built in ldd!! if you wanna try to build the game server and play it in local host just go here instead if you wanna play with other playes let me know and i'll send you a DM with an invite to a private server!! tbh i tried lego worlds n played it just few seconds...
  5. ohh that's why then... thanks for the explanation :)
  6. leonema

    Lego Magazines

    there is the LEGO archive for them as pdf file... enjoy
  7. so, ok, solved everything now just changed the group id in each xml: 299 => 274 for id 26820 (in the pic there is a typo: it's not 16820 but 26820 - sorry) 399 => 385 for id 9560 299 => 240 for id 11391 thanks to everybody for their help
  8. so, well, tried as you mentioned and saved the 3 parts in ldd then opened with stud.io and got the 3 ids: 16820, 9560 and 11391 before delete their xmls also checked if those parts was also somewhere else... but no :/ so didn't delete of course, never used, but might be still useful... so, my target now would be to assign those parts in the correct group as done in the example pic hope to figure it out how can do... obviously any help is very appreciate thanks
  9. i'll try this way! thank you :)
  10. yes, you are right, i should but it's not so important issue, just only visual... thanks anyway for the suggestion
  11. thanks to @suenkachun and to @Stephan for the crashes fix and for new parts!! :) even with the complete update those are still the same but guess i can stay this way...
  12. I remember how was fun and addicting to play LEGO Universe when it came out more than 10 years ago. I still think it's the best LEGO game ever, basically you can do everything you wanna do! Sadly after a while they closed... and It was so bad 😢 Some years ago discovered that it's still possible to play it! Even with friends!! Now I'm also able to add custom items and do more things I couldn't do in live... 😄 I'm so sorry if only today came in mind to share this possibility here!
  13. i'd suggest to apply this guess might solve the crash for u aswell
  14. thank you very much!! :) don't know if could be helpful, but for me worked to restore/overwrite the previous db i found in a system image file so must be the 2022 version even if i applied also the 23 october 2023 full pack and then the 26 oct 2023 version hope this infos could be helpful :)
  15. almost all the parts with the error exclamation point ! are fixed! thank you very much! now only the part plate 2x3 w. holder 2020 - current is still with the error exclamation point ! no, haven't those (268400 and 38551 and 67498) dunno how to find the id of the parts in a group with the interrogation point ? them are called: bogey contact switch; torso, male, boy; motor; shock absorver, no. 2 - piston.