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Found 11 results

  1. Been working on something Lego-related, but not quite Lego, for the past few weeks... 3D printed Ninjago props and weapons! I love the detailed designs as seen in the TV show, and wanted to replicate some physical props to use as interesting wall decorations and whatnot. Starting off, we have Cole's Hammer, as seen in Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu! I based the design off of these images (and the show): And came up with this: Next up was a Fang Blade, all the way back to Season 1! Based it off of this reference: And came up with this (some creative liberties taken to make the pattern stand out more): What do you think? I'll probably continue updating this topic, as I have a lot more in the pipeline (including every golden weapon, a Jade Blade, and maybe Chen's Staff) and if anyone has any suggestions for tips or ideas on what else to design and print, let me know! Thanks for checking this out!
  2. Hello everyone, my nickname is Zhokker, I am a fan of lego Bionicle and system since 2007, as soon as I got my first toy. Very interested on 3D modeling of different LEGO parts and LEGO Bionicle. Known among a few people for creating a better version of MoUP and I also have a store on Shapeways. Joined Russian community in 2015, and in foreign community since end of 2019. Took a chance and registered here to keep up with news and updates. Ready to help with your questions about 3D modeling and so on, would love to meet different designers! Here below some of my work from the past year 2020. I also made some bionicle parts for bionicle parts pack and I have my own project which I working on right now, Knight's Kingdom parts pack for renders in (LDD, but better)
  3. Good evening cognoscenti I am working on a (roughly) 1:12 MOC of a Massey Ferguson 6716S tractor, and need a bit of help with getting some custom / 3d printed rear wheels. For the front wheels I'm using the Claas / 6x6 tow truck tyres 23798 with light grey six spoke 15038 56mm D x 34mm wheels (although loader style solid wheels would be better if i can find some). For the rear i have bought some RC4WD ZT0129 2.2" mud basher tyres (, which fit pretty neatly (with a bit of fiddling) onto the Porsche rims 23800 62.3mm D x 42mm. However, I would really like to get some custom or 3d printed wheel loader style (ie solid dish) rims with an axle connection, six pin holes and a more neutral offset to match the real tractor for the reat tyres. Any recommendations on whether anyone has already made such a wheel, or who could make one? I have already had a look at the third party tyres for technic rims thread, but not found quite what i am after yet. It would be even better if i could also get solid dish loader style wheels in 56mm D x 34mm to go on the front. I think the simplest fix would be a combination of the Porsche rim and a solid dish. However, a neater solution would be to mimic the 'beadlock' arrangement that the RC models use, but make in lego technic - ie a main dish & rim, a slide on collar, and a locking rim (which pins the tyre in place against the slide on collar and the main rim) held in place with eg 6no 3/4 pins (RC beadlock uses tiny screws here). beadlok by hpil 102, on Flickr# Creating a beadlock type technic wheel would then open up a whole range of RC wheels fitting better onto lego (or lego compatible) rims... So, any suggestions of offers to create some 3d printed rims for me? hpil
  4. As child I also enjoyed lego a lot, especial technical lego. Now we have a little son (1.5y old) and we start to explore the lego/duplo train (10507). Reading here a lot of interesting info, on how the new train (10874) works and I guess some day, I want to create/hack such a train too.. The other thing we like to do, is 3d printing of lego/duplo compatible things. I'm not sure if this topic is allowed on this forum? Anyway, on thingiverse I put some lego/duplo compatible train necessities, like rails, flex tracks, bridges, crossings, funnels and many other items you need. ;) Also created a duplo compatible car collection, with some other enthusiasts. I'm happy to use this forum, talking about more opportunities combining 3d printing and lego.
  5. This summer I acquired a 3D printer, and it only just recently crossed my mind that I could make parts that I've been wanting - even those that don't exist yet. This will be the thread I throw all that into. For the first post, here's my first version of the standard straight track: First, I started off by drawing the track profile, using the dimensions I found on the L-gauge wiki: I used Autodesk Fusion 360 for the modelling portion (it's free to students, makers, hobbyists, and businesses making less than 100k USD a year!). Then, I extrude the profile out by 128mm to get the 'blank' for a piece of straight track: I then make another drawing on the top of the base which represents the ties present on the Lego track: Finally, I take every other section of the blank and extrude them downwards to the bottom of the blank, this time using a 'cut' operation instead of a 'new body' operation: I now have something that looks quite a bit like a piece of Lego track! It's obviously missing studs, the snap-together connectors, and the cutouts on the ends of the rails. However, it will do for a first print test. I then export from Fusion 360 as a .STL and load that into my slicing program of choice, Cura. I'm looking at the model in the layer view after applying my 'strong' settings - this lets me see the model layer-by-layer and I can see how it should look. I can also see a cross-section by using the slider in the upper right: Here we're seeing the interior of the rails, but not the ties. Here we can see inside the ties, as well as the supports - these are temporary structures that will be removed once the print is completed. They hold up the overhangs in the model that may otherwise sag or distort excessively - I'll need to change the support orientation before I commit to a print for better results. Unfortunately, it's too late at night for me to kick off a print - I know the time estimate given is somewhat of an underestimate, so one of these very basic track pieces will actually take a bit over three hours instead of the two and a half that's given by my slicer. I'll be doing that tomorrow.
  6. LEGO’s turn table has considerable friction and rotating a model at an exhibition for a whole day would ruin it. A thrust ball bearing is necessary to decrease the friction. I previously 3D printed a large bearing for my Unikitty. For this year’s exhibition I needed a smaller thrust ball bearing so I designed a new medium sized ball bearing. It includes liftarms to hold a worm wheel which results in a rotation ratio of 1:78. The 3D model is available from my website. I hope it helps you for your MOCs.
  7. So shapeways had a decent cyber monday sale, and a I grabbed a couple the G2 style Vahi's. I wanted one for a moc and wanted to see what worked best, and the thoguht of an upper half to the old mask was just fun. I'm putting pictures here so everyone can see whats out there and how well it works. I just had them all printed in orange smooth and polished, its close enough to lego's color #1 G2 compatible upper Mask of time ( (Image courtesy of biosector 1) Accurate to the comics, looks great from the front. Its pretty thick too, not any real risk of breakage Looks good on the head and fits well, eject feature works. This mask ONLY fits the G2 head. you can wedge the original mask into the slot by the mouth, but its not really designed to fit. Here's the issue. its totally flat. he's wearing a cardboard cut out. The lack of compatibility to the old mask is also a drawback, and the clip loosens pretty quick from use. To be fair, its only ever shown from the front in the comic. Overall, a good choice if you like accuracy and the eject feature, and I imagine it would look good in gold paint. a poor choice if you want the combined mask (just doesn't work) or a 3 dimensional design that looks good from every angle #2 G1 compatible g2 Mask of time ( From the same seller as before. Both halves are 3d printed, with the old vahi getting a long axle running through it to connect to the upper half and the old mata head. This one looks awesome combined and fits well. Its not a perfect fit on the head though, and doesn't fit the metru head (aka the best one) at all. there's some parts that rub against the mata head too, but it fits pretty well. you can also use the av-toran head, though again there are some parts that don't want to fit. The real issue is the axle on the lower half. Its a little bit too small. Unfortunately, this means you can't fit regular axles into the 'mouth' of the upper half to connect to a head, and the connection on the lower half by itself is very weak The mask looks pretty good from the side, without the clip, there is a smooth helmet at the top that makes the 'g2' half look and feel more 3 dimensional. Th 3d printed g1 vahi is pretty nice, only one or 2 things out of place (no mouth hole for example), it would be hard to tell them apart if it weren't for that texture. Basically, this one is a good choice if you want a neat looking mask with a solid combination. but its compatibility with actual lego is poor. So while its really cool looking, I'd wait and see if the artist updates it with a slightly thicker axle. The helmet at the top also keeps you from using the head you want. (the metru or G2 one) #3 G1 style Vahi upper half ( The strangest, but, in my opinion, coolest option. This tiny piece rests on the top of a mata head... And is then held in place by the original vahi! Its a bit fiddly, but it stays on really well And looks awesome Look at how it lines up with the eye holes and 'bubbles' in the old mask. its pretty clever. Its also the cheapest option, since there is very little thickness to it looks good from the back too, a really well though out shape. Of course the drawback to this one is the compatibility. mata head only, absolutely no way to attach it to anything else. Its pretty close to the comic apearance but has no way to interact with the g2 head. #4 G2 head adaptor You can also just connect the original mask to a g2 head using this G2 adapter ( These have been mentioned in the Shapeways MUP topic, and they work quite well; Though the vahi looks strange attached to it, you kind of have to blame the vahi's odd shape and small size for that The clip works perfectly. might wear out over time, but its the best fitting clip so far for a shapeways mask. The only drawback is that it only fits 2001-2002 masks, none of the axle mounted ones. Its available without the eject feature as well. So there are most of the current options for shapeways masks of time! I like the tiny G1 version the best, but they all are neat, fun designs. If anyone is in the market for a g2 mask of time, I hope this helps! Also, a special thanks to the shapeways sellers that made these masks. I will be using all of them for something.
  8. Hello, I have created a better scale tire & rim for trucks and light industry vehicles with a proper rim offset. The proportions allow for dual tire mounting and single. Is there any intrest within the community to have something like this produced? (in low volumes) I would look forward to hearing any insight/ feedback - purists need not respond! :) The tire would be a flexible rubber like material, rim would be SLS printed or ABS.
  9. Has anyone else thought about how the advent of 3d printing will affect Lego? If someone starts making their own plastic bricks via a 3d Printer, how is Lego going to fare? The Quality of Lego could keep it afloat for a while, but if we could start making our own bricks, wouldn't that spell the end of the Lego group? Am I being to apocalyptic with my thinking here, or is anyone else worried? :pirate_skel1:
  10. Rotating a heavy construction is difficult with LEGO's turn table and previous solution for a ball bearing using the droid wheels remain awkward. Mounting the droid wheels is just difficult. They were never meant to be a ball bearing. So I fired up my 3D program and created a Thrust Ball Bearing. Luckily I could also 3D print the whole assembly. I hope this helps. Further details are available here.
  11. Creatorman

    TLG and 3D Printing

    We all know LEGO prototypes with 3D printing, but when I was surfing the web when I found this. Now, to be honest, I get why LEGO doesn't want to distribute through 3D printing yet, but as an evolving technology, could you see this taking the place of buying from a store? How would this affect LEGO and the consumer? Would this hinder LEGO? I, for one, can see this being used to help improve the replacement parts service. Imagine trying to get a retired piece, for a certain set now. Without printing, you may have to buy from the secondary market, but if LEGO had 3D printing, we could get replacement parts printed from a computer file. Granted, it is not 3D printing is not perfect at the moment, but I am sure that by 10 years, it's quality may rival molded plastics. What do you is your guys' opinion and why?