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  1. Craig Strader

    How are articulated locomotives built?

    It can be tricky, due to the fact that articulated locomotives are more elongated than just the average steam engine. But you could do the way I did it and have a fixed and free swinging unit, and use a f-b-f + b-f-f to allow it to accommodate even the tightest of turns if you get it right
  2. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger

    Where do you think my flaws are on my Z-6 challenger?
  3. Craig Strader

    [moc] Great Northern Private Observation Car "Olympic Sunset"

    I have posted a train car for my steam engine to. It's just as new, so you won't have to look very hard
  4. Craig Strader

    Pig Palace Car

    At long last I present to you all a train car to go behind my Z-6 challenger: The Pig Palace Car This type of car was used exclusively to haul animals like pigs. They were unusual because unlike most other freight cars, this one was a double decker freight car. Its small space allowed animals like pigs to ride on it with ease. It has a straw bed inside as well as troughs to keep them fed for longer journeys. This particular Pig Palace Car will hold up to 18 pigs. This will soon be on Lego Ideas soon. I will post the link when it comes up. It already is on Bricklink for a 3D view.
  5. Craig Strader

    [moc] Great Northern Private Observation Car "Olympic Sunset"

    I agree. It's like trying to talk to someone who's a brick wall. It's aggravating!!
  6. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger

    Also, here is the link to the picture of my Z-6 turning:
  7. Craig Strader

    [moc] Great Northern Private Observation Car "Olympic Sunset"

    It's about time something went to your Atlantic. Looks good
  8. Craig Strader

    [MOC/WIP] EH800 JRF

    Looks good. All it needs now are just some freight cars for it to pull. So it really was an EMU in real life?
  9. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger

    Thanks. It's not coming yet because the tender still needs work before the passenger cars. And as for the wheels, I might modify it to where it will accept larger diameter drivers. But for now, they will be standard because it will also be going to Lego Ideas to. I'll post the engine and tender whenever completed.
  10. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger

    Thanks. I'll be posting more as soon as I can.
  11. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger

    Funny you should say that, because I did the exact same way you did with your GN 4-4-2 and caboose. I actually built a WMSR 734 "Mountain Thunder" 2-8-0 and did the same thing on building it. I am currently trying to build a Canadian Pacific G2 with my taking on their premier train called The Dominion. But I'll be sure to upload my freight cars before I upload my steam passenger train.
  12. Craig Strader

    [MOC] PRR 4-4-6-4 Q2 Duplex

    That looks insane. I'm actually surprised that you were actually able to pull it off. I felt the same way when I built my Z-6 challenger which is on the website to
  13. Craig Strader

    [MOC] BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    That looks like a real king, now try and look at my Z-6, leave a comment about it if you are interested