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  1. Craig Strader

    Grey Ridge 4-6-0 no. 26

    I know this is a bit out of context, but how wide is the Reading T1 you and Cale built a while back? Boiler, cab, and tender? I am trying to build a steam locomotive and I would like a few ideas. Also, how do you build lead trucks on your steam locomotives to where they have no conflict with the cylinders?
  2. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger UPGRADE for Lego Ideas

    Are you saying that I need to change the background a little? If so, how should I do it and what color should I try Do you want me to put it in a place where you can see the trailing truck clearly then?
  3. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger UPGRADE for Lego Ideas

    I did try using photos with a lighter background, what settings would recommend with a build like mine? Only asking so that I can have some ideas
  4. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger UPGRADE for Lego Ideas

    It said "Please submit better digital images"
  5. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger UPGRADE for Lego Ideas

    Hey guys, I have a question, how do I get a good picture from Bricklink Studio to be approved on the Lego Ideas website? I am not having a lot of luck in the process, if someone has some good suggestions please let me know
  6. Craig Strader

    Rolling Stock

    Didn't know the Corner Garage had any toilets. Wished I known that earlier.
  7. Craig Strader

    Rolling Stock

    1. It is based of a coach from Trainz: A New Era. It is for the Dominion passenger train of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The locomotive I built was a G2 class Pacific, also from the Canadian Pacific Railway. 2. They are supposed to be bathrooms, but due to the small size, I was unable to actually put any toilets in there. The bathrooms are just empty shells compared to the rest of the train.
  8. Craig Strader

    Rolling Stock

    I have yet to make one, and even if I did, it would NOT work with what little track I have. The coach requires r56 MINIMUM. I tried the standard r40 on LDD and it did not sit well at all
  9. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger UPGRADE for Lego Ideas

    Thanks. I'm still trying to get it approved. I'm sure it will be on there soon.
  10. Craig Strader

    Rolling Stock

  11. It has been almost if not exactly or more than a year since I created the Z-6 challenger. I originally thought I could not improve it any further, but it turns out I was wrong in more ways than one. The model you see before you is a MASSIVE upgrade compared to the one I originally made. It features new trailing truck and tender bogies which have been needed to be worked on for quite some time. Those bogies that were once on the original model were both blocky and incomplete at the same time. The trailing truck is now more gradually sloped and the tender bogies now look like they were off the prototype. I also was able to number AND letter the locomotive where it represents an MTH version of the model (The MTH version of the locomotive was the source of my inspiration to constructing this behemoth and how I became a fan of this design). If you have noticed the display track the locomotive sits on, I bet you can guess what is going to become of it. But to leave no one on a cliffhanger, I will say that it will be going to the Lego Ideas website to become an actual product. If you wish to have this model on YOUR Lego train layout, be sure to support it. I will let you all know when it appears on the Lego Ideas website when I update this topic.
  12. Craig Strader

    Rolling Stock

    Thanks Thank you
  13. Craig Strader

    Rolling Stock

    Unknown. I have not decided for the time being. What were you referring to, the Z-6 or the coach car
  14. Craig Strader

    Rolling Stock

    Hey guys, I thought I could post some new content, which in this case is rolling stock. Here is the following: Coach Car: Here is the Coach behind the G2 Pacific Here is a caboose Here is the caboose behind the Z-6 Let me know what you think You can also post your own here if you wish to compare