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  1. Craig Strader

    AT&SF #2926 - 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive

    Thanks for the tips. Sorry I did not respond a while back. Anyway, I have been meaning to ask you something. If they were available, would you use Baldwin disk drivers to make your engine more prototypical? I know the actual engine in Albuquerque, NM was made in 1944 with Baldwin disk drivers and I was wondering if they were available would you use them?
  2. Craig Strader

    Baldwin Disk Driver

    You would be correct on the measurement on scale, however the locomotive in question as far as the actual prototype goes has 84 inch drivers, which is not too far off Thanks. The best has yet to come
  3. Craig Strader

    Baldwin Disk Driver

    It will be for a locomotive coming next year. Estimated to be right around Springtime
  4. Craig Strader

    Baldwin Disk Driver

    So I got a little something interesting that I believe is a real first in this community and because the holiday was coming up I wanted to make it something really special, I give you a BALDWIN DISK DRIVER. This type of driver was designed and made by the Baldwin Locomotive Works and was used on railroads that ordered locomotives from Baldwin. This wheel was designed and made by me on AutoCAD 2022 and with the help of a humble XYZ Da Vinci 3d printer. It is 62.4 mm in diameter compared to the #13 43.2mm diameter. This took over 20 different attempts to create. It is still imperfect from the color of the wheel for I do not know any steam locomotive from Baldwin that used red colored wheels and the fact that it is not the plastic that is used on BrickTrainDepots wheels. Nevertheless, it still accepts standard axles and connector pieces in the exact same fashion as all of the other steam train drive wheels. Here is the wheel with the connector peg and axle in their respective places. For comparison, here is the disk driver(62.4mm) beside BTD's #13(43.2mm) Boxpok Driver
  5. Craig Strader

    Potential 1/35th Scale Trains

    You may be correct, however, I have also taken a few things into consideration as well. 1: My trains were design with running with BALLASTED tracks so as to give it the prototypical look 2: They were also designed to complement Brickmania's equipment because the minifigures look to be the right size imho 3: The width of the minifigure is wider than it is taller, so I mostly took that into consideration for
  6. Craig Strader

    Potential 1/35th Scale Trains

    Thanks. And like I said before, I have a plan to make it affordable for almost everyone. At least this beast will be running on conventional Lego Track unlike the Hogwarts meant for display
  7. Craig Strader

    Potential 1/35th Scale Trains

    For the Allegheny it has 6 XL motors. 2 in the boiler with the help of a universal gear to power both sets of drivers and 4 XL motors to power the tender bogies. In order to give that much power, a 12v AA battery system will be used. As for pricing, it is my intent to sell them at a price almost anyone can afford. The idea is to not just be display models, but can actually move. I will spare you the plan for now for spoilers, but it is in the plan to start selling these as kits by next year. There will be more where the Allegheny came from.
  8. Craig Strader

    Potential 1/35th Scale Trains

    Here is another picture of the locomotive "negotiating" an R104 curve.
  9. Craig Strader

    Potential 1/35th Scale Trains

    Here is a 1/35th scale version of the C&O Allegheny, with the help of Dummy on the walkway in front of the smoke box you can get a good idea of 1/35th scale Here you can get a good idea of length of the beast
  10. Craig Strader

    Potential 1/35th Scale Trains

    What would you start off with, USATC S160 similar to what Brickmania had at one time or a 4-6-4 Hudson used on the Santa Fe?
  11. Craig Strader

    Potential 1/35th Scale Trains

    Maybe, but to me, 1/48th scale for Lego is too small for the minifigure. Maybe, but with what I have in mind, the Minifigures would fit right at home with the equipment I have created
  12. Craig Strader

    Potential 1/35th Scale Trains

    Hey everyone, I know I have not commented let alone posted anything new in quite sometime after the Z-6 V2. But I was wondering what you all would say about 1/35th scale trains kits for sale, from locomotives, to cars and the like. Let me know what you all have to say on the matter
  13. Craig Strader

    2-8-8-4 AC-9 "yellowstone"

    Did you build this to a certain scale or did you just decided to just build it? It looks like to me that you built it slightly larger than 1/48th scale
  14. Craig Strader

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Probably because no one wants to buy them either because they not only look inadequate but also they don't put in enough effort to make something decent
  15. Craig Strader

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I have seen a German BR 50 class on the Lego ideas page. It may be a good candidate if it gets its 10,000 supporters