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  1. Zarkan

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    Ah, yes, I remember when I too used to feel that LGBTQ+ representation was more offensive than officially licensed toys based on the US military's latest killing machines. (Seriously, as has been pointed out, the branding of lego's V-22 as a non-existent rescue variation is meaningless, given that they still paid Boeing for the license. They could have easily avoided any controversy by making a genericized version with no licensing whatsoever, but apparently that's a no go for Technic these days.)
  2. You seem to be under the impression that there are any sets containing doctors on that list. There are not. The last released set in that subtheme was the hospital from 2018, which is already discontinued. Also, the fire fighter sets being part of this measure is almost certainly because of the burning buildings/structures included in modern day fire fighter sets - not because of water cannons.
  3. Zarkan

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Whoops, I think you misunderstood, lol. I was replying to the member @1974. They're correct that this prototype is actually from the 80s, when Lego was preparing to transition from 12v to 9v. There were three others in the same batch of photos: (The last one is particularly notable, cause it eventually became the most legendary lego train set ever: the Euro Express/Metroliner.
  4. Zarkan

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    That's actually not even the most interesting thing about this, 1974. See, there was a rumor going around that Lego was gonna be reviving something classic this year. People assumed it was a theme of some kind. And that's understandable, because I don't think anyone would have guessed that it would turn out to be a revival of an old 12v train prototype that never was released.
  5. Zarkan

    Future Constraction Sets?

    For all we know, they might have with Bionicle G2, if Ninjago hadn't cannibalized it's marketing budget before the theme even launched. Yeah, this was a thing, according to former Lego Ambassador and Eurobricks member Deevee/Dviddy/Darth Vader. The story goes that after lego quickly uncanceled Ninjago due to an overwhelming deluge of complaints from parents with furious children, they rushed out the Rebooted wave in 2014, and then in 2015, they launched two subthemes with two corresponding seasons of the TV show for the first time. That money needed to come from somewhere, and unfortunately, it was taken from Bionicle G2 (as well as the final year of Legends of Chima, which is likely why the fire/ice theme was rehashed.) The Bionicle team seemed super pissed about this, according to Deevee's account. And it makes sense, given that Ninjago's cancellation happened precisely because Lego learned the wrong lesson from Bionicle G1's declining sales. They were convinced that G1's sales dropping off a cliff after the first three years was proof that NO story-focused theme was viable past three years. This is why they introduced their now infamous "big bang theme" strategy. They legitimately thought kids would be tired of Ninjago after thee years, and ready for whatever new story-based theme Lego was cooking up. They were wrong, and it cost them dearly, with Chima and later Nexo Knights both underperforming. And with Ninjago reaching it's tenth year, and kids still being as invested in the the lore as ever (to the point that Lego introduced the Legacy subtheme so newer fans who missed out on notable vehicles/locations/etc the first time around could own new versions), it's completely disproved Lego's hypothesis regarding the longevity of story based themes. Same Bionicle G2 had to die so Ninjago could live again. And it's a real irony that Bionicle G1's cancellation was partially responsible for it's reboot's more abrupt cancellation.
  6. Zarkan

    Zarkan's Bionicle G2 customs.

    Thanks! Now, time for some original creations. Let's start with my original sixth skull villain, corresponding to the element of water: Kuna, the Skull Serpent. She's inspired by Flaahgra from Metroid Prime, BTW. Also, I took the liberty of removing the orange from four out of five of the official skull villains. And I also gave them a (IMO) much cooler backstory.
  7. Zarkan

    Future Constraction Sets?

    Uh so, funny thing. Christian Faber (One of the original G1 Bionicle guys, who had been teasing a supposed Bionicle G3 for over a year now) recently did a stream on instagram. It was very cryptic, as per usual from him these days, but one thing he touched on is that Constraction is absolutely over for good, not just because it doesn't sell well, but because it's supposedly not environmentally friendly compared to regular System lego. He even warned people that the price of aftermarket sets and parts will likely skyrocket in the near future. This reasoning makes sense, given how much plastic goes into a 20 dollar bionicle set compared to a 20 dollar system set. And Christian Faber doesn't seem keen on making plastic toys at all anymore. Which is in line with how woke he is regarding environmental issues. So what the hell this G3 he's supposedly pitching to lego gonna be? It's looking like it's some sort of VR/AR project. Yeah. Bionicle G3, if it ever happens, is most likely not gonna be a physical product at all.. So sorry for everyone who was hoping for new constraction sets. I'm afraid that dream is about as dead in the water as possible, at this point.
  8. So, pretty much everyone agrees the G2 storyline was a steaming pile. Not just because what what we got was bad, but because we got so little of it. I've personally rectified this with an extensive headcanon that would more accurately be described as a full-fledged rewrite of the story. And with this came a bunch of modified sets and completely original creations. All of these have been posted on twitter, bur since this forum doesn't appear to have twitter embeds, I'll just be posting the photos and text separately. So, with that being said, let's start with my Master/Uniter fusions. The genesis of this idea was that I didn't want more than one of each character on the shelf. So I combined most of the aesthetics of the Masters with the torsos and elemental creatures of the Uniters. And I also made some other very interesting changes: Also, on another note, it's good to be back. Looks like admins quietly fixed my password recovery for me (it had been so long since I had last posted that the email address it was attached to no-longer exists.). I don't expect to be posting too much here, but I do go way, way back. I was a mere kiddo when I joined, and somehow managed to not get myself banned despite the (predictably) low quality of my posting. And I recall many fond conversations I had with people here during the latter years of Bionicle's original run. Shame pretty much nobody I interacted with back in the day is here anymore. ( I still wanna know whatever happened to JINZONINGEN73. Sigh.) Anyway, I'll be back with more creations later, if people are interested in seeing them. You can also check my twitter account and see all of them instantly (There's a link in my profile now.). Just be aware I mostly just retweet political junk, so if that isn't your thing, you might as well stay way and wait for me to post more stuff here.
  9. Zarkan

    Mixels 2014 Discussion

    Wave two looks even better than wave one, but wave three will undoubtedly be the best, since it has a purple tribe.
  10. Zarkan

    Upcoming Classic Space Reboot?

    You mean besides the fact that we've gotten no less than four different space themes since 2007, one of which is a direct reboot of a classic space line? And all these fantasies about a peaceful exploration theme are just that, fantasies. In this day and age, a theme like that would never sell as well as a theme with lots of laser cannons and obvious good guys and bad guys. More importantly, as some of the designers have retroactively revealed, even the supposedly peaceful Classic Space had hints of conflict built in: red and white spacemen supposedly stood for the U.S. and communist Russia, and radar dishes and satellite arrays easily doubled as death rays. And you can bet your lego collection many kids played with the sets in just that way.
  11. Zarkan

    Mattel buys Megabloks

    For the love of... how on earth did I mess this up? Dagnabbit, I think this topic requires a title change.... (This is what I get for rushing a topic out a minute before we leave to get breakfast....)
  12. Matell to buy Mega Brands for 460 Million
  13. Zarkan

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    I'd argue this is actually being done for Hero Factory's sake - in other words, they don't want the Lego Movie to plummet Hero Factory's already lackluster sales even further.
  14. Zarkan

    2013 LEGO Pirates rumors and discussion.

    No, I believe that is actually the retool of the classic shark mold that is debuting in this years Coast Guard sets.
  15. Zarkan

    Ameribricks: Shocking News Here

    The people who took this joke seriously have no idea how good they have it here. Personally, I thought this prank was in perfectly good taste, and the satire was so gentle that it only confirmed to me that Eurobricks genuinely appreciates America and all that its citizens have contributed to this site. Compare that to the genuine hatred of America you can find in certain spots on the web, and its clear we American Eurobrickers have been treated pretty dang well.