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  1. Zarkan

    Mixels 2014 Discussion

    Wave two looks even better than wave one, but wave three will undoubtedly be the best, since it has a purple tribe.
  2. Zarkan

    Upcoming Classic Space Reboot?

    You mean besides the fact that we've gotten no less than four different space themes since 2007, one of which is a direct reboot of a classic space line? And all these fantasies about a peaceful exploration theme are just that, fantasies. In this day and age, a theme like that would never sell as well as a theme with lots of laser cannons and obvious good guys and bad guys. More importantly, as some of the designers have retroactively revealed, even the supposedly peaceful Classic Space had hints of conflict built in: red and white spacemen supposedly stood for the U.S. and communist Russia, and radar dishes and satellite arrays easily doubled as death rays. And you can bet your lego collection many kids played with the sets in just that way.
  3. Zarkan

    Mattel buys Megabloks

    For the love of... how on earth did I mess this up? Dagnabbit, I think this topic requires a title change.... (This is what I get for rushing a topic out a minute before we leave to get breakfast....)
  4. Matell to buy Mega Brands for 460 Million
  5. Zarkan

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    I'd argue this is actually being done for Hero Factory's sake - in other words, they don't want the Lego Movie to plummet Hero Factory's already lackluster sales even further.
  6. Zarkan

    2013 LEGO Pirates rumors and discussion.

    No, I believe that is actually the retool of the classic shark mold that is debuting in this years Coast Guard sets.
  7. Zarkan

    Ameribricks: Shocking News Here

    The people who took this joke seriously have no idea how good they have it here. Personally, I thought this prank was in perfectly good taste, and the satire was so gentle that it only confirmed to me that Eurobricks genuinely appreciates America and all that its citizens have contributed to this site. Compare that to the genuine hatred of America you can find in certain spots on the web, and its clear we American Eurobrickers have been treated pretty dang well.
  8. Sounds great and all, but.... are there even instructions for it? Actually, I don't even recall an official image of the Rahi Nui ever being released.
  9. Zarkan

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    Um... Friends was an original IP when it was launched in in 2012.
  10. Zarkan

    Hasbro to make Transformers constraction figures

    I'm guessing this is Hasbro's response to the lego constraction figures (particularly Hero Factory) being a much better value than their current Transformers offerings. The correct response IMO would be for them to stop inflating their prices and start releasing figures that aren't so dang tiny. Trying to beat TLG at their own game isn't going to work, because Lego now is not so much putting their own spin on action figures as they are attempting to grab a significant chunk of the wider market. And judging by how sucessful Hero Factory has been, Hasbro better realize this fast if they want to compete. Also, these new constractionfomers are ugly.
  11. Zarkan

    Legends of Chima 2013

    So, with the apparent confirmination of a fox, we are now up to ten tribes. Man, if this is only the first year, I can't imagine how many tribes we'll have by the end of the theme's three planned years.
  12. Zarkan

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Oh, sorry, I didn't realize that wasn't confirmed yet. Yes, FBTB says we are getting one in the Tank Droid.
  13. Zarkan

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    FBTB just posted a report on the summer Star Wars sets. Among other news, it revealed that we are getting Poggle the Lesser in the Yoda duel set, Padme in her arena outfit, Adi Galia in the Homing Spider Droid, and Ree-Yees and a new Weequay in the Sailbarge.
  14. Zarkan

    Ninjago 2013

    So, Huw Millington confirmed on Brickset that there are no more Ninjago sets for 2013. Which is not suprising at all, IMO. I think it was clear from the sudden nature of the 2014 announcement that Lego only decided to uncancel Ninjago a few months ago, once it finally clicked to the higher-uppers that ending such a huge moneymaker after only two and a half years was an enormous mistake.
  15. Alright, since Ninjago 2013 is already accounted for, I'm starting on Legends of Chima. I am hoping we get an LDD update within the next few months, as the minifigures look so bare without all the new helments, armor, weapons and wings. 70001 - Crawley's Claw Ripper - Theme: Legends of Chima Errors: Missing prints and stickers Missing Chima-exclusive animal helmets, swords, and chi crystal Treads do not flex and thus will not attach to model LXF (LDD 4.3) 70006 - Cragger's Command Ship - Theme: Legends of Chima Errors: Missing prints and stickers Missing Chima-exclusive animal helmets, swords, armor, wings, and chi crystals Missing part 11089 LXF (LDD 4.3) ~~~~~~~ Also, I have finally made fixed the errors Superkalle and Aanchir pointed out in the last three 2011 Ninjago sets I uploaded.