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Found 5 results

  1. Built for the "Old but Gold" category! It is a (very loose) update on this MOC of mine from 2019! I rethought the concept over the years, and I thought a chariot might be even better for a centaur-human duo than simple riding. I understand that it's quite the aesthetic departure. Even if it gets disqualified on those grounds, I still had a lot of fun bringing this concept to life! 700 years ago, The Akmaddian Empire sprawled central Historica. With its formidable cavalry's lightning tactics, it was able to conquer a massive area ranging from the cool steppe of southern Avalonia to the arid scrublands of northern Kaliphlin. Among the many races that fell under its domain was a large population of centaurs. Military cooperation between centaurs on non-centaurs (referred "two-legs" by the former) was historically limited. There rare instances of archers sitting on the backs of centaurs to operate as "tail-gunners", but these were rare. The Akmaddians implemented a new role for their centaur soldiers: drawing chariots. A centaur didn't need to be controlled by whoever was in the chariot, allowing those inside to focus on the battle. Passengers could include archers or pike men. Usually fighting in duos, these teams were trained for years to master their craft, something which would pay off as they blazed a path across the continent. The Akmaddian God-Emperor would eventually fall in battle, and the empire would fracture as his children battled for the throne. Though the empire only lasted 20 years, its effect on "central Historican culture" and ingenious tactics are still studied by military strategists to this day... The original MOC:
  2. xboxtravis7992

    Makuta's Death Chariot

    As you may have guessed by now, this is my first entry for the Rebrick Makuta Contest. My Makuta build itself was feeling a little "typical" with its small Toa size, simple build, and typical Makuta colors. To rectify this though, I had the vision of giving Makuta a vehicle of some sort, and he ended up with a Chariot that cobbled together a multitude of G1 and Technic pieces. Including a few G1 pieces alongside the CCBS parts was one of my building goals. I also built my first proper photo set up for the contest to get proper pictures. Unfortunately even then my build was to big to get a horizontal angled shot with a proper full white backdrop... I am considering a few more entries for the contest, but I fear that going bigger will just ruin my chance to use the photo booth I just barely built! Yes as I said before, my Makuta is actually just Toa sized, sharing a lot with the 2015 Toa. I like his look, but he doesn't seem as 'flashy' as some of the other contest entries. His reserved design though was intentionally done though to make him look like a "What Could have Been" Makuta retail set. Can you spot the G1 pieces? I am digging the ease of posebility in the smaller figure though! Try doing this with your monster sized titan! While the Skullie is a little cliche, I am in love with the greebled garbled look of the chariot. The Old G1 pieces really help create an 'underworld' look that I don't know if it could be achieved as easily with CCBS. For the most part this MOC is actually a combiner model, using pieces from Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder, Umarak the Hunter, Onua Master of Earth, Pohatu Master of Stone, Skull Warrior, and the classic Vezon and Fenrahk. The wheels and plates on the chariot come from a Technic Off Road Crawler, and the G1 Manas set. You might notice I am using a hidden leg to support the chariot rather than place pressure on the wheels. The wheels can hold the model, but for static display I prefer to use the 'kickstand' leg. The chariot also has some spots to mount G2 masks on it, as if Makuta is hauling away the masks of his victims... I hope you enjoyed my entry. I am highly considering a few more Makuta builds so time will tell if I end up having quite the 'Makuta Club' to enter this contest! Thanks for looking! Please visit the actual contest entry here:
  3. nine09nueve

    Elf Lion Chariot

    "I have seen the future and the future is green!" A wise elf augurs as she gazes into the faces of her allies and wonders. "Do we have anything that can answer this nefarious threat?" Silence. No one wants to catch her eye. Those that do, cannot hold her gaze. "But what of the Sky Reamer, my lady?" A voice from behind the group eventually calls out. A murmur of voices, a turning of heads, and a young Elf with hard eyes steps forward. "Let us attack them from the clouds. Let my Sky Hunters rain death from above... Please?" She pauses a moment, before turning towards the stone again. "Let me see, Kinsman. And let me think." For what seemed an age she stared into nothingness before pointing back across the group, uttering a single word in reply. "Go." That was less than an hour ago. Now the young Elf finds it is he who is lost in thought. It is a good job his dutiful beast knows the way to the Sky Hunters home better than he does. For years the Sky Reamer project was nothing but a dream. He lost count of the times he was told that it would never work. That the Giant Eagles wouldn't want any part of it. But now, they needed him. They needed his team. They needed him to be ready, But was he? A low growl brings him back to the present; The majestically beautiful white lion, telling him of their journey's end. "Nearly home, Princess," he calls out in return, "Nearly home." and 2016 Digital Design Contest physical version :D
  4. nine09nueve

    Goblin Battle Chariot (pictures added) Gobguz 'the Shiny', most feared of the Goblin Warlords in all of Middle Zealand (at least in his mind) surveyed the battlefield from his vantage point at the top of the hill. With his troops amassed below him he felt confident that they would definitely win the battle this time. Or at least cause the humans to think twice before trying to claim Goblin tribal lands again. Looking to his left and right, he nodded with satisfaction at the group of chariots around him. It had cost him a personal fortune to get these made and privately he often wondered if he was doing the right thing. Neither the chariots nor the hounds pulling them had come cheap. Now, however, on the brink of battle, he knew without doubt that they were going to be worth every gold shell he had to paid." "So, are the wolves ready, Catsnot?" he asked his driver. "Yes Boss," was the cautious reply, "but..." "BUT?!" Gobguz barked. "...well, its just that Gazgob the Wizard said that we should, you know, kinda wait with the rest of the lads here on the hill like... Until the humans come closer to us... Until they start marching up the hill." "Bah..." the Warlord spat, "that meddling mess of mumbo jumbo has no idea about proper fighting. He spends all his time sat on that big spider of his, away from the action. No, Catsnot... we're not waiting for my brother. Never have, never will. We're going... now..." "Now?" "Yeah, Now... It's what our big ugly cousins do... You don't see Ugglug and his armoured orcs sit around on their boars picking their noses do you? No... and nor will we. So move!" A quick dig into Catsnot's ribs was all that was needed to get his chariot rolling slowly down the hill. The squeak of wheels and chorus of menacing howls around him signalled that the rest of his lads were already getting the rest of the chariots moving. Gobguz smiled. It was going to turn out nice again. ------------------------------------------ If there's anything about this that you like then I would love it if you would take the time to click and support! Please help inspire TLG and the Lego community to release more castle / medieval / fantasy themed sets! Thank you :D
  5. nine09nueve

    Elf Battle Chariot

    The Elf Battle Chariot - gift to the Forest Elves from their High born cousins - designed to both transport important leaders speedily across the battlefield and to add a bit more punch to their light cavalry. Often encountered when they are found fighting outside of the forests, it is very much the centre piece of their army and a rallying point for their kin. No Elven battle force of note is ever found without at least one in their ranks. And rumour has it that some of the more noble born elves are even using the same chariot frame to be pulled into battle by a mythical white lion! What it looks like at home - High Elf Chariot with pure thoroughbreds and dark green caparisons, crewed by Wood Elves and a High Elf Envoy Above and below show example of range of movement and articulation. Chariot pivots 180 degrees around horizontal (ie: hard left and hard right turns) as well as horses can rear up as well. If any of this takes your fancy in any way I would be grateful for your support at: Yes I know I only had the orc war boar approved the other day but I had no idea this one would be accepted in around 12 hours! (Especially since my first 3 projects were rejected) Much love D