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  1. Antak

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    some break, some don't, most g1 joints were fine up until they introduced the longer double socket with the visorak. My 2008 takanuva's joints are still undamaged, my toa Ignika went through 3 sets of joints before I gave up and gave him the older style. 2007-2009 was the worst of it.
  2. Antak

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    The only ccbs I've ever had break was a joint that was strained from being stored badly, and I have every Hero factory and G2 bionicle set. But late Bionicle G1 sets snapped as you put them together... The joints were too thin on the sides and the material was too brittle
  3. Antak

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    I like them both, but I love not having joints break left an d right with ccbs. ccbs is a little more user friendly, but doesn't look as unique. I hope future lines use a blend of ccbs' versatility with bionicle's personality.
  4. Antak

    Future of constraction

    yeah, marketing was a big part of g1's success. G2 was a confusing mess, marketing was sparse and aimed at adults while story and content was made (poorly) for kids. The action figure market has kind of died down in general, so getting a new theme of the ground is actually a risky investment. even the star wars constraction is selling poorly in my area. I collect other action figures as well, and I've watched as the shelf space for them has gone from entire aisles to tiny strips hidden off to the side.Lego also barely marketed the last year of hero factory despite a radical change in play style, which in part led to bad sales. As someone responsible for ordering and stocking, I remove things from my set that don't move (I manage a dairy). So bionicle G2 comes on the scene, and no one wants to carry it because of all the slow moving hero factory sets from the year before. Unfortunately, a new theme within the next year or two would likely have exactly the same problem from retail. Lego needs to wait, and come back with a theme they're willing to actually market, after retailers forget about that one lego line that didn't sell.
  5. Antak

    Makuta Master of Shadows

    Clever foot design, and nice hammer. If there was one good thing that came out of g2's cancellation, It was the fantastic makuta mocs it gave rise to.
  6. Thanks! I need to stop being lazy and take some more outdoor shots. They're really fun to do
  7. Antak

    [MOC] Poison Beast (G2 Lerahk)

    See! Someone else used tiny feet for a rahkshi model! Vindicated! Lol. Nice build, simple and clean, fits g2 style. Your head build is weird but works well for a rahkshi.
  8. Antak

    Kanohi masks on Amazon UK

    Also depends on the specific mask. early mask pack kanohi are pretty common, masks included with smaller sets are common. Later masks like the Nuva are a little harder to find, the silver Nuva masks are almost impossible to find. Buying a lot is probably the way to go, I got half my g1 mask collection knocked out by buying a lot with about 30 masks and the old toysrus collector book.
  9. Antak

    Kanohi masks on Amazon UK

    Probably one of the hardest ways to get masks... and probably more expensive than bricklink and ebay. Sorry, not very helpful. Which masks are you looking for?
  10. I wish I had a pearl gold kraahkan, but sadly that Alternate universe teridax contest happened and an already rare mask became disgustingly expensive. same with the mask of life. Ah well, there's always auric gold...
  11. its a paint designed to be used as a layer, so it works best if you spray paint the mask gold first. this will further help smooth it down too.
  12. Awesome. I need to get some more shapeways masks, been meaning to get the higher res achryllic MoUP and cyberhands mask of Time. They look so good in auric gold
  13. Antak

    [MOC] Hot Springs Keeper

    Nice, Love seeing a straightforward G1 style moc that isn't an overly complicated mass of parts. Reminds me of the Toa Kaita. Use of the hockey torso piece is impressive too. I'm not a huge fan of the split color scheme, but I can tell that was a deliberate choice. Good work!
  14. Thank you! The frame I came up with is pretty flexible, I'd do more but I got sick of ordering the CCBS ballsocket in trans orange... Anyway, was at the park during a rainstorm the other day (no one there to see some weirdo taking pictures of legos) and got some awesome photos. I've been trying to do this with each of my bionicle mocs, I was inspired by the cool art in the G1 instructions and packaging. The dim lighting made Gurahk look really menacing. A fun shot of Gali vs Gurahk Precariously balanced The rahkshi of gravity on a fallen tree trunk And an exceptionally cool flight picture. Also, The only justification I have for the tiny feet, they interlock with the head.
  15. Antak

    Bohrok done right.

    I like the shape and proportions, color is pretty good too.The regular hands are throwing me off though, Maybe try using the hero factory 2.0 shield piece, its nice and modular for different functions