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Found 17 results

  1. The 7th and last rahkshi for my bionicle 2017 project, Spectrahk probably ended up with the best color schemes. I wanted a spooky, glowing look to it, as befitting something that can float through walls. The blades on the staff are really sleek and thin compared to my other rahkshi. It has the same features as the others, flight mode, G1 kraata, swiveling waist, and adjustable staff. The staff blades are a bit wobbly due to the build. I liked the look of them too much to change it though. The staff is actually modeled to look like the one on my G1 spectrahk, which used the old vladek swords And with that, rahkshi project 2016 is finished. Here is a group shot of Makuta with his sons; forgot to use the flash for that last one... As always, comments and feedback welcome! Thanks for looking!
  2. The 6th rahkshi in my group, Gurahk ended up with a really neat color scheme. Transparent orange felt like a good fit for the disintegration power. I also designed the staff to be reminiscent of the original gurahk's staff. It has lasers embedded in the center. The flight mode looks really good on this one. Rahkshi project 2016 nears completion, here's what I have so far for the last one, Spectrahk; As soon as he's done, I'll take some group shots. Thanks for looking!
  3. One of 3 g2 rahkshi I've been working on, This one is based on the old rahkshi of chain lightning, which sadly never had a story role but did officially exist. This model has a swiveling waist, functional kraata compartment, a flight mode, and mean looking staff that can split in half to form swords. There's a stage 1 chain lightning kraata in its back. I'm almost done with a Vorahk and just started making a Turahk. might do a gravity rahkshi too, it had blue and silver colors, and I have a spare dark blue head. Also, does anyone know how to embed pictures without them being giant?
  4. Made for the collab album Tales of the Amaja: Fun fact: the syncopated sample near the end of the song (where Panrahk and Vorahk appear at the end of the video) is a chopped-up vocal sample from the Bionicle promo CDs.
  5. The Chosen One

    Son of Makuta - Hunger

    Son of Makuta - Hunger. P.S. Check the other ones: Anger, Shattering, Heat vision, Vacuum, Poison, Electricity.
  6. I kept finding mostly complete rahkshi at thrift stores, and started looking for things to do with them. I eventually realized that Greg Farshtey's Kraata chart included a number of color combos that could actually be done. after figuring out which kraata was which, I built this army. All the wild Rahkshi that can physically be built. (and heat vision rahkshi) no painted parts, custom parts, or pieces that deviate from the original rahkshi build (except heat vision rahkshi). Each rahkshi has the correct kraata, and canonical colors. (except fire resistance rahkshi). between the 12 of them, each original rahkshi spine is used twice, with a unique staff for each one. Genrahk, Quick heal rahkshi Cryorahk, Stasis field rahkshi Agirak, Dodge rahkshi Cerahk, Fire resistant rahkshi (should be turquoise, but no rahkshi parts in that color and it seemed a shame to waste an all dark green set of rahkshi parts) Transrahk, teleportation Rahkshi Thermrahk, heat vision Rahkshi. Trimmed head for mobility, and obviously a moc instead of a color swapped rahkshi. Voltrahk, Electricity Botarahk, Plant control Rahkshi Spectrahk, Density control Rahkshi Typhrahk, Cyclone Rahkshi Umbrahk, darkness rahkshi My favorite, Thorahk, Chain Lightning rahkshi Group shot with the original 6 rahkshi. Sadly because of the way the wild kraata chart is written, a lot of these are just color swapped between 2 rahkshi. I tried to make them distinct with my staff and spine choices, and managed to do a few solid color ones. Thanks for looking, apologies for the long post
  7. Antak

    g2 style Turahk

    Finished Turahk and Neutrahk today, I apologize ahead of time for photo quality here. I used a lot of red here, my camera doesn't like bright red. It has the same frame as the other 3, but with different chest armor, kraata chamber details, and an altered spine build to accommodate the lack of red 4 size plates. Staff is a nifty design based loosely on the original turahk staff, the shooter frame is just for show but it spins and looks cool. The 1.0 hero foot looks good but is frustrating to pose with, wish the small claw foot was available in more colors. As always, feed back is welcome!
  8. Antak

    Moc, G2 Kurahk

    The next in my rahkshi project was Kurahk. He has a similar build to Turahk, but with a better color layout, more elaborate staff, Longer legs. The staff is modeled after the classic kurahk's, And despite the gold, so is the spine. It has the usual waist function, flight mode, and dual function staff. Sorry for the cluttered background, doing a model commission for someone. I made a new spine for Turahk, This guy got the old one, which was closer to g1 kurahk's spine anyway. I need to go through bricklink and see which bones are available in white, it would make the legs look nicer. Next up is Gurahk in Blue, silver, and transparent orange. Planning a Density Control Rahkshi too, lewa green + black and med. trans green would look awesome
  9. This guy just replaced voltrahk as my favorite. Colors are amazing, and staff is everything I wanted it to be. I was originally going to replicate the planetary gear system JTO makuta had in his staff, but realized there wasn't a good way to condense it. so I went with light and cool looking instead. Staff tips spin, which is awesome with the vortex print on those trans-purple dishes. The staff looks really good split into 2 and folds under the body like thrusters in flight mode. Plus I got to use a bunch of dark blue and trans purple. The out of place looking kraata is a stage 4 gravity control. Now to begin a Kurahk (I'm going by which rahkshi head colors have a reasonable amount of corresponding ccbs parts)
  10. Finished my second rahkshi today, this one is a remake of vorahk. Its bulkier than the other one I built, since he needs a strong frame to support all that stolen strength. the staff is massive, but fairly light. its ridiculous size is deceptive, the creature drags it behind him into battle, but is swinging it easily after absorbing some power. It actually is modeled after g1 vorahk's staff piece, but HUGE. As before, there is a flight mode, multi-purpose staff, functioning kraata chamber and a waist function. RAHKSHI OF STEROIDS!!! A stage 2 hunger kraata, trying to do a different one in each rahkshi I build. And the flight mode pics are terrible. it looks hilariously stupid with the staff in this configuration. Anyway, now onto Turahk...
  11. Transparency for Effect

    Rediscoverd "Inspired by BIONICLE" Combiners

    Since I already posted about this twice on BZPower, I might as well also post it here. One of the many wacky foreign and non-canon combiners G1 of BIONICLE had was this often liked diddy that mixes together the blue, red and black Rahkshi into one staff wielding warrior. What you may not know is that there were apparently other models that came from the same Brickshelf gallery it came from that were not used in the (Western, at least) LEGO magazine it appeared in. These are more... out there, to say the least. And when asked if they should also be include in the alternate model database back in October, Volitak_Boxor said no because they weren't, to out knowledge, LEGO-sanctioned like the Japanese model was. Until now... While browsing on Google, I came across this old BZPower news archive page that shows the picture of one of the combiners and lists it as being one of four "Inspired by BIONICLE" creations available on's Builder's Section without instructions but rather a single image, and also that they weren't seen on the LEGO Club website. So I went through the Wayback Machine for the Builder's Section page around this date and did indeed find four "Inspiration Models" without images saved. And clicking for a close-up gave more information. "Inspirational Model #1" uses Turahk, Vorahk & Guurahk so it matches the magazine-published combiner and states "Tip: Use the Rahkshi shoulder parts to create the body of this imposing character.". "Inspirational Model #2" uses Panrahk, Kurahk & Lerahk so it matches the BZPower listed image's combiner and states "Tip: Use Rahkshi back parts to create the long arms. Remember that good balance is the most important part of this model!". "Inspirational Model #3" uses Onua Nuva, Pahrak-Kal, Pohatu Nuva & Nuhvok-Kal so it must be the duo combiner and states "Tip: Using Onua Nuva and Pahrak-Kal, you can create the silver version of this Ape-like creature. By combining Pohatu Nuva and Nuhvok-Kal, you can also create his golden-faced twin!". And "Inspirational Model #4" uses Tahu Nuva and Kohrak-Kal so it must be the remaining combiner and states "Tip: Combine the various limbs of both Tahu Nuva and Kohrak-Kal to create extra-long legs!". So in terms of obscure and goofy, but LEGO-sanctioned combiners, we can also now add these guys to the continually growing list.
  12. I remember Greg said this, but I can't find the source. Do any of you know it? Also, do any of you know more about this? Like, did the Bohrok-Kal really sell that bad?
  13. On the Island of Okoto, a new breed of rahkshi has been born: rahkshi that no longer have the need for a kraata to control them, now they are sentient. After makuta fell into a deep slumber, his consciousness contacted the strongest rahkshi on Okoto: Marahk, giant Rahkshi of Density Control. With perfect control over his powers, Mahrak is already a force to be reckoned with, he now commands an enormous army of rahkshi that threaten to overrun the Island of Okoto, but who can stop them? Size comparison with matoran and Guurahk Staff Size Comparison Finding a Mysterious Mask Vs Toa Mata Tahu Gallery (When public)
  14. Infernum

    MOC: Spyros

    I haven't posted any Bio-MOCs here in a while, but I figured with the BIONICLE 2015 images it would be a perfect time to post one of my favorite MOCs! So I present to you... Spyros, the Dark General Here are a few more poses. And a comparison to a normal Rahkshi. Hope you liked this MOC. I've had it sitting on my shelf for a year or so, but just now took pictures I thought did it justice. More shots on MOCpages! Thanks for looking!
  15. Chro

    King Rahk Cezium

    CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW MOC GALLERY ON FLICKR Winning MOC of the final round of SteveTheSquid's 2014 SMO Tournament, vs. Cezium. I don't usually make titans, so this was an interesting one... fun build, though difficult. Feedback is appreciated.
  16. SmoothJazz


    Mocpages gallery Feedback appreciated.