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  1. I'd love to be happy about these leaks but... it's just another round of mostly identical humanoids in dull colours. I'm glad piston add-ons made a comeback, somewhat BIONICLE feels still alive, and a couple of new molds don't hurt either. But it's not enough to convince me to buy any of these new sets, just like past SW Ultrabuilds: I'm either gonna bricklink the few interesting new pieces (whenever they bother to update their inventory...) or buy the less boring ones when they're at least on 50%+ discount.
  2. Future Constraction Lines

    >bricks in my action figures No thanks. It would take away all the magic that constraction pieces create, when you have these tiny robots in your hands and the pieces are cleary meant to represent... a robot. I've never been a fan of bricks to begin with, and while Exo Force was nice, I didn't buy any set back in the day and I wouldn't do that today. Constraction or bust.
  3. Future Constraction Lines

    I would write so much but a picture speaks louder than lame irony.
  4. So, let's wrap this up. -constraction fans dislike Star Wars CCBS because it's expensive and repetitive -LEGO Star Wars fans dislike it because it's constraction (they didn't even want this topic in their sub-forum, come on...) -generic Star Wars fans aren't crazy either about the theme since other brands produce more accurate and less uncanny figures (even though more expensive, sure) Well, that's not exactly a nice landscape we're staring at right here. My best bet is that these figures are part of a much broader deal between LEGO and Disney. Like "you make these figures until episode IX so we can see if it's more profitable for us to have our figures produced by you rather than Hasbro, if the answer is yes you get the exclusive right since the next trilogy" kind of thing. Of course, that's just a theory, but considering what we know it wouldn't be science fiction.
  5. So why are they still making them? Oh, the mouse, right... yes I'm one of those guys who think G2 was canned ALSO because of Disney
  6. >literally a worse DV with just a cool helmet costs TEN DOLLARS MORE than the original lmao They killed G2 to leave us with this? No amount of sand green shells will convince me that constraction fans deserved such a treatment. As I've already said SW CCBS has had its high points, I have no objections here, but it's just unfair to see the whole category continued only by an overpriced, repetitive theme. I really hope that summer 2018 constraction theme is real, because there's a part of me stupid enough that still wants to give money to LEGO.
  7. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Since I was a kid I've never been particularly fascinated by bricks. When I was 5 I got my first LEGO set, the cars were cool, but it didn't strike me enough to ask my mother to buy other LEGO sets. Until of course I (belatedly) enterd the world of Bionicle, but that's another story. In short I know that you can build everything with bricks, but to me biomechanical warriors with mythical powers have always been way, way cooler than your average police station. And that leads to my conclusion, that is I only like System in a Bionicle moc when the moccer is particularly talented and the percentage of bricks is kept low.
  8. Future Constraction Lines

    I'd agree with you if not for a detail: the blade sports three small holes for spikes. That makes it way more constraction-ish than your average rotor (like the one introduced in Ninjago in 2012). Me neither. But it might be a sign, and it speaks volumes the fact a single piece constitues the biggest proof we got in the last 12 months that constraction may still have a future.
  9. Believe it or not, as soon as I saw the picture on 4chan (that is literally 3 minutes ago) the second thing I thought was "I need to spread my joy at EB" The first, of course, was that finally I can make something in that sweet shade.
  10. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    It's the same people saying the same things with the same outcomes. At least I managed to reach a better understanding of the whole "constraction is building the same shape over and over again" thing. Btw bricks stink, I can accept them only in very small quantities on works made by the few people that know how to mix them with constraction.
  11. Future Constraction Lines

    The Exo-Force sword was a one-time thing that wasn't even close to G1's design language; it would have probably stuck out if recycled in BIONICLE, or at least that was what the designer thought since the piece disappeared immediately after. Besides it appeared in a System theme that mostly consisted of action figures built with bricks - it was right at home, instead of a constraction sword (the one I mentioned in my last message) being used in... a System bike. Ninjago has plenty of mechs, but creating a new mould for a theme where CCBS is a side dish, at best, sounds a little bit of an exaggeration. The tribal flame piece is an interesting case indeed, but its purpose is more ornamental than anything, and in that way it has been used since its introduction. Sure, it wouldn't have hurt to see it during Chima's CCBS run, or maybe even in G2, but it wasn't a huge loss; not using a constraction sword in a constraction theme (aside frome the aforementioned case, which had its precise context) on the other hand is just nonsense. In short, that piece isn't solid proof of anything, but may be the strongest hint that something may be happening in the near future. + clearly a constraction sword + Star Wars doesn't have any relevant character using a similar weapon + R&D has had two full years by now (BIONICLE G2 was axed in late 2015/ very early 2016 at best) to design a new CCBS theme, a system that LEGO itself has repeatedly say to have a key role in the company's future - I ain't no Nostradamus and LEGO is always ready to bamboozle us poor constraction fans
  12. Future Constraction Lines

    A recently leaked 2018 Ninjago sets uses a piece (a blade, to be specific) that was clearly designed with constraction in mind. Most importantly, it doesn't really look like something that may be also used in Star Wars Ultrabuilds. Could we say this is the first strong hint that something new may be on the horizon for CCBS?
  13. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    It literally had one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. I'm still buttmad that Boba doesn't have any sand green shells. This year introduced Protector feet in sand green, and one of the last things I'd like from constraction before it gets buried are the pieces required to build at least a small figure in that color. A man can dream IMHO, at the top of the SW CCBS pyramid are allowed to sit sets like Vader 1, Grievous, Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike, Praetorian Guard. They combine great/unusual (or even both in the same set) builds for CCBS, intriguing pieces, interesting recolors. Baze doesn't have anything really cool going for him. Dull colours (the Technic parts are interesting, I admit), the head needs to be purged from this world like any other human head appearing in constraction since Galidor, the weapon is triple A boring (a rifle? again?). Source material sure puts serious limits to the direction SW Ultrabuilds may take, but it doesn't mean we don't have the right to find repetitive or uninteresting the final result.
  15. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Actually Skorpio does use a torso+limbs build, in that regard being like the vast majority of constraction sets. That's exactly what I meant, thank you Aanchir. Also I'd like to note that until action figures (and constraction) will exist, most of the times they're gonna have a humanoid shape. It's not rocket science we're talking about, but just that human beings have a... humanoid shape (duh) and they'll always prefer that one over any other. Just like Magic the Gathering has almost exclusively humanoid Planeswalkers, because players want to see themselves in what they play, kids are no different in that aspect. Once you know you'll always have (basically) just one shape to work with, you have to take countermeasures to keep the whole thing fresh. And while especially G2 did an amazing job in reinventing CCBS (2015 structurally, 2016 aesthetically and structurally again), until two years ago the exterior aspect of the figures was still strongly similar to earlier HF sets. We all remember the response when G2 was launched, with fans saying all over Facebook "this is so wrong, they look like Hero Factory": that was a key aspect in the warm reaction at G2, a red flag that should have said something important to LEGO. If AFOLs are a minority, people like us who loved G2 since day 1 are a minority of a minority, and 2016 was a clear proof that LEGO was aware of all this with aesthetics much closer to classic BIONICLE. God knows what we would have seen in 2017, and it embitters me once again to be reminded what we lost for reasons we may never truly know.