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  1. You make a good point, but the problem remains: SW CCBS has a high and limited range of price tags. We all know System has way more expensive sets, but it also has way cheaper ones, and I think history has proven CCBS and bricks can't be compared that easily. The Chewbacca part is subjective, the lack of interest towards SW CCBS can be proven by this very same forum and basically any Facebook group dedicated to Bionicle. It's not being negative, it's just... noting the current state of things. It'd doesn't take rocket science to understand that Star Wars Ultrabuilds didn't do a stellar job in keeping alive the flame of constraction. And I'm a HUGE fan of Bionicle, both G1 both G2, kind on the fanboy side in both cases. So yeah, I'm actually an avid supporter of constraction as long as Bionicle is concerned, and after a whole year I'm still quite pissed of about how G2 ended, especially considering what we got since then. The situation is still kinda mixed, even when we consider all of the SW CCBS that came out in the last two years. I mean, in 2017 we got stuff like this or this, and I'm not exactly sure they can be called "steps forward". And guys like this one might even be kind of misleading, since most of the "extra" pieces compared to the older sets go into a huge, Technic-based rifle (a comprehensibily overused weapon in SW CCBS). I'd love to be happy about CCBS, and I was until a little more than a year ago. But since then all that's left for me are mocs, fanmade stories and occasional shopping at bricklink: as someone who has given A LOT of money to LEGO, and would still be doing if we had gotten a third year for G2, I think I have the right to be disappointed about the current state of the only LEGO theme I care about. I mean, ranting is free ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Most probably it won't. The price of standard SW CCBS figures was raised from 20$ to 25$ last year, without any actual improvement on the build or piece counts (just compare this to this), so it's safe to assume that this year's DV won't be an actual step forward compared to the already good 2015 version. But well, we're talking SW CCBS here. A repetitive line with a limited range of colours, builds and price tags - no wonder so many people, both in the constraction fandom both in the LEGO SW fandom, care so little about it-.
  3. Future of constraction

    It was, but I admit I'm somewhat of a controversial figure in this forum, so I really didn't care if my words were misinterpreted. Anyway, I find it funny to read topics made in 2015 (or even 2016!) discussing how ridicolous and counterproductive would have been for LEGO to "kill" constraction. In a sense it really is, and I'm still deeply confused about LEGO's decision to axe BIONICLE G2 so early - Hero Factory lasted five years, and I refuse to acknowledge the fact that G2 was less successful than HF. It must have happened something else, something that we may really never know; we have just lots of theories, and very few of them put the blame on BIONICLE, but rather on LEGO itself. G2 made its fair share of mistakes (mostly lore wise, the sets were near-perfect), but none of them are big enough to justify such a strong decision. The LEGO company, on the other hand... In topic, I think that chances of a 2018 CCBS IP are decrasing with each passing day. If nothing happens next year, would it be a confirmaton of the end of constraction as we know it? I'm not saying it will be dead forever, but that it will come back in a much more different form in god knows hoy many years, just like they made Scala and years later they finally got it right with Friends.
  4. Cool, thank you very much! I truly hope he brings some tasty dark red pieces, but just like Shakar I fear he might be a Kylo Ren 2.0. The one from the CN series would have been way cooler, but I guess they need to sell characters as recognizable as possible...?
  5. This forum is already pretty dead as it is, if we rule out speculation wouldn't it be a bit too much?
  6. Well, I don't know if that's an appropriate comparison System has at least half a dozen of successful themes currently running, not counting licensed ones. CCBS, as of now, has... zero themes, and SW is still mostly a brick-based (licensed) theme. I like your optimism, though, and I'll give you that we're only halfway into July, so anything may still be happening. But as for now constraction's future looks to me as dark as it did a year ago, when the announcement of G2's discontinuation was made. I truly hope the next few months will prove me wrong. On topic, am I wrong or there's still one Ultrabuild to be leaked?
  7. It's a fact SW CCBS figures are shelfwarming. Sets from early 2016 are still pretty common everywhere, and with their prices raised once again with the RO wave (basic figures now cost 25 dollars!) I don't see them going anywhere. Most stuff from 2018 has leaked by now and there's nothing hinting at a new CCBS IP, so it's safe to assume that by now LEGO has stopped bothering about the system. Not that it's a big news, sure, and the chances that even SW Ultrabuilds will rest in pieces () are pretty high. By the way, the 34$ dollars set seems to be Chewie. Now, that's a disappointment. Definitely looks less promising than Vader or Grievous.
  8. Same here bro. And we should consider ourselves lucky that we got at least those copy-pasted, overpriced figures, chances are that next year we won't get a new CCBS theme with even SW abandoning the constraction niche.
  9. I'll be honest, the first thing they reminded me were Hakann's tool. But I guess you're right, their smaller size puts them closer to Kopaka Phantoka's Blizzard Blade. Whatever the similarities, I see great potential for those pieces (the shoulder armour looks perfect for a "Ekimu guard"-style moc).
  10. The red guy that recently leaked is cool, he has a dagger that is very BIONICLE-like and an interesting add-on that seems to fit pretty well G2. Chewbacca is hilariously bad, the rest is generic, overpriced SW figures. I may be getting the Praetorian Guard, but most probably I'm just gonna bricklink the pieces I need.
  11. Another Vader figure and a recolored Jango Fett? That's a triple A disappointment. I seriously hope more interesting stuff leaks in the next few weeks.
  12. Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    I disagree. As a member of this forum he still has the right to express his opinion, and in this specific case he had no better place to do so than in this thread. Opening a new thread just to ask wich one was the best from last year's wave would have been superflous, instead, since this thread does still exist. Besides this is the LEGO Action Figures forum, I guess VVBN should be the person in charge of saying what we should do and what we shouldn't do. In topic, Phasma is a very nice parts pack, but Finn was actually better. The best looking set was Kylo Ren, though, in my opinion.
  13. Future of constraction

    Maybe because there's a lot of people out there (like me) who don't care at all about bricks, and only have fun building with constraction pieces? The market is a vast sea where everything can be possibile with the right set of decisions. LEGO handled terribly the reboot, its story and most of all its advertising strategies, trying to rely on older fans when the main target should have been the kids. Constracion is failing because since the mid-00's LEGO is focusing more and more on brick-based themes (because, well, they're mainly a brick-based toy manufacturer, I guess?), and the constraction area gets less money and more internal competition with each passing year. So no, the problem is not constraction by itself, but the context it's put into. Constraction was big when LEGO was small, now that LEGO is big again they don't need constraction anymore: it's like in times of war, where a car factory begins to produce tanks and weapons. BIONICLE was the tanks and missiles from LEGO's times of war, now that the company is at peace they went back producing their old beloved cars. That's it.
  14. [MOC] Poison Beast (G2 Lerahk)

    I think he just wanted the character to be canon within the context of G2. Lehrak's staff was last used in 2009.
  15. Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Now that everything is over, now that they even took down the sets from the LEGO Shop, now that five months have passed since the announce of the discontinuation... I'm still heartbroken. I know it's just a toy, but it's a pretty damn important one to me. BIONICLE made (and still makes) me dream like very few products of fiction ever did. Very few books, videogames and movies touched me as deep as BIONICLE did. Now that it's gone forever (do you really think any seller would ever want a product with such an awful run in its store, again?) I'm just that, bitter and a litte more lonely. All the months spent arguing with people that defended LEGO and its terrible business decisions... were pointless. These very same people that advocated the horrible handling of G2 (the questionable villains, the non-existent marketing strategy, the embarrassing Netflix series) are now disapperared, and I can't even feel that last satisfaction of telling them that they were wrong all along. God, I swore that I would never come back here but I did it again. With such a melodramatic post, even.