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  1. TwistLaw

    Pikotu Beetle [BIONICLE MOC]

    As I have already said, this is the kind of mocs that I love the most to see. Stellar work, it really makes me want to build these guys myself and put them side by side with my 2001 sets.
  2. TwistLaw

    Future Constraction Lines

    I guess it does. but to be more specific Galidor was a glaring example of the notion that poorly managed marketing = failure. Galidor's marketing was all over the place, counterintuitive, with the actual toy sold without even proper instructions. There's not much to redeem when so much money was spent in the wrong direction (even the pieces were manufactured in China, leading to extremely poor quality in a time when LEGO's first Chinese factory was still a decade away). A product with much more solid foundations, like BIONICLE G2, deserved a better thought marketing. And a stronger push in general, but LEGO itself had a long list of reasons not to push too much G2. Leading to the question "why did they reboot the theme in the first place?", but that belongs to another topic... A future constraction line needs more faith by LEGO, simple as that. They need to produce a theme that can stand on its own, not just something to fill a niche. But does today's LEGO, almost ten years after the end of G1, need a strong constraction theme? Or a constraction theme in general? The 2018 catalog speaks by itself.
  3. TwistLaw

    Motma Lizard [BIONICLE MOC]

    This is exactly the kind of mocs that I love to see. Quirky, designed with the same philosphy of an official set and with the inclusion of small, unique functions. Bravo!
  4. TwistLaw

    Future Constraction Lines

    We lost that train in 2010. But in general I don't see LEGO making ccbs themes out of other people's stuff. If they'll ever resurrect constraction, it will be with a in-house theme. They need to regain prestige at the eyes of the customers. If Star Wars didn't do, neither will Godzilla. They need a CCBS Ninjago, which would have been G2 in a better world.
  5. They're smaller than they seem. Unless you do something really creative or use them as part of a bigger weapon, as a single piece they're a better fit for Protector sized mocs. Said that, the blade piece itself looks great in hand. Very sleek, a simple yet distinctive design, tons of possibilities for moccers. Alongside the dagger from the Praetorian Guard set, this is the single best constraction piece we got since the end of G2.
  6. Thanks for sharing this, it's really cool to be able to interact with LEGO designers. I hope we'll be seeing more brand new constraction parts in Ninjago, that blade was gorgeous :D
  7. Some of you may remember that last fall there was some sort of dicussion concerning a blade piece, which at the time was going to debut in a 2018 Ninjago set. While it clearly looked like a piece designed with constraction in mind, it made its first appearance in a System set. Some of us, me included, thought it could be a hint that something was about to happen in the constraction departement. As we all know, it wasn't the case, but simply because we were looking in the wrong direction: it wasn't a hint about constraction's near future, but about its near past. Infact, once I got my hands on the piece thanks to Bricklink, I immediately noticed a tiny detail... (sorry for potato quality) As you can somewhat see, the piece was trademarked in 2016, and yet we get to see it only in 2018. But why? Because it was a piece designed for BIONICLE G2's third year. Since development of new sets usually happens at least 12 months before they hit stores, it's highly possibile that in late 2015 designers were already working on 2017 sets, and this blade piece was on of those that was fully designed before the decision to axe the line was made. Since it already was in their pool of "trademarked pieces", why not using it? And there we are. Sure, this is not a 100% foolproof theory, but because of the year printed on the blade and the fact we first saw it only in 2018, I don't think there are many other alternatives. Chances are that we might see more "unreleased pieces" in the near future, since it's safe to assume a huge chunk of G2's third year was already designed when the reboot was canned.
  8. TwistLaw

    [RUMOR] Bionicle might be returning in 2019

    There's not much to understand or debate. A huge part of what made BIONICLE a hit was due its nature of being a buildable action figure toy, with all that came with it: masks, functions, mocing in a way it had never been possibile before (or before 1999 if you wanna be pedantic). You take away the buildable action figure part, you take away at least a good 50% of what made BIONICLE special and different. Full stop. While the fan project of BIONICLE with bricks is cute, it should remain just that: a fan project. There's really not much in those sets that would make this iteration of BIONICLE different from your average Ninjago or Chima, especially since LEGO would have no interest in realeasing such a similar theme to what they already produce (or have produced, in case this supposed Bio-brick would be replacing a declining Ninjago in the far-off future). To stay on topic, if this 2019 reboot is real -and it's not- it will be constraction-based. There's only one system that needs BIONICLE, and it's constraction: System does already have its own, and it's called Ninjago.
  9. TwistLaw

    [RUMOR] Bionicle might be returning in 2019

    I know about your project and I already had the chance to see some of the entries. While they look good and all, whenever I see them I think that... it's not Bionicle. I wouldn't play with it like I usually play with my sets and mocs, heck, I couldn't even make mocs like I'm used to! It would be just a different thing entirely. Another Chima, another Ninjago, something that may be successful, sure, but wouldn't need the Bionicle name. Let the "robots fighting in brick-built scenarios riding bikes and much-more-than-that (assuming that in the real world LEGO would be doing more than just bikes and mechas, of course)" be its own thing, and let Bionicle rest in peace.
  10. TwistLaw

    [RUMOR] Bionicle might be returning in 2019

    The foundations of something like BIONICLE can be both "spiritual" and "phisical". While you're right that "spiritually" the core of BIONICLE could be expressed with anything (even traditional action figures, let alone, yes, System), there's only one way to give life to BIONICLE, and that is through buildable action figures. Not because "it's always been like that", but because BIONICLE is constraction, and this has always been a fundamental part of its identity. Of the way it was sold, of the way it was perceived by customers, of the way it was played with. BIONICLE's success was a combination of ideas and executions nowhere else to be seen, in such a strong way one couldn't exist without the other one. You can't have the Bohrok with bricks, you can't have gear functions on your figures, you can't have masks working in the classic sense... you get the idea. You would have tons of playsets and bikes, sure, but that's not what BIONICLE has been known for. And this is a fundamental detail anybody dealing with BIONICLE on a semi-professional level should know. In short, there can be BIONICLE with bricks. But it wouldn't be BIONICLE anymore.
  11. TwistLaw

    [RUMOR] Bionicle might be returning in 2019

    Cry me a river, Ace. Nobody here cares about the discord. I think at this point there's no one on EB believing in any kind of reboot/other new theme erroneously labeled as Bionicle. In ten days we'll "find out" it was le ebin trole by Huw and that would be the end of it. If your jimmies are really that rustled, go to Maskposting. There are still some people believing this hoax down there, you'll be able to engage in a battle of wits far more suited to you. Bionicle but built with bricks wouldn't be Bionicle. It happened during G1 and more than 10 years later MISB sets are selling at a lower price than when they came out. The entire point of constraction would be defeated it its flagship theme became an exclusively System-based one, something hard to set apart from Ninjago or Chima. Not understanding this mean you don't understand the foundations of Bionicle. (looks like it didn't merge the posts, @VBBN I need your help here)
  12. TwistLaw

    [RUMOR] Bionicle might be returning in 2019

    You're missing the point. It's not the link itself, but the fact it appears if you google "Bionicle 2019". By now I'm pretty sure myself it's a hoax, but at least it was worth talking about. (ironically googling "Bionicle 2019" now also shows this very thread, or at least this is what's happening to me)
  13. Well, following my metaphore, it would be like having Dan Brown talk about his book in a McDonald's restaurant. Most people at NYCC didn't care about Bionicle and wouldn't even have been the target audience. To expand on what I was talking about few weeks ago, I found this old quote of yours: Well, you said it yourself. The only way to overcome constraction's inherent limit (building the same figure over and over again) would be introducing a huge amount of new moulds every year. If LEGO is not willing to do that anymore (because in this day and age they can create bigger hits much more economically), then there's no reason to keep constraction in their portfolio.
  14. TwistLaw

    [RUMOR] Bionicle might be returning in 2019

    Well, we're still pretty far from some random troll adding the page for his own amusement. There would be no concrete reason for anyone from Brickset's staff (especially if the "culprit" could be found amongst so few people) to add a page with such a specific title. That's not a placeholder, it specifically says "Bionicle REBOOT". And it says "2019". And only 11 people in the whole wolrd (counting Huw) could have done it. I have 2013 flashbacks, when that guy on Linkedin wrote he was working on a new CCBS theme. Holy hell. I want to die
  15. TwistLaw

    [RUMOR] Bionicle might be returning in 2019

    Are you telling me the only one who could have possibly added that "Bionicle Reboot" page is... Brickset's big boss himself? Are you telling me he MIGHT HAVE SPILLED THE BEANS? Or he just trolled the saddest LEGO community out there?