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  1. arc

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    Even disregarding them all together, I think there's enough of us Bionicle fans to warrant one little niche set. It's at over 8,000 as of posting, it's inevitable it's going to get to 10,000. I just hope it passes.
  2. arc

    [MOC] Adam

    Wherever that flannel came from, it's a perfect fit and I want one. Blends perfectly.
  3. arc

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    I think there is a place for niche things like this on the LEGO market nowadays. Voltron made it, and that was from the 80's, so I'd say this at least stands a chance. I understand non-Bionicle fans being very confused by this though. It's a micro build of three important scenes in the Bionicle storyline, so if you didn't follow it, this probably doesn't make any sense. I don't see anyone just walking into the LEGO store and grabbing this unless they are a Bionicle fan, but there's lots of us out there
  4. arc

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    That Matoro scene in Sokoda's MOC is gorgeous, I'd love to have that on my shelf. It has my support, as does the temple of time. I don't think the Toa Mata one is realistic unfortunately, too many old molds. Regardless if these make it, I hope Bionicle gets some kind of acknowledgement from LEGO for it's 20th birthday, Ideas approved or not.
  5. I don't know if any information on this exists outside of the company, but figured I would ask incase any of our historians know anything about this. My google research yields only a little nugget that says 7 LEGO sets are sold every second. This is extremely unspecific however, so I'm wondering if any more details are out there.
  6. That's the one, the search is over. Thank you.
  7. I've been searching for a while, but with no luck, so I've decided to ask the memebers of EB to see if anyone else remembers this specific video. There was an old temple escape based video on youtube, which there are a lot of, but this one in particular had subbed the Idol for a C-3PO head, and ended with Indy placing it on a decapitated C-3PO minifigure and flying away in the falcon. It was an old goofy video from several years ago, and it'd be fun to see it again. So if anyone knows this brickfilm, please let me know. Thank you. (Wasn't sure where exactly a question like this belongs, so apologies if it's in the wrong spot)
  8. arc

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    After finishing the T-rex last night, it has occurred to me that it's just about in perfect scale with 10265 Ford Mustang. Do with that information what you will. I have a few ideas.
  9. arc

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    Sweet. I'll be making a trip 😊
  10. arc

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    Are VIP early releases available in store? Or only online? There's a LEGO store not far from where I work, I'll pick it up there after if so.
  11. The angles that video shows I can't wait to own that thing.
  12. arc

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    Exactly this. People got their hopes up for something that was never more than a rumor, and I use rumor vaguely because it was more of a wishlist. Had this just dropped without all the wishlists, I think reception would have been much more positive. I believe it'll do great once it hits the market for the general audience. I know I'll be buying it day one.
  13. I, for one, am stoked. That T-rex is gorgeous. I have a feeling that this was developed more so as a UCS style set, and the mini-figures were thrown in later to make collectors happy. I certainly won't scoff at them. The unsubstantiated wishlisting for the visitor's center definitely hurt how people look at this set, but I'll be picking it up day one.
  14. arc

    Is Constracion Dead?

    Hey, it's fun to dream anyway. That's what we all did post 2010, and look what happened. I'm not trying to imply it's going to happen in any way or is even realistic, just that it's fun to keep the spirit alive. Who knows what the future may bring. On topic, perhaps constraction just needs a rest so Lego can get it back in shape with something fresh. Or maybe kids today just aren't into this kind of thing, only time will tell. I think it's too early to make a definitive call.
  15. 20th anniversary clone scout walker the other day, I love it. Definitely my favorite of the new wave.