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  1. Moc or not, that thing is killer. I'm making one if it doesn't come out.
  2. arc

    Future Star Wars Sets

    The new microfighter dual pack with the dewback makes me think a pack with boga and general grievous could make a great set. (Not to mention boga would be adorable)
  3. I've been on a bit of a binge over the past few months after taking a break from star wars sets, here's what I picked up: 7675 AT-TE: Picked this up to go with my gunship I've had for a while, I quite like it. 7662 MTT: Been after this one ever since it came out, and finally got it after finding a good deal on a mostly complete one on eBay. After a small bricklink order, I've got it at last. 7654 Droid battle pack: Got 2 of these for pretty cheap to flank my MTT, they look great together. We're long overdue for a new droid battle pack, but I digress. 75015 Corporate Alliance tank droid: Even though the minifigs are episode II themed, it goes great with another set I picked up recently: 75234 AT-AP: Big Improvement over the 2008 model, which is the only one I had. Love the new camo droids. 75211 Tie fighter: Again, a colossal improvement over the last one I had, which was the 2005 model. Also bricklinked some parts to make a red episode III Obi-Wan's jedi starfighter based on the one in 7283 ultimate space battle. I ended up with two 7256 jedi starfighter and vulture droid sets back in the day, so I color swapped one. They look great together.
  4. Clone scout walker Definitely picking that one up, it's gorgeous. Weird the new kashyyyk droid isn't in it though. 20 bucks is kinda hefty for the dropship, but I might pick one up. I don't have a whole lot of interest for the others, except for the slave 1 maybe. That one is pretty slick too.
  5. It seems like stores couldn't give these things away in 2015-2016, everywhere had them discounted heavily and still had shelves full of them. But now all a sudden they seem to command hefty prices on bricklink, and don't have many listings on top of that. Ebay deals are somewhat better, but still high. What happened? I could understand the last wave of sets from summer 2016 being pricey due to not having a world wide release, but I don't get the rest. Maybe it's just down to the fact that not many people bought them, but I'm curious what everyone else thinks.
  6. Oof, I just bought the AT-AP for full price at the LEGO store yesterday. Oh well, only 12 bucks. Having only the 2008 model to compare it to, I'd say it's a worthy upgrade and I'm happy with it. Minifig selection is good too, love those new droids. Might pick up the gunship on sale, as I only have the 2008 rendition of that as well.
  7. Just picked up the Indoraptor rampage set, and both raptors are missing. Oof.
  8. arc

    [LDD MOC] Battle of Utapau Playset

    Looks pretty good! I dig the tri-droid in particular, beats the hell out of the battle pack one we got. Pretty good crab droid too, reminds me of one I MOCed up a while back. I'd like to see some magna-guards if an utapau set comes around, but that's about the only suggestion I could make.
  9. Picked up the 2006 Star Destroyer off Ebay for only 50 bucks plus shipping, I'm honestly shocked. Only missing a few minor bricks and plates which I had spares of anyway. It's the first SW set I've purchased in about a year, and it's drawing me back into the theme
  10. arc

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'd like to see some more love for episode III sets, and with no new movie coming up for a while, that might be possible. I think an Utapau themed AT-TE would be cool, albeit unrealistic. But hey, we got an ep 2 tank droid, an ep 3 spider walker, and the republic fighter tank all recently, so who knows. Could give us a phase 2 cody, Utapau troops, and magna guards. I'd also like to see another AAT in tan, but a better one than the 2015 edition. Oh, and a new Boga. Boga is rad.
  11. arc

    Little Set Tweaks

    Here's a tiny one I made to Kopaka 2016. Simply replaced the gold leg shells with silver, and bumped them down a peg. Much cleaner looking to me.
  12. arc

    Action Figure Forum Discussion

    You can also use axles. Place one axle in the brainstalk, and a longer one in the head piece. Simply press down on the head piece, and they pop right apart. Both that and the knife method are effective.
  13. I thought it was an interesting use of a piece we haven't seen in a while, but that's just me. Gorast is probably my least favorite of the six Makuta that year, but that's not to say it's a bad set. The mosquito thing they were going was pulled off pretty well at least. Agreed. That set kicks megablocks.
  14. Fair point. Having jumped into Bionicle around 2006, these were my first introduction to the characters. So I guess that's not really something that bothered me, but I totally get how it would. They are kind of a pain in the megablocks if you don't have nails, I really like the design of the lid though (minus the lack of a way to get it off ). The mask being smooth on one side and cracked on the other was pretty neat.
  15. arc

    Punk girl \m/

    That's pretty brvtal \m/ Seriously though, really great job on the hands and hair in particular. Love the parts used for the belt too. well done.