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Found 11 results

  1. Hello there, I've started collecting Technic from around the 42046 times and I've owned many pre-42046 sets. PDF instructions are a godsend by LEGO and all praise goes to them for this. HOWEVER - 42000 and 42009 made my eyes bleed because of the lower resolution and bad contrast of the PDF pages. Black and DBG were a real pain there, also 2L pins on black beams - boooy did I edit some steps - contrast, colours - or watch speedbuilds on YT to see it better... As I own sets like 42037 and other - the PDFs online hurt my eyes every time I try to use them for reference. My topic has the following questions: 0. Is there any HD-topic/collection with such instructions? 1. Is it LEGAL to scan your instructions and upload them or TLG can sue you as they own the rights? 2. Is it LEGAL to re-do their instructions in and upload them somewhere /like our LDD/LXF/IO topic? 3. Is there any point in doing so? 4. Are you happy with the old PDFs? If the topic isn't according to the rules you can safely delete it - I still have my instruction booklets for the sets I own.
  2. Hello, I have a couple of questions regarding Lego Mindstorms EV3 1) Is it possible to program the EV3 brick using C++? Is it a viable option when programming? 2) Is there some software that could help me programme an EV3 robot with NXT sensors? I have not been able to find this option in Labview so far? Can you recommend me an alternative? I’ll be highly grateful for any answers.
  3. I briefly got back into building this year, but recently have taken interest in the world of RC and have started a custom project. Because of this as well as a busy college schedule, I've been thinking of parting with my collection, and I'm not sure what is the best way to approach this. Do I part out items and sell separately? I have already taken my most expensive items and made listings on BrickLink at a competitive price, but the vast majority of my collection is still on the shelf in sorted, wall-mounted containers. Do I sell in bulk? It seems to be the fastest way to sell large amounts of pieces, but often go for cheap and with random pieces, whereas I have neatly sorted according to color and/or part type. Change my mind and hang onto it? It's been a big part of my younger years, but my interests have changed and I find myself after performance and reliability in my projects, something that can only be done with metal. Are there people out there who snag entire inventories? I think BrickLink would be the most lucrative option as I need the money for this new project, but would also take a long time to sell everything, or at least my most valuable items. The rest can be sold in bulk, especially non-Technic pieces. Is there anyone here that has gone through the same process? I'd be interested to hear your stories.
  4. I was just curious, after I beat the levels in dimensions, I went back to look at them. There is a mystery dimension. I beat that too. There are still question marks which mean that I have not beat the certain level. Any clues as to what this means?
  5. Hello all! This is a thread to post general questions about Ninjago and get answers from other members of the community! I have one question too! In Ninjago, the ninjas have signature weapons that they use a lot. Kai's is a katana, Jay's is nunchucks, Cole's is a scythe, Zane's is shurikens/ninja stars, Nya's is a sai, but what is Lloyd's? I would really like to know. Thanks in advance, and post LEGO Ninjago-related questions as well if you have any! :)
  6. Hi everybody! Similar to this thread, I have created a thread to post general LEGO Licensed Theme questions. Licensed themes include Ghostbusters, The Last Airbender, etc. Here the community can answer one another's questions.
  7. So, to start filling my hangar, I present you my JFAIR build: A 9394 C-model: The X29 It has working landing gear, and the joystick controls both the front canard wings and the afterburner. This was a fun build, but actually not intended to just be a C-model. I started building a X-29 about a year ago, but I just couldn't work it out. Although i had some nice parts worked out, like the landing gear, the build was to complex for me. So, this is a more simplified model, and i'm happy with the result. 9394 has a very limited part range, so you just have to re-use some of the techniques from the A-model. Like you can see at the above bottom-shot. I wanted the front wheel below the cockpit, so getting in the landing gear and the joystick was a little tricky. Hope you like it. Edit: changed the set number, since it was obviously the wrong one, and I had a brainfart when putting this together...
  8. Thanks all for your help in the past. I am starting a whole new thread for my questions. Being that I am new (long time builder, but new to LDD) I will likely have many questions as I work on a fairly ambitious project. This way I don't have to begin new threads each time I have a new question. As many of you, I first try and always find a solution on my own before i bring it to the forum. You can be sure that if I am bringing to the forum I have done at least some research. Perhaps not exhaustive research, but at least a good faith try. I have looked online for updates, and apparently LDD is supposed to automatically get updates of bricks. I am running version 4.3, so not sure if that is the latest version or not. Anyways, I am looking for the technic panels listed below with no success. How do I get these panels added to my LDD?
  9. Looking at several real world cranes, I have noticed that virtually all of them have hooks that can rotate independently of the pulleys, as in the pulley piece that is connected to the lifting cable stays in place, while the hook that the load is attached to can rotate. I'm thinking that a possible reason for this is to allow the road to be rotated while it is suspended from the crane, or possibly to prevent the hoist line from twisting if the load catches the wind. Now, do you guys think that this feature is needed for Lego cranes, or is it just a a cool add on for the model? I have made a model with a hook that rotates, and it is not very helpful, as the hoist lines twist long before the hook moves. In addition, my rotating hook uses a small turntable in order to do that, which has the potential to come apart if the load were large enough. The only other way that I can think of to make a hook rotate is with some threaded axles, but those could break under load. So, what do you guys think? Required feature, or nice add on?
  10. For my next build I am planning to make a high-speed RC offroad tank with 4 buggy motors, similar in design to a Ripsaw. This will be my topic for any questions/discussion that may come up during the build. My recent BL orders have yet to come, so for now I only have one question. Are drive motors located at only one end of the vehicle? Or can they be placed at both 'axles'? It would seem simpler to have only the rear end driven, or would it be better to evenly distribute torque and avoid stress at one end?
  11. I had a few questions about the new challenge, and though it may be useful to put together a questions thread like in the past. This being the biggest, and most time consuming challenge, I am sure there will be other questions. I can manage the top thread as an FAQ if anyone wants me to. Ok, my first question - The instructions say that only three builds will be scored if the builder chooses to build additional builds for their story. Does the builder get to choose which builds will be scored, or will it just be the first three, the best three (determined by a quick glance by a judge) or some other criteria? Second, how do you want us to post these builds? As one post, many posts? I have a suggestion for that: Every builder creates one story post. All builds are posted in the story post as it progresses (That allows people to post their builds as they are build and give "teasers" but keeps all of the story in the same thread.) The three judged builds all get their own thread of comments and critique. Freebuilds related to the story I guess would be the same. Judges would only have to link the story thread in the voting portion, because all builds for that story would be in the main thread also.