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Found 18 results

  1. Here's the thread for any questions, concerns, comments or discussion on the Action and Adventure Themes Forum itself. Got a review or MOC you want added to the index? Want to ask a question on Past, Present or Future Action and Adventure Themes? Would you like to nominate someone for a tag for a great achievement? Have a query on if your MOC belongs in this subforum? Ask, comment and discuss all that here.
  2. legomac

    The Space Timeline

    I've been getting into LEGO Space recently, and I'm trying to construct a definitive timeline for all the various subthemes through the years. The original Space line is pretty straightforward, but it gets into trouble after 1998 or so. Here's what I've come up with, but I'm sure other people have their own opinions! 1. City Space? (2011) - Does this even count as Space? I say yes, due to the classic logo. Clearly the most primitive technology. 2. Space Port? (1999) - Again, an iffy theme to include in Space. But it's tied to Life on Mars, which certainly counts. 3. Life on Mars (2001) - Fairly primitive ships stay close to earth. First contact with aliens, who surprisingly turn out to be peaceful. 4. Alien Conquest (2011) - More advanced Earth vehicles, but nothing too outlandish. Why would the ADU exist if humans had never encountered aliens before? 5. Mars Misson (2007) - Humans are still on Mars, now fighting aggressive aliens with better equipment. Mining materials to power interplanetary flight? 6. Classic Space (1978-1988) - Peaceful exploration and colonization of far-reaching worlds. 7. Futuron (1987) - Civilian life in the colonies continues to advance. 8. Blacktron (1987) - Pirates exploit and pillage the Futuron colonists. 9. Space Police (1989) - A law enforcement agency is formed to protect Futuron and deter Blacktron raids. 10. M-Tron (1990) - Roving miners harvest raw materials to power long-range space travel. 11. Blacktron II (1991) - The space pirates continue their dastardly work and upgrade their technology. 12. Space Police II (1992) - The Space Police redouble their efforts (strangely, by removing most of their weapons). 13. Ice Planet 2002 (1993) - Dedicated scientists study the icy world of Krysto and test experimental rockets. 14. Unitron (1994) - A more militant group that shares some similarities with Futuron. This culture did not persist for long. 15. Spyrius (1994) - The heirs apparent to Blacktron, spies seek to steal valuable data and technology from other factions. Possible downfall of Unitron. 16. Exploriens (1996) - Scientists in deep space discover and study strange alien fossils on uncharted worlds. 17. UFO (1996) - Hostile extraterrestrials pose the first significant threat to human space exploration since Mars Mission. 18. Roboforce (1997) - Rather ungainly mecha attempt to maintain ground forces against the alien threat but cannot last. 19. Insectoids (1998) - A refugee race of aliens settle on an arthropod-infested planet and mimic native life. Little evidence that this species interacted with humans. 20. Rock Raiders? (1999) - The LMS Explorer is disabled near an unknown planet. Crew members harvest energy crystals to power their derelict ship. 21. Space Police III? (2009) - I'm not sure where this one fits. Apparently set 30 years after humans traveled beyond Mars. Futuron colors, with diverse (criminal) alien life. 22. Galaxy Squad (2013) - Small bands of color-coded fighters squash Insectoid-like alien invasion swarms. Whew, that's a pretty detailed history. But I haven't even considered Aquazone yet! Or Exo-Force. Or whatever else people think up...
  3. For those unaware, the Mandela Effect is the concept of false memories of the past - it takes its name from the most famous example of this, which is that many remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 80s when he actually died in 2013. Usually the Mandela Effect refers to a shared false memory across a group of people. Do you have any false memories involving Lego? Maybe you remember a set or part being released which doesn't exist, a set or figures having different features or you remember a set being released in a different year? Post your examples below, there are bound to be some given that most of us discover Lego at a young age when our memory is just developing. I have 1 example of this: I'm sure I remember a small adventurers set ( having a feature where the skeleton pops up when the tomb is opened - I've never owned this set but I'm sure I can remember a picture of a box like this one where the skeleton is popping up from the trap door. This feature was in a studios set I think and also a Harry Potter set a few years later so maybe that's why.
  4. tombungee

    LEGO Spaceballs

    LEGO Spaceballs! Spaceballs is a classic film and it has an ideas project on 8000 supporters with 598 days left to get to 10k! I made this set out of love for the film. Even though I'm pretty sure they would never make it, the ip is allowed so why not give it a go! Please support the project and share it with your friends. I would love to be able to hit 10k supporters as soon as I can! Support it here- Spaceballs Feel free to reply with any questions or feedback.
  5. gryffindorbrickkid

    Themes LEGO should bring back

    There have been many great themes LEGO have had but as time went on they got rid of them.Which themes do you think they should revive? My favourite theme that i think they should bring back is LEGO Lord Of The Rings.
  6. Digger of Bricks

    Disney Wishlists

    What do you hope to see from TLG's current relationship with The Walt Disney Company?* Whether it be ideas for Direct to Consumer sets, new themes and franchises, particular characters for potential future Collectable Minifigure lines, sets for the current Disney Princess theme, or even sets based upon Disney Park attractions, share and discuss your ideas and dreams here! *This discussion only pertains to franchises part of the Disney brand, and not Walt Disney & Co. acquirements such as Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fox, etc.
  7. Do you feel that Creator's Three-In-One line is underappreciated to any degree by AFOLs? If so, why? Is it the limited color selection for most of its sets historically? Is it due to its tendency towards usage of more basic, preexisting bricks and/or parts within its sets? Is it the Three-In-One alternate build approach its sets take? Is it due to its historical tendency towards usage of only preexisting minifigure prints and/or parts? Is it due to its historically limited coverage of other playset subject matters, themes, and genres? Is it simply not as exciting as other themes and offerings from Lego? Is it something else altogether entirely?
  8. PawpawBuilder

    Lego Ideas Theme

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, so please bare with me... I would love to make a model for Lego Ideas, but need a good theme; idea. Maybe have any ideas? I would like a theme; idea that the Lego community in general would like. Something that can earn a lot of support. Maybe some old theme that I can redo, or maybe even something totally new. It should also be something that wouldn't have a lot of copyright issues, etc. so that it wouldn't be to hard for the Lego Group to actually pass it through if it ever got 10,000 supporters. Thanks, I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts...
  9. All LEGO themes could take place in the same lego-universe. Here's the history lesson ! Let's start from the top. In an episode of Ninjago, Cole refers to Clutch Powers. Clutch takes place in the same world as both LEGO City and Power Miners. Scientist Dr. Brains from the Power Miners theme was later included in an Atlantis set. Atlantis took place in the same world as Dino, Alien Conquest, and Pharoh's Quest. Clutch Powers also confirms that LEGO City takes place in the same world as Space Police, Castle , Kingdoms, etc. There's definitely no connection. Now, look into some other themes. Galaxy Squad has the connection to Ultra Agents through Solomon Blaze. Hero Factory made a cameo in Clutch Powers. Dino and Adventurers take place in the same world, as Josh Thunder is related to Johnny Thunder. Adventurers took place on Earth, which could lead to only one conclusion: All of these themes take place on Earth. As crazy as it sounds, it could be true. The connections make some sense, but this leads to another question: What about Ninjago? Ninjago may take place on another planet, or in uncharted land. But that theory isn't true. If I'm not mistaken, some of these theme take place on different worlds or planets. This leads to my final conclusion: All of those themes are connected. That leaves themes such as Chima, Friends, Bionicle, etc. out with no proof. There are theories, though. Until we got official appearences, we've got nothing on them. "The LEGO Movie Theory" Eww, more theories? My head hurts enough The LEGO Movie theory states that all themes coexist in different worlds. Ninjago, Super Heroes, Star Wars, Bionicle, Speed Racer, etc. all make some lesser appearences. But what is most interesting is Friends. Here comes my part of the theory! A sign in bricksburg points to Heartlake City. Sound familiar? This means the The LEGO Movie and Heartlake city are definitely confirmed. But which theory to you accept as "canon?" LEGO Rundown or The LEGO Movie Theory? Do you have your own canon? Is there a way I can improve this? Did I miss something? Will I ever stop asking questions?
  10. This is a forum for user palettes meant to help build in LDD. User Palettes must be reasonably able to help LDD users to build custom or official sets within the program. So for example you can not post a "user palette" of just one brick. Otherwise just post your lxf files and browse through to find any user palettes you may find helpful. For those unaware to install a user palette go to Computer/C:/Users/(you user name)/AppData/Roaming/Lego Company/Lego Digital Designer and add the folder "UserPalettes". Save any user palettes there and you can find them in LDD under the "Filter Bricks By Boxes" button on the lower left hand side. The button will have a picture of a Lego box on it NOTE: The AppData folder will likely be a hidden folder, to find it in your explorer browser select tools then folder options (or just options) and select the View tab scroll down the list until you see the option "Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives" and select it. Click on Apply and AppData should show up.
  11. i started this one, i really wonder why status bar text is still huge even defining its size as 14, and all those "XXXXX" (@Roland, there you can see how i chosen the typeface)
  12. -zenn


    Most of us builders tend to build moc's in certain stapled themes we are accustomed to. And every now and then we lurk at moc's from themes we would just never build in ourselves. I usually build space/town myself, but tend to snoop over and peak at the Pirates theme... being amazed by the beautifull beaches, rockformations, ships etc. Please share your confessions; do you secretly admire a theme which you actually never build in yourself?
  13. Armored Hoplite

    MOC: The Siege Of Troy

    The Trojans have captured Helen, the wife of the King of Sparta. All the Greek Kings made an oath that if Helen ever got captured, they would save her. However, the Greek kings just used this as an excuse to conquer the Trojans. This scene here depicts the attack on Troy before its fall. The Greeks attack the Trojans and try to get over the wall, but the Trojans fought back fiercely. Helen is behind the wall, guarded by her captors.
  14. I wanted to start this discussion here, because it comes up often in the various yearly Rumors & Discussion threads. It's obviously a topic that many find important. I find that the quality of Star Wars minifigures is lacking when compared to other themes in regards to limb printing and dual molding. Also, they revert often from the more advanced minifigures one year to the less advanced the next. What are your opinions?
  15. x105Black

    Gender in LEGO Themes

    Disclaimer: This is not an attempt to say that LEGO does not produce any gender neutral themes. Architecture and Creator are consistently gender neutral. City and Collectible Minifigures are largely gender neutral. Such themes exist. More themes should be as inclusive. Question: What do you think of the way LEGO markets their non-licensed themes to boys and girls? My answer: I don't like it. I think they are focusing too much on targeting girls and boys individually, rather than producing more gender neutral themes. My example: 2 LEGO themes in the past 2 years that serve as 2 sides of the same coin. Take the concept of Medieval Fantasy. Let's market "fantasy" to girls. We'll have cutesy woodland creatures with pretty designs on their faces, a bakery, a school, a pretty pegasus, and lots of bright pink and lavender colors. It will feature friendship and nature, and the characters will all be Elves. We'll use minidolls instead of minifigures. We'll call it "Elves." Let's market "fantasy" to boys. We'll have scary wacky lava monsters with a creepy goofy jester, oversized weapons, a castle that's a tank, a robot horse, and lots of transparent neon red orange and baby blue colors. It will feature combat and technology, and the characters will all be Knights. We'll use large figures and various monsters. We'll call it "Nexo Knights." Personally, I think that both are successful ideas within those narrow markets. I don't think LEGO would have made such sets if they hadn't done extensive market research on young girls (in the case of Elves) and young boys (in the case of Nexo Knights). But how many young girls would like Nexo Knights? How many young boys would like Elves? Did they have both genders in their focus groups? There are lots of kids (and teens, and adults) who prefer gender neutral ideas. By splitting the concept of medieval fantasy into two diametrically opposed versions, each catering to a traditional gender role, they have lost anything that lies between. Things feel like they've been pushed in either direction, leaving very little overlap. I would like to see LEGO create a new theme with sets that capture the best of the above, engaging both girls and boys at the same time. It could be a "fantasy" theme that lies between the Elves and Nexo Knights themes. So let's have woodland creatures and lava monsters, let's have Knights and Elves, all in one theme. Let's have Castles that aren't built with a single gender in mind, and let's have a good variety of colors that can appeal to a wide base of fans. I think that would be great, and I'm sure there are many others around the world who would love it as well. Another Example: I have young nieces within the age range of most LEGO products. The oldest niece is around 9, and was talking about how much she liked the cool ninjas in Ninjago sets. She specifically talked about how much she liked the Temple of Airjitzu. Then, she looked a bit sad and said "but it's for boys." I don't think that LEGO should really be for boys or girls, it should be for boys and girls. I wish my niece, and other girls like her, didn't feel compelled to avoid what they see as sets 'for boys' and gravitate towards sets 'for girls.' Boy sets have lots of weapons, ninjas, and knights, while girl sets have juice bars, malls, and hotels. In marketing and advertising, only girls are ever seen playing with Friends sets, while only boys are ever playing with Ninjago. It would be great to show girls playing with the ninja sets as well, and to help that, maybe there should be more female characters in those sets. And the same could be said about boys and sets like the recording studio. There is a definite disparity in gender throughout the LEGO catalog. In sets geared towards boys, there are very few girls, and they are usually some sort of nobility, or peripheral and unimportant. Even when there is a female knight, she is a princess, and the only female on the team. In sets geared towards girls, there are very few boys, and they are usually fathers or romantic interests. Even when there is a male friend, he is focused on paying attention to the female characters as a photographer, worker, or nurturer. Also, the Collectible Minifigures (arguably one of the better themes in this regard) always have a skewed gender ratio that favors males over females. I feel that their current marketing teaches a negative lesson to young children about gender norms and stereotypes. I appreciate what they are trying to do in drawing in more female fans, but I feel that they are going too far in the opposite direction with their female themes. It would have been better to incorporate female characters and sensibilities into the themes they already had in order to cultivate more positive gender relations and images. More questions: Can you think of other instances where LEGO has targeted a specific gender, and if so, how do you think it has had an impact (either positive or negative)? Obviously Friends is made specifically for girls, which introduced the minidoll seen in Disney Pricesses and Elves. Do you think that this approach is a good one? While targeting boys and girls specifically may be good for LEGO as a business, is it good for fostering positive gender images, or does it just reinforce the status quo of gender norms? Do you feel that LEGO has any kind of social responsibility in this area as the world's largest manufacturer of children's toys? Do you think that girls should be relegated to doing 'girly' things, and that boys should be relegated to doing 'boyish' things? Do you think I'm making a big deal out of nothing? Anyways, I thought this might make for an interesting discussion. I don't think that anything said here will change the way LEGO does business, as they seem perfectly happy with their current approach, and they aren't likely to take the opinions of some AFOL's to heart. I hope I've expressed myself the way I had intended, and that I haven't rambled on and lost the attention of the readers. I just had some thoughts about this, and wanted to hear some of yours.
  16. Admiral Croissant

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    Hi everyone, As you may or may not know, there's a very popular thing going on in the Historic Themes forums for quite some time, called "The Guilds of Historica". There are different groups of MOCers (guilds) who compete agains each other in an imaginary world with a great storyline. I've already had quite a few suggestions from members who'd like to have a similar thing in the Pirate forums. So I thought, before we start anything, I'd like to get an indication as to how many people would be interested, and I'd also like to get suggestions as to what such a Guilds thing would look like for the Pirate forums. So if you have ideas and/or of you'd like to participate, post a comment!
  17. Perry the Platypus

    Minecraft 2013 Rumors and Discussion

    Felt like this was needed. 21105 The Village 21106 The Nether Discuss!
  18. Just for fun, I decided to calculate out the percentage and numbers of the Collectible Minifigures by theme. In other words, what are we seeing in the CMF line? Is it an equal distribution of City, Castle, and Space figure, or is the deck stacked on one particular subtheme? Actually, it's pretty City-heavy. Maybe you could tell that by looking at the lineup, but I was pretty surprised when I ran the final numbers, which I'll give in a moment. I'll admit that my groupings of figures are a little arbitrary. I've identified the broad themes of minis as: City, Sports, Monster, Historical, Western, Space, Castle, Fantasy, and, um, Pirate. (Hey, Lego had its own gigantic Pirate line, so the guy in CMF Series 8 gets his own mention.) I originally just had "City" for all the modern occupational figures, but I was shocked at the number of sports figures, so I split them out. Even then, I still had to make some arbitrary determinations of who fit where. For example: do we consider the Elf and Evil Dwarf to be Fantasy or Castle? I decided to stick them in "Castle" because they both seem to go into that sort of medieval look, while "Fantasy" would really be more for fantastic characters like the Mermaids, Minotaur, and Cyclops. Others got tricky: the two Robots, I put in "Space" for their sci-fi feel, but the Clockwork Robot went in "City" because he looks like a big toy. Santa and the Leprechaun, I put in "City" because they generally look like modern people you'd see in costumes (and Santa is re-appearing in next year's City Advent Calendar). Same with Grandma Visitor, although I can see an argument that she should go in "Fantasy." Anyway, here's the numbers I came up with for up to Series 10 (but not the overall chart of who I put where--that's huge). - City has 71 collectible minifigures. (44% of the line.) - Sports has 29 CMFs. (18% of the line) - Monsters have 9 CMFs. (6% of the line) - Historical has 19 CMFs. (12% of the line) - Western has 7 CMFs. (4% of the line) - Space has 11 CMFs. (7% of the line) - Castle has 6 CMFs. (3% of the line) - Fantasy has 7 CMFs. (4% of the line) - There's one Pirate. (less than 1%) I guess we might disagree on some of the individual determinations of who gets categorized, but the numbers wouldn't change too much. The point is that the CMFs are pretty City-heavy; City plus sports combined gets you 100 figures total, or over 60% of the line. So...I guess if you feel like the CMF line is unbalanced, here's your evidence. (Not me--I get a lot of City stuff, so I'm fine with it.) This is your useless information for the evening. Hope you find it helpful!