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  1. This is my thirteen entry for the May the 4th Contest The Happabore is a boar like creature native to the desert planet of Jakku. A happabore first appeared in The Force Awakens. It was drinking water from a bowl. LEGO never made it in a set yet, but it did appear in the video games LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens And LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. This Model of the happabore is 18 studs long, 10 studs wide, 5,5 studs tall, has a openable mouth and is fully poseable.
  2. Danny_Boy4

    [M4-22 - Alphabet Fighter] DB-2 C-Wing Starfighter

    Yes I did. Thanks. Most alphabet starfigters are rebel and I didn't know who else to give it to.
  3. This is my twelfth entry for the May the 4th Contest The DB-2 C-Wing Starfighter is named for its shape that resembled the High Galactic script's character "C". It is equipped with a class 1 hyperdrive, 2 laser cannons, shields, 4 engines and 2 rotating cockpits. It can rotate one cockpit around the outer to create a ring of laser beams eliminating lots of enemy fighters at once. It is used by the Rebel Alliance. It has a crew of 2 pilots. This Model is 28 studs long, 25 studs wide, 8 studs tall, has a retractable landing gear display stand and 2 ladders. And if you rotate the engine with the orange stripe both cockpits will rotate (this ship dose not exist in the Star Wars universe).
  4. Danny_Boy4

    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    My entries for the contest.
  5. This is my eleventh entry for the May the 4th Contest After Finishing watching the Obi-Wan Kenobi tv show I knew i had to build a scene from it, so I made the scene from episode 6. I also decorated the border of the model with lightsabers from the show Darth Vader's, Obi-Wan's and Reva's.
  6. This is my tenth entry for the May the 4th Contest I made some of the Starkiller's outfits from the video game The Force Unleashed. From left to right Light Training Gear, Medical Robe, Jedi Adventurer Robe, Desert Survival Gear, Dark Lord's Armor. Light Training Gear. A much lighter version of the apprentice's normal attire, this outfit is well-suited to exploring hot and humid planets like Felucia. Part list Hair, Head, Neck Attachment, Torso, Arms, light nougat hands, Legs Medical Robe. This loose garment, standard Issue aboard the imperial medical frigates and science vessels, is worn by patients and test subjects alike. Part list Hair, Head, Torso, light nougat arms, Legs. Jedi Adventurer Robe. A rare Jedi outfit worn by a sect of Jedi Knights who explored the galaxy, defeating evil and fighting injustice wherever they found it. The robe was provided by General Kota as a gift - and a symbol of Kota's faith in the apprentice's growing connection to the force. Part list Hood, Head, Torso backwards, dark tan arm, dark brown hands, Legs. Desert Survival Gear. A makeshift outfit designed to shield the wearer from the harsh conditions of the barren wastes of Tatooine. The protective equipment was scavenged from local desert Dwellers. Part list Helmet, Head, Torso, black hands, Hips and Right Leg, Left Leg. Dark Lord's Armor. An intimidating suit of Sith armor. Inspired by the design of Starkiller's predecessor, but built for greater speed and agility. Part list Helmet, Head, Shoulder Pads, Torso, black arms, dark bluish gray hands, Hips, Legs.
  7. This is my ninth entry for the May the 4th Contest I made characters from the video game Star Wars The Force Unleashed. From left to right top row, Uncloaked Shadow Guard, Battle Damaged Darth Vader, bottom row Juno Eclipse, Galen Marek/Starkiller, Rahm Kota. The Shadow Gaurds were force sensetive soldiers trained by Darth Vader to haunt down jedi. In short the legends version of inquisitors. Part list Helmet, Head, Torso, Legs. Darth Vader's armor was badly damaged after his first match with Starkiller. Part list Head, Neck Attacment, Cape, Torso, tan left arm, Hips and left leg, right leg. Juno Eclipse was an imperial pilot assigned to Starkiller and she later joind the rebellion with him. Part list Hair, Head, Torso, dark tan arms, black hands, legs. Galen Marek Codenamed Starkiller was Darth Vader's secret apprentice. He was used by vader to kill jedi masters. He believed that his destiny was to help Vader overthrow the Emperor. only to be betraved by his Master. He started forming a rebellion against the Empire. Part list Hair, Head,Torso,Left arm,back hands,Legs. Rahm Kota was a jedi master and general during the clone wars. Starkiller was orderd to kill him but he survived and was only blinded. Later Galen Marek tracked his down and recruited him for the rebelion. Part list Hair, Head, Torso backwards, light nougat hands, Legs.
  8. This is my eighth entry for the May the 4th Contest The Canyon Krayt Dragon also referred to as Common Krayt Dragon or simply Krayt Dragon is the smaller species of Krayt Dragon, the other is the larger Greater Krayt Dragon (the one seen in The Mandalorian season 2). Canyon Krayt Dragons lived in canyons and caves of the desert planet of Tatooine. They were hunted by Tusken raiders for their pearls. The Canyon Krayt Dragon was never on screen. It only apper in some video games and books. LEGO obviously never made a set with it, but it was featured in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. My Model of the Krayt Dragon is 45 studs long, 15 studs wide,12 studs tall, and it is fully poseable. Dewback from 75052 for size comparison
  9. This is my seventh entry for the May the 4th Contest The MT-1 O-Wing Interceptor is named for its round shape that resembled the High Galactic script's character "O". It is equipted with a Class 0.8 hyperdrive, 2 laser cannons, shields and 6 engines. It is used by the Resistance. It has a crew of 1 pilot and 1 Q7 or BB series astromech droid. The ring folds when landed. This Model is 24 studs tall, 26 studs wide, 12 studs long and has a display stand. I made a purist pilot and a Q7 series astromech droid. (this ship dose not exist in the Star Wars universe).
  10. This is my sixth entry for the May the 4th Contest For this category I was thinking hard what to build. And then I thought what about the droid attack on the wookiees? The droid attack on the wookiees aka the Battle of Kashyyyk was a battle in Revange of The Sith between the droids and the wookies (obviously) It was lead by Yoda and Commander Gree. I dicided to build it because I had all the minifigures for it (exept for 41st clone troopers but the scale was too small for them anyway). I made the tree platform Yoda and Gree was on with a holagram of a jedi coucil meber behind them. And a little battle with Tarffull Chewbacca and a wookiee versus some battle droids.
  11. This is my fifth entry for the May the 4th Contest With the release of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus why not celebrate with a MOC from the show, an Eopie. Eopies first appeard in The Phantom Menace. Eopies are mammals native to Tatooine and are used as beasts of burden. Obi-Wan had an eopie in Revenge of the Sith and still had it during the events of the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV show. LEGO has not made it in a set yet. My Model is 10 studs long, 3 studs wide, 6 studs tall, a removeable gaffi stick and a backpack and that can be worn by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and it is fully poseable. I also made a purist Obi-Wan minifiigure from the show. The backpack has a portable moister vaporator, macrobinoculars, a knife and Anakins old lightsaber. Banth and Dewback for size comparison Qui-Gon Bonus image
  12. This is my fourth entry for the May the 4th Contest This is Boba Fett's rancor (not to be mistaken with Jabba's rancor who is brown and larger then Boba's gray rancor). Most people think that rancors are mindless monsters but in truth they are emotionally complex creatures. Boba Fett rode his rancor into battle against the Scorpenek droids. LEGO didn't make a set with him yet hopefully will will get an official model in the future. My model is 12 studs wide,10 studs long, 16 studs tall, is fully poseable and has removable armor and saddle. My Boba Fett's helmet is lost and I don't have the new Boba Fett minifigure so I made a helmetless Boba out of the pieces i had. (If you look at images of Boba's rancor he is most definetly gray, I don't know why most people think he is brown like Jabba's).
  13. This is my third entry for the May the 4th Contest With the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series so close why not make Obi-Wan's giant lizard mount from Revenge of the Sith in LEGO. Boga was a female varactyl use by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Utapau. She had green and blue feathers and green scales. LEGO did make her back in 2005 but it is very oudated. My model of the varactyl is 33 studs long, 17 stud wide, 10 studs tall, and it is fully poseable. I also made General Grievous's wheel bike more minifigure-scale. (Boga was my fist MOC I made back in 2015 but it was much more simple and I did not post it online.) Dewback from 75052 for size comparison
  14. Danny_Boy4

    [M4-22 - Brick Built Creature] – Like a Bantha

    If you look closely at the bantha in The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian they do have gray around the eyes and a gray nose
  15. This is my second entry for the May The 4th Contest For the Purist Minifigures category I wanted to make some original characters that fit into the Star Wars Universe. I made something like a crew of five. I wanted to make as much aliens that LEGO never made as posible but it wouldn't be Star Wars if there weren't at least 2 humans. So I made a Yinchorri out of a Ninja Turtle, a Cather out of a Chima Lion and a Moseerian out of Teedo. And I also made a Cyborg-Wampa just cuz it looked cool. (I can't think of a name for them). Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 56 Homewolrd: Tatooine Likes: Giving Orders Dislikes: People Not Following His Orders Part List Hair(black), Head, Torso, Arms(olive green), Right Hand (dark bluish gray), Left Hand(light nougat), Legs. The leader and founder of this crew, he wanted to form a crew to fight the Empire but he didn't trust the rebels. So he went to find a pilot and a ship in a cantina and found a morseerian who claimed to be the best pilot in the galaxy. So he recruited her as his pilot and they went looking for a crew. Species: Cathar Gender: Male Age: 54 Homeworld: Cathar Likes: Gold Dislikes: The Empire Backstory:His wife and children were killed by the Empire. And he wants revenge on the one who ordered the attack on his home planet. But he was needed a pilot to find that imperial. So he joined this crew. Part List Hair, Head, Cape, Bag, Torso, Bracelet, Hands(dark tan), Legs. Species: Morseerian Gender: Female Age: 30 Homeworld: Merj Likes: Flying, Blasters Dislikes: Not Flying for More Then 3 Days Backstory: She wanted to become the best pilot/gunfighter in the galaxy. She was the top in her flying class (mainly becase she was the only one with four arms) and later got into a little trouble on Tatooine boasting that she was the best pilot in the galaxy and was saved by someone who said he was looking for a pilot with a ship and she joined his crew. Part List Head, Cape, Upper Torso, Torso, Legs. Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 14 Homeworld: Coruscant Likes: Animals, Fixing and Building Things Dislikes: Being Treated Like a Child Backstory: At the age of 13 this boy whent on vacation to the planet Hoth with his parents. But they crashed and his parents died. He was saved by a friendly wampa. When the wampa lost her left arm and horn in a fight with another wampa the boy made her a new ion cannon arm from the parts of the crashed ship and they became best freinds. Later their distress signal was picked up by this team and they recruited them. Part List Hair, Head, Torso, Right Arm (light nougat), Left Arm (light nougat), Belt, Hips, Legs (dark tan). Species: Cyborg-Wampa Gender: Female Age: 47 Homeworld: Hoth Likes: Food Dislikes: People Not Understanding Her Backstory: see above Species: Yinchorri Gender: Male Age: 23 Homeworld: Yinchorr Likes: Hunting Dislikes: Running Low on Ammo Backstory: He was a sniper bounty hunter. Once on a mission he saw something odd a group of people with a wampa. And it appeared to have a cannon for an arm. So he followed the strange group, they had a fight and later he decided to join them. Part List Head, Torso Backwards, Arms (green), Hands (green), Legs.