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  1. Thanks, I just took a front view photo and outlined them in gimp
  2. If you haven't already go see the first part here. This is the exit from captain Rogers' ship. I was going too build the full ship at a smaller scale but forgot to look at the deadline so I quickly put this together because something is better than nothing. The descriptions for all these characters are in my previous entry Eve's father. Nothing much is known about him and his daughter, not even their real names. According to them, they are the last surviving members of their species and will pay good money if the pirates take them to the place indicated on their map. Meelith, not much is known about them except their great cooking skills and love for food. For unknown reasons Meelith fears the empire more than anyone else P-74. Just a robot Jones bought to pilot his ship, nothing special. Old Master, his people don't use names just titles the captain recruited him to teach his crew swordsmanship. He does not trust devices and cybernetics and refuses to get a cyber-arm or energy sword. Despite having only one arm and being blind he is one of the best swordmasters the galaxy has ever seen.
  3. Danny_Boy4

    [SPC] Cat A - Pirates of sector 56

    Captain Roger Jones. He spent most of his childhood at a rich house on Earth (the capital of The Empire) he liked watching ancient pirate movies, always dreaming of becoming a pirate when he grew up. His parents never took him seriously. thinking it was a silly idea and he had everything any kid ever wanted. But to their surprise he got a crew and grew up to be the one of the most feared pirate across multiple galaxies. But it didn't start like that before he became a captain he joined a different pirate crew. Pirate life was more than he ever dreamed it would be; they went on a few missions but it all changed when the captain found out that Rogers came from Earth. Earth being the where most top imperial generals are from the old captain despised anything that came from there so Rogers was sent at an escape pod to the nearest moon or planet. Cracky, the first to join captain jones' crew. Cracky was never right in his mind; he is obsessed with knives and cutting things he doesn't know right from wrong. When the villagers had enough of his craziness they exiled him he didn't really know what that meant but went to live on the uninhabited island where he was dropped of anyway there he was living his best crazy life when one day a large unknown to Cracky object crashed into his home. Naturally he cut the object open with his energy knife inside was a man like Cracky has never seen before. It didn't look like that man had scales his arms were small he was a yellow color instead of the usual green. Before Cracky had time to cut more than a leg the man yelled, Cracky was startled and froze in that moment the man grabbed Cracky's knife, pushed him into a different room in the object and pushed a button to close the door. In the room Cracky found something interesting a small rectangle that when he picked up started telling him a strange story about some creatures going on something called a fellowship Cracky got so interested that he had forgotten all about the strange man and cutting. Later the door opened and the yellow man who now had wooden stump in the place where his leg once was was standing there. For some reason Cracky didn't feel like cutting him now and instead asked the man "Is there more?" showing the man the rectangular object the man said that if Cracky helps him get revenge on the pirates that sent him here then Cracky can have all the books in the galaxy. not understanding half of what the man said Cracky agreed to help the man. Rosa Jones. Wife of Captain Rogers Jones. All her life she was told that space and other planets are dangerous and she will die the moment even one flipper leaves the water. One day something very strange was going on a spaceship like the ones she once saw on the holovision was submerging a giant tank into the water curios Rosa went to have a closer look and when she got closer the doors of the tank opened and started sucking in the water and Rosa with it. The ship flew away with Rosa still stuck inside the tank. One day the ship was attacked by pirates apparently the water from Rosa's home planet had some valuable minerals in it when the pirates went to see what they got they they saw Rosa in the tank. The Captain recognized her as an intelligent being and offered her to join them thinking they would probably kill her if she refused she accepted the offer. After selling most of the water they went to the black market and bought her a breathing device and some cybernetic limbs so she can walk and fight with the rest of the crew. After pirating together Rosa and Rogers fell in love and got married. Slave №9999 "Nines" Has been a slave from birth making weapons for his robot masters. All his life he never had anything of his own. He didn't even have a name, just a number "9999 ''. One day he had an accident and lost an arm. After that the robots just came and threw him in the dump like garbage. There something in him clicked he thought there is no way humans just exist to work for robots there must be more to life than this. So he did the only thing he knew to do: he made a weapon he only had one arm but that didn't stop him. The next time a slave was being thrown in the dump he jumped and attacked the robot and with the help of the other slave who was a programmer they managed to replace 9999's arm with the one of the robots. Later modified the robot's memory so that it thinks it lost its arm in an accident. In secret 9999 made weapons to fight the robots when he had enough he led an uprising he managed to take control of a robot ship, but when the robots found out the artificial planet self-destructed and 9999 was the only one that managed to escape. Later when he was free he promised to himself that one day he would avenge his friends and kept his tattoos and number as a reminder. At some point he was recruited by Captain Jones and joined the pirate crew. Subject 562 was a top secret experiment of making intelligent animals. One day when 562 was solving tests like he always does he overheard one of the scientists saying: "I don't think we will ever make it smart enough for it to take over our jobs, so probable will just sell it to the circus so it can do some cool trick that require some smart thinking" and another said: "yeah I don't know who the boss think we are to think that anyone can make animals smarter than humans''. Then 562 thought what was the "it" they were talking about was "it" him if so then why do they think he can't be smarter than them they looked pretty stupid to him. Even that raccoon in the cage next to him looks smarter than those two he thought. The next day something was odd, the subject 534 the goat was missing. The day after that more of his friends started disappearing and even more after that. What was going on? whatever it was he knew if he didn't escape now he might disappear next. So while no one was looking he decided to escape to the room labeled "vehicle construction" to build an escape vehicle. in there he found everything he needed, most parts were too big for him but he managed to make a small enough mech for himself and escaped. He snuck aboard a cargo shuttle and himself with his mech in a large crate. Later he heard some sounds outside the crate. It sounded like the crate he was inside was being stolen. when the crate was open he saw a pirate crew he then quickly got in the mech and used it to communicate with the pirates. After some time he decided to join them. Eve. Nothing much is known about her and her father, not even their real names. According to them, they are the last surviving members of their species and will pay good money if the pirates take them to the place indicated on their map.
  4. Danny_Boy4

    [ENTRY] 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake

    Thanks I removed the top ladder as to me it did not make sense for there to be a ladder leading to nowhere. I have not. many I do not have many pieces and some like 99301 for example don't exist in the right colors
  5. Danny_Boy4

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    So I should post it as cat C so the background would be counted and post a separate entry without the background for cat A
  6. Danny_Boy4

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    Hi quick question, would a pirate crew with a brick built background be considered category A or C. Thanks
  7. Do you realize all but one of the entries you voted in the main category were digital? This can be solved by adding a size or part count limit, and most digital entries didn't have that much pieces. I think if you give a prize to a digital entry the builer will have more bricks to start building physically, but physial builders already have enough brick to build MOC so they are the one more likely to display prizes Do you also think video games, computer programs and cartoon makers don't need money for their work. It is okey to not like digital MOCs, but some of what you said just doesn't make sence to me
  8. I see some talk about banning digital entries and think definitely not! We need to keep them so people who don't have enough brick and can't afford them can also enter. If I build my MOC IRL then it would has been way smaller and less detailed as I don't have much bricks, also some bricks are quite rare or don't come in the correct color. And what about custom prints which I nedded to for my MOC to look like a real set?
  9. Danny_Boy4

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - WINNERS

    I would like to thank everyone who voted for my entry. And I hope everyone who entered had fun building even if they didn't win. Honestly I didn't expect to win 1st place and I really only entered to have an excuse to build something new and different from my other MOCs.
  10. Danny_Boy4

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    I think MyFirstMOC-Hun is clearly cheating judging by the latest votes from new members voting only for them (and maybe should be disqualified)
  11. Danny_Boy4


    My votes Main building category 6269 Islander PalaceBy BrynnOfCastlegate 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake By CollinsAnimationStudio 6260/6257 Pirates - Shipwreck Island/ Castaway's Raft Remake By _R_R_ Short Pork Island By Yoggington Mini building category King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat By kritch Treasure Island By Oky 6235 Buried Treasure remake By janhansson Shipwreck of Avedo By Tayaya
  12. Danny_Boy4

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    Hello, after seeing GabKemo's vote I think there should be a rule that you can only vote for one of the builder's entries, if you want to vote for that person vote for their best entry and not all of their entries. Otherwise people with more entries will have an unfair advantage. Someone who has five lower effort entries will have more votes then the person with a one high effort entry I don't think thats fair
  13. Danny_Boy4

    [ENTRY] 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake

    Thanks I also think the separation made it look way better. The prison was fun to make and that is actually Ironhook not Redbeard they just used the same face print on his (but with Lego's inconcistency with name back then it could have been just Redbeard under a different name)
  14. Danny_Boy4

    [ENTRY] 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake

    Thanks, I wanted to make it look as official as possible. Thanks.The reason I made this set was becase I didn't think anyone would make any islander sets for the contest, but there are a lot more islander entries now. The only reason I used the original sails was becase they were already in mecabricks, if mecabrick didn't have them i would have had to make them brickbuilt. Also I think another thing that sets me apart are my custom prints for minifigs.