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Found 10 results

  1. For my entry into the Eurobricks Create a Theme Contest , I've decided to create a new theme centered around cryptozoology, entitled Cryptid Hunters. This theme features a team of super-secret agents, scientists, and researchers sent out on missions to find, document, and analyze various legendary cryptids! The team has to avoid the dangers of the cryptozoology world while documenting the sightings and interviewing witnesses. This theme would function as a spiritual successor to Monster Fighters and Hidden Side; two beloved spooky themes from TLG. I've outlined two sets from the theme below, both built digitally using Bricklink's Studio: Flatwoods Monster: Encounter in the Forest [78 pieces, 3 minifigures, $10 USD] The legendary Flatwoods Monster has been spotted in the forest! Enter the forest, investigate the crashed meteor, and attempt to document the elusive monster. Includes tree, crashed meteor with a crystal inside, and a light brick! Includes three minifigures: Secret Agent, Scientist, and the Flatwoods Monster! Mothman: Encounter at the Old Lighthouse [913 pieces, 4 minifigures, $100 USD] Mothman has been drawn to the light at the old lighthouse! Hurry to the lighthouse using the stealthy speedboat, draw Mothman away using the searchlight, and save the lighthouse keeper! Includes speedboat, old dinghy, and lighthouse with detailed interior and working light! Includes 4 minifigures: 2 secret agents, lighthouse keeper, and Mothman! [Author's note: the lighthouse would work similarly to the one seen in set 5770, even using the same mirrored sticker] In theory, this theme would also feature 3 other sets: a small set with the Loveland Frog in a swamp, a medium set with Bigfoot and a log cabin, and a medium-large set with the Loch Ness Monster. I would absolutely love to see a theme like this from TLG one day; I feel like it would work well and be in line with their previous spooky themes. Thank you for checking out my contest entry, I hope you all enjoy it!
  2. Kit Bricksto

    Hogwarts Castle (Lego Architecture)

    Hi everyone! There's a contest going on over at the German forum Imperium der Steine challenging us to build our own Architecture style models. There are three categories, the first two being Skylines and Actual Buildings but for the third one we are to build fictional skylines or buildings! As I am a big Harry Potter fan Hogwarts was the first thing I could think of. Lego Architecture: Hogwarts Castle by Kit Bricksto, on Flickr I am really happy with how it turned out but I'd love to hear your opinions and I am of course open to criticism too!
  3. Etzel

    Winter Village: Log Cabin

    It took a while, but my entry for the Expand the Winter Village Contest III is finished, and in the nick of time too. I present: The Winter Village Log Cabin Light brick included to light up the fireplace. Pictures are links to my Flickr where you can see them in higher resolution. Thanks for watching! /Etzel
  4. [Flickr Album] Throughout his incarnations, Makuta has always been a failed ruler, secretly coveting the admiration he was never qualified to receive. Here, he has succeeded; King Makuta, fierce defender of the people of Okoto, even at the small expense of their liberty. Freedom is a dangerous thing. Kneel to the crown. Been working on this guy for about a month for the Rebrick contest (technically I had a head start, but I'm going on vacation, so sue me =P). Haven't MoC'd with physical bricks since... 2010, I want to say, so a solid six years. Before CCBS. Pretty pleased with how it turned out, all things considered; there's stuff I could blather on about, but my favorite part is the crown, which was the original design impetus and took a while to get right, but just clicked in the end. Criticism, questions, critiques, etc. always welcome. Yes my photography is atrocious.
  5. Good tidings to you all. Please have a wee look over my entry for this years 'Expand the Winter Market Contest' and be gentle, as this is my first proper fully MOC on EB (why not use this great competition to 'pop my cherry' to speak) My entry depicts a pavilion/square for centre or focal point of the market. Overshadowed by a mature 'winter tree' acting as a natural canopy for the activities below. This year, the square holds host to the local 'Ice Sculpting Contest' between the visiting "Ice Road" truckers and the local lumberjacks. The snow has been cleared away and the contest is on!! They are at this moment finalising their sculptures with an array of power and hand tools, ready for display and judging tonight!!! Enjoy.... A father and son look on as the 'sculptors' frantically finish their work View (minus tree) of the sculptors at work Team Lumberjack and their aptly chosen 'Christmas Tree' entry. The "Ice Road" Truckers put the finishing touches to their Snowman entry The display lights are tested before the judging begins later Well there you have it guys, hope you like what I have tried to achieve here. There are more pictures on my brickshelf.... Good luck to everyone else thats entering this year... the standard as always is so high and should be a great contest. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!
  6. Hello everybody! It's my first topic on this forum, and I would like to present you my entry to Winter Village Market contest. It consists of four parts. The first module is a small stand with sausages, meat, pastry and other tasty things: At the second stand there are lots of Christmas trees inside and a lonely cat outside: The third one is a stand with a fellow in Gingerbread man's suit who sells spices: And, finally, the Christmas tree: That's how the four modules look together: Hope you liked it. ;) Thanks for watching and happy holidays to you all!
  7. My entry for the Winter Village IV Contest: "Theatre in the Park!" While shopping at the winter village, why not stay and watch a bit of legitimate theatre? UPDATED 12/16: Added more pictures of the vignette. Main View Stage Park/Bench Area Thanks for viewing my entry! LegoWookie, on Flickr
  8. Hey everyone, happy holidays! This is my entry for the "Expand the Winter Village Contest IV" Contest! A neat little gazebo, with carolers with their child, and a friendly snowblower on his break, listening to the classic Christmas songs. I usually do one Winter Village MOC per year, (such as my Candy Shop and Book Store) and when this was announced, I saw it as a chance to make it my yearly Winter Village MOC. I know have been held for the past few years, I just haven't been as creative as some of the other contest entries I've seen in the past. 16x16 studs was new, so I had to decide on something small. I built a book store, but when I read that it had to be something found in a market (such as a stall) I wasn't that happy. Took a LONG time to build it, and it was really cool. The snowblower guy was actually meant to go with the library, but I didn't want to not use him. I really like my snowblower. Anyway, enough of that, here's the rest of the pictures! Enjoy... The gazebo without the minifigures The gazebo's star can also be held down to shine a bright light onto the carolers! The gazebo at it's normal state. Such joy! That's it for now, thanks for checking my entry out! The photos could be better, I know, but I didn't have my camera at the moment, and I had this ready for a week and I wanted to submit it as soon as I could. Merry Christmas! -Sci
  9. Heres my entry to the Superhero comic cover contest! Im not a huge spiderman fan but i thought that this cover was such an important part of comic book history, that i wanted to preserve it in lego-y glory :). And my entry picture: reference image : You will have to excuse that "Electro" and "Vulture" are in there gauntlet costumes. :) Hope you guys like it.