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Found 11 results

  1. Here’s my attempt at updating 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up/Soldiers’ Tavern in the style of Barracuda Bay and Eldorado Fortress! Like those sets, I tried to keep this model close to the original set’s color scheme and "footprint", while adding more textural detail, play features, furnishings, and accessories. Decades ago, this seaside tavern was a popular gathering place for soldiers, merchant sailors, and even pirates — although those who spoke TOO freely about their extralegal exploits would often face a grueling detention in the nearby village lock-up. Now, 22 years later, the tavern has been renovated with breezy outdoor seating for its patrons, a stew stove to prepare hot meals, and high-quality pewter, brass, and ceramic tableware. On a good day, the tavern-keeper leaves with a full coin purse when it comes time to lock up! Meanwhile, the imperial soldiers have converted that meager jail cell into a customs impound for all the valuable contraband they’ve seized from local smugglers: molasses, tea leaves, and even gold bullion. Trade goods as fine as these are of course a tempting target for any number of scoundrels and sea raiders… But later tonight, Captain Will and his young protégé Middy Mae also have their sights on another prize: a map to the fabled pirate refuge, Barracuda Bay. In the meantime, they're counting on the tavern keeper to keep the imperial officer distracted with food, drink, and gossip… and hoping that pesky seagull’s squawking won’t draw the attention of the soldiers keeping watch from the rooftop! While law-abiding sailors are welcome to moor their boats at the dock out front, Will’s learned not to take his chances around these snooping soldiers. His trusty catboat is waiting for his return along a nearby coast if he needs to make a quick getaway! Hope you enjoy this MOC! Nautical builds are not my forte, but since the new Eldorado Fortress set and some of the other creative contest entries here on Eurobricks entries in this contest had me feeling so inspired, I figured I might as well try my hand at updating a classic Pirates set. And honestly, I’m proud that I was able to come up with this in just a couple months, especially since it’s been a few years since the last time I finished a MOC to my satisfaction. In any case, I’m eager to hear what this forum’s more experienced sailors think of it!
  2. My contest entry is a remake of the 6279 Skull Island in the style of Barracuda Bay, and El Dorado Fortress. This set has 652 parts, and 8 minifigures, compared to the original set’s 350 parts and 6 minifigures. The main focal point of the “Skull” Island is the skull itself, I had many iterations until I settled on the current design. I wanted to keep it simple, to update the design as well as keeping it close to the original as well. It can also turn, allowing row boats entry into the island. I wanted more of the “mountainous” aspect of the island so I brick built them rather than using big ugly rock pieces like the original. I also added an extra beach along the right side of the build and another palm tree, as I felt the original felt a bit empty. Inspired by the original set, I have re-imagined the side wall of the island where two muskets can be found hidden among some palm leaves and vines! I really liked this play feature in the original, and it is my favorite part of the build! Opposite of the muskets, sits the treasure for safe keeping. Along the dock are various boxes and supplies for the pirates, as well as cannons This time around, they are built on modern turntables, keeping to similar to the original. I feel it makes the island more imposing. I added an extra cannon to the top of the pier, as I wanted to add more firepower! I added stairs in this remake, as I always wondered how they brought supplies up and down from the top of the balcony by ladder? A crane and chain bring up the heaviest of boxes to the top with ease! I also added a more enclosed captain’s quarter with a door. In the shallows of the island are two rowboats, one pirate crewman bringing in the latest plunder back to the island, as well as the Imperial Guard. The roof of the captain's quarters can be removed as a play feature, and can allow access inside. The original Skull Island did not have this feature, instead had large arches for ease of access, but for my remake I wanted to be able to have a more realistic style building, without sacrificing upon playability and looks. I have designed the railings where it matches perfectly with the stairs!* I recreated the original pirate minifigures to more updated styles, as well as one I designed. I also added an extra imperial guard to the entourage, as I feel the officer would want some extra muscle. I’ve never really made an MOC like this before, so I am very pleased with how it turned out! I was so inspired by so many other contest entries, it made me want to throw my hat into the ring too! Please let me know what you think, i’m still pretty new, so let me know anything I can improve or fix. Thank you!
  3. Captain George McIndoe leads the charge of a light company from the royal Corrington army. Video:
  4. Russel

    [LEGO IDEAS] Fort Leeward

    Welcome to Fort Leeward, designed to fend off the toughest of pirates, like fierce Captain Breakwater and her motley crew. Thank you for reading and please share and support, and offer any suggestions. SUPPORT NOW!
  5. Joza Bezeg

    Remastered Imperial Soldiers flag

    Hello! Today I was working on the flag of the Imperial Soldiers from 1989, and I wanted to improve it. Below is a comparison between the original and my version of the flag.. Write what you think about it.
  6. CaptainMorgansDad

    Tropical Lookout

    Hi everyone This is my first post here after lurking for a while. I wanted to share my first MOC after emerging from my 18 year dark ages! I would love any feedback :-) I can't seem to post the photos here, so here is a link on Flickr (Edited to reflect the fact that my Dark Ages were 18 years, not 16 - I am getting too old!)
  7. kofi

    [MOC] Eldorado

    Hey there! The LEGO Eldorado Set from 1989 was my first set I bought .... back then I was a young guy.... today I wanna show you a new interpretation of this set: Eldorado 2 by kofi, auf Flickr
  8. malmen

    An army on the march

    I felt bad for my little Imperial Soldiers just lying around in a box, even sharing space with hideous red coats , so I thought I'd build them a display. Sadly I was not missing a lot of bricks to build a bigger display as I first had in mind, so I had to scale down and could only fit one third of the soldiers. But hey! It's at least something I know the photos are not the best, my skills are below average and I had to use the available lights. I've edited them a bit and it actually looked decent at first, but then Flickr compressed them even harder so it's a bit of graining now. Oh well, here are some pictures. All kind of feedback is appriciated An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr
  9. Crimson Pirate

    Mini pirates project

    Hi! I want to present you my mini lego projects from LDD, if you have some you can add to this topic :) Do you have any idea how to improve them, what should be changed? One day I'll try to buy necessary bricks and build them and create mini diorama Enjoy! Lagoon Lock up Rock Island Refuge Renegate Runner Caribbean Clipper (black brick on the bottom hold everything in one piece, don't look at it ;) ) Eldorado!
  10. Hi, I'm planning to sale my Imperial Flagship. Because I move together with my girlfriend and she's not really into Lego, I want to sell it with a heavy heart. It's 100% complete, in very good condition. Box and instructions in excellent condition. It wasn't played with, just stood on my living room's shelf. I'm located in Germany, would ship worldwide. I'd prefer Bank Transfer, because of Paypal Fees. Pictures can be seen here: Feel free to ask questions. If you are intersted in buying PM me. Cheers Sebastian