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  1. Boomchil

    [MOC] Captain Redbeard (Roger) Maxifig

    Hi. Sorry for the late answer, I didn't see your post. It has about 2500 parts, and its cost was somewhere between 150 and 200€.
  2. Boomchil

    ReBrick "Name the Ship" Contest - and the WINNER IS...

    F*** yeah! At least! Can't wait to see it, I also hope that other sets will be released, bigger and better than 2009 ones! This has made my day :)
  3. Boomchil

    [MOC] Captain Redbeard (Roger) Maxifig

    Thank you. I'm not sure about making it a Cuusoo project, it would never hit 10.000 votes :)
  4. Boomchil

    [MOC] Captain Redbeard (Roger) Maxifig

    Hello everyone! At least it is finished! I'm not really good at MOCing (it's my first MOC ever) so I'm sure there is quite room for improvement, any comments are welcome :)
  5. Boomchil

    Special Project Auditions - Submissions

    Here are some pics I took some time ago, would they meet your requirements? I have them in high resolution if you want. Edit : They are in jpeg with white background as an example, I will post them in transparent png if they fit your needs.
  6. Boomchil

    [MOC] Captain Redbeard (Roger) Maxifig

    Thanks for your comments. I was going to buy the parts to build it but unfortunately some of them don't exist in dark orange color (1x1 plate), I've got to find a way, change colors or wait till Lego does it... :)
  7. [pid][/pid] 245C UPDATE : Hi, at least it's finished! Here are the pics : Hope you like it :) Old post : Hi everyone, and welcome to my very first MOC! In fact, I've never been able to create something good looking using Lego, so I've decided to start from something already existing and create a Maxifig (based on the official 3723 one) of my favorite minifig ever : captain redbeard. However I should have chosen a different one since his head and torso were actually quite hard to render. Still I'm quite happy with the result : As you can see, it's still waiting to be built, this should be done before 2014 hopefully :) The torso is made from SNOT (to the left and to the right) and SOT, this alone took me many many hours, and it still has to be optimized. I hope you like it, feel free to comment :)
  8. [pid][/pid]228B CaptainSpaulding from the french Lego Forum BrickPirate has made this fantastic remake of 6270 - Forbidden Island, one of the very first Classic Pirates sets. Oh, and before you think "this looks really cool!", let me add this : it took him less than 4 hours to make it... That makes you want to cry? Me too. Check out this thread to see more, and participate at the "guess how many rhum bottles there is on this island" :) [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  9. Boomchil

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    Not really, I'm a real noobie and have just been very lucky. This sure isn't a photography technique
  10. Boomchil

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    Here's my very first attempt at shooting Lego. I've just bought a reflex to learn photography and I'm trying some stuff to get used to it... For this one I've been very lucky : I've put my hand in front of the flash and some light has slipped through my fingers... I'm quite happy with the result :)
  11. Boomchil

    Good price for Redcoats?

    This is far too expensive in my opinion, unless they are new and unassembled.
  12. Congrats on the new tag! :D

  13. Boomchil

    Your guide to Tournament of Retribution III

    Just one thing, redcoats lovers : if they were SO good, then Lego would never have had to throw Islanders to keep Pirates busy... PLUS, while bluecoats had a mighty fortress, what did they give to redcoats? Oh yeah, A marketplace... :)
  14. Boomchil

    Your guide to Tournament of Retribution III

    Ah ah, very nice guide! Now everyone can see the truth thanks to you :) [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  15. wunztwice has created an island with a very nice rendering of the classic Lego Jolly Roger flag, with a well found title! Check out this very clever MOC on flickr. [bloggedCP][/bloggedCP]