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Found 19 results

  1. Well, this is new. I normally hang around the Technic forum, but I just had to enter the Freighter Wars contest on Lego Rebrick. I wanted to make a cool model, and so I ended up making a not quite microscale model, with lots of asymmetrical greebling, WW2 bomber inspired turrets, and of course, lots of guns. The general idea is two YT-1300 freighter jammed together. I had actually come up with a backstory of sorts for this ship, but first, some more pictures. This image shows the other side of the ship. The design has many differing colors, suggesting that it is patched together from many other ships. Doing this in a way that looked good was kind of hard. The underside, showing some ventral turrets, and some big honking railguns up front. These complement the turbolasers up top. The rear engine cluster is probably the biggest departure from the standard YT-1300, but the Republic Cruisers had them, and that's probably what these got yanked off of. Another departure was the cockpit. The two side pods are gunner stations, while the cockpit is central. In universe, this is to give the pilot better visibility in combat situations. I just realized it now, but it also harkens back to the very first concepts for the Millenium Falcon, before they switched to a saucer shape. And now, here's my backstory, if you want to read it. In some parts of the galaxy, ships are uncommon, due to remoteness, high tariffs, or other factors. This lack of easy access to ships forces natives of these regions to get creative, letting no ship die easily, and combining parts that have no place working together. One example of this is actually so common it has a name: the YT-1300.2. Combing two ubiquitous Corellian YT-1300 freighters into one ship, this amalgamation results in a ship with double the cargo capacity, while not increasing the crew requirements. It is a good use for two ships that would otherwise be scrap, and giving them a new lease on life. Such a concept is also appealing to smugglers and other miscreants, as it is cheap to make, easy to find parts for, and spacious, either for illicit cargo, or special equipment. One such example of a pirate YT-1300.2 is the Eliminator, a beast considered unholy even in the regions where hybrid ships are common. Designed and piloted by one Erik Carter, the Eliminator has but one purpose: eliminate First Order ships. Erik and his crew were originally privateers hired by a system sympathetic to the Resistance cause, but they quickly grew to detest their outdated or inadequate equipment. Erik did have a stash of unusual technology he procured from his home planet near the Unknown Regions, but he was not allowed to modify any ships they were lent, nor was the crew able to afford their own ship. However, the captain of the crew, an odd fellow named Zakrov, purchased two wrecked YT-1300 freighters from a salvage auction while intoxicated. Neither freighter was flyable on its own, and indeed, neither had been turned on in nearly a decade, hence why they were so cheap. The crew was initially furious, until Erik revealed his daring plan. He saw potential in the wrecks, and would combine them into a single, working ship. One ship had no engines, due to some engine failure, while the other had impacted a space station, destroying the front mandibles and much of the front of the ship. Erik's theory was sound, but didn't work in practice. A test run revealed that the combined ship had poor acceleration, poor maneuverability, and poor combat abilities. Nonetheless, it was a ship of their own, and a good base for modifications. Soon after, every crew member began scouring auction sites and salvage yards, looking for more parts. A cockpit from a shuttle unit was mounted centrally, as Erik considered that a much better location for a cockpit. The original cockpit was replaced by a ball turret with anti starfighter lasers, and mirrored on the other side. A cut down engine block from an Old Republic frigate provided higher thrust, but that was not all. Next came the weapons, something Erik had wanted to implement for a long time. He had procured a rare type of ceramic composite that converted heat almost directly into electricity, and by applying this material to some overvolted turbolasers, Erik was able to increase their rate of fire to that of a much smaller blaster. Many odds and ends later, and the Eliminator was born. The Eliminator, or the "Flying Dumpster", as she is affectionately (?) nicknamed by the crew, is a singly lethal ship, built on a shoestring budget. Despite her small size, the Eliminator packs the firepower of a heavy frigate, with 2 double turbolaser turrets, 4 anti starfighter emplacements with 2 quad lasers each, 5 with a single quad laser, 2 variable torpedo launchers, and 2 unique spinal guns. These latter guns use a unique technology to fire a physical projectile at extremely high speeds, causing immense damage on impact. This is advantageous, as the guns ignore most shields, and can be fitted to fire a variety of projectile types, including tandem charge and shotgun rounds. Another feature of the guns is the ability to fire a round into hyperspace, on an intersecting trajectory with an enemy target. This attack is utterly devastating, even to a Star Destroyer, but it is difficult to program, and risky to execute, as the Eliminator could be caught in the blast wave, or have its hyperdrive blown. Used far more often are the twin turbolasers on top, which are overvolted, which would ordinarily be detrimental, but with Erik's special ceramic composite barrels, they can fire at high rates for extended periods of time, a massive advantage in combat. Providing cover fire are quad laser cannons mounted on various turrets the whole ship over. These turrets utilize modified CEC AG-2G quad lasers, fitted with boosted cooling systems. The ship also has several micromissile batteries. To provide increased durability, the Eliminator was fitted with no less than four separate deflector shield projector systems. While that sounds highly unreliable, it actually allows the shields to be cycled, making them harder to wear down. Like any good smuggler ship, the hyperdrive has been modified as well, to a standard of class 0.75. Zakrov was unwilling to boost that system any farther,given that he's crazy, not stupid, and 0.75 is faster than most First Order ships. In sublight, the Eliminator has three massive engines,plus numerous verniers, making it far more maneuverable than a freighter has any right to be, and allowing it to dogfight with First Order TIE fighters. The sublight engines and deflector shields have numerous exotic components on the inside, making them far more efficient, and harder to detect. Even the hull of the Eliminator has panels of exotic composite making up its armor. On the inside, the Eliminator has virtually no cargo space, instead having spacious crew quarters, and lots of additional systems. While it may be temperamental, and its crew just as much so, the Resistance are glad to have the Eliminator around. P.S. Erik Carter is pretty much my Author Avatar OC, so you might be seeing him more often.
  2. mishtron

    [MOC] Cutlass Blacktron

    Hey Eurobricks space! Posting my second MOC to this site. I really like to focus on playability and would love to hear your feedback on my designs :) This one is based on the Cutlass Black from the upcoming Star Citizen game. Though I do not play the game's current alpha, I love some of the art concepts. In the Star Citizen lore, the Cutlass Black is the model of Cutlass ship ideal for pirating - a balance of guns, maneuverability, and storage. A conveniently named model to be employed by Lego's leading space antagonists! Rugged jack-of-all trades. Armed with two smaller front guns and two pivotable cannons for the gunner on top with fully pivoting powerful engines. I really wanted to make the top turret spinnable, but adding that function would have taken the main gunner area further out of scale. I settled with pivoting up or down and giving the gunner access to the station from the main hold. The ammo boxes for the main guns seemed like a good place for a hit of yellow. I went through a few iterations on the front cockpit, this combo felt appropriate for a narrow but tall front area. I had a lot of the black 8x4 wing pieces from my childhood and felt that this would be a good opportunity to use them for the "belly" shaping of the ship. Really wanted to incorporate functional landing gear and compact axles felt appropriate. I wanted to get some playability in the engines and went with a gearbox rotating them in opposite directions, accessible from the rear middle of the ship. I felt this captures the feel of a very maneuverable craft which excels at dogfighting despite having a decently sized cargo hold. Plenty of space inside, even to take a nap. The side panels include rotating thrusters and removable for easy access. Blacktron mercenary team left to right: Earl the Engineer armed with laser cutter for breaching spacecraft during pirating. Sniper Stacey takes care of those pesky defense drones and spacewalking troops deployed by a target ship. Wally the Warlord bosses everyone around, worries about finances, and holds a ceremonial weapon. Assault Andy armed with a shield, laser shotgun, and intimidating helmet. First one clearing rooms during a breaching operation. Heavy Weapons Helga armed with rocket launcher and heavy machine laser for when things get dicey inside a target ship.
  3. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Attack on Spaceport Phillips

    Captain Darkbluebeard and the Kraken's crew is attacking Spaceport Phillips, a small Imperial Armada's outpost in the outer asteroid belt. Small builds I started just 2 hours before leaving for a Lego exhibition. Not completely happy with them, but I think it's the best I could do in such a short time and not so much bricks left...
  4. MKJoshA

    [K - G10] Space Pirates

    Location: G10 Onix Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Building Last time, in Ender's story: Kawacycle Kanto Park Secretary, let my sister know I'll be visiting her lab will you? Right away Sir. Meanwhile, Mr. Graver is about to find out that he's not the only menace in space. There were space pirates about and they had caught wind that there was a convoy of ships ripe for the taking. Surrender your fleet now or prepare to be destroyed! Of course, allow me to send over an envoy to negotiated the terms of our surrender. Just like that? Really? I'm not stupid, I don't want to die today. You're the envoy? Are you prepared to surrender the fleet to me? No, but I am prepared to kill you. Wait, that's not how this is supposed to go! Guards, attack! You'll have to destroy me and my army of bettlebots. AAAAHHHHH!!!!! glurg... glurg...
  5. In the age when starships are furrowing the vasts of the galaxy, a mysterious threat emerges from the darkest depths of space... This model depicts space pirates' formidable flagship which is called "Galactic Nautilus" because its shape resembles a submarine. Additional views of the ship: The following photo demonstrates sophisticated fuel storage and distribution system of the ship. Front cannons: Additional links: flickr Building instructions are available on Rebrickable.
  6. Digger1221

    [SPC] Cat C - Shipwreck Encampment

    Shipwreck Encampment: Deep among the dunes of a vast alien desert, a long forgotten shipwreck basks in the searing extraterrestrial sunlight. Seeking refuge from pursuing authorities, a band of scoundrelish space pirates has made their camp here. A line of speeder exhaust stretches through across the desert to the hideout, denoting the arrival of a shipment of the pirates treasure... Haven't posted here in a while! Here's my entry to the Space Pirates Contest. I usually build castle, so doing a space moc was a fun challenge, but something I've been wanting to do for a while. Thanks for checking it out! ;) Soli Deo Gloria!
  7. Raid on the Shi-Quak settlement Because of the heavy damage to their spaceship (SS Retrebution), Capt' Ahab is forced to make a landing on one of the 7 moons of Nuytura. While the mechbots start repairing the ship, Ahab sends out Garekk and Talking' to-ME to scout the surface of the moon. They found out that there is a small Shi-Quak settlement. Ahab decides to make a raid on the settlement to stock their supplies (and to keep his crew from revolting). because of the lenght of my DIO (triplet) I hab to make a compilation of 3 images, that's the reason why the perspective is not correct :( some details of the skiff ...details of the jetbikes ....and some details of the wall Hope you like my entry. steentje
  8. PaddyBricksplitter

    [SPC] Cat A - Space Pirate Crew

    Hi All, Here's my space pirate crew entry for Category A. The crew of the E.T.'s Revenge! Name: Captain Isaac Skuttlebutt Bio: More than your average eyeball in a jar. Barrel chested, ruddy fearless and encrusted with plundered finery. With wits as sharp as his deadly rending claws. The Captain of E.T.'s Revenge is a space pirate to his very (power) core. Moto: An eye for an eye. Name: Mr Horrorshow Bio: Some say he is from the dank depths of a gravity well. Some say his true face is terrifying beyond belief. Some say he just needs a hair cut. Mysterious, mumbling and menacing Mr Horrorshow is the stuff of bluecoat nightmares. Moto: Hrrrrrrrrrgh...Hrrrrgh.. Name: Molluskus Bio: Ship's Master-at-arms which is unsurprising really. Molluskus is a weapons expert possessing the ability to fight 8 men at once. He always carries a bottle which he can fit into as a party trick. Moto: All hands on deck, which one exactly? Name: Long John Shrimpy Bio: Former space miner and full time dwarf who tired of digging for gold. Now he prefers to prise it from his victims cold dead hands. Don't mention his mechanized platform shoes or you'll be meeting his war-hammer "Betty". Moto: Life is short, yours will be shorter. Name: Bilious Wretch Bio: A former captain brought low by his fondness for Astro-Grog. Bilious is literally booze fueled thanks to his back pack feeding grog directly into his blood stream. He may not know what day it is but his foul odor and temper make him a horrible space pirate to behold. Moto: What grog will not cure, there is no cure for. Name: Ed Gunner Bio: Is that a cannon on yer head or are you just pleased to see me? Both is the answer from the diminutive Edward Gunner. As the ship's head gunner, Ed provides ranged mobile fire support but he also loves close quarters combat for which he reserves a cannon ball on a chain, nasty! Moto: Shoot first ask questions never.
  9. Kai NRG

    [SPC] Cat A - A Motley Crew!

    From left to right: Pete the Pirate "And if nothing else works, just turn it upside down and bang it on the rail once or twice." Just your average, ordinary, classic pirate who made the mistake of stepping through a golden portal. It took him a while to get used to all the new techie stuff, but now he's pretty sure he has a handle on it. Still, his commanding officer is careful to keep him far away from any buttons. Porky Pirate "Who said bacon? I'll fry theirs! Oink, oink!" Porky pirate is very touchy on the subject of bacon, ham, pepperoni, and all thinks pork. No one really knows why, but it's been rumored that he once belonged to an Irish farmer who constantly threatened to have him butchered if he didn't keep out of the house. But Porky never alludes to his past, so that's probably just speculation. All anyone knows for sure is that if you say anything remotely close to bacon, Porky will be right behind you with those lasers! One Eyed Rose "The galaxy needs more orange. I'm happy to oblige." A vicious piratess, One Eyed Rose is out there for nothing more than treasure and adventure. Don't get between her and the X on the map, or you might just get a taste of her favorite Orange Ultrasonic Dart Launcher, better known as the Oudel! Imperial Soldier of the Galaxy "The government really needs to step up its defenses! I'm telling you, these pirates outnumber us six to one!" The Imperial Soldier is constantly exasperated by the government's incompetency. He's always expected to be on the move, chasing one pirate or another. Most of the time, he lands his man, but somehow Captain Blackmustache has evaded him every time. In fact, he was sure he was close once or twice, but then he was called off to corner someone else! He's determined to catch the famous Captain though, if it's the last thing he does! Jake the Barrel Boy "Food fight! Water war! Banana battle! sir, I'm sorry, I forgot you had asked for your breakfast." Once upon a time, Jake was just an average schoolboy, but he craved adventure and soon tired of life within four walls. So he ran off to join a pirate crew, where he soon became known for daring pranks and mischievous sallies. He may not be much good at keeping the Captain's cabin clean, but he sure does keep the crew in a good humor! Except for Porky, that is. There's war on sight between them. Jake just eats too much bacon! Santiago De Romero aka Captain Blackmustache "Hoist all sail me hearties! Yes, yes, I know. Consider it code for, extend all solar arms." Captain Blackmustache may have lost his arm and leg, but that doesn't mean he's not a force to be reckoned with! He knows every nook and cranny of his corner of the galaxy and has led the Imperial Soldier on many a merry chase! Speaking of merry chases, Jake the Barrel Boy has led him on many a not so merry chase for his breakfast! Well, these guys were pretty fun! C&C welcome! Thanks for taking a look!
  10. Lancethecat

    [SPC] Cat B - A Tale of Two Outposts

    From the Diary of Captain Abraham Mayhew, July 14,1733 It has been eight days since my ship crashed upon the rocks of this desolate island. I have found an abandoned garrison stocked with supplies and weapons and am now patrolling the roof, searching for passing ships on the horizon. I raised the old pirate flag I always kept hidden in my cabin this morning in hopes that it may be noticed by a sharp-eyed sailor, but these waters are infrequently traveled and I fear I may be marooned here for some time. Luckily I have some company in a monkey I found stealing my lunch the other day. I have decided to call him Wilson, after my deceased father. Admiral Zoolon Rex's Starlog, date 2544:13 Bleep borg borgity borg bleeer borg burger bug bugg bleep braug. Bleepity borg braug brag brog breer blog blug bleep bloog burble blort. Blerp brug blug blee blubber blug bleeger brug. Bleep borg, burbleby brabble bubble bub bub borg borg blub. Bleeper bleep burble bug bubba bub bub bub Wilson, brubble blub bub.
  11. Hello everyone, I just went through the dark age (15 years) with this pirate crew : the green corsairs. My first member of the crew is the Captain. He was a soldier of the Empire as his armour shows it. After several fights, he lost one of his leg and one eye during the worst battle star against renegades. After that, Imperial Army forced him to retire. Then, disilillusioned, he decided to become a pirate and he gathered few men around him to find gold and glory around the galaxy. The Ugly joined the captain during a hard fight far far away at the borders of the galaxy. With his experience, he became the navigator of the corsair fleet. He assists the captain during all the fights as his green shadow. The Son is obviously the captain's son. He joined his father after failing the imperial army school. During a fight, he was contaminated by a substance and lost his hand. Now he has to stay in his pimped spacesuit. The Green Widow is the captain's daughter. She married an imperial lord fleet commander who died during war against aliens. After that she joined her father and became the Green Widow with is two steel sabers from an old planet named Earth. The Priest is an old astrotech who believes in the "deus ex machina". Despite his little height, he is a brisk warrior who learned from the bests as his teacher, a little green alien named Yoda... He can also repair all ships and shuttles. At his spare time, he tries to build mecawarrior as his master piece : the Robot. The Robot is the last warrior of this crew. This mecawarrior is driven by the spirit of a dead pirate. I hope you'll enjoy it. Next time, I 'll try to take better pictures and use photoshop.
  12. Presenting Capt. Fist and his hearty crew of cosmic corsairs! Their infamy as ruthless scallawags is spread all across the galaxy, and while it has earned them the ire of the Imperial police, it has also earned their fear--few be they who dare to tangle with this motley crew. Many a ship there be that has surrendered at the first sound of even so much as a warning shot from Capt. Fist...Which is exactly how he and his crew like it. After all, the best fight is the one you win just by having a scary reputation. Of course, they still fight when they have to, committing a massacre here or there and leaving only a few survivors--to tell the stories of course. What's the use of being fearsome if you kill off everyone who might spread the word of fear for you? Besides, once word has got out that a pirate has gone soft, it's nothing but work, work, work all the time. Truth be told, however, they like quick surrenders because that leaves more time for their favorite game, pirate's dice. On to the crew! Sloroth the Savage First mate Sloroth was always scary: his scaly skin, red eyes, and scraggly mustache were menacing enough, let alone the two pulse pistols he wields with deadly accuracy. But the problem was, he was just...Sloroth. That is, until Capt. Fist suggested adding "the Savage" to his name, after which his fame as a bloodthirsty blackheart spread like wildfire. Speaking of wildfire... Fogo Chen Chen is a bit of a gearhead, which is a good thing as he has had to build himself prosthetics after burning off so many of his actual limbs. He is also, as is probably evident, obsessed with fire, which occasionally leads to mixed results. He helped design and build Capt. Fist's ship, the Flying Fist; fireproofing was high on the list of necessary design features. Arsenica Starstriker Arsenica never leads anything to chance; she is a meticulous planner, and is stubborn enough and determined enough to see that everything goes according to that plan. She is the crew's navigator, and is also tough as nails. No one is quite sure how she, being human, is able to breathe in space without a helmet, but she isn't about to let something like asphyxiation get in her way, is she? While her weapon of choice is a light phase cannon, she also loves tossing tetra bombs as well. Gnaark the Unhinged When it comes to reputation, Gnaark's name says it all--and those blades back it up. Slightly Generally unstable, it is the one no one wants to sit next to during a round of dice, and everyone makes sure the rum is on the opposite side of the table from it at all times. Manahu Not a member of the crew, but a loyal ally to Capt. Fist, Manahu is the leader and shaman of his people. He and Capt. Fist were first allied fighting a common enemy, and soon became friends. He can summon spirits and other cosmic forces through the oracle he carries in a glass sphere. In return for Capt. Fist's assistance to his people, he granted unto the captain a special gift. And last of all, Capt. Abraham J. Fist Capt. Fist is a merciless villain who will stop at nothing in the pursuit of gold and other valuables. Before he met Manahu, he was a decent enough pirate, save for his poor eyesight--one of the problems that come with having a head less than one stud tall, you know? But Manahu gifted him with a companion from the spirits--a crow. Once summoned, the bird leapt to Capt. Fist's chest and immediately began to peck out his tiny eyes. After a moment of panic, the captain realized the sensation he felt was not pain, but clarity: his eyes gone, his vision was the bird's own. Now he can not only gain a greater perspective of the scene during the heat of battle, but he is even better at picking out gold and other shiny objects. Other photos: The crew at their favorite pastime These pirates really are a scurvy band! Yo-Ho Yo-Ho a Pirate's Life for Me! Most importantly, their vessel, the Flying Fist, my entry for Category C. See the rest of my Flickr page
  13. Phew! Finished this in time because my partner for Cat B didn’t have time to finish it so he gave it to me to finish. Comparison photos between the builds will be in the 2nd post. I also was so glad when it was 275 parts because I forgot that it had to be under 700. And onto the build, review style! SSSS- Octopus Asteroid Outpost No one knows when this set was release, but it seems to be a variation of set PPPP half way down this post. The set doesn't have any play features, but let’s get to it. Set: SSSS Name: Octopus Asteroid Outpost Theme: LEGO System / Pirates / Islanders/Space Year: Unknown Pieces: 275 Minifigs: 3 + Octopus Price: $29.99 About .10 cents per part, not a bad price. There is no box known to exist. Overview of the set: This pic just shows everything that the set includes. Minifigs: I have to say, I love the castaways bubble helmet and the male Asteroider. The female Asteroider is very odd to me but I guess Lego I didn't have a good enough head for her. And the octopus: Just a normal ‘space’ octopus. Nothing special here. Castaways Vehicle: I really like the design for this, it appears to be a crowsnest from a larger spacecraft, and it runs on fuel, so he will probably run out of that fast… Asteroid Ship: Really reminds me of the Asteroider Trading Catamaran that Lego I produced. And also resembles the boat in the 2nd post in a spacey way. The set without anything extra. The Final Tally Design: 9/10 Great design overall, but lacks the playablity of a normal set. Parts: 9/10 Most parts are very usefull, but they are still a bit basic. Minifigs: 8/10 Two Asteroiders, one of which, is great, while the female one’s face is a little weird. The pirate is probably my favorite minifig from this set, I just really like him. And the special space octopus…very enjoyable. Playability: 9/10 Still fun to play with, even with no actual features. It can entertain you longer than you think! Overall: 35/40 Overall, a great set! Definitely worth buying building! More Pictures: =================================================================================================================================== PPPP- Octopus Island Outpost No one knows when this set was release, but it seems to be a variation of set SSSS in the 1st post. The set doesn’t have any play features, but let’s get to it. Set: PPPP Name: Octopus Island Outpost Theme: LEGO System / Pirates / Islanders/ Year: Unkown Pieces: 204 Minifigs: 3 + Octopus Price: $24:99 About .12 cents per part, more than the other one! Still pretty good though... There is no box known to exist. Overview: Overview of the set with everything according to what I would think the box art looks like. Minifigs: I really like these minifigs, just for the classic pirates vibe they give. Though, there appears to be a CMF in it making it appear to be a very recent set… + The ‘special normal’ octopus… Castaway's Vessel: It’s a pretty average castaway crows nest, but still it’s a great part of the set. Islanders Boat: Overview of the boat. It really looks like the Enchanted Island boat, but it still has its differences. The Final Tally Design: 9/10 Great design overall, but lacks the playablity of a normal set. Parts: 9/10 Most parts are very useful, but they are still a bit basic. Minifigs: 8/10 Two Islanders, both of them are great! Really remind me of the old sets. The pirate is your average castaway pirate, nothing too special. + The special normal octopus…! Playability: 9/10 Still fun to play with, even with no actual features. It can entertain you longer than you think! Overall: 44/50 Overall, a great set! Definitely worth buying building! Comparison Pictures: Islander statue has 'ears' because the helmet has ears, but on the Asteroid helmet, the helmet doesn't have ears, and that's why the statue doesn't have 'ears' either. More Pics: I will add one more pic of both builds together tomorrow! C & C welcome! ~Beltar
  14. Here is the crew of the infamous pirate Commander Greckan, along with some The notorious Commander is seen above alongside three of his crew members, from right to left: - His treacherous first mate Evalirus, from the Enocloran species - Commander Greckan himself - The brainless muscle Bloog, from the manufactured Bloog species - And lastly, Steve. Here is one of the unending hive mind policing the universe, protecting innocents against the likes of these space pirates: the Cyberimperial Guard. This is unit #32 of the space sector which these pirates primarily pillage from. To conclude, here is an example of what is known as an islander throughout the universe, simply because of language roots on Earth. The 'islander' tribes which still exist were some of the first humans to pass the boundaries of their galaxy (nearly three millennia ago in the 1980's), but, unable to return to or contact their homeworld they soon devolved into what they are today. * * * Thanks for viewing :-) I'm pretty happy with these minifigures, and the stories I've written up for them. Theme mixing contests are always fun.
  15. Star Captain Star Captain likes to think of himself as the group's leader, but for the past few years he's become a recluse, sitting out missions in his hoverchair while the rest of the crew goes on adventures without him. He's thinking about retiring from the pirate life and becoming a construction worker, or maybe a raptor trainer. Lady Gamma Lady Gamma is the crew's chief weapons designer and war correspondent. Her habit of building guns that promptly blow up in their users' faces has labelled her as the 'Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy'. Roger the Cabin Boy Roger the Raccoon-Boy was found digging around in the galley's garbage chute. Instead of throwing him out or putting him in the dinner pot, the crew decided to adopt him as their cabin boy. While there's no doubt that he can cook a mean stew, the others wish that he would start wearing pants. GORT GORT used to be king of an entire race of tree-squids, but turned pirate once they realized he was selling them out to a paper company and ran him off the planet. The crew now uses him to store all the treasure they steal acquire. The only words he ever says are 'garble garble'; the others think he's just being weird, but the truth it that he can't speak because his mouth is full of treasure. Destructor He used to be called Steve the Sunny Space Skull, but after his planet was destroyed by the Dread Pirate Ronan, a venomous rage was unleashed inside him and he became known as Destructor. Wielding twin daggers, Destructor will obliterate everything and everyone in his path. He's a lot of fun at parties. Saurokan The Dread Pirate Ronan was infamous for extracting the life essence from innocent seamen and placing them inside robotic bodies, effectively building an army of slaves. The only remnant of their former lives as honest sailors is their penchant for wearing colorful bandannas.
  16. Eurobricks – Space Pirates Sci-Fi Contest Category A - Pirate Crew Captain Red Moon's Crew ======================================================== Acko the Mad Mechanic This alien knows every part of the ship well. He builds and tests all kinds of weapon for Captain Red Moon. He constantly makes his body parts mechanical. From his multi-purpose lower body, he carries his favorite drink, Rum, and some gunpowder, so don't even dare to make him angry, as he carries a cannon with him all the time. ======================================================== Cuxxi the Navigator Keeping a robotic parrot as a pet, this young and sexy female human serves as the Navigator and swordsman on Captain Red Moon's ship. Adventurous and always full of curiosity. Her main objective onboard is to lead the crew to discover all exotic world in the galaxy, as well as her personal goal is to reveal the Captain's true identity! ======================================================== Kun the Gunman Former captain from another space pirate ship, Kun was injured during a battle against Imperial Navy. Lost his whole crew and one eye, he seeks vengeance and servers under Captain Red Moon's command. ======================================================== Enis the Cook An excellent cook on board, this mysterious alien knows how to make all different cuisine across the galaxy. He carries the ingredients with his tentacles. Look for him whenever you feel hungry, although you will not know what you are going to eat. ======================================================== Mazer the First Mate The second most powerful on board, Mazer the robot serves as the first mate, muscle and also medic for the crew. His body is filled with the life-supporting liquid, undoubtedly making him responsible for the whole crew's life and health safety. ======================================================== Captain Red Moon Is the Captain an android ? An alien ? A human ? No one knows ! Not even any members from his crew. All we know that he ranks the most clever, fearsome and deadliest captain among the space pirates. With his ancient map which nobody understands, he leads his crew to fortune and adventure across the galaxy.
  17. More and bigger pics can be found here on Flickr. Allow me to present to you the Imperial Camouflaged Hideout. In a never-ending story of plunder, trade, conflict, exploitation and yohohos, there be pirates, civilians & soldiers. The pirates are always wanting to steal something, the soldiers aren't always squeaky clean, and the emperor wants peace (& personal riches) within the empire, but will expand it at ANY cost. No one really cares about the civilians, they're boring. Kids want action, and battle-in-a-box is better when it's just the guys with weapons. But we'll throw in a few creatures for fun. So the emperor has sent his soldiers to a remote land where there is talk of potentially high-value commodity hidden in the terrain. There's not really anything much in the way of a local population since the previous colonisation failed, besides native creatures, so it's first-in-best-dressed. The imperial navy is dispatched to keep the place protected from any other interested parties, but these bands of smugglers with their latest technologies are virtually impossible to keep away. One particular small outpost is a base for a line of communication. Using materials already located in the area, the soldiers have attempted to camouflage their hideout to avoid detection. It's a strategic position for anyone wishing to take advantage of the hidden wealth nearby. This small outpost currently has 3 soldiers on location. 1 is stationed above in a lookout position, the other 2 are within, awaiting orders while alert to potential action. But their efforts to hide aren't enough, as a band of piratical smugglers quickly closes in. 2 smugglers come from one side, a 3rd from the other with his sights on the lookout guard, while a 4th mans the hi-tech cannon from a small craft nearby. A small cache of golden treasure is currently hidden, but for how long? Could this be the end for these imperial soldiers? Comparing the 2 styles: Other details: I have tried to use only colours available from the period for the classic pirates scene, apart from the foliage. All browns & greys are the old type. Conversely all colours for the space pirates scene are the new type. The classic scene was built first, then the space scene was built to resemble it, with an attempt to keep it as similar as possible without making it look unnatural. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy it. It was fun to put this together.
  18. More & bigger pics here. Allow me to introduce these Pirates: Band of Mechfists (yes, very bad pun). Solar-sailing the seven galacseas in search of booty (of the treasure variety), bounty (of the financial variety), booty (of the female anatomical variety), bounty (of the chocolate variety), booty (of the woollen footwear variety) & bounty (of the ocean-going variety). Your typical pirate band consists of much variagation (unlike the uniformed appearance of navies, policing-types & organised smuggler syndicates), so let's meet these scurvy galacsea-dogs. Sweet Kissy Rupert Lethal. His left arm is a freaking laser, what do you expect? Also his right arm is longer than that of the law, so that's handy. Sweet Kissy Rupert has been programmed to serve his enemies. To the space sharks. Unfortunately for the sharks, their fodder often arrives as a burnt offering. It's that laser, you see. Sweet Kissy Rupert was originally found on the doorstep of a mechospital still in his box. By a ruthless space pirate. Who knows what a lovely bot he may have built up to be had the staff been paying attention at the time, instead of watching Desperate Hosewires on the foyer TV. Siliconbeard the Pirate Every band of pirates needs a typical captain. Well, these guys have a head in a captain's bicorne + some mechanical bits. Siliconbeard does sport a jolly roger & parrot at least. Whilst fake eye, fake hand & fake leg are usually the deal, this guy doesn't have much of his original self left. Makes him even more cranky, especially when they try to board a ship without access ramps installed. Just look at those dark patches around his eyes, steer well clear before he's had his morning rum latte. Gurinder Pablo DeChangsen-Jones Well in every alien group there's got to be a token human. Usually for comedic effect, or because someone has to die at some point of the movie. Gurinder is a typical male Earthling as pure a breed as you can get here in the 33rd century, his name being proof of his pure-blood noble ancestry for centuries. But the main thing is that his gun shoots blue lasers, and that is cool. Collect all sets and action figures. Once hired by mercenaries to steal a comic, he actually took one from a shop, and delivered it by hand a few minutes later. It was a slippery slope, within a decade he had broken at least 2 laws and had thought about bending another. Then at the age of 20, he was to be incarcerated for shooting 9 billion fellow Antarcticans with a nuclear missile from a remote space station, but the fallout wiped out the entire population of Earth so he chose a life of travel. With space pirates. Will Turncoat The only thing cooler than robot skeletons is ghost robot skeletons. This guy Will defected from the Universal Navy after a few territorial disputes leading to computer massacres left him disillusioned. More cybernetic parts replaced his dying organic parts and after a few hundred years only his ghost remains. Sworn to never rest until the navy has been completely erradicated, it looks like he's going to be around for a while, because this lot are up against a few million fleets. That, and he fights with a cutlass. No problem vs organic beings, but against space ships, a sword isn't hugely effective. (Unless perhaps you throw it down a fortuitous air vent that causes a chain reaction to blow up the entire structure, win the battle and get a medal from a hot chick, who is your sister but you don't know that yet.) Kon-Sol Worz Someone has to have a hook for a hand, and how much better than a glowing red left hook can you get? A few jabs and a good uppercut would round things out nicely, but Kon-Sol has his other hand full with a semi-demi-automatic shock pulse laser. By semi-demi, it sorta means that you have to actually press a trigger before everyone starts dying. It's not like Scott from X-Men, whose eyes are destroying everything (except his magic glasses) automatically. He is ripped though, so if it came down to it he could tear off your head in hand-to-hand combat. He's also been known to not let the wookiee win. Rebootstrap Bill He flies. He has laser guns on his cyber-crutches. His body contains 2% organic tissue. I think it's just that space-chicken he swallowed the other night by accident though. Bill loves nothing more than to put his foes in Davey Jones' locker. And steal their lunch money. And a quick wedgie for good measure, but being legless (and nerveless) himself, he doesn't see what the fuss is about.