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  1. Duck


    What a wonderful summer of pirates we have had! All the entries have been amazing, and it's been hard to narrow it down to just five per category, but here are the ten that have won my heart with their take on what LEGO Pirates is all about! Main Building Category Enchanted Island Remake by Dannyboy4 Imperial Trading Post Remake by Rogue Redcoat Rock Island Refuge Remake by Collinsanimationstudio Caribbean Clipper by TomSkippy Saber Island 2023 by TomSkippy Mini Set Building Category A Promiscuous Sailor Captain (Mini Set) by JopieK Caribbean River Soldiers by Rogue Redcoat Sloop Windy (Mini Set) by Marooned Martin King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat (Mini Set) by Kritch Captain's Cabin (Mini set) by MonteMatt
  2. Also in a position where I've built the first three bags - taking my time with this one, partly because I want to savour the experience of a new pirates set, and party because I want my wife to know this set I spent £190 on took me over a week to build! I was really impressed with the Imperial Trading Vessel - it used a lot more interesting techniques than I was expecting and I felt some satisfaction from completing it. It's a very nice size also, compared to the original which really was "too small", this one feels like it could serve a genuine purpose at sea. It's a pity LEGO have never been a fan of medium-sized ships, as I feel there could be a market for a £30-40 ship of this size, rather than expecting pirates fans to fork out £100+ for each ship due to going large. My only comment was that my sails seem darker than the pictures - not quite to @jodawill's extreme of different shades, but darker than the photos or original certainly - hows everyone elses sails? Otherwise, the build so far has been very "rocky". It's fine, but looking forward to building the actual fort! The ramp was interesting to build though!
  3. I guess once Redbeard got shipwrecked at Barracuda Bay, there was no one to keep Broadside from being replaced by the powers that be! I guess I just liked the idea of seeing all the major characters getting older like the rest of us! But as not even Will got into PoBB, that isn't entirely consistent anyway. Spinosa's descendant I can live with however!
  4. So, I am excited about Eldorado's return, partly because I've always been more of a fan of imperial builds than desert islands etc, and also I'll get to follow up on my "Return to Sabre Island" video which made us if SleeplessNight's MOC. After Redbeard and crew fought Lieutenant de Martinet once again last time, they can finally pay a visit to an aging Governor Broadside! My excitement is a little tarnished by the early reviews however, as the attempt to recreate the original has left a little to be desired it seems, such as the disappointing Governors Office which apparently contains all his "most prized possessions", such as a map and inkwell. SleeplessNight did such a good job in his MOC of filling out the office, that this now feels underwhelming on Eldorado Fortress. As an animator predominantly, I see a few problems with the build of the fortress, such as the narrow walkways which will make solders patrolling and pirates running difficulties in places, and the very narrow stairs at the front. Probably fine from a display point of view where a figure isn't "moving" and can be posed. Something which IS good from my point of view is the modular element which makes all areas accessible from behind. When animating LEGO, interiors which can only be accessed by removing the roof are troublesome! The modular element will really be good for me to angle the camera at just the bit of the interior I need! After an initial Eldorado Fortress video for nostalgia, I'm tempted to use mine as the extended layout actually as a port, and for ease of fitting on an IKEA shelf! I'm a big fan of the Imperial Trading Vessel being included, although it does dash my hopes of an imperial trading post remake one day! Pity the figures weren't better thought out with a merchant and Pirate Steve didn't make an aging appearance to crew it. It looks a great small upgrade on the original. I like the bluecoats, although I'm disappointed to hear in reviews that Governor Broadside has been replaced. I'm sure he was due to retire by now as he looked old in the comic and ladybird books, but the new figure could easily be him. I've seen a lot of grumbling about the pricetag. In think in terms of pieces and figures, it's about as expected - but with so many bricks dedicated to the brick built baseplate, I can see my wife saying "Is that it?" when it's built. I think the amount of bricks down there makes the fortress itself a bit underwhelming. It's lovely, but not fantastically impressive. A good GWP will help - do we think they will release a new GWP for the VIP event, or do they tend to come later? I seem to remember those who bought the Castle straight away got the Forest Hideout GWP, but maybe that was just a 90th anniversary thing?
  5. A few people may remember my previous Brickington videos, such as Brickington Sails Forth - in which a Redcoat Captain and three misfits, Block, Stud and Brickdrip pursued some clone brand pirates, and Brickington Ancestors: Centurion, about his Roman-era ancestor. Late last year I brought him back as a Black Falcon, to defend the treasure against an onslaught of Wolfpack and Forestmen... I hope you enjoy
  6. Really pleased to see this announced! I was getting a bit worried it had been shelved when nothing more appeared after the leaked info. July isn't a great month financially for me... do we know how long "LEGO Icons" sets have hung around in the past before retiring, and what their restocking has been like? I feel like there were restock problems with Barracuda Bay for those who didn't buy it instantly? Anyway, I'm pleased they generally stuck to the original (including the awkward wall pointing out into the sea next to the gate!), and am very impressed that the trading vessel makes an appearance!!
  7. Hello all! It's been a while since I've posted my animations here, but wanted to show an animation I made last year - it's based on our favourite band of pirates, under Captain Redbeard in the updated Black Seas Barracuda. They return to fight an aging Lieutenant de Martinet at an updated Sabre Island, courtesy of the design by SleeplessNight. I hope you enjoy it!
  8. Hi folks, So, I've taken a step into the world of CGI animation using Mecabricks and Blender (as time at the animating table is short since becoming a dad). I've gone with a stop motion style rather than bendy arms! Super excited by the release of the Medieval Blacksmith, I decided to make a prequel animation. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Hello, I actually uploaded this over a month ago, but as my son was born very shortly after, I never got around to posting it here! I began a new series, The Brickish Empire - an intended parallel universe Napoleonic-Era series of animations. Episode 1: WARNING, there is quite a bit of fake blood! Episode 2 - teaser trailer! Due to holding a newborn baby in one arm most of the time, stop-motion is temporarily very difficult, so I've been experimenting with Blender for episode 2. I uploaded a test-render/teaser trailer, but it does have a glitching soldier. I hope you can appreciate what I was going for though! Hope you enjoy! Duck
  10. While i thought the original design was awesome, I was unlikely to actually buy it, as it looked pretty impractical (lots of SNOT, tight alleyways etc) for brickfilming which is my main interest. Amazing display piece though. The fact they threw in the ship is a massive curve-ball that has made me decide to buy it! I really like the sloping shape of the sides of the gundeck - I don't recall LEGO ever doing it to that standard before? As one of the non-BSB owners, I'm delighted. The only thing i think needs changing if one wants to use the ship as a ship is to modify the gun ports I think. I can see why they left the windows in for an easy conversion. Also literal clearing for action will be needed as well. On a side note, it woll be interesting to see how well this sells initially, given the current state of the world. There will be a lot of people who can't fork out financially in these uncertain times, but also there will be those (like me) who decide to buy it anyway as something to do while in lockdown! Truelly impressed
  11. Hello, I present my latest work! Warning: Contains some "LEGO Compatible" parts which some viewers may find disturbing :)
  12. Hi, About 6 months ago I created my first WW2 video - entitled The Escape. Due to an influx of likes and subscribers since uploading, I've now created it's finale. Warning: These do contain some non-LEGO elements that some viewers may find disturbing! Hope you guys like these - C&C welcomed :)
  13. Hi all, I present my latest work! I tried out some new blaster FX for this one. Hope you like them! (I also switched camera to a better one during filming as my old one broke, so there's a tiny bit of inconsistency with quality of image). Hope you enjoy it! C&C Welcome!
  14. Hi all, I ask this question as I'm having Windows 10 issues for my current webcam. I know people will suggest moving towards a DSLR for stop-motion, but unfortunately I don't have the budget and I'm much happier with the plug in and play system. I currently use a Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 in combination with Corel Videostudio x9 ultimate which has served me well for many years but as I said, current windows updates are causing me no end of trouble! It has manual controls for brightness, exposure, white-balance and focus, which makes it perfect for me. I'm thinking it's time to move on, so thought I'd ask those who understand what is needed for this hobby if there are any camera's they'd recommend, especially ones which are proven to work with Windows 10. I also thought it may be a useful thread to begin in general for those wanting advice on what to use! Thanks!
  15. Hi all, I present to you my latest work! Featuring the most recent gladiator against the first - who will be victorious? C&C welcome :) Duck