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  1. Hello, I actually uploaded this over a month ago, but as my son was born very shortly after, I never got around to posting it here! I began a new series, The Brickish Empire - an intended parallel universe Napoleonic-Era series of animations. Episode 1: WARNING, there is quite a bit of fake blood! Episode 2 - teaser trailer! Due to holding a newborn baby in one arm most of the time, stop-motion is temporarily very difficult, so I've been experimenting with Blender for episode 2. I uploaded a test-render/teaser trailer, but it does have a glitching soldier. I hope you can appreciate what I was going for though! Hope you enjoy! Duck
  2. While i thought the original design was awesome, I was unlikely to actually buy it, as it looked pretty impractical (lots of SNOT, tight alleyways etc) for brickfilming which is my main interest. Amazing display piece though. The fact they threw in the ship is a massive curve-ball that has made me decide to buy it! I really like the sloping shape of the sides of the gundeck - I don't recall LEGO ever doing it to that standard before? As one of the non-BSB owners, I'm delighted. The only thing i think needs changing if one wants to use the ship as a ship is to modify the gun ports I think. I can see why they left the windows in for an easy conversion. Also literal clearing for action will be needed as well. On a side note, it woll be interesting to see how well this sells initially, given the current state of the world. There will be a lot of people who can't fork out financially in these uncertain times, but also there will be those (like me) who decide to buy it anyway as something to do while in lockdown! Truelly impressed
  3. Hello, I present my latest work! Warning: Contains some "LEGO Compatible" parts which some viewers may find disturbing :)
  4. Hi, About 6 months ago I created my first WW2 video - entitled The Escape. Due to an influx of likes and subscribers since uploading, I've now created it's finale. Warning: These do contain some non-LEGO elements that some viewers may find disturbing! Hope you guys like these - C&C welcomed :)
  5. Hi all, I present my latest work! I tried out some new blaster FX for this one. Hope you like them! (I also switched camera to a better one during filming as my old one broke, so there's a tiny bit of inconsistency with quality of image). Hope you enjoy it! C&C Welcome!
  6. Hi all, I ask this question as I'm having Windows 10 issues for my current webcam. I know people will suggest moving towards a DSLR for stop-motion, but unfortunately I don't have the budget and I'm much happier with the plug in and play system. I currently use a Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 in combination with Corel Videostudio x9 ultimate which has served me well for many years but as I said, current windows updates are causing me no end of trouble! It has manual controls for brightness, exposure, white-balance and focus, which makes it perfect for me. I'm thinking it's time to move on, so thought I'd ask those who understand what is needed for this hobby if there are any camera's they'd recommend, especially ones which are proven to work with Windows 10. I also thought it may be a useful thread to begin in general for those wanting advice on what to use! Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I present to you my latest work! Featuring the most recent gladiator against the first - who will be victorious? C&C welcome :) Duck
  8. I'm working on some roman stuff at the moment, so the gladiator will be good for me. I love his shoulder pattern. Likewise I'll be getting the battledwarf as he has a fantastic tattooed torso. I'll also be getting two of the Frenchman. Both for the dog - I'll be keeping one as a French bulldog and attempting to customise the other info a British Bulldog. I have a British Bulldog as a pet so I feel this must be done! I'm sure if I sand down the ears I'll be mostly there!
  9. For anyone that may be interested, here's episode 2!
  10. Hi, I present my newest series - The Brickchester Chronicles. I have filmed most of the content for all 5/6 episodes, so hope to release in relatively regular succession. I've taken this series as a test to myself of my storytelling, where I wrote the entire series before filming (As opposed to Brickington, which I generally made up as I went along). It's more story-based than action-paced, so admittedly may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I hope it's proved to be something relatively unique in the Brickflick world. Here is Episode 1! I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts! Duck
  11. Got a couple of I'm assuming end of line deals with Tie vs A wing at £53 from Toys R Us and the First Order Snowspeeder at £24 from Argos. Both are sets that id struggle to justify (mostly to my wife) at full price but with the deals I felt they were value for money. The Snowspeeder took a surprisingly long time to build for the size of it. Very pleased!
  12. Duck

    Brickington Sails Forth!

    Six years later I have released the final episode! See below! Thanks for reading, and watching!
  13. Duck

    Star Wars: Rebel Commando

    Well, first off, thank you so much for the detailed feedback! I am taking it as a compliment as in the past I've only had short comments, so I must have taken the animation to the next level to receive detailed feedback explaining how to take it up another notch! Apologies to any onlookers for the incoming quotefest! :P Thanks! We're both on the same page there! I've always been more interested in the nitty-gritty battles that surely would make up the bulk of the conflict rather than the force side of things - there's also more room for movement in possible storylines using brand-new characters that are regular troops than official characters who have a known backstory! Thanks for the feedback on this. I've been using an actual lip-syncing software, which manipulates a still image. This is my first foray into this technique (aside from a short musical brickflick involving singing animals a couple of months back), so it still has some work to go. If I can get it right, I hope it's something that can make my videos a bit more unique with the blend used. In future videos, I'll probably make the body movements more subtle on reflection, although personally I do like the fact that the shoulders and chest move slightly, as in my own vision it makes the characters feel more alive - similar to how figures in official LEGO games and productions are slightly bendy. I do take on board that it isnt a perfect technique however and will look at ways to build on it. I know that photoshop is another option, but I dont want to write off this technique just yet! Thanks for explaining how to achieve excellence, that gives me confidence I'm heading in the right direction! Sadly I am a bit restricted financially currently when it comes to my camera - which is a HD webcam, but thankfully has manual controls! I'll take a look into simple but improved lighting techniques for future videos though in light of your comment! (No pun intended!) I received a similar comment on the youtube comments by an experienced animator, and so I take this on board from you both! I'll admit those scenes were my first attempt at digital animating (which was made slightly easier by my experience with stop-motion) and looking back the pace is a bit slow! I understand entirely what you mean and so next time I'll speed it up! As I said at the start, I understand completely where you're coming from, and feel that the more detailed feedback I've received already is from people who genuinely want to help me improve further. Thanks for the offer of help! Maybe we can collaborate on something at some point! Glad you enjoyed the voice acting. This was the first time I've outsourced the voice acting rather than just putting on a variety of silly accents myself, which I felt worked really well due to the natural variety of voices! I'd also like to thank David Cole who did the soundtrack from scratch, SFX and music - it was a bit of a monster for him, but I think he did really well to build tension in then right places! Again, thanks for taking the time to feedback to me! I really appreciate it and hope to use your advice to improve further!
  14. Hi all! I present my largest work to date - using several different voice actors, CGI and Stop-motion, it's been a massive project but I hope you enjoy it! C&C welcome :)
  15. Thinking caps (or helmets) on guys! I'm about to embark on a brickflick starring the crew of a First Order Special Forces TIE fighter. Only problem is the uniforms of the pilot and the gunner are identical! At some points they'll have helmets off, so easy times! However when helmets are on... anyone got any bright ideas on ways to differentiate within the lore?