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  1. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [CONTEST] The Infamous Steve

    Ah that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying!
  2. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [CONTEST] The Infamous Steve

    This contest looks very fun and I hope to see all the wonderful Mocs that come from it. Is the requirement of ten posts ten different threads or is it including replies as well? For example I have only posted 2 times but I have 30 different replies and such. I would love if this could be clarified.
  3. CollinsAnimationStudio


    It has been a pleasure participating in this contest and seeing all of the wonderful builds made by the talented members of this community! Best of luck to all! Main building category: 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up/Soldiers’ Tavern Remake By Aanchir 6269 Islander Palace By BrynnOfCastlegate Short Pork Island by Yoggington 6273 Rock Island Refuge By CollinsAnimationStudio 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake By Danny_Boy4 Mini building category: Captain’s Cabin By MontyMatte King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat By kritch 1872 Imperial Guard Camp Remake By thewatchman 1795 Imperial Cannon Remake By CaptainDarkNStormy
  4. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [ENTRY] 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake

    Thank you! Having two people working really made this possible.
  5. CollinsAnimationStudio

    Armada Conquistadors

    Thank you! Thank you! The animations not finished yet but it will be on our YouTube channel and yes they will :) Thank you! A Lego pirates series we are working on. A set of three animations to be exact! The first includes the bluecoats and pirates, The armada and islanders in the second and the third will probably be redcoats. We are getting very close to being finished the first :)
  6. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [ENTRY] 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake

    Thanks for your feedback! We plan to do some updates similar to what you’ve said. We plan on updating the boats as well as adding a storage area under the arch. There is also already a kitchenish area on the second floor :) Good eye there, I didn’t even notice the minifigures!
  7. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [ENTRY] 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake

    Thank you very much! I’m not a graphic designer, but it is a hobby of mine to draw and design
  8. What a wonderful build! I love the car, and how it fits all the adventurers, as well as its classic look. The chariot is also a gorgeous design, and wonderful colours.
  9. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [ENTRY] 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake

    Thank you! Thanks for your feedback! A lot of your comments can be answered by simply saying, this is a recreation of the old set, so we tried to keep the colour scheme and features as similar as possible. The light grey and black is a mixture seen before on the set and many other older sets from the castle line etc. The black docks are another thing that is seen in the older set and others. For some reason I can’t attach a image of the original set, but if you’d like: you can see the original set on Bricklink here:{"iconly":0}
  10. CollinsAnimationStudio

    Armada Conquistadors

    We thought we'd show off our Custom Imperial Armada army which we made for a stop motion series. Since the armada soldiers are quite expensive currently, we decided to just buy the helmets as well as the viking torso from lego online pick a brick, paired with black legs and random faces. There are 6 riflemen, 3 pikemen (one off screen) as well as 2 officers and Don Diego De Lego The riflemen have satchels as well as muskets The pikemen have spears with axe blades clipped on The officers have shortswords and Don Diego De Lego has a basic cutlass Overall, we're happy with the look of the soldiers, especially since they are not so colourful
  11. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [ENTRY] 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake

    Thank you for your feedback! The rope bridges are the same as 10236 Ewok Village except fully black. The second rope bridge is attached via 2 clips (as shown below) so it can easily detach from the build. We plan on updating the boats after the contest, since we have gotten a lot of helpful comments about them. The minifigures are also one of our favourite parts, glad you like them too.
  12. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [ENTRY] 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake

    Thanks for your feedback! We are definitely planning on adding some sea life/more greenery to the build–which we do have available to us, like you mentioned. As well as something on the lower arch like the crates of supplies you mentioned. Your idea with matching the colour of the ratlines will look really nice, if we can find them for a good price on Bricklink we will certainly add those to the build! Thanks so much for your feedback! We definitely plan to modify our raft to look slightly larger in the sails etc: as we’ve gotten a few comments on it–probably expanding the mast to use part 44676 on the ends. We are planning to add some sort of supplies area under the arch like you suggested :) Definitely taking @F1stzz suggestions into account on the bridge. The jail window and door are indeed different colours, so we might just have to settle for light grey. We are also very happy with the changes to the minifigures. We actually have many sharks but forgot to include one in the final pictures! Best of luck to you too!
  13. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [ENTRY] 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake

    Hey! Thanks for your feedback, it is indeed the same size as the original, maybe slightly taller though. We do agree it is quite a dark build but as we stated before we didn’t have the necessary pieces to build the bridges in brown as some of the pieces haven’t even been released yet. The green rock also does nicely breaking up the dark colours. It also looks much brighter in person than the camera can show. We have never owned a red boat, and we agree it would be replaced for the dark blue but shipping for boats is quite expensive. On the note of the raft, we prefer a wooden look, since the raft is made of wood and personally prefer it over some of the other rafts I have seen. We also tried to at least resemble the previous raft which had white sails and a brown/black colour scheme. The ratlines were a feature of the old set that we wanted to include in our updated version, and we feel that these pieces work well.
  14. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [ENTRY] Caribbean River Soldiers (Mini Set)

    Exactly my thoughts
  15. CollinsAnimationStudio

    [ENTRY] 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake

    Thank you for your feedback! We personally prefer the black docks because it makes a more accurate remake, but the reason the bridge was not brown was that some of the pieces have not been made in reddish brown for this design. The rock work is a bit dull, but we wanted to stay within the old baseplates size, and also the colours