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  1. Dreamweb

    "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    It is time for Episode 35: Dangerous Games.
  2. That's great news, here's hoping it will be approved now!
  3. Dreamweb

    "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    Hello again! Episode 34: The Last Man Standing is up! If all goes according to plan, we are only two episodes away from a grand finale!
  4. Dreamweb

    "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    Well, not so long ago even I didn't know it would continue. By all means go ahead! Anyway, Episode 33: The Bout is here, so feel free to read that one too!
  5. Dreamweb

    "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    And we're finally back! The story continues with Episode 32: The Queen and the King. Yes, its title is kind of similar to the title of the whole series. This is very much intentional. Also, for the first time we actually see the Spaniards, who were mentioned eariler in the series. The story also contains an interesting, perhaps rather controversial revelation. To be continued!
  6. How come I forgot this? I reviewed the thing! Oh well...
  7. Dreamweb

    "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    Actually I think episode 30 is a good point to start reading, even if you haven't read 1 to 29! Thanks! The time has come for the next chapter: Episode 31: From above Enjoy!
  8. That is not quite accurate. The Durmstrang Ship released in 2005 had 3 of them in light blue. Skeleton Ship Attack from 2007 had one in brown and the Troll Warship released in 2008 had two. In all these sets they functioned AS crow's nests.
  9. I like it! May require certain modifications, but it is a nice medium-sized sailing vessel. And I like the brown hull a lot. Plus you can always remove the Jolly Roger from the sail and make it a merchant vessel or whatever you wish.
  10. Dreamweb

    "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    Well, like I said, the story is back after 10 years! And with three new episodes all at once! Why? Well first of all I wanted to end the Laurantia story arc which had become a bit too long for my taste, it is a flashback story connected to the background of one of the main characters named Eve Hamilton and there are no sailors or sea in it (it shows her adventures on one of the islands which she visited while trying to sail around the world before the current events; the island is less advanced in terms of development so it feels more like LEGO Castle than Pirates ). We ended with Part 3 in 2010 (yes, really), so here are two final chapters of this story arc: Episode 28: Laurantia Part 4 Episode 29: Laurantia Part 5 And if you are curious what happened earlier, you can go to the first post in this thread, I just updated it with links to all episodes! And by the way, some of the images shown in those two final parts of this story were taken by me as early as in 2010, some in 2013 (I think), and the rest just recently. They are all mixed up in here and it shows (considering I used different cameras over the years, with different quality of images too). But anyway, it's finally over so we can move on to: Episode 30: Grand Sovereign Realm Where we are back at sea, on the "present" day of the whole series. And it is a true new beginning, or, at the very least, a game changer for our characters. What will happen next? We shall see.
  11. Dreamweb

    One of A Kind Ship MOC: "Barracuda of the BLACK Seas!!!"

    Excellent! You should submit this to LEGO Ideas, I'm sure it would sell like crazy if released!
  12. Dreamweb

    "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    Well, almost ten years after the last entry in my comic series, allow me to announce this: Kings and Queens of the Sea will be back soon! And this is NOT an April Fool's thing! What are the plans? To make the story look and read better. Those early parts did not look that good and I'm aware of this. But it's been ten years, and even more if you count since the beginning. We have all made some progress, at least I hope I have. :) I myself am also a very different person from who I was back then. Some big changes are coming story-wise too. So anyway, stary tuned for more of the story soon! And if you want to catch up with what has happened until now, here is the story so far - some of it better, some of it worse: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Dreamweb/PiratesTheme/Comic
  13. Dreamweb


    Obviously, this is very different from the original Ideas model. But actually I like it even better now. This is because I prefer ships over islands any day, and while I was going to buy the Pirate Bay eventually as it would still be LEGO Pirates, now I MUST get the Barracuda Bay - you have an instant ship in there, how can this be a disadvantage? Of course, I am not very happy with the ship being YET another BSB remake, but at least it looks like the best remake to date! Also, this is the first ever LEGO Pirate ship with visible tumblehome (well, except for the 4+ ship) so that's a huge improvement on its own!
  14. Dreamweb

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Let's hope it's true! That would be a year too late for a 30th anniversary anyway, but I will forgive this if new sets are released.
  15. That is indeed some very interesting information, thanks! Well that would certainly explain the inconsistencies in the look of this particular item - the stone pattern, the level of water on the sides, etc.