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  1. Dreamweb

    [MOC] Pirate Airship (steampunk)

    Good to see it here! I saw it live at the Olomouc exhibition. I was the guy with the pirate ships, not so far from where you were stationed. It really looks good in the flesh! I also happen to know that it won the best MOC of the exhibition contest (with some tough competitors)!
  2. Dreamweb

    [MOC] Car Model in a BOX

    Is this the one shot against my background? Anyway, good job and congratulations about the frontpage!
  3. Dreamweb

    [POLL] Best Lego Pirates Ship

    You're not the only one. 😁 I complained about this ship many times in here. It was a big ship, the largest back then. I also liked the sails. And the crew of course. But the rest is rather disappointing. The rotating cannons are just silly. And they make the deck look empty. The BSB had so many more cool details in comparison.
  4. Dreamweb

    [POLL] Best Lego Pirates Ship

    The best pirate ship? 7075 obviously, it has the best hull. Wait, it's not even on the list? Seriously, the Barracuda Bay ship is the best-looking one and she got my vote. But it does require some conversion, especially inside, from the shipwreck-turned-into-a-house, to an actual seaworthy vessel with guns and everything.
  5. Does the system still work? It's kind of funny how I am still number six after over a decade of not being a blogger.
  6. Dreamweb

    [DISCUSSION] The typical Lego pirate ship

    This is all a very interesting insight, and it kind of confirms what I have been claiming for a long time: LEGO is trying too much to make most of their ships resemble their first one. Anyway, your topic seems like perfect timing to me, as I'm currently working on a ship which I'm trying to make a bit more realistic compared to my previous MOCs, and the website which you have mentioned is a great source of useful images (actually I think I might have stumbled across that site a few times already).
  7. My ship (all of my ships actually ) just got a new home. The image is just a thumbnail for the full film which shows both display cases. Since Instagram embedding doesn't seem to work anymore on Eurobricks, just click this link to see the film.
  8. Exactly. In order to have top quality pictures of a real build, you need a real photographic studio and whatnot. When you work digitally, you just make some cool renders and you're fine, and it's easy to add custom backgrounds and other fancy effects. Also, there are things like dust, cracks, etc. - this happens to real bricks, even if you're super careful about them. This especially concerns the old ones, and there are a lot of useful bricks which can only be found in vintage Pirate sets, and not in new ones. And don't even get me started on old sails and what could happen to them. Digital models on the other hand will always look brand new, perfect, almost sterile. That's another reason why those two kinds should never compete against each other.
  9. What can be done to make future contests better? I know I'm in the minority here, but my answer is: never mix digital entries and physical builds in the same category. This just isn't fair and will never be. I am aware that someone in one of the entry threads stated something like: "Allowing digital entries lets the people who cannot afford real bricks participate in contests too". This is obviously true, but it works both ways: It also forces the people who cannot/do not use digital building software to spend more money and/or time to make their real builds, in order to compete with those who make their entries basically without never even having to move away from their comfortable chair in front of the computer. I don't see how this can be fair either. I know there are many people who build both digitally and physically. I personally know a few who start digitally, and then when they know the necessary pieces, they stand up from their computer and build the real thing. I have much respect for them. But I also know there are quite a lot of 'old school' AFOLS (myself included) who never learned how to 'build' digitally and probably never will, because they are too busy with, you know, that thing called building with bricks. In my opinion, the best and really the only fair way to go is to make separate categories for digital and real entries. That way everyone would be satisfied, and there would be no need to engage in unfair competition. I also remember that Eurobricks did organise some contests with exactly these rules in the past.
  10. And here's my new ship and some of my older ships at another exhibition last weekend: And a short film from the exhibition! Also, I'll be uploading more pictures from the event to my Instagram account soon.
  11. Well, here's my entry (bottom of the picture) along with some of my other ships at the recent exhibition, photo taken by Jerac: And another exhibition begins this weekend!
  12. I hope the votes of members who have just registered will not be counted? Also, why is this even allowed to be an entry, since it is stated clearly that it was built last year?
  13. Below are links to those two events: EVENT 1 EVENT 2 The first one will be a small local exhibition, while the second one looks like it may turn into quite a big show. Then I'll also be attending the exhibition in Olomouc, Czechia, which is an absolute killer (over 20 thousand visitors last year), but that won't be until November.
  14. Dreamweb


    My votes go to: MAIN: Imperial Trading Outpost by aex383 6254+6258 "Remastered" - Atolls by Amedeo Base impériale by omby54 SMALL: King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat by Kritch Pirate's Dock by ElephantKnight Buried Treasure 6235 - Remake by Omby54
  15. I'll be participating in two LEGO exhibitions in Poland: in 2 and in 3 weeks; the first one will be well before the voting deadline, and the second one will take place partially before the deadline. My entry in the contest will be among the MOCs which I'll be presenting during those events. Therefore, I have a question for @Mister Phes: will it violate the rules if I post pictures of the ship from those exhibitions while voting is still on? Technically, those would be new pictures, but the entry itself will NOT be modified.