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  1. Thanks! I really wish LEGO released the standard ship hull pieces in dark blue (to match the dark blue boats which some of the imperial soldiers were given). I did experiment with various sizes. Perhaps I'll still try that! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the comment! It's much harder to do than a regular hull, partially because of the curvature.
  3. Let's leave animals to the pirates. Thanks for the comment! Thanks!!!
  4. Thanks! Well in that case apologies to @Mister Phes. Indeed I can see your name below the blog post. Great job with the blog as a whole! Thanks, but because of the combination, the bow is extremely fragile. I guess I will have to rework and reinforce it a bit.
  5. Thanks a lot! EDIT: Arr, that's quite a blog entry you've made there! I especially like the picture of myself with the Duplo set. Excellent job Mr. @Marooned Marin !
  6. That was very much intentional. I had the building instructions of both 6271 and 6274 on the table while making this. The old version (last picture in the first post) resembled the Caribbean Clipper even more. The current version is more customised.
  7. Thanks mate! Much appreciated, thanks!
  8. Dreamweb

    New LEGO Pirates Discord Server

    Cool, I just joined it, as I already use Discord for other stuff anyway.
  9. Yes, the roof rests on tiles, so it's easy to lift. By the way, the new version is now on Instagram too, so check it out in there as well!
  10. Five years after I built it, I made an improved version of my Imperial Clipper/Caribbean Flagship. I have edited the first post so that the pictures now show the new version, plus there is a single picture of the old version for comparison. I really felt it deserved an upgrade, so here it is! I hope you like the changes I made to it!
  11. Cool, thank you sir!
  12. It's from the set 7881: Also, there's an even bigger hull in the set 7880, so maybe I'll use it someday too (although I'm slightly discouraged by how hard those hulls are to work with ):
  13. Thanks! Yes, it is very wide. I suppose it is playing-friendly, if you play with it gently - some parts are quite fragile, especially the bow.
  14. Thanks for that! I generally think that Duplo is vastly underestimated by AFOLs. There are some gems among those pieces too! I have some Duplo bricks myself, and there are a few among them which look like something I could use in the future!
  15. The exhibition of Wawlug in Warsaw, which ends today. Here's the section with Pirates: