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  1. Dreamweb

    [MOC] "Brick-Terre Tavern" by The Plastic Brick

    Well, I like this tavern a lot! Just imagine all the action that could happen here. Instead of being on different floors, Broadside and Redbeard should sit together and have a nice conversation for a change. Those front arches are really well done, and the whole building just screams "I'm part of a larger city".
  2. The ship is called Anne's Mercy and it was built by BHs (tantiss_by_bhs on Instagram). He didn't make any official galleries of that ship, but you can see some more images here: You can also take a better look at his tavern which was a part of that exhibition. He made quite a nice gallery of it, which you can see here (in fact those three pics of the ship are there too): https://www.flickr.com/photos/127227004@N08/albums/72157715281118448 Just a little teaser image of the tavern:
  3. Dreamweb

    [MOCs] My fleet at the LEGO exhibition in Warsaw

    That explains a lot, thanks! I will remember this in the future. On a side note, is it OK to bump an old thread if the MOC presented in it has been modified/updated? Or will a new thread be better?
  4. Thanks! I'm really glad I picked it up after 5 years and finished the job!
  5. Dreamweb

    [MOCs] My fleet at the LEGO exhibition in Warsaw

    So, just out of curiosity, is it OK to insert 1920x1080 images into your post? I always thought it was considered inappropriate and cluttering up the page, while smaller images are easier to scroll through. Then again, EB cannot generate thumbnails to larger images, can it?
  6. Dreamweb

    [MOCs] My fleet at the LEGO exhibition in Warsaw

    I'm sure at least a few of them have - which makes me wonder how the pictures weren't too small back then. There were more easter eggs all around. E.g. there were several Santa Clauses hidden here and there, and nobody knew their exact number, as this was a collab project. Thanks! Hopefully next time we will find more room for Pirates, since I know I'm not the only one who could bring something (I have no islands as of yet, but other builders do).
  7. Well, as (some of you) requested, here are some photos of my ships at the exhibition which took place last weekend in Warsaw, Poland. It was organised by WawLug which is the registered Lego User Group of Warsaw AFOLS, and which I'm now officially a member of. You can find out more about WawLug here: https://wawlug.pl/ https://www.instagram.com/waw_lug/ https://www.facebook.com/WAWLUG/ Although there were some plans to bring other builders' ships too, due to limited space I ended up as the sole provider of Pirate-related stuff at the event. And this is what my part looked like: Since all of these ships were posted here at some point in time, here's a list of names from left to right, each linking to its respective forum thread: The White Damsel, Juggernaut, The Devil Lady, La Volonté, Repentance, HMS Eternity and El Mono. Some more photos: Overall, I think the exhibition was a great event and there were visitors of all ages, who took a lot of pictures of everything, obviously. Some of them even remembered having the original Black Seas Barracuda or Caribbean Clipper back in the day. Anyway, if you're interested in pictures from the whole exhibition, which was packed full of great MOCs from great builders, here are two galleries uploaded by other WawLug members: GALLERY 1 GALLERY 2 And, finally, a film: Once again - a splendid event and two days of great fun. Hope to do this again some time, hopefully with even more Pirates.
  8. Seriously, I have no idea. I never tried to be historically accurate. All my ships exist in a fantasy world. Actually, although my comic series is currently on hold, I consider all my MOCs as existing in the same "universe" as that story. Which in fact does not take place in our world's past. Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like it!
  9. Then there was also the summer exhibition organised by LugPol, where we used printed water instead. The same will be used as the sea at this month's exhibition.
  10. I definitely will. In the meantime, this is what it looked like back in April (four of those ships were mine, the other two and the islands were built by other AFOLs - all great stuff). I took this photo shortly after the exhibition ended and just before collecting the models (this only shows the part with Pirates, the whole exhibition was much bigger, with trains and town and Star Wars and a lot more):
  11. Thanks! This one will be in Warsaw, organised by WawLug (registered LUG of Warsaw AFOLs). Depending on the Covid situation, it may be just people looking at LEGO models standing in another room, behind large windows in a shopping mall. A similar event took place in April and it worked pretty well.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! Now I'm really glad I finished the build after all this time.
  13. The comic is currently suspended (again... ) for an indefinite period, but if it returns one day, then I think it's very likely that we would see her. Thanks, it was indeed tricky to install the yellow ladders in this position, but I'm really satisfied with the result.
  14. Thanks very much! Glad you like it! Yeah, I agree it could use more. On the other hand, adding one or two more would leave almost no empty space on the lower deck, so the solution I used is a compromise of sorts.
  15. I didn't really think about it, but it would have to be French. Yes, it really is that easy.