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  1. Dreamweb

    [MOC] Fantasy ship with Nereids

    The fun is that you can use both. Thanks for the comments everyone!
  2. Dreamweb

    [MOC] Fantasy ship with Nereids

    This is another ship which I built for my comic Kings & Queens of the Sea. I guess it could go either here or to the Elves subforum, as this is not a typical ship with sails, etc. But I chose to post it here, as it is a part of the greater story which involves more classic-looking ships. Besides, the creatures onboard are not Elves. They are supposed to be (my interpratation of) Nereids - sea nymphs, mythical females who live in the ocean, or maybe their descendants, who knows... First, here's the Brickshelf folder. Now some pictures: In this universe, they control sharks, or at least these sharks - that's why they don't need sails! Nereids are much like Mermaids, but with legs - they live in the sea. So why do they even need a ship you might ask? That's a perfectly valid question, which will be answered in the comic. But a small hint will appear under the final picture in this thread! Some more images: And here's the hint which I promised - the ship carries some precious cargo which is held in these chests and barrels. What is inside exactly? This will be answered in the comic. That's it for now!
  3. Dreamweb

    [COMIC] "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    Thanks very much! Then you're yet to read the best parts in my opinion, as those first dozen or so episodes are pretty much so-so. Although they do have some better moments I guess. The quality of images gets better in later episodes too! Accpept my delayed happy birthday then, I turned 39 this year and I absolutely agree with your statements. Anyway, the story will be back in a new way, and I hope it will be better than before. Before this happens, I'm planning to introduce another MOC which I built specifacally for the comic, but it will be in a separate thread. Soon, hopefully. Anyway, thanks for the feedback. Thanks mate! There's more to come.
  4. Dreamweb

    [COMIC] "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    And here's a coda of sorts to the series, a summary of how the comic came to be and how it evolved since 2008: Behind the Scenes
  5. Dreamweb

    [COMIC] "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    Greetings! We have finally reached the last episode. You can click below to read it: Episode 37: It's Over So, there will be no more episodes. Does this mean there is no more story to be told? Hell no. The story itself will return, in a slightly different way, with a fresh restart, one day... However, since this is the definite ending of this portion of it, or the first series if you will, let me add a few things... I joined Eurobricks in 2005. I started this series in 2008. The start was rough. I introduced certain things which I now regret, like the dreadful aliens which now I have finally gotten rid of (fortunately, their presence was barely seen anyway). And the quality of these early episodes, both in terms of the story and the images, was frankly not that good. It definitely needed some time to find its right tracks. And even among those later episodes, there were a few stinkers. But it premiered in slightly different times... The times when people actually cared about the things you uploaded to Brickshelf, or to this forum. I remember receiving quite interesting feedback to this story, but also to my MOCs, which, I have to admit, were mostly awful in 2005-2008... Since then my building style has improved a lot, although I'm still far below the level of many wonderful MOCers seen here. But I use bulding as a means to tell the story, and I think the comic itself has also improved. And hopefully it will get even better when it's back in its new incarnation... Today, a lot of people on the Internet have become indifferent. They don't care, or maybe they don't have the time to look at all this stuff anymore. Do you remember the times when even crappy MOCs (like those early builds of mine) had thousands of views on Brickshelf within several days after uploading? And people actually discussed them, whether they liked them or not? I do, and I'm sure a lot of you do too. I think one of the reasons behind this involved the fact that there were less MOCs published back then, less galleries and forum threads... Today you have plenty of those and maybe it's hard to focus on specific things because of that. And by the way, those were also the times when each and every website did not attack you with "Accept our privacy policy" first, then "Accept cookies", then "Do you want to receive notifications" and finally "Do you want to install our app?" before you could finally see what the damn page is about. Each time I'm attacked by this crap, it reminds me of this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKl6YVubyv8 Yeah, the Internet was much more fun 10 years ago and more. And I see it not just on this forum, but on others too, where people were much more willing and eager to talk about thier passions and hobbies and comment on other people's work. The abundance of stuff is one thing, but the approach of people is something different, and that has changed too... And please don't interpret this as if I was an old AFOL complaining: Boo-hoo, they don't read my comic. That's not really the case. You see, I used to draw comics back at school (and I even suck at drawing) and then put them at the bottom of a drawer. OK, maybe 4 or 5 friends from my school saw them, but that was it. But I did it because I liked it. And the comic here is like the continuation of that tradition. And I will be doing more of it, even if it remains on the hard drive of my home computer. Because I like doing it. What I was trying to tell you is just a general observation of an overall trend. OK, that's all from me for now... Once again, this chunk of the story is over, 12 years after it started. I'm yet to make up my mind on how to celebrate this. I have a bottle of rum in the closet though... So perhaps I shall just splice the mainbrace.
  6. Dreamweb

    [COMIC] "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    The story continues! Brand new Episode 36: Good-Bye and Hello is ready.
  7. Dreamweb

    [MOC] The White Damsel - my take on the 21322 ship

    Thanks! Yes those white hulls are tricky, it's easy to make a ship look too modern with one of those. But in this case it works quite nicely I think.
  8. Dreamweb

    [MOC] The White Damsel - my take on the 21322 ship

    Excellent, thanks!
  9. Hello everybody. :) First of all, this ship was made specifically for my comic series Kings and Queens of the Sea, so if you're curious who the crew are and so on - just keep reading the story to find out. In that regard it's actually a spoiler of sorts of the series, but whatever. It is obviously inspired by the recent Barracuda Bay ship, with some twists here and there. The biggest changes of course include the colours, the third mast, but also the interior. The figurehead gives the ship its name: Some more images: The ship has a full set of 8 guns: The anchor mechanism is also different and resembles those of the older ships: The main deck has an openable hatch with a ladder leading below: The lower deck, accessible by removing part of the main deck: And its bow part, with beds and a hammock - something which some of you might remember from my HMS Eternity. :) And the galley in the stern section. The ship separates into 3 just like the original, so those parts may be accessed with ease: Guns in the middle section: And finally the captain's quarters: And here's the Brickshelf folder. That's all! I really liked the Barracuda Bay ship so I wanted to try my own approach to it. I hope you enjoyed it! :)
  10. Dreamweb

    [COMIC] "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    It is time for Episode 35: Dangerous Games.
  11. That's great news, here's hoping it will be approved now!
  12. Dreamweb

    [COMIC] "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    Hello again! Episode 34: The Last Man Standing is up! If all goes according to plan, we are only two episodes away from a grand finale!
  13. Dreamweb

    [COMIC] "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    Well, not so long ago even I didn't know it would continue. By all means go ahead! Anyway, Episode 33: The Bout is here, so feel free to read that one too!
  14. Dreamweb

    [COMIC] "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    And we're finally back! The story continues with Episode 32: The Queen and the King. Yes, its title is kind of similar to the title of the whole series. This is very much intentional. Also, for the first time we actually see the Spaniards, who were mentioned eariler in the series. The story also contains an interesting, perhaps rather controversial revelation. To be continued!
  15. How come I forgot this? I reviewed the thing! Oh well...