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  1. "Unlucky" is an understatement, lol β€” IT'S HEARTBREAKING! Great story & excellent display tho, m8, keep 'em coming!
  2. @Legostein never ceases to amaze us with his lovely little boats What a fine cute barque the "Lucky Seashell" is, I'm sure that Cap'n Fortunitas and his crew mates will get to say their word in these pirate infested waters! Huzzah!
  3. F1stzz

    [DIGITAL] β€œThe Black Pearl” by BrickMOCBay

    TY, sir As for your question, even tho BrickMOCBay's QAR has pretty much identical flaws to those I have issues with on Black Pearl (except for the cabin part: a heck of a nice job done this time around), I'd say that I like the Queenie better. The color palette on his QAR is no less than sick, probably the best looking one outta all QAR MOCs I've seen so far, including MOCYB's and kwakly's widely known versions. Overall this build feels much closer to the original movie design than BP, that whole cabin section and color combo just hit the right note for me here. If there's one problem to highlight in QAR build though, it would probably be the configuration of yards on bowsprit. Like, it's kinda hard to imagine the way for a standard rectangular sail to be attached there without bowsprit itself being an obstacle, lol, unless that sail would have some specific shape or size. Not a significant trouble anyway, so yeah, I guess the QAR build prevails over the BP one in my book πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
  4. F1stzz

    [DIGITAL] β€œThe Black Pearl” by BrickMOCBay

    Well, I guess everything's fine with this MOC, you can clearly see the influence of the original TLG design in it, but I still have to point out some things: 1) Rear of cabin has to have 3 windows as a bare minimum. That's the stuff which makes a lot of difference for us, PotC fans: simply check out the old 4184 topic and look at people's reaction to the first revealing images back then to get the idea 2) I'm not sure if PoBB-styled slopes on the stern actually fit with the straight sides here. The transition looks kinda awkward. 3) Standard TLG anchor molds seem to feel quite small compared to an overall scale of the build. Some custom anchors are definitely needed, IMHO. 4) Only a couple of sails per fore/mainmast? Even TLG's Black Pearl had 3 of them on the mainmast initially. 3 sails per each mast (except the mizzen one, no complaints there, it's just as it should be) would be ideal. I saw that Letbricks is already selling sets based off this MOC and QAR from the same designer, this is why I felt a need to share some of the issues that caught me eye in this build That being said, I think this MOC is indeed great and comfortably sits amongst the best BP designs
  5. F1stzz

    [MOC] Escape from Port Royal

    I'll be right back, when I manage to pick up my jaw UPD: aight, fixed it back in place, lol Nice pics, m8, again β€” truly stunning work, I'm in love with the whole lighting composition and that helmsman statue? Dude, that one's a pure art on its own Btw @mlucas86 β€” congratulations on being featured in Beyond The Brick's recent posts on FB & Instagram! Acknowledgement well deserved
  6. F1stzz

    [MOC] Escape from Port Royal

    We totally need some detailed photos of the port itself, especially in the dark What a creation, man, magnificent display piece indeed
  7. F1stzz

    Making custom sails?

    I see what you're up to, m8 I guess you can try to use an artist's canvas. It's relatively easy to find (should be available in hobby shops, if you have any nearby), not that costly & should be just fine for an inkjet also, I believe. That's, ofc, if you want that sail to be quite like those in LEGO sets.
  8. Which is a better one between the two, if u ask me! Nothing beats the original non-childish design of the Classic Pirates era, and I get that we ain't coming back to that one ever probably (I understand what LEGO's up to nowadays), but the 2020's version is, perhaps, the best possible balance TLG could've found between cartoonish "HEY, LOOK: WE'RE A CHILDREN TOY!" approach of 2009-2015 & the OG design πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
  9. Jeez, how many of those 2009 Captain Hats does LEGO still have? πŸ˜‚ TLG just keeps on randomly throwing them into various exclusives to this day, lol
  10. F1stzz

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Unfortunately, I think it doesn't depend on TLG alone. For example, if Disney's giving a "go" to PoTC 6 and reach out to TLG to help and promote the new movie among the younger audiences via some dedicated sets (as it was exactly what happened back in 2011 & 2017) β€” then yeah, I guess chances are there. The key point is Disney's co-op with TLG on PoTC series, if it's taking place or not. TLG can't just take a licensed theme and start putting out sets on their own. So my guess is there will be no PoTC sets anytime soon, at least not until 6th movie hits theatres or Disney & TLG come to some agreements on the matter.
  11. F1stzz


    Wished they'd have gotten ANYTHING resembling a proper base even at slightest, u mean πŸ˜‚ That "Armada Sentry" set of 1996 was embarrassing honestly, even in comparison with the Pirates sets released literally a year earlier. Hopefully, if we're destined to have another Pirates wave soon, the Imperial Armada would get a somewhat deserving refreshment just like Redcoats and Bluecoats did in 2009 and 2015 respectively (especially considering that Armada &, let's not forget, the Islanders are only factions yet to be remastered). Fingers crossed, as always 🀞🏻🀞🏻