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Found 6 results

  1. Ambush in the Rakath In the ever so restless Nocturnus, the civil war that eventually brought Lord Raavage to a fall carries on. Following his defeat, many armies under the command of the Black Spire were either annihilated or liberated by the forces of the Resistance. The remainder scattered and fled into the Darklands's wilderness, in a desperate attempt to avoid immediate death. However, the struggle to stay alive is not a capability possessed by all beings in Nocturnus, and particularly not in Raavage's armies. Once the magic casters are taken out, the undead soldier puppets collapse. But some are different. Those that have been infused with souls can maintain their existence, but their time is limited. They had been on the run for several days. Every bone was aching, several places had started to go numb. They seemed to have lost their pursuers somewhere along the way, but they were on their last legs. The Rakath mountains are a harsh place for the living, cold and barren, but the skeletons faced different problems. Their souls were on the verge of disembodiment. The magic energy that moves their bodies wouldn't last a day longer, forcing them back into dangerous territory. At last, they sensed the very faint presence of mana, coming from an abandoned tower. The door wasn't shut, one of them entered while the others stood guard. A window opened on the upper floor, an arm held out a mana crystal and waved it around triumphantly. They were saved! However, the moment of joy was only brief. The enemy appeared too quickly; it had been set up from the start! With stronger will than ever, but practically defenseless, the skeletons headed into their last battle... For the glory of Free Nocturnus! Additional shots: Hello Guildies and others! It has been a while! My apologies for my inactivity, I hope this Nocty build is to your liking. In my opinion, too little of the Nocturnus Civil War lore has actually been built in bricks, so I thought I'd start with that instead of my personal saga. Some techniques that were new to me here were the wall texturing and the modularity. Though not really visible on the shots, it features an opening roof, a ladder, a staircase, and an opening front door. Also, I had a bit more practice with trees/scrubs, which I think turned out nicely. Btw, I want to thank my sister for lending me here excellent camera; my shots are a lot sharper because of this! That's it from me today, comments and criticism always appreciated!
  2. Ch. 2 - Growing Threats It was a cold night, the kind thats perfect for a burning hearth and warm food. But Aravorn had neither. For he had been traveling along side the Rakath Mountains for three days, which was no easy task, especially by Nocturnian Standards. Had Aravorn been a lesser Ranger, he might not have survived. And even so it would not have stopped him, for he had not been wandering aimlessly. "The great halls of Erendir. A once glistening kingdom of shining knights and glory. Now just crumbling ruins", Aravorn thought to himself. Over time, Erendir had become children stories told for generations, tales that Aravorn knew well. "The irony still stings doesn't it father. To think we would end the same", Aravorn continued as he quietly reminisced in the still silence. Until he heard a large gathering of footsteps. "You look lost stranger hehe" The pack of Orc's chuckled as they revealed themselves from amidst the ruins. "This is not a safe place to be, especially for a human. Especially for a human alone." The orc's began to slowly move in closer, surrounding Aravorn. "I was looking for someone actually. Perhaps you can help me. They were a couple of Orc's. About your height and weight. Smelled just as bad too", he remarked as he noticed one of the Orcs tightening his grip around his ax. "Oh we can help you traveler hehe. In fact, I think they might be closer than you think argh!" The Orc lunged himself towards Aravorn. But Aravorn was already much too prepared. He quickly drew his great sword and blocked the orc's ax and so suddenly that it ricocheted off his blade. And in that split moment, Aravorn swiftly sliced the orc's head from his shoulders. "That swordsmanship. He's no traveler, Its a ranger!" The Orc shouted. "What's a ranger doing he!?", but before he could finish, Aravorn struck down the surrounding Orcs, making quick work of the pack. He was tempted to finish them off at once, but he needed answers and so killed all but one. "W-wait! Please, spare me oh wise and noble young master. I am but a lowly humble orc." The Orc groveled. But Aravorn knew better than to trust an Orc's pleas. "A lowly humble Orc? Do not test me. I know who you are, Thruk the Fiendish. You are no feeble creature", he remarked as he pressed his sword against the Orc's neck. "During the war, you served the Black Spire. You served the one named Lord Osiris. Tell me where he is or I will slay you here and now", Aravorn threatened. "I-I don't know! We never met him", Thruk cried out. "Do not lie to me", he replied, restraining himself from stabbing the Orc. "N-no it's true! We only knew him by name. We were recruited by one of his emissaries. Pharan, I-I think was his name. He was in charge of guarding supply routes through the Siccus Badlands. Maybe you'll find Osiris there". The sword grew dangerously closer, choking the already struggling to breathe Orc. "I-I swear t-that's a-all I k-know." Aravorn could not find himself to trust in Thruk but he was desperate for a lead. if he ever had a chance of finding Osiris, he was going to have to find Pharan first, or so he thought. Thruk, however, had now outlived his use. "I'll send him your regards". He finished off the Orc in a swift strike, granting Thruk his relief. "The Siccus Badlands", he said unto himself, looking over to the now dawning horizon. "I'm going to need a horse". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys, I finally got around to building something for Nocturnus. I decided to start off with a new sig-fig(Aravorn) and make my old sig-fig(Lord Osiris) the villain. As for the build, I took a bit of freedom from the traditional look of Castle ruins and experimented with a more blocky style of stonework. Overall, a small simple build and not my best work but I thought it made a decent introduction for my character. So tell me what you guys think and thanks for viewing Also, credit to 11inthewoods for the torso and leg combo on Aravorn.
  3. The Black Spire calls for reinforcements. The gears of war are finally put in motion and the terrible, most devastating fate of the Darklands takes its course. While the armies of Historica march to Nocturnus, a single colossus comes down the northern Rakath at the border to Mitgardia; the giant seeks neither glory nor riches, the pure lust for destruction and chaos makes him leaving his home in the mountains and entering the vale. Where he plagues the land, he erases villages. He devours the cattle and leaves nothing but desolation and death.
  4. Adair

    One Against All

    A Freebuild for the Guilds of Historica, and a continuation of my story with Adira Navabi. Reference this build: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=109756 for backstory. The world was still. No wind, no birds, nothing. Only the ragged breathing of the soldiers, and the firmness of the mountains beneath them. The dry season had come to Kaliphlin, and the Rakath mountains were no exception. Adira wiped an arm over her forehead, regreting now her choice of outfit for the day. Sure, it was still cold, but with all the winter-gear she was wearing it didn't feel very chilly. Things got even better after you add in a brisk walk, more like a crawl, up the almost vertical mountain face that had swallowed most of their day into it's sweat-soaked depths. Adira wasn't happy. Judging from the silence behind her, the troops weren't in the best of moods either. Fattened by the fruits of Berigora, they did not take kindly to such a strenuous endeavor as this. Adira had only been able to obtain several score of them, but she could make do with those, she thought. But with the Desert King patroling all of the lowlands, she had thought it saker to take a rout through the Rakath mountains. So far, she had been right. A shaodw fell across Adira's path. Absently she wondered which of the men had ventured ahead of her and looked up. A lone figure, wielding a drawn sword, stood at the crest of the hill. The setting sun fell squarely on his chiseled face. That's definitely not one of my men! The man took a few steps forward, apparently unperturbed by the High Council soldier's evident show of hostility. He looked squarely at Adira and a sardonic smile passed over his face. She watched apprehensively as he raised his hand, then dropped it. Almost immediately, all along the ridge, a host of Desert King archers appeared, arrows notched. Adira gulped, and a sense of dread started to pool at the bottom of her stomach as her gaze swept over their ranks. Looking into the eyes of their leader, she knew this was no chance encounter. Their on to me! I must be compromised! But by whom?... Their leader strode forward, a swagger in his step. He wore strangely rustic apparel for a Desert King officer, but he was clearly was Kaliphlinite. At least he's not one of those undead helpers of the desert King, or even worse, from Nocturnus. The man stopped a few paces in front of her, smiling like one who has his enemies in his hands, and knows it. “Good day, Adira Navabi. I didn't think I would ever come across another of my family fighting against the rightful Ruler of Kaliphlin, but apparently I wasn't the last one left.” Adira's eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat. Was it Possible? Had the renowned Amir Navabi switched sides? Gradually an anger, fiercer even then the anger she felt for her true parrents, started to fester within her. She felt a rough hand on her arm, and Udgr's raspy voice sounded in her ear. “We are ready to sell our lives for Kaliphlin, at your command. I will help you fight the traitor.” “That would be most unwise.” Amir said, his smile never leaving his face. “You know all your men would die, little sister, whereas they would at least have a chance at life in the hands of the gracious and merciful Desert King.” “All we need is your word, Captain.” Udgr said, not bothering to whisper now. Adira held up her hand, never taking her eyes off of the traitor before her. She knew what she was doing was selfish, and probably in the end, fruitless, but her anger called for no less. “Wait.” She motioned toward the sword in Amir's hand. “You know how to use that thing, do you not? Then show me.” A shadow crossed Amir's face. “You know the outcome of such a duel, and yet you still wish to fight? And why would I fight you, when I have nothing to gain by it?” “You have everything to gain by it.” Adira answered coldly. “If I lose, my men stand down.” A vicious smile crossed Amir's face, but Adira wasn't done. “And if I win, you're men let us pass.” Udgr grabbed her arm. His voice was urgent. “Do not do this, Captain! You know the outcome of such a duel! The traitor Navabi is one of the most renpowned swordsmen in Kaliphlin!” “I put the decision in your hands.” Adira said, ignoring the goblin at her side. “If you say yes, then we fight. If you say no, then my men will sell their lives dearly. Which shall it be?” Amir glanced over her, thoughtfully. Finally he nodded. “I accept.” Adira drew her sword, shaking off Udgr. Now was the time for revenge. Amir had died to justice, now he would die in reality. Amir made the first move. Stepping forward, he sliced toward Adira's head with lightning speed, then back-handed toward her abdomen. She blocked boith blows with relative ease. He's just playing with me now, testing me defenses. I should as well. I need to find a weekness while he is still warming up. Adira jabbed at Amir's torso, then made a cut towards his neck. Amir's hand moved lazily to block both, and for a moment Adira thought she saw him roll his eyes. Anger again swelled up in her, and she made a quick lunge at Amir's side. Amir seemed surprised at this, and was barely able to block her blow. Satisfaction filled Adira, and she pressed her advantage, slicing upward toward his chest. Suddenly Adira felt a pain in her hand, and her sword was wrenched from her hand. The was a dull thud as it hit the ground a few feet away. Adira looked up toward Amir's face only to feel his blade against her neck. His cold eyes stared into hers down the blade. Adira braced herself for the thrust she knew would come, but it never came. He jerked his head toward the silent soldeirs behind her. “Order the,m to lay down their arms.” Adira considered for a moment the possibility of ordering them to fight, despite thye blade at her throat, but then remembered her promise. If there was one thing she had learned from her adopted father, Magdeburg, it was to keep your promises. That was what made him such a successful businessman. Slowly she nodded. Amir smiled humorlessly, and sheathed his blade. “I considered killing you there, for a few seconds, but in the end decided it wasn't worth it.” He motioned toward the crest of the hill. “Take you're leave, while I am still in a good mood.” Adira stood motionless, her anger simmering within her. Finally she motioned toward Udgr and Sirhan. “I will not leave unless these two come with me.” An unpleasant look crossed Amir's face. He glanced over Udgr, and his eyes rested on Sirhan. After a few second he seemed to come to a decision, and he motioned for them to leave. “Fine then, take them with you. It matters not to me.” Adira slowly reached down for her blade and sheathed it. She felt more then saw all of her men staring at her, accusation in every one of their eyes. She tried not to think of what their fate would be. At least they will be alive... Slowly she strode up the hill, followed by her two silent officers. No one spoke. She glanced back to see Amir's eyes on her, condescending and triumphant. Her jaw set and she continued over the rise. Udgr's voice was at her side. “Do we attempt to free them at nightfall, Captain?” “No.” Adira answered, her voice hard and her eyes set strait ahead. “They will be expecting that. We continue on to Estolad.” To be continued... The build. I'm sorry for the out-of-focus Pictures, but I hope the build/story make up for it. From now on I will mostly be focusing on story, so please stay tuned! My next one should be up in a few days to a week. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  5. Blufiji

    Journey's End

    Meanwhile in the lands of always wrong story. The cold, barren, frozen wastelands of the high mountain valleys of the Rakath Range are some of the most foreboding environments in Historica. But not to Gal-Turok and his Goblin hordes. These mountain peaks are his fortress. Countless miles of tunnels and caverns, each guarded by small watch towers and outposts, serve as high ways to a vast underground Empire. Lonely, desolate and chilling to the soul, this land is the perfect strong hold. Gal Turok has just arrived from overseeing clan meetings of the various tribes in Nocturnus, and has returned to start making preparations for war. He has pledged his support for the Desert King, not out of any sort of loyalty or brotherhood, but to show the might of the Goblin Empire, and why he is The Great Goblin Uniter. 4th Wall: Despite this being a heavily inspired Mitgardia build, I wanted to do another project that shows the Nocturnus is still more than dank swampland, hence the cold desolate feel. Hope you guys enjoy it. Would like to make the following claims for UoP: +1 Studs up rocks and cliffs +1 Snow and Ice +1 Waterfalls +1 Fortification
  6. Blufiji

    The Long Journey

    As the long shadows of the setting sun creep their way across the jagged outcrops and the trees of the mountain side, Gal-Turok pauses for a second. The air is still, the land quiet save for the water from the small stream making it's way down. Gal-Turok smiles to himself under his heavy helm, reflecting on the the notion that the Rakath, the most dangerous mountain range in all of Historica, still has a beauty of its own. But even with that realization, it IS still the most dangerous mountain range in all of Historica, and he best make haste. Even as strong as he is, he is still one being among many, who loved nothing more to kill the Great Goblin Uniter. Third free build. For those looking for the Nocty Standard, the build has it. Ten points to the person who finds it! For the glory of the Darklands! Would like to make the Following claims for UoP: +1 On Landscape Design-Trees +1 On Geography-Mountains +1 On Hydrology-Running water/streams +1 Minifig posing