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  1. Beautiful build and picture. Glad to see you repurposed it for GOH.
  2. Eyrezer

    [Freebuild] Cobold's Crusaders

    Nice socialbricks, I read the whole thing! It's an interesting group of companions. I will look forward to following their efforts against the Crimson Knives. By the way, are you familiar with the Star Wars comic Crimson Empire? I was remined of it by the name and the use of the SW helmets for your antagonists. I also like the way you are making significant use of your CMF for this story (or maybe it actually the other way around given the time you've been planning!) Where is Arya's top from?
  3. This is special Aurore! Can’t imagine the trial and error to get the plumage right, but it has definitely paid off. Even the plumes of the cheeks are spot on. The swoop/curve of the wings around the platform is really organic, too. I especially like that shot where the blue sprite is visible out of focus in the background. Perfect use of the heart decorated 1x1 round brick. 😁 One minor criticism, I felt the background image from Autumn of the Hudson didn’t really match the text. It sounds like the build is within a forest glade/undergrowth. But that doesn’t go to the build itself.
  4. Eyrezer

    CDC2 CMF: LittleJohn

    Great series! I like the use of the hockey mask for the stone carver. I have a couple of totems of that in a Pasifika-inspired build in my city. Works really well. I like the orc farmer too. Nice to defy the stereotypes. I assume that torso is a reversed piece. Where is it from?
  5. Eyrezer

    CDC2 CMF DwalinF

    That poor fugitive goblin! There seems to be a real mushroom theme going around this challenge… I wouldn’t want to meet the berserker in a dark alley. Overall my favourite is the Queen of the Sewers.
  6. Eyrezer

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Varlyrian Temple

    Really nice build. I like the colour accents to balance the grey base colour and the 45 degree door. Cool bell too.
  7. Beautiful collection and imagery! As I said elsewhere, it inspired me to keep improving mine. I love the dryad base. I need to get some of those. And the hand piece blends in really well. What is the minifig head piece held by Hatto? The embalmer is great and all the accessories are top-notch!
  8. Eyrezer

    CDC2 CMF Kai NRG

    Nice series Kai. That poor soft-hearted Avalonian hunter! I like the rig for the astronomer and the brick build dragon. Overall my favourite is the pottery master. She’s wearing a Ninjago outfit, right?
  9. Eyrezer

    CDC CMF BardDandelion

    Nice series, Bard! I like the halfling pipe. Is that a screwdriver used as the handle? My favourite is the Lizardman priest. I’m curious - what part have you used for the column behind him? Second favourite is the Lionman.
  10. Eyrezer

    CDC2 CMF Eyrezer

    Thanks @LordDan, I understand what you mean. I think I was too focused on establishing some news races! I also liked Sofia and Gorki, so much that I built them a home and backstory:
  11. Eyrezer

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to Avalonia! I can now see your picture of Walt, so that seems to be working. What a diligent water boy.
  12. I’m slowly working my way through older threads/builds. It goes without saying, incredible set of builds that combine excellently. I love the idea of the centaur home. I’m curious, did you build an interior and does it have ramps for them to get upstairs?? Nice to see the front building off the grid too.
  13. Eyrezer

    [Freebuild] Skaldar Port

    Thanks @Louis of Nutwood, quite the elevation!
  14. Eyrezer

    [Freebuild] Notomys: Fish tales...

    Thanks @Kai NRG. As I’m new to GOH, my CMF are my only characters so far. I’m also keen to get my settlement to official “hamlet” status so I’m going to focus there for a bit laying the seeds for a story to develop. 😊 I came to the conclusion that a couple more nets worth of water would be needed to get the up-and-down undulations of waves, but I don’t have that many in my collection! Maybe in the future…