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  1. Eyrezer

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Onwards from hamlet to village status!
  2. Eyrezer

    The Cake

    Beautiful orange roof and rockwork.
  3. Eyrezer

    [MOC] Land ho!

    This is really cool! Thanks for sharing insight into the design.
  4. Eyrezer

    Celebrating Guilds of Historica, final contest!

    Very exciting! Can’t wait to see the incredible builds that will come out of this.
  5. Eyrezer

    Leaders Bewere: The Wulf-Tang Clan

    Thanks Ellen. No, I believe there is only the one photo of them all together sadly. Which is your favourite?
  6. Eyrezer

    [Freebuild] Under the blood tree

    Thanks! Yes it would fit very well in the Blood Sands. Let’s add to the lore by placing this tree within that region. Yes there is the octopus as well as the legs of the one Atlantis minifigs. They seems to add some nice organic shaping to the trunk. That’s a very good point about the staff. As for the fig, I was channeling my two nocty mutants from my previous figbarf. Thanks everyone else for the kind words too. It was a fun build to work on. Were it not for the gradient restrictions, I would have tried for more sophisticated foliage but couldn’t make it work within the colours. Next time!
  7. Under the blood tree The carnivorous blood tree of Nocturnus was rare - thankfully - and deadly. As it digested its victims, the soil around its roots would stain red. This faded over time and only the collection of bones within the twisted roots hinted at its terminal hunger. Build notes This is my entry for the gradient category of Summer Joust 2022. The minifigure harkens back to my CMF entry last year and the two Nocturnus troublemakers.
  8. Eyrezer

    [Freebuild] Seeking a spot of moonlight

    Thanks all, really appreciate the kind words.
  9. The woods of Avalonia were home to many critters, familiar and rare, wild and civilised, magical and mundane. One that was rarely sighted was the shy talzoin. Sometimes called “cave-bears”, the talzoin lived underground in the Wizard’s Spine mountains. The bipedal creatures were covered in thick grey fur and sported four eyes, which granted clear sight in the dark caverns and tunnels they carved in their subterranean domain. On odd occasions, talzoin would emerge into the surface forests for a spot of moonlight.
  10. Eyrezer

    Le Conseguenze - La Villa Moccenigo [Freebuild]

    Obviously they are scattered randomly but are all the same shape. I was thinking that a 1x2 on top of a 1x1 both in sand blue would make o a bit more organic- just an idea
  11. Eyrezer

    [Freebuild] Facing the Undead Dragon

    Great dragon. So bony! I also think the fire on the right is especially good - seems to have a lot of volume there!
  12. Eyrezer

    Le Conseguenze - La Villa Moccenigo [Freebuild]

    Nice clean build. The sand greens and blue are a nice splash of colour, although the blues may be a little too regular. what a crowd assembled for the duel!
  13. I really like those windows. I have two of those printed pieces too, but the addition of slopes underneath adds a little extra. I guess this is feedback for Andreas! 😁