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Found 17 results

  1. The River Begins River Barge 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr At the beginning of the Sil River, merchants seeking to make their fortune on the waters begin the slow journey down the river. River Barge 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Most of these barges are pulled by single horse or ox. They gently pull the barge laden with goods down the river to be traded and sold to anyone needing supplies. River Barge 6 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr From the Corrington side of the river, farmers often bring their livestock to waters edge to quench their thirst before bringing them back to their pens. River Barge 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The Oleonese constantly patrol their side of the river as they ride back and forth between their forts. River Barge 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr These tradesman provide a lot to the farmers and villages along the rivers shore. --------------------------------------------------- Kind of a day late and a dollar short on the deadline, but I figured since I built it I may as well post it. C&C welcome and appreciated! Thanks for looking! Overview of the whole build
  2. Prior builds: In the Captains Cabin (Bregir) Pieces Of A Puzzle (Ayrlego) Arriving at Mooreton Bay (Bregir) Dirk, Davy and Sergeant Gowan weren’t the only new crewman the Black Oak had taken on of late, and soon after boarding they were assigned various tasks and duties. It was not long before they turned up good intelligence on the privateer either. The crew were more than willing to talk of the rumoured Eslandolan treasure fleet they were going after and there was much speculation on how they would take prizes from the fleet. Dirk also discovered that on the way to Leopoldis the Oak had taken a Corlander merchantman and that deep in the hold approximately half a dozen Corlander prisoners were being kept in captivity. In Dirk’s mind, this fact, more than any other made the Oak a legitimate target for Captain Cooke and the Ironsides. Further evidence was uncovered when a ship named Shareka arrived in the bay with supplies for the Oak. The captain of the Shareka, Corvus Rohgert, came aboard briefly with a load of cannonballs for the frigate. He disappeared into the Captain's cabin with the Captain of the Black Oak, Hendrick Janszoon and the quartermaster. The trio emerged after an hour or so and Rohgert returned to his vessel. Of course the plan upon boarding the Oak had always been to conduct a quick reconnaissance, gather any information they could glean, and then sneak off as soon as possible. Unfortunately however that wasn’t quite how it worked out… Janszoon, now fully re-crewed and resupplied, had decided to quietly slip out of Leopoldis that very night. With no chance to sneak ashore, Dirk and his companions had little choice but to put to sea with the privateer with the hope that the Ironsides would catch up with them before too long. The three meet on the upper decks to conduct a whispered conversation. “Well a fine pickle we find ourselves in now isn’t it” declared Davy “Indeed.” answered Dirk, “The plan was always going to be for Cooke and the Ironsides to intercept the Oak after she left Leopoldis… of course we were supposed to be aboard the Ironsides and not the Oak!” “Aye well, when the Ironsides turns up we’ll swap sides I imagine” injected the Sergeant Gowan nonchalantly . “Yes, and if we can free the prisoners in the hold it will bolster our force – hopefully we can give Cooke the advantage he needs.” continued Dirk. "Some gossip you may be interested in Major, it appears that Rohgert bought the Captain some interesting news" said Davy. Apparently a portion of the greenback treasure will be disguised as cannonballs...." “Oi, you three, back to work you lubbers” screamed the quartermaster, spying the trio talking. With that the three men went back to their tasking. After three days sailing the Oak had spotted the sails of the treasure fleet on the horizon, but there was still no sign of the Ironsides. The next days were spent stalking the fleet from a distance. Janszoon was confident that a chance would arrive to pick off vessels one at a time. On the forth day cannon shot could be heard over the horizon, and it was assumed that the fleet had engaged other pirates somewhere to the north. The Oak’s chance came shortly thereafter. During a small squall that night, one of the fleet’s galleons became separated from the rest of the fleet and lagged behind. Janszoon took his chance and pounced, at full sail the Oak surged through the waves and gave chase. Dirk and Davy observed the Galleon from the deck. “Rather old fashioned looking” commented Dirk “An older galleon” stated Davy. “The greenbacks have been using them to transport their wealth back to the mainland since men first sailed out here.” “So the pirate’s confidence in taking her easily is well founded?” asked Dirk. “Nay,” answered Davy, “Don’t be fooled by her gaudy colours and stubby old fashioned appearance, the greenbacks still use them for a reason – they are strong and extremely tough and well armed for a merchantman. Also her decks are higher than ours, which makes her less manoeuvrable, but also means we will be at a disadvantage when boarding.” Davy pondered the situation some more. “This crew we find ourselves part of is new and has been hastily thrown together. Most of the men have never worked together before, although there are a sprinkling of old salts through the crew and most have had individual experience at sea actions.” “The notable expectation being me of course” quipped Dirk. Although an experienced army officer he had never fought on the high seas before. “Aye, except for you and the good Sergeant, landlubbers you are” replied Davy. “If we catch her it will be a close thing I predict. Her crew will be good and they know there will be no mercy from pirates – they’ll fight hard. I suspect that the Captain knows it too, that’s why he beefed up the crew in Leopoldis. The question I have for you Major Allcock, is what do we do in a boarding action” Both men pondered that for a while. While Dirk was still silent Davy added, “If things don’t go well for us we’ll never convince the greenbacks we are Corrie spies, they’ll execute us as pirates – if they even allow us to surrender… and even if the Oak gets away, the pirates here will know we didn’t fight and we will probably meet the same fate… or worse…” Dirk look up. “Then we hope that we don’t catch her… but if we do….” This next part came hard for the usually law abiding Major. “… then I guess we fight as pirates and hope Cooke catches up with us soon.” There really wasn’t any other alternative. Unfortunately for Dirk, a few hours later it seemed inevitable they would catch the smaller vessel. As the first cannon crashed out Dirk found himself crewing one of the cannons on the gun deck of the frigate. Thus Major Dirk Allcock, temporary military commander of the Corlander colony of Alicentia and Secretary of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy reluctantly became a pirate. The two ships exchanged fire for only a short time. Janszoon closed in on the galleon, who was revealed to have the name Alejandro de Vargas. The approach was made as fast as possible as to not overly damage his potential prize. A lucky cannon ball from the Oak knocked out the Alejandro’s rudder meaning the Oak was able to rapidly approach alongside for boarding. The men abandoned the cannons and Dirk found himself with Davy and Sergeant Gowan forming up with the aft attack party on the main deck. Small arms fire began to ring out as the Eslandolan Marines opened fire with their muskets. Sharp shooters from both ships masts began their own deadly duel. Sergeant Gowan, the best shot of the trio, joined in the shooting, and to the delight of the nearby pirates managed to hit a marine perched in the galleon’s main mast. The first grappling hooks were thrown across from the Oak and men heaved the two ships closer together. It was now, with the two vessels locked in a deadly embrace that disaster struck for the pirates. Just as the men were about to surge forward and leap onto the galleon, a wave lifted her out of the water enough to give one of her forward guns a clear shot of the deck. The Eslandolans manning the gun had been waiting for just such an opportunity, and had charged the gun with a musket balls and metal scraps. The deadly grape shot crashed across the forecastle of the Oak, cutting down most of the waiting forward boarding party, including the ship’s Quartermaster. Before Dirk had time to fully comprehend this event, the ships crashed together with a terrifying crack of timber and Dirk stumbled and was pushed forward with the rest of the aft boarding party. He leaped up onto the deck of the galleon and had barely scrambled to his feet before being knocked back down by the body of the pirate before him. A group of Eslandolan marines, led by a Sergeant in an old fashioned breastplate, polished to a gleaming silver and carrying a wicked looking poleaxe. The marines charged. Dirk just had time to lift his pistol and dispatch one before the lines crashed together. Hastily discarding the pistol, his sword came up desperately to parry an attack from an Eslandolan sailor. In those first minutes of the melee, the greater numbers of pirates began to slowly overcome the defenders. However this ended when a party of Eslandolan marines and sailors who were stationed forward to repel boarders rushed aft to join the battle. They were no longer required forward due to the fact the survivors of the Oak’s forward boarding party remained onboard the Oak. Now evenly matched, things were becoming desperate for the attacking pirates. Dirk found himself alongside his trusted Sergeant and the two fought together as they had many times on land. Dirk found himself facing the Marine Sergeant with the breastplate and poleaxe. He was able to somehow parry the first two crushing blows, but was completely off balance for the third. It was then a pistol ball struck the marine’s breast plate and deflected up, lodging in the man’s jaw. Dirk glanced behind to see Davy holding a smoking pistol. “Was saving that one” he commented laconically. Eventually the Eslandolan defence collapsed due to the greater numbers of pirates and sheer ferocity of their attack. The survivors, including the trio of Corlanders, stood exhausted on the blood soaked deck. The casualties were enormous however, far greater than anticipated – almost half the Oak’s crew were dead or maimed to the point where they were useless. Not a single Eslandolan survived. Night was fast approaching, and to make things worse it seems so was another squall. Desperate repairs began on both ships. Dirk could never recall much of what happened in the next few hours, the men feverishly worked in a state of trance to repair the ships in order to get underway. It was clear that they would need to return to a safe harbour with their prize before attempting another attack on the fleet. Janszoon was furious. Soon both ships were limping forward, a skeleton prize crew including Davy aboard the Alejandro. Dirk and Sergeant Gowan remained aboard the Oak. Then as the last light was quickly fading on the western horizon, a cry from the lookout alerted the crew to sails on the southern horizon… -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An extra shot
  3. The next part in my collab with Ayrlego and my category 4A entry. Prior builds: In the Captains Cabin (Bregir) Pieces Of A Puzzle (Ayrlego) Arriving at Mooreton Bay (Bregir) Continuation: TBD What Major Allcock had to report made Cooke regret the orders he had given Ferguson. The Athena could have evened the scores somewhat, but she would be halfway to Cocovia by now. The curse of hindsight. Cooke pushed aside these fruitless thoughts and considered recent events. Just earlier this day he had stepped aboard the old Ironsides, only to be greeted by a widely smiling version of his old friend Ferguson. "I have been given the honour of being the first to congratulate you on your promotion, CAPTAIN Cooke," he had said, presenting Cooke with a set of glorious golden epaulettes and the news of his promotion. "Post-captain" - he had yet to fully grasp his own bliss. And while the Ironsides was not the frigate he had dreamt of, nor exactly a flyer, she was still a powerful tool if only used right... And he found himself endearing to her already. His orders reaffirmed his position as commander of her Royal Majesty's armed forces on and around Cocovia, and in Ferguson he had been given a competent officer to assist him in this task. Which is why only hours ago, it had seemed so natural to dispatch him with the Athena to Cocovia with the newest orders and directives. Cooke had to admit other duties had forced him to neglect the colony recently, but Ferguson would surely make up for this. It was in the capacity of commander that he was now talking to Major Dirk Allcock, the ranking Corlander military officer on Alicentia and temporary military governor of the colony, and a friend and colleague of Montoya's. Being responsible for the colony, Allcock had been concerned by the build-up of military forces in the neighbouring Garvian colony Leopoldis, which had led him to investigate recent rumours of a large warship being stationed there. "Let me see if I understand you correctly, Major. A Garvian frigate sailing under a letter of marque has arrived in Leopoldis, rumoured to after the largest ever prize of the New World?" "Correct," Allcock interjected. "And you believe the prize is an Eslandian treasure fleet?" "So everything suggests, sir." "You have done good work, Major, very good work. One might take you for a man of intelligence one day. Intelligence work, I mean." Cooke said, forcing a smile. "Thank you, sir! All in the line of duty." Allcock said, bowing his head politely. "Diplomacy be damned... Even though we know all this, there is nothing I can do without risking diplomatic ramifications... We need proof," exclaimed Cooke after a short pause. "Might I suggest getting someone on board the privateer to investigate? We could arrange for certain crewmembers to... fall ill, opening up for replacements..." "A sound suggestion that might give us conclusive evidence," Cooke responded before letting out a sigh. "But it is a dangerous mission... And we would have to ensure our men get picked..." "One of my advisors... Russel should be able to arrange for me and him to fill those openings. He is somewhat of a rogue, but rather well-connected in the relevant... eh... circles..." "Are you willing to take that risk?" Cooke asked, and Allcock nodding in the affirmative. "Very well. I shall row you out myself to see you off. And you must get off that vessel the moment you have the necessary proof - take no chances! When you return, the Ironsides may have to re-earn her nickname..." And so, late next evening, a new purser and his mates were being taken to the "Black Oak" in the port of Leopoldis after the original crewmembers had suffered from alcohol induced comas... "Godspeed, Major Allcock, Godspeed..." "Thank you, Commander Cooke. I shall return as soon as I have the evidence..." ----------------------------------------- Hope you like the story and builds - C&C is, as ever, more than welcome. Stay posted for more. Extra photos in the spoiler.
  4. Deep within the jungle lives a shaman that goes by the name of Green Leaf. Travellers from afar come to him, because it is said Green Leaf can make dreams. He can make you see things that are not. He can take you on a trip while you stay still. Many people want to go on this trip. Not many people know Green Leaf is also known, among certain circles, as the Secret Taker. And among those circles it is rumored the Secret Taker is a man of great wealth.
  5. UPDATE! I've added some more pictures that show the actual battle between the crews. OoC: there are a lot of pictures, if you want the "poster shot" go here. The White Wind was an Eslandolian warship tasked with defending the treasure being transported back to the mainland. It had an able-bodied crew who was dead set on defending their cargo. With 10 canons, they knew they were not an easy prize. The captain had received a special commendation for taking this commission and was determined to see it through. Their sails were full and they were making excellent speed. (more pictures of The White Wind) But even though were going about 12 knots, another ship was coming up behind them and they were flying the black. They were being pursued by The Jade Piranha. Led by the notorious captain Zheng, his crew of miscreants aboard The Jade Piranha were after the treasure they had heard about from Captain Li Fang after he learned about the information from a whaler. They spied The White Wind and began their approach and assault. Having two forward guns, they began their attack long before a normal ship would be able to. While The White Wind had 10 canons, The Jade Piranha had 12 side canons alone and was more than a match for the treasure laden ship. The crew was a fearsome bunch. And their captain was not known for his leniency. (more pictures of The Jade Piranha) Using their forward canons, The Jade Piranha disabled The White Wind's ruder. Without a ruder, it was easy for the pirates to close the rest of the gap between the two ships. The crews prepared to face each other. Cannons fired! And then the crews clashed! When all was said and done, The White Wind was captured, it's crew killed or enslaved, and the treasure now in the hands of pirates! (more pictures!) OoC: Sorry that there isn't more minifigure posing! I was struggling to keep these two ships within my poster board for pictures and editing was already going to be a nightmare without editing 50 of the same shot but with the minifigures in different position. In hindsight I could have done a little bit more with close ups, but too late now! For those who are wondering, the sand green clips were from a PaB in the Chicagoland area. I didn't buy them with this boat in mind, but I'm really happy with how it turned out and I'm glad I did! The Chinese Junk design is based on a number of Google imagines that show up when you search for "Chinese Junk," surprise, surprise. Lastly, these two ships barely fit within the size limits of 80x48. They fit in the 48 width restriction when they are side by side like they are in the pictures and the only overhang past the 80 length restriction is The White Wind's bowsprit which overhangs by about 5 studs. I asked and the rest of the BoBS leaders are okay with that much overhang for anyone else who might be interested. I hope you enjoyed my entry. I had a lot of fun making it!
  6. This is the second part of a multi-part collaborative with Bregir which will consist of our Challenge 4 entries as well as a free build or two. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to make C&C as usual! Also I plan on licensing the tavern as a small artisan in Mooreton Bay. Prior builds: In The Captain's Cabin Following builds: Arriving at Mooreton Bay _________________________________________________________________________ “Major Allcock, you asked me to notify you if our agents heard significant news from Leopoldis, well this morning I have received some troubling correspondence from my contact there” opened ETTC Agent for Alicentia, Colin Jenkins. “Do go ahead my dear Sir, what are our neighbours up to?” asked an instantly interested Dirk. “It appears a large warship has recently arrived in the harbour there, my man claims it is a sixth-rate frigate….” Dirk instantly sat up, that size vessel was larger than any Corrington naval vessel currently in the new world. “A sixth-rate? Is he sure?” he asked. “He is ex-navy, so I assume he would know.” “The vessel is from the Garvian Navy?” asked Dirk. “Well this is where it gets interesting,” said Jenkins, “apparently she was, although her status is now unclear. The crew are rumoured to be serving under letters of marque and it has reported to have been seen flying the black – so I assess it is currently serving as a privateer.” Dirk by now was quite visibly worried. This was indeed major news. The presence of such a large privateer so close to the Corlander possessions of Alicentia and Cocovia was very concerning. The fact it was a Garvian privateer, apparently using the the Garvian settlement of Leopoldis on Alicentia as a base was equally worrying to Dirk, who had a latent fear of conflict between Corrington and Garvey for possession of Alicentia. “This is indeed troubling, is there any other information?” asked Dirk “No, that is all he had to report, that and the name of the vessel, The Black Oak.” Replied Jenkins. “We must find out more. I will need to alert Commander Cooke and Sir Thomas Smaugton on Cocovia, but without more information on the vessels intentions the news is of little value.” Dirk paused, Commander Jonathan Cooke was the Military Governor of Cocovia and Mayor of King's Harbour. Sir Thomas was the mayor of Quinsville, the other Corlander settlement on Cocovia. “Actually Cooke is due to visit here on his way back to Cocovia within the next fortnight. I must have more information to present to him then.” With that the two men exchanged salutations, and Dirk rushed off to plan how to obtain more information. A couple of days later….. Davy Russell, former Captain of the pirate vessel Bonne Voyage, now convict in Mooreton Bay, entered 'The Yellow Mermaid', a seedy tavern, with a suitably disguised Major Allcock. Davy enjoyed a privileged position for a convict – while some of his more roguish former comrades laboured away in penal work parties around the island, the charismatic and educated former pirate had integrated his way into the Major’s inner circle. Using knowledge accumulated over his years of experience as a mariner and his contacts throughout the Sea of Storms and beyond, he provided advice and information to Dirk to assist in the running of the settlement. It was such information that led the two men to this tavern. Yesterday a sailor had appeared in the settlement claiming to be from Leopoldis and bragging about a privateer crew poised to take a prize so big, they would never have to sail again. Davy, knowing the Major was actively looking for information on the rumoured privateer in Leopoldis, had dutifully reported his presence. Dirk, desperate for more information before Commander Cooke arrived, had donned a disguise and had accompanied Davy to the tavern to find out more. On entering the tavern, the barman, an associate of Davy, silently nodded towards a drunken and dishevelled sailor in the corner of the room, who appeared to be mumbling into an empty cup of rum. “Hello matey!” exclaimed Davy. Dirk waited back in the shadows. “Looks like you be needing a refill of that there cup! – Barman, two more of your finest if you please” “We only be having rotgut and you well know it Davy” rejoined the Barman, slamming two cups of sickly smelling rum on the bench. “Aye well, it’s all grog ain’t it!” then Davy turned back to the drunken sailor, who was looking around blankly, startled at this sudden intrusion into his misery and yet not believing his luck in a full cup. “What brings you here friend?” asked Davy. “They kicked me off” explained the indignant drunk. “Who kicked you off what?” “The Captain kicked me off the Oak” explained the drunk as if that made perfect sense to all. “Just kicked me off…. Told me if I ever showed my face around the settlement again they’d keelhaul me…. Me Rotgut Roger. Keelhaul me….. “ As Dirk observed silently, the conversation continued back and forth at a rather painful pace. Davy draw out that the drunk, whose name apparently was Roger, had been run off the Garvian privateer accused of breaking into the rum supply – an accusation Dirk had no problems believing. What was interesting is that the drunk constantly mentioned the huge amount of treasure the ship was expecting to plunder. Could this treasure be from plundering Mooreton Bay? Dirk didn’t think so, surely there wasn’t enough in his small settlement to attract such rumours. However try as he might, Davy couldn’t extract any more from the sailor, who had now lapsed into a drunken stupor, and was incoherently babbling in the corner. The two men turned and left, Dirk generously tipping the barman on the way out. Now he had confirmed the frigate in Leopoldis was a privateer, and one intent on some large scale plunder… but where and or who???? The next day…. Dirk was awoken early in the morning when Xochitl unexpectedly arrived in his quarters bearing news. A Halosian man had been found by her father’s warriors wandering deep in the jungle. The tribesmen believed he was fleeing from Leopoldis, and knowing Dirk’s interest in that place had sent for him immediately. Later in the day, guided by Xochitl and her attendants, Dirk arrived at the scene where a tattered man lay. Several warriors stood around, although none ventured to close to the man, who was clearly not in a good way – pale, with a visible fever and several seeping wounds. Dirk approached and indicated for Xochitl to bring water. “Ho friend, help is here.” Said Dirk in a soothing voice. The man looked up, his cloudy eyes not really seeing. “dying” he croaked. “must warn the fleet…” he gasped. “We’ll have you back in civilisation soon” replied Dirk, although he realised the sad truth, it was too late, the man was clearly dying. Xochitl passed him a piece of paper she had found in the man's pocket. It was a personal letter and quickly scanning it Dirk learned the man was named Juan deLuna and was a treasury clerk from the Eslandolian settlement of Nellisa. “Who are you?” asked Dirk, “kidnapped… taken from Nellisa…. you must warn them….” “Warn who friend, who kidnapped you?” “Pirates, Garvians…… warn the treasure fleet….. the secret is known…. You must warn them….” With that the man made a final effort to clear his vision, unfortunately he must have recognised the red uniform coat Dirk was wearing as he gave a startled gasp. “You’re not Eslandolian!!” he exclaimed. With that what remaining colour was left in his face drained, his eyes rolled back into his head and he died. Dirk stood up, shook his head at the watching Sergeant Gowen, who now approached. “Most interesting Sergeant,” commented Dirk, “It would seem the pieces of our puzzle are coming together” “If you say so Sir,” replied Sergeant Gowan. Dirk stared into the jungle pensively and reviewed what he had discovered. A large Garvian Privateer had arrived in Leopoldis. The crew of the privateer were boasting of a potentially huge prize. Now an Eslandolan man turns up, claiming to have been abducted from Nellisa and who died fleeing his capturers – capturers who were almost certainly those same Garvian privateers. And the dying man clearly concerned with warning the ‘treasure fleet’. Yes the pieces to this puzzle were starting to make sense. Another fusilier approached through the undergrowth. “Sir, our lookouts are reporting the approach of Commander Cooke’s ship” reported the private. “Excellent, let us go and greet him and Don Montoya.” replied Dirk, confident he now had enough to make a report and informed assessment. _______________________________________________________________________ And a final image to prove it's all in the 32x32 footprint!
  7. On Farmolis my home is the Octan Science Facility and Dormitories. It was designed to resemble the rockets of early manned space flights. At the base of the tower is a lovely pond with various local flora and fauna creating a very peaceful mood while also being a reminder of our scientific purpose. The building itself is massive and we have a lovely park surrounding us. There are 4 buildings around the facility that house restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. It allows us to get away from work without having to go very far. Which has come in handy many times when you suddenly have a thought and don't want to lose it! As an executive I've been assigned a housing berth in the upper red zone. It affords a fantastic view of the surrounding area and the park and grounds below are nicely lit up at night. I enjoy taking walks around the base of the facility and listening to the Growler Frogs and gazing at the Dragonfish in the pond. It is an incredible luxury to be stationed in such a cutting edge building while still having an opportunity to wander into the park below for some quiet solitude to do some contemplation.
  8. Being the home planet claimed by Kawashita, Orinshi is rich in what is known on Earth as Asian culture. Things like the characters used on signs or the building architecture can be seen to reflect the Oriental tradition. And being Kawashita's home planet, a day on the streets wouldn't be complete without seeing robots all over. Or items from the bankrupt company Aperture. And a fairly standard object on buildings equipped with retro TVs is the self correcting robot antenna.
  9. Challenge 4: Cat B Location: C03 (Torresta) At the outskirts of The Core lies a poor, neglected district. Not so neglected that the crime is rampant or out of control, simply neglected to the point where nobody bothers to go there anymore. Like this building, which most recently was rented out to the Torresta chapter of a charity, but is now boarded up. The only part of this area which sees any life at all is, ironically, the local cemetery. No one of great renown is buried here, nor probably ever will be. Although is looks like there is a freshly dug grave. I wonder who it's for? **************** I wanted to do some of the lesser-seen city elements here, hence the shack and the cemetery. I had planned to build them together on a common base with some landscape to connect them, but didn't leave myself enough time to finish, so you'll have to settle for them merely sharing the same sidewalk out front.
  10. Location: C03 Torresta "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this airborne tour of the M.A.N.T.I.S. Volcanic Research Centre. I'm sure most of you arrived here today by taking the monorail east out to this outlying area of The Core. This volcano is one of many that provide geothermal power for The Core, and you can see two power stations at the foot of the volcano, to the west of the main landing tower. The pipelines you see leaving the power stations provide both power and water to settlements all over Torresta! To the east of the landing tower you can see a large building with four biodomes. This is where M.A.N.T.I.S. scientists use the natural underground heat to research rapid plant growth. One day soon you may be eating vegetables grown in as little as a few hours using techniques discovered here! The four buildings you see in a row at the front of the centre are various laboratories. On the roofs you can see amplified radar, solar panels, a greenhouse and a landing pad. These laboratories are personally overseen by Big Sal, M.A.N.T.I.S.'s Chief Scientist! Oh! Speaking of which! Look down on the platform of Volcano Monorail Station. Unless I'm very much mistaken, that's Big Sal himself, talking to an elderly lady. What a treat for you all!" Thanks for reading! Didn't think I'd have time for this, but managed to throw something together Unrendered version in the spoiler. C&C welcome!
  11. Kodan Black

    [Challenge 4][Cat B] Goldie

    One of the most frequently visited and photographed places on Farmolis is the main park downtown. It is mostly known as "The Park", but the official name is Octan's Spirit of Exploration Park. The park itself is lovely and the grounds meticulously maintained, but the attraction most people come for is Goldie. At least that is what the locals call him, he is an embodiment of Octan's vision to explore the universe and with his stern expression is ever looking forward. His spear points to where he is going, with his shield ever at the ready. The beautifully polished black lava rock provides a stark contrast to the gold. Below the base are windows into the water that provides life for the flowers that give a natural version of Octan's colors. Lit up at night it is visible from quite a ways off. The soothing sounds of nature surrounding Goldie provide for a nice environment to contemplate Octan's mission. Some have complained that the status is ostentatious and not a good representation of Octan's values, but I prefer to think of it as a shining beacon drawing ever more explorers forth to wonder what is out there. Our winged champion is on constant vigil for what is next.
  12. Umbra-Manis

    [Challenge 4][Cat A] The Quiet House

    "The house has been quiet for a while. There used to be frequent stops by Pangolinus between missions, but now he has been missing for months. He built me in his spare time in order to keep this place clean while he was gone, but since Octan is rumored to have him held prisoner, there is nothing to clean. I even went so far as to clean the room where he keeps his organ. I was never allowed to enter that room, but the one time I passed outside of the windows while he was home I did see something which startled me. He was weeping as he played. The music would fill the house for hours when he was home, perhaps a reminder of something from another galaxy. Now, there is nothing." My cat A entry! Unfortunately I had only time to grab a screenshot and not to render anything. The lava+rockwork is by Jeff and is only there for backdrop purposes. 3D view will be added tomorrow,and a render hopefully sometime soon. C&C welcome! Edit: 3D View!
  13. rodiziorobs

    [Challenge 4] [Cat A] Labor Camp

    Challenge 4 (No Place Like Home) Location: C03 (Torresta) ****** Forgot to put Cat A in the topic title ****** Admitting his own guilt of his crimes against humanity at the MANTIS High Court, former Supervising Accountant Laszlowe had to stand and face his sentencing. Agent Raven of the Kawashita delegation offered several...unique...suggestions for the sentence, but the MANTIS judge insisted that the punishment fit the crime. The nature of Laszlowe's crimes had not been to inflict death, but suffering and enslavement. Therefore, he would not be sentenced to death, but rather a lifetime of hard labor. He was transferred to a remote outpost in the Torrestan deserts, and set to work in the Awesomnium mines with an armed guard around the clock. **************** "Hey down there, Laszy, heard some rumors you've been up to more criminal activity. They say you even sold a secret pain formula to some terrorists." "I have already been committed to my sentence, Private Rannen, and confessed all my guilt! Why do you..." "Eh, as for me I figure that's just giving you way too much credit. You ain't clever enough for anything like that." "..." **************** While MANTIS believes in uncompromised justice, it also believes in the supremacy of mercy; as such, Laszlowe's punishment was not merciless. Upon his arrival at the mines, Laszlowe was given a small syringe with a potent toxin specially formulated to his own DNA but inert to any other being. If he tires of the work, or of Private Rannen's particular brand of humor, Laszlowe holds his own life in his hands. Such an escape--a quick death--his victims would probably be grateful for if it were offered them. It was agreed that this sentence was fair and just, while still offering a measure of mercy, even if the guilty scum deserved none. 50% of the proceeds from the Awesomnium mined by Laszlowe will be donated to Andy's Orphans, a non-profit charity in Andromeda which assists in the rehabilitation of former slaves or the otherwise oppressed, and to defray the costs of relocation and counseling services of the same. Laszlowe's tiny cell is sparsely furnished, with only a bed and a sink inside. The sink is supplied by an external water tank. There also is space outside to hang his tools. The guard station towers over the small prison and surrounding dunes.
  14. Location: C03 Torresta I still don't see why we have to stop at this research centre of yours. I'm not interested in volcanoes. For the last time, Mom, I just need to pick something up from my flat upstairs. Then we'll get back on a train to The Core. Hmmmph. Alright, well, let's get on with it. No, you stay down here. I'll get someone to bring you a coffee and then I'll be right back down. Larry, get my mother a drink, would you? And do not let her come upstairs under any circumstances, ok? Yes sir! If I don't kill her by the end of her visit it'll be a miracle... Now, where did I leave that thing...? Here you go, ma'am. Our house speciality! Young man, there appears to be a large maggot in that drink. Yes ma'am! A fresh cup of larva java, on the house! ... ... ... ... ... It's very small in here. What the...? Damn it Larry! Your brother's flat is much larger than this. I already told you, this is just a crash pad for when I'm at the Volcanic Research Centre. I'm the First Branch Executive of M.A.N.T.I.S! I have an executive apartment in The Core, quarters on all our capital ships, and a whole mansion on Linopeia III! Yes, I was talking about your brother's crash pad on Earth. It's much bigger than this. What?? He can't possibly afford property on Earth! Oh yes he can. He's very successful. But he's never too busy to remember my birthday, unlike some people. Oh boy... His wife is lovely too. Isn't it about time you were getting married? Ugh, could this day get any worse?? Oh good, the coffee guy said you'd be up here. Damn it Larry! What do you want, Long? I just came here to tell you that you've been demoted to Second Branch Executive. Who's this? WHAT?! I'm his mother, unfortunately. Well, well, well... Your brother's never been demoted. It's just promotion after promotion for him, and... Sal, what the hell have you been eating? This looks disgusting. Oh, he's always eaten badly. I remember when I first took him to... Please let this be some kind of horrible dream... --- Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! The photos didn't come out quite as well as I wanted, but I've been at the Yorkshire Brick Show all day, and all day tomorrow, so they'll have to do. More below. Tracks and platform removed to show the landscape below: The basement of the station, where Larry goes to avoid difficult customers: A difficult customer, and the coffee preparation area: Sal's crash pad: Top view: Front view to finish:
  15. A NOTE to all those who have not signed up yet: Please still do so!!! Even if you feel as if the challenge has already started, there is plenty of time to build for all three categories! Ulandus needs members the most, followed by High Council, then the Desert King. choose by skaforhire, on Flickr Kaliphlin Civil War Book 2, Challenge IV Starts March 1st, Deadline for Category A &B: July 1st Aftermarket products that cannot be replicated in LEGO are accepted, but should not be the defining element of a MOC. Weapons / armor from aftermarket sources is always fine. (Final Preludes will be up soon (ish), but I thought we could get rolling on general signups.) Chapters so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 The Civil War is a three way battle between the Ulandians, the Desert King, and the High Council of Kaliphlin. You may sign up for the civil war on this page. The roster is at the bottom of the post. When signing up, please note your first and second choice. We will attempt to put everyone on their first choice team, but if the teams get too uneven, some people may get their second choice. choosingsides by skaforhire, on Flickr There will be three categories to this challenge. The winning and runner-up side of each category will earn points towards determining which faction won the civil war. Category A: Consequences In this category you will show something that has changed since the war started. For example, It could be a MOC about a boy becoming a man because he has to work his dad’s farm, a MOC of a person turning to a life of crime after their livelihood has been destroyed, refugees, the aftermath of a battle, etc… Anything that shows how a individual(s) life has changed because of the war. The build should clearly represent a defining moment in a person or person(s) life. Story is not a major factor here, but it may help you clarify for the readers. Restriction: 32x32 studs with reasonable overhang. Challenge B Unlimited Build / Story Challenge The story of sir Brick-a-lot. It is your job to chronicle Sir Brick-a-lot’s journey in the Kaliphlin Civil War. Sir Brick-a-lot can be your sig fig, or another fig you used for the war (no, don’t actually name him Sir Brick-a-lot). The fig does not have to be a soldier, but you should have at least a couple builds to tell their story during the Kaliphlin Civil War. Each side will be judged on the quality of the builds presented and the quality of their Heroes’ tales. If you use your Category C builds in your storyline, there is a limit of ½ of your builds may be from Category C builds. IE: If you want to use 3 of your category C builds, you must have three additional MOCs to add to your story. Category C – Dynamic War and Map Challenge Please see this thread for now on the rules. This is the actual "game" thread. It has links to the mini-challenges for each week. Please do not sign up on the preliminary rules thread, please sign up here. Also, all discussion for Category C should happen in the category C threads, that is where you will report MOCs for that category also. Category D - Victory Parade Although it may be premature, each side is throwing a victory parade in their regional capital. Builders should put together a parade in no more than six pictures. There should not be more than six parade groups (bands, floats, military units, Zem Zem go-cart formations, etc...) in your parade. Although this category will impact the outcome of the war the least, it does show to some extent the pride your side has. There is no limitation in sizes, but remember to photograph carefully for detail so that all of your parade is covered well. Finally, there should be a final picture that shows the Grand Marshall of the Parade's stand with all the dignitaries inspecting the parade. The winner of this category will be known as the Grand Master of Ceremonies of Kaliphlin. LDD - LDD will be allowed in Category C and D, but not in Category A or B (as it has always been with official challenges). Since Category C is voted on by the public, there may be people that have some bias towards digital bricks, but we will let that play out. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Supporters declared: Ulandus Goliath Gunman Infernum Kai NRG Garmadon Narbilu Andrew Spader Lord Robin Alfadas Elostirion Gabe Bacon Potatoes Kayne Rconn0 Marcu22 Rogue Angel Dragonfire Igunnuk Eelu Desert King Hammerhand MKJoshA Tomsche Lord Vladivus MassEditor Emma Sir Gareth Blufiji Disco86 LordDan Jacob Nion Robuko The Lego Dwarf DrCogg Umbra-Manis Brick Man Studios Captain Braunsfeld High Council Carson Haupt De Gothia Gedren_y Soccerkid6 LittleJohn Mike S TheUtilityBelt Gideon Maxim I mrcp6d SarahJoy Mccoyed Bregir Adair Jakorin Scarst BrickCurve Graham Gidman MiloNelsiano J031 Ty3r IF I missed someone from the other thread, please let me know.
  16. My entry to warzone 2. Aymeri and his men fortify a filling station, along the Qar Ahken River: An overview of the entire build: More pictures here: Link C&C appreciated
  17. Aymeri and his men take back the supplies, that were stolen by the Ulandian advance guards: Figless: More pictures here: Link C&C welcome