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Found 4 results

  1. A counter to Marcu's Guerilla. Continued from his build: "But Cedric... There is, arrh, something I forgot to tell you... I suffer from the, Aaaarh, ha-, aaAARrgh, hay-fever! ACHOO!" Overview by Beorthan, on Flickr Moments after the sneeze, the mechanical clanking of the portcullis shutting is heard allover the plaza, and the guards turn towards the spies, apprehending them before they can carry out their sabotage. Apprehension by Beorthan, on Flickr Meanwhile, it seems like Omar Ben Salem has been relieved of some of the weight of his purse... Pickpocket by Beorthan, on Flickr __________________________________________________________ OOC: It was fun to try to reproduce Marcu's build in my own interpretation, and I am pretty happy with the result. I discovered that I had scaled it down a little when I started posing the figs, but I think it worked out fine in the end. C&C is always welcome! For the Republic!
  2. A counter to Umbra-Manis's guerilla at E3. As the "Authority Figure" made his speech, the kids listening quickly became bored and started throwing fruits and vegetables at him. The result surprsised and delighted the kids, as the the "Authority Figure" started juggling everything they threw his way!: C&C more than welcome
  3. Counter to Blufiji's build ( Ulandus has revived several ancient keeps in Kaliphlin. When the Desert King stole Sands End's food supply, the city was desperate. Luckily, Ulandus offered its protection and food supplies to the residents of the town! No villagers will be killed by orcs on this day! Here the Ulandians can be see guarding the keep. Hope you like it, and that I properly countered!
  4. (Counter to Adair's A Warrior's Sorrow at A15) Somewhere along the road to the Nestlands The roar of rushing water shook Adira from her thoughts. Ahead lay a great mountain tributary, stirred into a rage by a waterfall just upriver. As her group approached, the noise of the cascading river drowned out nearly all else. She could see a narrow rope bridge spanning the river. The bridge looked worn and frail, as if it had not ferried a passenger in many years. Adira walked ahead to inspect the bridge. Stronger than it looks, she thought. Not that we have an option. It could be miles before we find another crossing, if another one even exists. This will have to do. Adira told her men to prepare for the crossing and discard any unnecessary equipment. She didn't want to take any chances, not after Adra's death at the Desert King tower. The men tightened the restraints on the Desert King officer. He had barely spoken since surrendering earlier that day. The officer glared at the river, and then at Adira. "I realize I'm in no position to make demands, but couldn't we find a more reasonable crossing?" Adira laughed. It was well-known that mummies dreaded any body of water - especially if there was a prospect of falling in. "And risk the chance of running into more of your friends? Or the Ulandians? Do you think they would treat you with the same hospitality? This bridge is our only choice, but if it makes you feel any better, I will give you the honor of going first." The Desert King officer grumbled under his breath and returned his gaze to the surging whitewater. Adira motioned her men to line up before the bridge. With the Desert King prisoner in lead, the small force began to cross the river. The old bridge cracked and groaned with each step, but held together as Adira's men crossed. The Desert King officer had just reached the other side when a shriek pierced the sound of the rushing water. Adira thought she saw the arrow before she heard it. Either way, it was too late. The well-aimed arrow struck the bridge's support rope and severed it. Almost instantly the bridge disintegrated, plunging Adira and her men into the water below. Those who did not immediately sink under the weight of their armor were sucked into the ferocious current. Adira tumbled through the water until she hit something hard. Instinctively she reached out, grabbing the half-submerged tree before the river could take her under. The current was too strong for Adira to climb out, and she clung to the tree with all the strength she could muster. Glancing up river, she saw a force of Desert King warriors materialize from the far bank. They had already captured the few men who had avoided being drowned or swept downstream. Adira contemplated taking her chances with the river, but she could not bring herself to let go. She would not let her men march into captivity alone. She yelled and caught the attention of a Desert King soldier, who threw a rope and pulled her to shore. Adira laid on the bank, coughing up water and shivering from the cold water. Several other Desert King soldiers approached, including one clad in ornate mummy armor. He glared at the insignia identifying Adira as a High Council officer. "I am in Meh'nak, a loyal commander in the Desert King's army. I'm afraid you would have found more hope letting the river take you. Your men will be treated well, but as a High Council officer you are marked to die. We cannot let you lead your men to an escape, and risk meeting you again on the battlefield with a fresh command. Such is the will of the Desert King." Meh'nak motioned for one of his men to approach. The soldier drew his sword as he neared Adira, but a voice called out before he could perform the execution. "Stay your blade soldier, this one will not die today." It was the Desert King officer captured earlier that day by Adira. The soldier halted and glanced at Meh'nak, who shook his head. "Don't tell me your time with these High Council soldiers has softened you. Why should I return to the Desert King and report that I have released his enemy?" The officer helped Adira to her feet and glared at Meh'nak. "Because I was spared when she had every opportunity and reason to slay me. Now I shall return the favor." Meh'nak did not understand, but he had no desire to argue with another officer in front of his troops. "Fair enough, but the Desert King will hear of this. What am I to tell him of this treachery?" "Tell him that honor still exists, even in these troubling times. Besides, our victory is foretold - there is nothing this woman or any one else can do to stop us. I thank you for my rescue, but please - let us show the Desert King's compassion alongside his conquest." The officer motioned for Adira to leave, but she would not budge. "I will not go unless my men are allowed to join me. Execute me if you will, but I will not leave my men... my friends." The officer looked at Adira's surviving soldiers. Unarmed, soaking wet and exhausted from their earlier swim, these few soldiers would pose no threat to anyone today. "They are free to go, under one condition: you tell the High Council the generosity we have shown you, and inform them their resistance is futile. There is nothing stopping us, all will hail the Desert King!" Meh'nak, the officer and their men then left as quickly as they had arrived. Adira grouped her remaining soldiers and again made their way to the Nestlands. ----------------------------- The full MOC: ----------------------------- Hello! This is my counter to Adair's great guerilla build, A Warrior's Sorrow. Adair, I'm sorry I could not do a better job recreating your figs, I hope you forget the "artistic license" here! I know I really took some liberty here with your sigfig and story, but that would have been impossible to avoid! Also, I apologize for the quality of some of the pics above, I had a real hard time shooting this one. Let me know what you think of the black background. It wasn't my first choice but the other colors I had on hand seemed to do a worse job. The black makes the MOC look a little too dark, but perhaps this works for atmosphere? In any case, thanks for looking and feedback always welcomed!