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Found 11 results

  1. The call had gone out from the Desert King; fighters were requested (more like ordered) to gather at Sultan's Gate for a crusade to rid Nocturnus of the Black Spire. There had been much debate in the Nestlands Clans High Ministry about whether to heed the Desert King's call. Not about opposing the Black Spire, but about joining the Desert King's forces beforehand. Ultimately it was decided that a small, token force would keep the Desert King's ire away from the Nestlands. The warrior group calling themselves A Flight Of Ravens volunteered for this duty. Beyond this, the priests of the Armored Eagle Goddess have decided that it would be an appropriate time preserve copies of the holy texts, pressed onto copper sheets, in a far off place. Somewhere upon the Great Escarpment would do nicely. The path to Sultan's Gate has the Nestlands Clans contingent passing through a barely dry wash near one of the latter battle sites of the Kaliphlin Civil War. Namses Setesh offered to guide Priest Ydreesur Albon to a shallow cavern where the holy text could be secured. Ydreesur had concerns about the layout of the cavern. Namses assured him that there was a moderate wall with a flat, north-facing side where the fiery portal could be represented. When all the texts were properly arranged, and portal represented, the cavern would be sealed by Namses with his recently acquired power. Raun McUrsgur has the dubious honor of driving the cart with its holy cargo. He is worried that this hump may just be too big to go over. Olik Funrirr is just vibrating with the thought of using his mage talents on some Drow flesh. Sorcha Dyrfyr is mildly irritated at Olik's bouncy demeanor. Fergus Kenzit has been singing songs of bed conquests, and his sister Nessi is about ready to knock him senseless. The cargo for this journey. The gold chest is the agreed upon taxes that the Nestlands Clans owed to the Desert King. Since the tax collector never showed up, it was decided that the taxes delivered this way would be advantageous. Particularly when the High Ministry wanted the Desert King to be mindful in protecting the southern Rakath from invasion. The large crate holds the painstakingly crafted copper sheets of holy text. The right barrel contains the orange paint for representing the fiery portal. The left barrel contains the oh so precious fresh water. The brown chest has a bunch of dried meat sticks, mostly mountain cat, and enough wax to fill the ears of the whole party. The wax was included because there was rumor that the Desert King was to make some "prophetic announcement", so the priests were kind enough to provide this protection from the usurper's demagoguery. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's some more overall and detail thumbnails (including empty shots). Click to view larger. ------------------------------------------------------ CCC (Please!)
  2. In the GOH timeline, these events happened mere hours after the events in Nestlands Clans Embassy in Nocturnus: Lord Vladivus' Visit, part 1. -------------------------------------------------- Ambassador Bloodmane: It took quite some work to clear the blood fountain of what the Drow had done to it. I'm told it is one of Danag's original fountains. Lord Vladivus: Is that what I think it is? Ambassador Bloodmane: Aye, but I must caution you with its use. Once summoned it will only do your bidding once, and then it will escape back to its own realm. This war of yours will be a hard one, and you will incur some losses. You should keep this in reserve until your need is greatest. Lord Vladivus: I will keep that in mind. This has been a pleasant and fruitful trip, but Shadowmere and the war beckon. Ambassador Bloodmane: Well then, I'll have my people carry these to your zombies. Lord Vladivus: Kasalia, I will be leaving now. Librarian Kasalia mutters an unintelligible reply without even looking up from the scroll she is examining. Lord Vladivus shrugs. Lord Vladivus: Take care of her. Ambassador Bloodmane: She'll be safe here. ----------------------------------------------------------- Upstairs in the study area before the Nestlands Embassy Grand Library: Twali: Mistress, do we stay? Librarian Kasalia: We stay. You guard. She gives a sidelong glance at the Avalonian mage to her left, sniffing the air to get a sense of his power. Nolan Baar, a minor mage from central Avalonia, is here to study the raising of phantasms and specters. His aim is to use these to patrol the remaining Drow tunnels in Avalonia. Nolan Baar: Such bounty in this place. Food and knowledge. Nolan needs to be a bit more careful, as his sword is about to knock over the game board. It is an odd conquest game that Nolan hopes the Ambassador will teach him. Kasalia has pulled Nolan's trencher over to hold the scroll she is reading. The scroll details the construction of the first temple to the Armored Eagle Goddess, built by the Sky Elves. ------------------------------------------------------------- Above the study area are the symbols of Ambassador Bloodmane's faith, a statue of the humanoid version of the Armored Eagle Goddess and a representation of the Staff of Winged Grace. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a shot of the build sans character figs and loose items. More detail shots can be found in this Flickr album. ---------------------------------------------------- CCC
  3. Adair


    A free-build for the Guilds of Historica and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Please check here: and the ones before it for backstory. This is also a cross-over with gedren_y, so please go check out his fantastic builds! Long Live the Kaliphlin and the High Council! The humid climate of the Nestlands was usually not very appealing to most Kaliphlinians, but to Adira it felt like heaven. The freedom this land brought her people was worth a thousand discomforts, though her own mind remained trapped in anger. And after the frigid cold of the mountain path behind her, the warm weather wasn't so bad. The people of Estolad weren't the only ones who had fled to the Nestlands, apparently. A large population of refugees already existed on the southern face of the mountain of Edst Nol where the people of the Nestlands had prepared housing for an occupation that never came. They, for the most part, gladly welcomed the refugees, among them, meeting them on the path coming down from the pass with blankets and food. Adira wandered among them, trying to help, but for the most part being ignored. She refused to show any emotion except concern, but on the inside her anger and hurt did nothing but fester and grow. What have I but the love and trust of my people? If they do not trust me, what reason have I yet to live? Yet the answer always came back with equal resonance, cold and ruthless. Revenge. The Desert King has taken everything from me, even my two most trusted friends. I will hunt down Sirhan until there is no place left for him to hide. Then I will kill him. The sound of someone standing silently behind her reached Adira's ear but she refused respond. She did not, however, walk away. Let them bring their complaints somewhere else, I no longer govern this people. I am a useless appendage. “Lady Magdeburg. I have heard of your loss, and bring you the condolence of my people. Please except any help we can give you and your people.” The voice had a slight Nestlands accent, but was still recognizable. Adira had met the Nestlands Minister of External Affairs Aturl Prndrn when she was first deployed in the Nestlands as a Guerrilla not even a year ago. “There is nothing you, or anyone can do.” She turned. “But thank you none the less.” Aturl nodded slowly. “If there is nothing to be done, then what does the Lady of Estolad plan to do?” Adira smiled sardonically at the title. “Bring my enemies down with me.” “A noble aspiration. And this will heal you?” The Minister asked. Adira paused, considering. Finally she spoke. “A shattered vase can not be mended, but it can stab the one who broke it.” Aturl was silent for some seconds. “I wish I could go with you, but since I am tied down here I will help you all I can. Tell us what weapons, disguises, and food you will need, and we will supply them as best we can. And when you wish for solace, come to the Nestlands. Perhaps your people will have you back.” To be continued... The build. Those on Flickr saw this several months ago, but I finally have been able to use it in GoH! Yay.... Also, please check out Gedren's builds: Expect my next post in roughly a week or two (most likely the latter). Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  4. Nestlands Clans Embassy in Nocturnus: ~ A brief history ~ The ancient fortress, now rebuilt as the Nestlands Clans Embassy, was first built upon a wide, but low, plateau of granite at the edge of the Moruth Swamplands, along a major trade route. Immediately south was fertile farmland. Very quickly the initial walled fort became a great center of trade. Then everything got bloody. The fortress was fought over countless times over centuries, and rebuilt after each engagement, often by those who conquered it. The place has had many names, given to it by the many different cultures that have occupied it, and with nearly as many different building styles. The countless wars, though, had taken their toll on the land. The once fertile farmland, had become a wasteland so soaked with blood that even today it is a deep red color, and referred to as the Blood Sands. With the loss of farming, trade dried up. Eventually the fortress was abandoned, simply because its occupants couldn't afford to maintain it. Thus, the mighty place began to be eaten by the swamp. The fortress had a minor resurgence about 300 years ago. A drow family built up the interior as a place to launch a major campaign of conquest. They renamed it Kas'ret Vud. Their plans were all for naught, though, because not far to the southwest the Clawbreakers Clan of werewolves had claimed a large tract of territory. While they had no real interest in the old, moldering fortress, a drow stronghold so close could not be tolerated. The war over Kas'ret Vud ended with the drow retreating back to the depths, but not before they befouled the place with their blood and other bodily fluids. The stench was so intolerable to the Clawbreakers that they demolished as much of the place as they had the energy to do so (mostly the drow construction). Then the werewolves left, allowing the swamp to reclaim the place once again. Eventually control of the land where Kas'ret Vud once stood fell to Shadowmere, the current domain of Lord Vladivus. Lord Vladivus' friendship with the Nestlands clansman, and fleshmage, Neord Bloodmane allowed the man to use the old fortress as a base of operations, as he traveled Nocturnus. (This was long before the Nestlands Clans announced themselves to the rest of Historica. Shh!) ------------------------------------------- ~Today~ Currently the Fleshmage Neord Bloodmane is the Nestlands Clans Ambassador to Nocturnus, and Lord Vladivus has graciously allowed him to rebuild Kas'ret Vud into an embassy. Construction had taken far longer than anticipated, thanks to the Kaliphlin Civil War, but the place is far enough along that Neord has issued an invitation to Lord Vladivus, and a small number of his retinue. ----------------------------------------- ~In Lord Vladivus' study, shortly after the departure of Lord Mortis~ Lord Vladivus has been feeling the pressure for action against the Black Spire, but the business of governance had to be taken care of if Shadowmere were to prosper once the enemy falls. Lady Sithanna sits to his right, somewhat bored with the details. A rap at the door comes. Lord Vladivus: Enter. The guard enters, carrying a fine scroll, wrapped in ribbon with gold end-caps. Guard: Message from the Nestlands Ambassador. Lady Sithanna perks up. Lord Vladivus is quick to remove the ribbon and read the ornate script. Lord Vladivus: "Ambassador Neord Bloodmane, Fleshmage, formally invites Lord Vladivus, and a small number of his retinue, to enjoy the hospitality of the Nestlands Clans Embassy. There is fine 'drink' and great knowledge to be had as you view artisans at work, creating new grandeur." Lady Sithanna: What is that supposed to mean? Lord Vladivus: It means the place is livable, but still being renovated. Shh. "The Embassy can now boast a full copy of the Nestlands Clans Archive for your perusal. Come, learn, and prepare yourself for the days ahead." Lady Sithanna: Are you going to go? Lord Vladivus: Hmm, "knowledge to be had"? The man has some intelligence to share about the Spire. He just didn't want to state it outright, in case the message was intercepted. Lady Sithanna begins to rush to her quarters to pack. Lord Vladivus: Sithanna, wait. She stops, and turns to glare at Lord Vladivus. Lord Vladivus: I can only take a small party, and that means Krell will be staying here. I need to leave someone in command whom he can respect. That is you. Lady Sithanna: But that 'neice' of yours gets to go, doesn't she? Lord Vladivus: To study this "Nestlands Clans Archive". She will likely stay for quite some time. In any event, if this intelligence proves fruitful, we may be off to fight again ourselves. Lady Sithanna leaves Lord Vladivus to prepare for his journey, still mildly upset, but willing to follow his plan. ----------------------------------------- The passage through the Moruth Swamplands to the Nestlands Clans Embassy was uneventful, as if the swamps themselves wanted to hasten Lord Vladivus' trip. The mood was hushed, as all were always on the look out for Black Spire forces. The worst that happened was a continuous heavy wind. This had Lord Vladivus irritated, as somehow in the rushed preparations he had left his helm behind. Arrival at the main gate of the outer wall, at the south side of the Embassy, was anticlimactic. Some temporary fencing and signs directed the small group to the southwestern corner, where the new Embassy's main entrance lay. Lord Vladivus, with his hair completely mussed and damp, is quite ready for this meeting. Librarian Kasalia, Lord Vladivus' neice by a half-brother, and Keeper of the Dark Library, is a little more reserved. She has rarely been seen outside of Shadowmere, and does not know Neord well enough, though she thinks he smells nice. ~About Kasalia~ Kasalia is the child of two half-vampires, and is actually more vampire than her uncle. Her father, Lord Vladivus' half-brother, is a great deal older than the Lord of Shadowmere. Kasalia herself is nearly a decade older than him, as well. Kasalia's maternal grandfather, of which there is some record, is said to have been something other than human before becoming a vampire. His name isn't spoken aloud, for good reason, and hasn't been seen in years. Kasalia's mother is long dead, slain by some anti-vampire fanatic. Thanks to her breeding, Kasalia is somewhat different than other born vampires. What is on her head is not hair, but a flap of bat hide that has bones, muscles and tendons. When stressed, or angered, she can splay it up into a wing-like halo. She is a bit jealous of those born vampires who have actual wings. Another difference Kasalia has is her fangs, that while prominent, are strangely spaced and shaped like corkskrews. As a result, she doesn't like to display them. Kasalia has a greater bloodthirst than her uncle, but has the added benefit of gaining language skills (speech, reading and writing) from those whom she drinks, if the blood is coming from the brain. Kasalia has only a little in the way of mage talents, which are somewhat amplified by her wand. With it she can call small magical flames, and levitate inanimate objects. The wand itself is a sturdy thing, made from the spine of something called an 'egnared'. The creature that sold it to her didn't know any more than that. In a pinch, Kasalia can beat someone's skull open with it. Librarian Kasalia's mount is the zombified remains of a kelpie, brought to Shadowmere from the Mystic Isles at great expense, and raised by Krell. How Kasalia came to meet her uncle, you can ask Lord Vladivus . . . if you dare. ------------------------------- ~Today~ Kasalia had been missing Lord Mortis since he had left with Lady Sonja. He had been quite a pleasure to have about the Dark Library, and a welcome distraction from the presence of Lord Anfauglir. Lord Anfauglir had done nothing untoward with his ally's neice, but his scent bothered Kasalia in a way she couldn't accurately explain. For the moment, she is glad to be away from him. Holding tight to her wand as a wave of bloodlust struck her, Kasalia leaned over to whipser to Lord Vladivus. Librarian Kasalia: He smells tasty. That blood, it comes from his brain? Lord Vladivus: Easy, Kasalia. You wouldn't want to drink from him. Librarian Kasalia: But I could learn so much. And he smells of power, like Krell. Lord Vladivus: And that power would have you in drunken giggling fits for hours. I've seen pure blood vampires dancing on the ceiling for a week after a taste of his blood. My vampirism is thinner than yours, and I was barely able to ride home after a small taste of that. Neord, dressed for combat, weilding his fleshblade and ruby shield, rushed to greet his friend, but gave him a moment to calm his neice. It also gave him time to catch his breath, since he had been heavily training with his 'men' as the group rode up. Ambassador Bloodmane: Lord Vladivus, you have finally made it. And this must be that librarian neice your missives have extoled. Good lady, you may call me Neord. You two must be parched. Come in. I'll have some refreshments readied in my office. Your zombie guards can remain here? Lord Vladivus nodded and dismounted, leaving his sword with his horse. Librarian Kasalia followed suit, though she kept ahold of her wand. As Neord walked up the steps, the doors opened without even a motion from the Ambassador. He went in without even a pause, and Lord Vladivus followed suit. Lord Vladivus paused to take in the details of the space, just as Kasalia passed the threshold, her wand flaring in power for some reason. (OOC: Too much light for photography.) Ambassador Bloodmane: Well, now that is interesting. Yours is the first magical weapon, other than my own, to pass beyond that door. Huh? I really should commend the dwarf who installed it. A calcualting gleam passed before Lord Vladivus' eyes as he watched Kasalia become a little unsteady with the gleaming wand. Lord Vladivus: Do you think she will have more power now? Ambassador Bloodmane: Most definitely. But for now I think she should set it in the mounting behind you. Librarian Kasalia: Oh . . . uh? Hmm. Neord set his weapon and shield in the mounting near his hand, and retrieved his magical staff. Ambassador Bloodmane: It will be quite safe. The mountings are warded. Only the person who places something in them can retrieve it. Anyone else who tries will be paralyzed until someone else with enough power can revive them. One of the werewolves barely brushed it once while my sword was in it, and lost the use of his arm. I let it stay that way for a week to teach him, and others, a lesson. My staff has its own way of deterring unwanted touching. Librarian Kasalia: Eer . . . uh, okay. While Neord was convincing Kasalia to lay her wand down, Lord Vladivus became fascinated by the wall display. Lord Vladivus: Is that living flesh you have stretched on the wall? Ambassador Bloodmane: Correct. There is more of it as cushioning on the benches around my worldviewer in the courtyard. Shall we head to my office? I have found some information you may find useful. Lord Vladivus and Ambassador Bloodmane head up a small incline, back to the east. Librarian Kasalia, having placed her wand in the mounting, felt much better. She would have to feed before she held her wand again. Noting the others' absence, Kasalia sniffed the air and rushed after them. The door closed on its own. ---------------------------------------- The content of the office meeting is withheld. If Lord Vladivus deems it appropriate, he may discuss it with you. ---------------------------------------- Some additional pics of the foyer, sans figs. Some of the parts must have shifted during rotation (for better lighting). Got a little too close with the close up. A quick shot of the ceiling, which I had to remove for the interior shots. The look is a bit of a sacrifice for weight distribution. ----------------------------------------- ~Back outside~ Most of Lord Vladivus' zombie guards (not shown) position themselves along the walls between the outer gate and the Embassy door. One very special zombie guard, Twali, positions herself in front of the door. ~About Twali~ Twali was once a water nymph. Under a magical compulsion she was forced to take part in the Siege of Shadowmere. She was slain, and then raised by Krell to fight for Shadowmere. Something about being what she was, and the compulsion she was under, made Twali a most unusual zombie. She is more aware, more of what she was in life than the others. To maintain this aliveness, though, Twali needs to feed on some live freshwater creature once every three months. Most of the swamp-dwelling creatures count as 'freshwater', though, so there is no limited supply. When Lord Vladivus found out about what had happened, he was sorry for it. The problem is that the only way to undo Twali's current existence would be to kill her again. Given her predicament, Lord Vladivus is quite generous in giving Twali the honor of being Librarian Kasalia's personal guard. ---------------------------- ~Today~ Twali has noticed something strange upon the battlements, and sighted her bow. A werewolf and a minotaur are locked in combat. If their attention turns this way, Twali will loose her arrow. She needn't worry, though. Gurf Hossenstneed, the minotaur, and Zurk Narbark, the werewolf, are just testing their skills by sparring up high. ~About Gurf Hossenstneed~ Gurf talks about himself very little. We know that his mother has a sister that married a Kaliphlin minotaur, and that their son was last known to be a member of the Ruadhi Brute Squad. No one knows if this cousin has survived the Kaliphlin Civil War. Gurf claims that he owes Ambassador Bloodmane some debt, but he won't say what it is. He has sworn himself to follow Neord into any danger. The huge blade Gurf weilds (a gift from his father) is made of stone, but is enchanted with the strength of mithril. ~About Zurk Narbark~ Zurk is a member of the Kettlerowr Clan of werewolves. The Kettlerowr Clan is made up of scions of different werewolf clans. They are a motely group, but most are now related through blood or marriage. The Clan ranges throughout the southern Rakath, and have been trading mountain cat carcasses in Cobalt Vale for years. Zurk is actually related to the great General Grimm, but no one is willing to explain exactly how. General Grimm has admitted the blood tie to his 'cousin', but if you press him any further you will be messily dismembered. Just leave the subject alone! Zurk has known Neord since he was a pup, and when he was old enough, decided to follow the man on his many adventures. The two are close buddies now, and would lay down their lives for one another. Zurk's weapon is made from the rib bone of a great sea dragon, and retains some of the magical properties of the creature. He has told many versions of how he came by this weapon, but only Neord knows which version is the truth, and he's not telling. ~Today~ This guard, who's name I can't pronounce, much less spell, is considering whether or not to take aim at the Shadowmere guard, who's bow is aimed at his(or her, not sure) superiors. ~Below~ Lord Vladivus' horse has decided to climb upon a low, nicely tiled catwalk. I have no idea why. And, no, Lord Vladivus didn't leave his famous blade, Gurthanol, outside with his horse. This is just a reasonable facsimile, who's only job on this trip has been to cut through some more dense parts of the swamp. Librarian Kasalia's zombie kelpie is actually succeeding in watching both Lord Vladivus' horse and the door at the same time. --------------------------------------------- ~On the western battlements~ A pair of twin orcs are being hounded by their sister to do their jobs. Groumish and Gruomish don't really care what Phlechki says, though. ------------------------------------------------- ~Below again~ Some Nestlands wares. A barrel of spring green paint, something that requires a tumbler lock to secure it, some plants for a special dish the Ambassador wants prepared (by a Nestlands cook), and . . . WEAPONS!!! Rowphf Pugnose wants one, but which one will the pup take? ---------------------------------------------- ~About Rowphf~ Rowphf is also from the Kettlerowr Clan of werewolves, but he is definitely no relation to General Grimm. If you even suggest that to the general, he will messily dismember you. Especially since Rowphf's maternal grandmother, whom he looks so much like, is rumored to have been sired by an Avalonian border collie. I think I almost believe that. -------------------------------------------------- ~Over in the alley~ What's going on here? A Death's Head Commander is upset at some orc recruits. Podnik One Eye: The instr'ctshuns said we is supposta meet at de Kurvus campsite. Duz it mean de campsite west of de Kurvus Tree? Podnik Two Eye: Nah, it meanz de campsite east of de Kurvus Tree. Death's Head Commander: Shut up! The Kurvus Tree was cut down three months ago! The instructions mean we camp where the Kurvus Tree used to be. Idiots. Podnik One Eye: Sorry. Podnik Two Eye: Yeah, sorry. Death's Head Commander: Just get your empty heads to the campsite. And if it's not ready before I arrive, once it is done, I'll turn you two over to Lord Vladivus. He's got himself a dragon, and you two could be feeding him your flesh, a piece at a time, in turn with each other until there is no more left. The orcs are thoroughly cowed by their commander's threat, and back away slowly, before turning to run. The Death's Head Commander has a joyous grin on his face, under the mask. Thanks to Lord Vladivus' presence, he was finally able to use a threat he came up with months ago. -------------------------------------------------- ~About the Death's Head Commander~ His name, written in the modern script, is a hard to pronounce string of consonants. I won't even try. It translates to Sunshine Daffodil, but if you try calling him that, you will be messily dismembered. ~About the Podniks~ One Eye and Two Eye are not related, they just have the same name. Nor are they related to the orcs on the battlements. The commander just needed a way of distinguishing the two. All those orcs look too much alike, don't they? ----------------------------------------- ~Upon the rooftop~ Check it. That rooster has himself a snake. Ooh a bright red one, trying to pretend he's poisonous. You are gonna get eaten. The rooster is safe, because there is no killing or eating of birds here. --------------------------------------------------- Look, a giant nest. Maybe someone's flying mount would like to land here, when they come to visit. More detail pics. The alley, sans figs. The last remaining remnants of the drow construction. The werewolves say it doesn't stink now. (Some wider roof images. Yeah, I had to blot out some of my yard in the second pic.) A better look at the entrance. Yes, Neord still flies the High Council standard. You want to make somethin' of it? Also, you can see Twali's face. Neords worldviewer. (I built this last year, and finally I got to use it.) ------------------------------------- (Some close up shots of the wall. Lots of detail here, but each wall is a physical palindrome, and they mirror each other. They're neat, but for all the time I put into them, they just weren't that important to the story.) (The tower. I tried to give it some visual interest, but I don't think it's eyecatching enough. Hey it got a story mention, though) ------------------------------------- The swamp outside the Embassy. (20 images full of detail.) This tree Neord planted from a Nestlands seedpod a few years ago. The plant grows tall quickly, but can take ten years to grow a seedpod. In the Nestlands, this tree's leaves grow white, and are only useful after they are boiled, to seal small cuts. Here the leaves have grown black, and are eddible right off of the tree. This old hawk has decided he will stay a while. The edge of the Blood Sands. A place that a vampire might enjoy resting, if he can get himself burried for the day. An old signpost? Maybe, but how old? Not 300 years, that's for sure. This definitely signifies something, but it has been too long. Nobody remembers. Do you see the mineral spring? (There is a small pond under there as well, but I made it, then disguised it, so long ago that I forgot to focus on it.) ------------------------------------------------- (Four overall shots, one from each side. Does it feel like a whole build now?) -------------------------------------------------- gedren_y's final notes: OMG! Creating this thread took all day! This will be my biggest build for a long while. I know that a number of the images are bad, and the build looks to have come apart during photography. It did, and I had to rebuild the center of the courtyard because one substructure brick got out of place. I'll upload some better pics of the figs soon, but the build started to come apart just getting it back on my build table. It's a parts-hog anyway. Time to dismantle it. My thanks to the Eurobricks members Jorrith, Lord Vladivus, and SarahJoy, who's builds I linked to as part of my story. -------------------------------------------------- CCC Reserved for future fig pics. (Edit: fixed some gramatical errors I missed)
  5. Into the Nestlands The Nestlands Insurgency (WZ3:G15) For the Desert King! The Desert King is steadily drawing more and more of Kaliphlin under his wing. He has sent several troops into the Northern Nestland region to quell the fighting between the Nestland Clans and Ulandian invaders: they will declare for the King, or they will perish in the dense forests. A band of mountain mummies comes upon some Ulandian men. The Desert King Commander calls out ahead to the approaching soldiers “The Desert King is your rightful ruler! He is just and merciful - will you yield this land peacefully and serve him?” Slinking behind his troops, the Ulandian Commander cries back, “Goodness, no! What silly nonsense. Men, go kill those dead thingies!” He continues to creep away. “I’ll go fetch some water from that lovely stream back there to quench you thirst once the job is done…” Suffice to say, the victory went to the Desert King that day .
  6. The High Council soldiers realized pretty quickly that escape was impossible. Fleeing a losing battle with the Ulanders, the three soldiers ran into a cave for safety only to find that it was being used as an operations center for Desert King troops in the area. Their commander, Meh'nak, couldn't believe his luck when he laid eyes on the frightened and exhausted soldiers. They would likely have much information to share on the High Council's strength in the Nestlands, as well as what capabilities the Ulanders demonstrated on the battlefield. The full MOC, with and without figs: ------------------------------------ Hello! My entry for the Nestlands Warzone. I tried to follow Gedren's description faithfully, hope I did justice to that vision! Thanks for looking!
  7. Warzone 3: The Nestlands Insurgency. Location: G15 Who Can Participate: All Factions Terrain: This battle happens in the Northern Nestlands region. (The following is Gedren_y’s description of his home territory) “The mountain in the center of the grid is known as Ghuin Nol, and is described as predominantly light colored stone. The terrain is somewhat like Asian equatorial rainforest. The Nestlands settlements are mostly on the south and east faces, but Skywatch Perch is at the peak, and is manned by the High Guard. The mountain is honeycombed with natural caves, and would be a good strategic position if someone wants to overrun the commercial and production centers of the Nestlands. There is very little drinkable ground water, as it is too mineral rich.” History: It is said that the Kaliphlin Civil War started in the Nestlands. Even before the council was willing to recognize they were at war, the Nestlands were busy fighting for their right to live as they desired, under their own rulers and religion. As the Ulandian Forces surrounded the High Council Enclaves of Mypa Stedor and Berigora, the Nestlands held out valiantly. However, overwhelming attacks by the 5th Legion subdued the Northern Nestlands region, and put a green blip on the campaign map. Some said that the Nestlands clans were fighting an unfair battle, as they pledged neutrality, and when they refused to swear allegiance to the “New Council” as Ulandus has styled the government that they are trying to install, the Blazing Swords (5th Legion) forced compliance. Mini-challenge: Now that the war is in its first month, and most of the 5th Legion has moved on to secure more territory, the Nestlands Clans have taken the fight back against the Ulandians. Small pockets of resistance, armed with Mpya Stedor weapons, have begun to overthrow the officials Ulandus had left behind. The challenge here for High Council builders is to depict one of these insurgency operations succeeding against Ulandus. Ulandian builders should depict on of the insurgency attacks failing, and Ulandus forces prevailing. Desert King builders should depict their forces taking opportune attacks against both sides. *this doesn’t mean you have to depict DK supporters attacking both sides at once, just attacking one or the other. Restrictions: 32x32 with limited overhang, SPECIAL: Must have an irregular base. (hey, we are about improving our skills here, aren’t we?) Due Date: March 29th Title Tag for MOC's thread: Title of Moc [WZ2:G15, Faction Name] When posting a link to your entry to each battle thread, make sure you note which zone you are picking as the next warzone if you win. You may want to coordinate with others from your faction. WARMAPSTARTNOWnonum by skaforhire, on Flickr
  8. Hereby my entry to WZ3. Again, sorry for short post - posted by phone. // In the mountainous jungles of the Nestlands, a Ulandian official underway to a remote settlement to do a census and collect taxes, is now lost. While one guard is discussing what to do, the other is sneaking up on a rabbit. WZ3 by Beorthan, on Flickr Were they more observant and alert, they might have noticed the ambush about to be launched from the cliffs above. WZ3 by Beorthan, on Flickr And a little wildlife: WZ3 by Beorthan, on Flickr // C&c welcome :) Next warzone: D3
  9. It began like this: The Ulandians had no realistic estimate about the population size of the Nestlands, therefore the Blazing Swords Legion was dispatched in full force for the invasion. That was their mistake. The Ghuin Nol High Guard at Skywatch Perch spotted the army weeks out, and were able to warn the Clans right away. Most of the non-combat citizenry (children, pregnant women, the aged and infirm) were evacuated to the deep hiding places south of the Nols. It was decided by the High Ministry that the defense would be a retreating line. Warriors were ordered to make only a token resistance, then to disappear into the forests. The main force of the Nestlands Clans would gather in the tunnels and caverns of Edst Nol and Dun Nol. From there they could send out raiding parties to strike back at the invaders, once the bulk of the Ulandians were forced to move on. The Blazing Swords did exactly as expected. Once the major towns were secured, the occupying Ulandians set about inventorying what remained. They found precious little food, and no drinkable water (all the water distillers had been dismantled and removed). There was no choice, but for the bulk of the Blazing Swords Legion to move on to a more livable location. Several small units remained, supplemented by a unit of Guardians of the Garden, to catalog and examine all the interesting little devices made by the Nestlands Clans. ------------------------ It was decided that Skywatch Perch had to be retaken. Ghuin Nol High Guard Captain Gorgd MkTavsh, the new commander of the late Hugh Hos' unit, and Olik Funrirr, Bloodmane's apprentice, were afforded the honor of first strike. Using secret tunnels that the Ulandians has missed in their search, Gorgd and Olik made it all the way to the cavern beneath Skywatch Perch without encountering a soul. There they found a fireplace with eagle feathers and bones littered about. This sent Captain Gorgd into a rage, causing him to rush up into the main outpost. There was only one Ulandian inside at the time. Restus Solus, a Guardian of the Garden officer, had only microseconds to respond by crossing his blades. This did little to deter the furious Captain, and with his first blow sent Restus' right arm and his blades into the outpost foyer. The rest of him was smashed backwards into the cavern below. Mitus Dolum foolishly left his pilum inside while he examined the skyviewers. Olik made his way quickly to roof. The Leoparder slave had no chance. Grhiishir didn't even manage a mewl before his treachea was severed. Olik takes a moment to wonder if Leoparder might taste like mountain cat. "Grabbagh na bollagh, Sassenuk!" roared Gorgd. A blast of pain. Mitus' screams could be heard for miles, as his wrist is shattered and his hand barely remains attatched. The major artery in the wrist bleeds profusely before Mitus falls down the mountain dead. Thus Skywatch Perch was secured. --------------------- Some overview shots. Detail shots: Architecture Skyviewers Plants and rocks ------------- I may do some figless and bloodless shots later. CCC
  10. gedren_y

    Calling Home

    At the quarters for the Nestlands Minister of External Affairs in Petraea: Atrul Prndrn, Minister of External Affairs, had some time before the next council meeting, and had decided reporting to the Nestlands High Ministry would be most appropriate. He took out the speaking stone, enchanted by the new Ambassador to Mitgardia, and walked out to the balcony. Namses Setesh followed close behind, to defend the Minister against possible areal attack during his report. His report was detailed and concise. All the known players, their allies, and the potential for profit were outlined. "Many of the Mountain Mummy tribes have joined the Desert King," Aturl reported, "But Namses Setesh says that those who worship Horus will stand apart." "How can we be sure they will not be swayed by the power of the Desert King?' came the voice of the Nestlands High Minister, "We have seen some Mountain Mummies in the neighboring mountains become little more than zombies." "Namses says he has felt the Desert King's power wash over him," Aturl replied, "But the Horus mark under his bandages has kept it at bay." "Have you had contact with the others?" the High Minister asked. "Ambassadors Kend and Bloodmane haven't reported in," Aturl answered, "Sdair made a report about finding someone that has maps of the Drow tunnels, and then about a sandstorm that has delayed him. Shay reported to Sdair about a connection between the Book of Confusion and an elven sect that had preached reunification. I do not believe Lord Damaximus has received the speaking stone I sent him yet." "What does Namses Setesh think of Sdair's quest?" the High Minister inquired. "He is of the opinion that Horus and our Armored Eagle Goddess, are the male and female aspects of the same deity," Aturl responded carefully, "He was happy to see Sdair's fervent faith cause him to pursue the return of the Armored Eagle Goddess." "Right then," came the High Minister's voice in tone of import, "This is what you should do . . ." ------------------------------------------------------ Other shots: Above Back
  11. The Grand Lawn at Petraea University is an artful creation. Designed by Professor Oyal, and maintained by second and third year mage adepts; the Grand Lawn is a favorite of study groups and professorial lectures. Kaliphlin dignitaries have also been known to address their people in this idyllic place. --------------------------- Eight weeks ago: Minister Aturl Prndrn called together all the remaining Nestlands soldiers, mages and volunteers who served during the Revolword War. PU Overall by gedren_y, on Flickr They gathered in a circle at the northwest corner of the Grand Lawn, where the Kaliphlin and Avalonia walls meet. To the Minister's left: PU Gathering 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr The Minister's dedicated guardsman, Sdair Zuuree(gedren_y). PU Gathering 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr Aturl's longtime friend and companion, Namses Setesh. PU Gathering 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr Ehfrik Daffys PU Gathering 04 by gedren_y, on Flickr Munruh Kihllwhit, Icemaiden Ryssa Kend, and High Ministry Guard Shay Liih. PU Gathering 05 by gedren_y, on Flickr Hahndus Mohr and Ghuin Nol High Guard pikemen Ruhgd M'Goll and Alsor Frggsun. To the Minister's right: PU Gathering 06 by gedren_y, on Flickr Sdair's younger brothers (twins), Lohp and Wahl Zuuree. PU Gathering 07 by gedren_y, on Flickr Kynkayd Hernbolnd and one of Namses Setesh's loyal guardsmen. PU Gathering 08 by gedren_y, on Flickr Fleshmage Neord Bloodmane. PU Gathering 09 by gedren_y, on Flickr Neord's apprentice, Olik Funrirr. ------------------------- "Now that everyone is here," Minister Prndrn began, "The strongboxes from the High Treasurer came today. Payment to date for most of you is ready now." Much of the group began talking at once. The Minister silenced this with a wave of his hand. "For our good volunteers, along with to date pay, I have service extension and release authority," the Minister continued, "And for our official guards, I have some new orders." "Oooh, goodie," Wahl drawled, "Ah 'aven't been able ta get in sum good pr'ctice wit me bow." Aturl glared at Wahl before he continued, "Wahl and Lohp, you two are being transferred to Captain Shay Liih's command. The High Ministry has decided that the three of you are needed in Cedrica, to shore up the city's depleted defenses." "Dat's hogwash," Wahl replied, "Don' get me wrong, M'nstr. Ahv' been wantn' ta see Cedrica lihk ma bro, but da three uv us won' really be that much help." "Yes, but the Drow invasion of Avalonia needs watching. That's your real mission," the Minister cut him off, "Relations with the Nocturnians are strained since the Black Spire's forces control most of Nocturnus now. We have to appear as neutral as possible, that's where Neord comes in." "It's official now?" Neord asked. "Yes, you are officially the Nestlands Ambassador to the Ruling Government of Nocturnus," the Minister answered, "I hear that you have a residence ready to go." Neord nods and replies, "Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere has given me the use of a fortified house on the edge of his lands. I already have it arranged to my liking." "Wonderful," Aturl sighed, then asked, "Is your apprentice Olik ready to take over your duties in Cobalt Vale?" Neord looks over at the young mage, smiles and nods. "The two of you will need to head back to Cobalt Vale tomorrow, so you can make arrangements for your new duties," the Minster continued, "Ryssa." "Yes, Minister?" Ryssa replied warily. "The Ghuin Nol High Guard pikemen are under your command for the return trip," Aturl announced, "When you arrive, they will return to their garrison, but you will have to make the same preparations as Neord." "Then I'm?" Ryssa stammered. "Yes, the Nestlands Ambassador to the Ruling Government of Mitgardia," the Minister laughed his reply, "You, and those that go with you, will have a long sea voyage ahead of you. Lord Andrius Hierre will be shipping out from Berigora, on a voyage all the way to Thorshaven. There he'll help you make arrangements for offices, and an introduction to the Mitgardian Prime Minister." "Thank you, Minister," Ryssa mumbled, glassy-eyed. "Sdair," Aturl said, turning to his loyal guardsman, "I'm sorry to say that your payment will have to wait until you and I get to Lost Vega." "But, M'nstr," Sdair said cautiously, "Ah thought we wuz headin' home, too. Ya know I was plannin' . . ." "I know, Sdair," the Minister cut him off, "Your holy quest. When we get to Lost Vega, your pay to date will be ready, and you can leave my service. The casino heads there have assured me that they can get you to Sultan's Gate. There your Quest for the Egg can truly begin." "But M'nstr, I canna leave ya till yer safe home," Sdair argued. "Don't worry about me, Sdair," Aturl sighed, "I can arrange for guards in Lost Vega. Besides, I'm pretty good with a blade myself, remember?" "A'ight, M'nstr," Sdair conceded. "Ehfrik Daffys," the Minister continued, "I have to ask, are you ready for your release orders?" "Ah, weel, Ah wuz hopin' ta c'ntinuu wit Cap'n Shay Liih," Ehfrik replied, "Iffin she'll 'ave me." "I can sign extension authority over to her," Aturl agreed, "If she agrees. What do you say, Captain? Do you want him?" Shay Liih gives Ehfrik a considering look, then nods. "Done," the Minister decreed, then continuing down the line, "Munruh Kihllwhit, how about you?" "Ah'm of a mind ta see da ancestors' lands," Munru replied, "So, Ah'd lihk ta offer meself ta Miss Ryssa, here." Ryssa nods before Minister Aturl can even ask. "Alright," the Minister agrees, "Hahndus Mohr, you?" "Ah've seen ennuf warrin', but am willin' stay servin' yerself till ye see home," Hahndus answers, "Sdair's quest is a holy one, an' I wuldn't want 'im ta be worryin' 'bout you wiles 'e's on it." "Thank you," Aturl accepted, "And you, Kynkayd Hernbolnd?" "Ah'll be doin' de same as Sdair," Kynkayd said intently, "Da world need da Goddess sumthin' fierce, an' Ah mean ta do sumthin' about dat." Sdair gave a rare, wide smile and nodded. "Go on now," the Minister dismissed the group, "See to readying yourselves." As the different groups begin to form up, Namses Setesh sidles over to the Minister. "I and my guardsman are with you, my friend," he assures Aturl. The two friends embrace for a moment then head out. Sdair takes a moment to stop at Captain Shay Liih's group to say, "Ah hear dat Cedrica's got some verra old scrolls. Be lookin' fer some mention of da Egg, will ya?" "Will do," Shay Liih replies with a smile. It isn't long before the groups leave the Grand Lawn with purpose. ------------------------------------------- During the Nestlands meeting, there are still other things happening in the area. ------------ PU Catwalk 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr Above the Grand Lawn on the Catwalk, a newly ordained Priest of the Armored Eagle Goddess is demonstrating a ceremonial dance. PU Catwalk 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr His mother, High Priestess Miisha, looks on proudly while Professor Illam Shiek'spar composes some verse about the dance. PU Catwalk 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr An Avalonian nobleman's son is enjoying the spectacle, while his guardsman watches something in the sky with firm interest. ------------- PU Student 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr Inside, a student rushes back to her dormitory with her part of a scavenger hunt in hand. PU Proposal 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr Hopefully she won't run into J'on as he proposes to Nefer-Amun-Nut. PU Proposal 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr --------------------------------- Here are some shots of the build w/out the figs. PU WO Yard 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Wall 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Wall 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Corner 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Catwalk 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Catwalk 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Catwalk 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Catwalk 04 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Catwalk 05 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Hall 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Hall 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr (I am sorry about the quality of a couple of the shots. I have some better images of the figs on my Flickr photostream.) ------------------------------------------- Edit: I'd like to make the following Doctorate of Historica claim. Anthropology: Life in Kaliphlin - 1 credit