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  1. I can only echo what the others have said: excellent technique on the wave! It really adds a level of dynamism to the MOC. I also like that you've used the hexagonal base technique introduced in the Era 3 thread.
  2. Khorne

    [TC] Kraken Attackin', New Haven Sea

    You sure crank these out at a fast pace, yet retaining excellent quality! The catamaran looks great. Is there a reason you did the second boat of the middle piece like that and not with its nose outward? Visually, I think it would've made more sense to do it the other way around, so that it looks less like two boats hooked together in a row. Great scene overall, with great action. I'm envious how you can create so much motion and life in I can hardly manage to pose a figure in there .
  3. A fine addition to the story, Jeff! Like I said before, lovely writing in this chapter and accompanied by an excellent build with some great character details in the faces and postures.
  4. Chapter II. - The Captain The warmth of the sailors’ tavern contrasted heavily with icy northwestern wind that swept the streets of St. Gallo outside, hammering the shutters and door. Inside the atmosphere was lively with laughter and music in the air and plenty of alcohol-filled pewter cups in the hands of the patrons. The eponymous ‘Captain’s Daughter’ could hardly keep up to keep all drinks filled. St. Gallo was a fishermans’ city, one of the largest on the Courlandie peninsula and its nautical nature was clearly on display throughout the tavern, with whalebone trophies and fishnets dotting the interior. “Another top up, captain?”, Gwen asked as she carefully meandered through the myriad of drunk fishermen and sailors. Captain Kerouac merely grunted as he took a deep swig of his pipe and raised his cup, eyeing an unfolded letter on his table. As the barmaid filled his drink, he muttered through his bristles: “Would you be so kind and give the boys another round as well, Gwenny?” “I’ll be sure to do so,” she replied as her eyes darted to the letter as well, “Good tidings, captain?” He chuckled. “I believe so. Some fancy schmuck from the interior provinces hired us to take him North. Can you believe it?” The captain could hardly contain his laugh as he continued tugging on his pipe. “Paid us good money as well. Wants to see what the Northern Ocean is really like, since he’s read so much about it. Apparently, sailing North has almost become something of a hobby to those entitled nobs. The landlubbers should stay put, is what I say. Aye. The sea is not a playground and many a good men have already vanished in its treacherous embrace.” “What’s the catch?”, Gwen asked intrigued by the tale. Ambrose raised an eyebrow. “The catch? Heh, not whales or seals that’s for sure. I doubt the inlanders have the stomach for such hard labour anyway. Besides, I’m only sailing with a skeleton crew. The cargo is apparently more of the schmuck’s friends.” “There’s always a catch, though. Be careful out there, Ambrose”, she replied gently and briefly caressed the captain’s worn hand. “Discerning stories come from the New World. Something’s off. Volcanoes erupting. Islands disappearing under waves the size of temples.” Gwen stared dourly into the distance and then turned to the captain once more. “And you know as well as any other man here, there hasn’t been this much pack ice in the Northern Ocean in years. It’s dangerous.” “But the sea is freedom”, the captain philosophically answered. Gwen chuckled. “Only to fools, captain. You whalers are an odd lot. Running from civilization to float around in the great nothingness.” “Heh, who says we’re running, Gwen?” She smiled and shook her head playfully. “Whatever suits you, Ambrose. Be sure to show the fancy pants how we do things in the north.”
  5. I actually like this set! I didn't really have much anticipation, but I have been following this topic with half an eye to see if there were any leaks. Now that I've seen the pictures, I'm not disappointed. It does what it says on the box: it's a medieval town square with multiple peasants of various professions. Style-wise it fits the Lion Knights' Castle, so that's cool. I also really like the painting with 375 Yellow Castle. Plus, there's an updated Wolfpack torso and a lot of different animals and stuff. Yeah, pretty much ticks all the boxes in my book. I can understand people who have been steadily following the news on this set might be somewhat disappointed or expected more of something different, but for me as an "outsider who just likes historical Lego": I think it's pretty great. Neat successor to the previous village-themed medieval Lego sets.
  6. Khorne

    ERA III - Coming Summer 2024

    Who else but @Ayrlego could build a bushland so well
  7. Khorne

    ERA III - Coming Summer 2024

    The terrain types all look great! I especially like the whale jumping out of the water.
  8. Khorne

    ERA III - Coming Summer 2024

    Nice build! I like the outward facing position of the bricks on the side. It adds an interesting rough structure to the terrain. Can't wait to see what Era III will bring.
  9. Wow, no words for this! It's mind-boggling! The recreation you've built is so meticulous, it's almost like an exact copy. The pictures (and obviously the build itself) are amazing! How did you plan this build, or what was the process like? Did you find schematics or drawings online or did you just base yourself on pictures you've made (or found online)? Did you recreate in in Studio first, or did you immediately start building with real bricks? This deserves a frontpage feature for sure!
  10. (Taking this from the Sea Rats topic, as to not derail the faction topic too much) Sorry for not replying in the Sea Rats thread, but I didn't want to derail that topic too much with non-Sea Rat faction discussion and thought it'd fit better here as someone else already suggested. Addressing the quoted post by @RobTheVan directly above: I don't think the subfactions need to be specifically outlined as such necessarily. I mean, as 'official' subfactions. The overarching factions are already played with different accents and the underlying differences are also explored in the background lore of each faction and have been expanded upon by the players' own stories. @Ross Fisher plays his Oléonese character very Faith-minded, while @Keymonus and @CapOnBOBS or @merc for example build with a more general military or commercial theme. Which also works. The few builds and characters I have made were more political scheming, with conservative royalists vs revolutionaries. Like I said, they don't need to be actually split up as genuine subfactions, I think. The current framework and outline works, IMO. In a way, this is already how the factions are kind of described in the Quick Start Guide, but these short doubled-down descriptions of the factions are more nuanced in the actual faction threads. But over the years most factions and players have moved more towards the doubled-down versions and away from the nuance (I feel). To add my 2 cents to the Sea Rats = pirates faction: I always thought they were the pirates faction . Never saw them as anything else. I'm not really up to date on the EGS and stuff, but I can imagine a more 'piratey' way of play can be added, if this is not already the case? Kind of like you have Horde factions in Rome TW: Attila, Pirates could have more raid/plunder via the seas benefits but are unable to grow settlements beyond a certain level to compensate. Whereas "normal" factions must gain their riches via colonies, settlements or regular trade. Just from the top of my head. Like I said, I'm not up to date on the EGS, so maybe this is already the case .
  11. Lovely, the final pieces of the story are here! Because the pyramids are obviously built by aliens! Everyone knows that, of course! Nice! Excellent setup for more adventure. Looking forward to that.
  12. Khorne

    [OL - FB] The Secret War

    The Society of Heracles and its Brigade Rouge militant army will still be the main adversaries, I think. Their popular cause is easier to get behind and gain new followers than an anarchist cause would. I mainly introduced Nestor Antonin and the anarchists to show an ideological rift and aid in the downfall of the Brigade Rouge mercenaries on El Oleonda, thus finishing that story thread there. I'm glad you liked the introduction, we shall see what the future brings! Nothing is set in stone yet. Haha, indeed it seems they're just adding fuel to the fire. But is that not often how it goes with such tales of revolution . The Force Publique torso is from the US Union soldier from the Lone Ranger range. They're already several years old. I bought a whole bunch of those rather cheaply when they were still more commonly available. You can still find them on Bricklink, but the supply has dwindled over the years. I had not thought of it like that, but a molotov cocktail would indeed probably not be called that in this universe . We'll have to figure out a new name. Thanks for the positive feedback! Like I said in some previous post here somewhere, I have vague outlines for a new (short) storyline so perhaps I will do another one in the future. I'm glad it is well-received . Happy New Year, everybody!
  13. Another fine addition. Great furniture designs and packed feeling in the interior. Like @Yperio_Bricks said: the professor is a promising character and his study looks interesting. Will we be seeing more of him? Too bad the full text isn't there yet, I'd love to see the descriptions for the final pictures. If possible somehow, I'd try to write the text beforehand in a text editor perhaps and then you can post everything all at once? The suspense is always killing . Did you come up with the name because of the sign/sticker or did you have the name first and then made a custom TCRR sticker?
  14. Khorne

    [OL - FB] The Secret War

    Epilogue - The Head Of The Snake "Cut off the head of the snake and the body dies," Noorah declared sternly to the prison warden. Standing on the balcony overlooking the main courtyard of the prison, she could see how the prisoners stood to attention awaiting to be shown their own cell. While Noorah and the prison warden were shielded from the blistering Guelphian sun beating down on the scene, the prisoners were not so lucky. "We have reports of disbanding Brigade Rouge units on El Oleonda. They are steerless - broken without a leader, their morale gone. It won't be long now before our troops have destroyed them utterly." She grinned at the sight of Nicolas Pierrot standing below in ball and chains. Turning heel, Noorah addressed the warden before she left. "Be sure to give our special guest a warm Guelphian welcome. Get all the information you can out of him." "What will happen to him afterwards, Madame?", the warden asked. The Spider shrugged. "As much as I'd love to parade him through the streets of Granoléon after this is all over, we both know our war is fought in the shadows and is not rewarded with grand parades and public displays. Our prize is knowing we are protecting the heart and soul of Oléon from the poison spread by individuals such as him." "Let him rot," she concluded. Granoléon - the rich district, some time of the capture of Nicolas Pierrot and the events on El Oleonda. "Cut off the head of the snake and more shall take its place. We are the disgruntled and downtrodden. Our numbers are legion. Our name is Hydra. We serve none, but utter Freedom. Our actions are our propaganda. We thrown down the shackles of government and the king's yoke and reject the poisoning of the mind that is the Faith. We stand for an equal society based on free grouping of individuals. Hail Hydra.*" FIN That's it! With the epilogue posted, it's now officially over and done. Again, thanks to all those who were following along and read the chapters and overall story. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Feedback is always welcome. Some rough outlines/ideas are forming for a next story in a similar format, which I would try to keep to a 10 chapter length. But I have yet to make it more concrete. It would tie in to this one and feature some of the characters. And having posted this, I kept my own deadline to have this finished in 2024 . Happy holidays! * I was doubting on using this phrase, because it's such an obvious reference and therefore cheapens the pamphlet somewhat but I also thought 'why not?' - a bit of cheap fun to lighten the mood; plus alliterations are nice.
  15. Okay, I will look into it tomorrow or during the weekend and send it via PM to you.