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  1. Nice job on the seed part usage. Love how you constructed the bench. That's really clever.
  2. Khorne

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    "Too be honest, ma'm, I wouldn't have the faintest clue. I can't say I've ever met an Undead person before. Or at least not in a context where we'd be having a philosophical conversation about their state of life. If you can call it that."
  3. Cool graveyard, with some designs for the graves. Perhaps some studded 1x1 plates could've given the ground a bit of texture? I really like the overall build though, feels very New Orleans-y (at least from what I've garnered from movies and series, never been there myself ). Perhaps some dude tripping on opium there might've been a nice homage to Easy Rider (my dad loves that movie; a classic for sure, but a bit too dated for my taste) ?
  4. This looks neat! The 16x16 is a reasonable size to build on, opening up the contest for many people. I will try to build something!
  5. Thanks! Sadly, I'm afraid there isn't a lot more to show. The right features the same arches as the left side. The thing not showing on the pictures is a feeding trough for the horses under the balcony. Thanks!
  6. Khorne

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    "Not just an army saying, but also an essential principle in life, if you ask me," the Chimeran chimed in. "Besides, speaking from experience: the 'leave no man behind' doctrine doesn't always apply to everybody. Some people ain't too keen on us Chimerans, feel me." Felix grinned widely, baring his teeth. "Heh, none taken" Picking in on the conversation, Felix bitterly replied: "The body cannot live without the mind. A soulless body is nothing but an empty, lifeless husk. So yeah, I'd categorize that as 'death'."
  7. Khorne

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    "Backwater swill can have its charm at times. At least when it's the only thing around to drink. Tastes like luxury then." "Heh, don't mention it," Felix chuckled. "S'all part of the job, ain't it? We're supposed to look out for each other here. I wasn't gonna let anyone in my team behind." The Chimeran gestured for a drink. "Yeah, Aetherspace can be weird. You'll get used to it. I didn't really get it the first time I went in either. Hell, I still don't get most of it now, if I'm being honest," he laughed and shook his head.
  8. Khorne

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Holding his cigarette in his mouth, Felix tried to weave the basic hand seals to summon an entity from beyond this world, carefully and slowly mimicking the examples on the holo scroll that lay before him. Muttering some vague incantation accompanying the signals, he focused his mind on the matter and managed to conjure a tiny fiery circle built up of lines and sigils, before it vanished into nothingness again as fast as it came, leaving nothing but a puff of black smoke and some dying embers on the bar. "Hmm, that was ... less than I had hoped for," Felix said to no in particular as he swept the dust off the bar top. In the back of his head he heard a faint voice, though. An unfamiliar voice echoing a sense of surprise, but Felix couldn't quite make up the message. A hint of sulfury smell permeated the air, which the Chimeran quickly waved away. "Enough of that for today, I guess," he thought and started packing his stuff. Looking around he noticed Varen still sitting there and then decided to check up on his companion. "Kicking it back some post-mission, eh? I feel you. That sure was a memorable first ride, if you ax me. Watchu havin'?" Felix tapped his fingers on the bar top in a melodic fashion. "This plays needs a band or something, y'know? I bit liveliness."
  9. Khorne

    [SR -FB] - Hilto, Harbormaster home

    Another exotic addition to your city. I like the purple building more, because of the crazy angles, but this one is great as well. I love the use of the teeth as architectural elements. It makes me think of the Indian buildings from Age of Empires 3. Great color scheme on this one as well. It's not often you these vibrant buildings.
  10. This is so cool! The varying angles you've used for this give the building SO much character and personality, certainly when coupled with the exotic and outlandish color scheme. I also love the use of the old school small windows. It give the building a real Indian quality. Nice to the building integrated with the others as well.
  11. I'd love to build another MOC in this style - larger perhaps, like a home or something - but I don't have enough bricks, I think. The spider was actually an addition out of necessity since I ran out of 'normal' tiles . Glad you like it. It does add to the general vibe. Thanks! The brick gothic buildings of the Hanseatic League and later neogothic were definitely an inspiration. They are definitely a real Essian army detachment, but the guy from the introduction was so drunk that he mistook a soldier for a demon. There's a short description of the unit in the general overview of Essen I made.
  12. Like I said previously, this is already a great MOC even though it's visibly still far from completely finished. The towers are well-designed, but the bridge and its functionality are equally amazing. Hopefully you will regain access to your files someday and be able to finish this bad boy. This MOC deserves to get finished .
  13. Khorne

    Lego WW1 battle of Verdun

    Excellent brick movie! Everything about it is just phenomenal. I love the introduction explaining the historical aspects of things and I love how the movie builds up with a view through the trenches. The sound effects, lighting etc. are all really well-done! Lots of brick movies tend to look sloppy because of poor lighting and action, but yours does not disappoint. Some scenes continue a bit to long for my liking, but perhaps that's a side effect of a brick film, since Lego action is slower than real-life action in a real movie. Don't know what else I can say. It checks all the boxes for me. I also love the smoke and blood effects. How long did this take you to make? It must've been hours of shooting footage and then cutting/editing .
  14. Excellent build! I love the usage of the 1x2 reddish brown jumpers sticking out of the wall. You really nailed the style of Port Woodhouse, with an added touch of your own .