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  1. Glad to read my drawings served as an inspiration! The Légionnaires can be somewhat tricky to get together I think, since there aren't a lot of Collectible Minifig Revolutionary Soldiers' torsos going around on Ebay. Here's an example of one "in the flesh plastic". Like you, I was also inspired by the Middle-Eastern, maybe even Western African vibe of Guelph and I also made some indigenous troops, kind of like Ayrlego's sepoys. These are the Tirailleurs, sharpshooters recruited from desert dwelling tribesmen who excel in light infantry skirmish tactics. I featured them in a build I made last year. The soldier on the right in the picture hasn't been featured in any of my builds yet. On the left is a Dragoon. The Légionnaires would be excellent for the current BoBS challenge to investigate the interior of Fatu Hiva since they're not "true" Oléanders yet and thus somewhat expendable in the public opinion. Still, they're more dependable than mercs seeing they're part of the regular military and thus under royal control. I haven't had the time nor inspiration to incorporate them in a build yet though . Anyway, great figures! I always love seeing some diversity in the ranks whilst still keeping that uniform feel . That's why I also loved Ayrlego's sepoys: they are exotic enough to be different, but still look distinctly Corlander. I think people from New Oléon are 'Guelphians' .
  2. "She was lovely, yes", Eric chimed in. He clicked his tongue at Boomingham's plan. "We're stronger if we stay together, but if it comes to that scenario I'll be sure to follow your advice and save my own skin first", he grinned. "That's an odd gate. Still, it can be that difficult to figure out if a novice arbomancer found out before. What if we try a reverse motion? Instead of trying to open the door, you pretend as if you're closing it?", Eric raised his shoulders.
  3. OoC: So, we're still attacking even though the Tiger Balm isn't going to help our case much?
  4. OoC: I don't think Eric should be KO'd, WBD. He still has 20 HP left. "I hate to run away from a fight, but we have to think economical here. We can take her, sure, but at what cost? The marketplace has run out of supplies and I'm guessing she won't be the only obstacle on our trail we have to deal with so it's risky spending too much of our inventory on her. Not having immunity from death is a bitch right now", Eric eyed the fallen members of the party, "we're already down some numbers. A tactical retreat and regroup is probable our best bet for now."
  5. "My thoughts exactly", Eric echoes. "This thing can turn bad, real quick", he said, eyeing the unconscious Germ on the ground. "My riches don't have value to me if I'm dead." Eric attacks from the front row, using Conspirator.
  6. Eric swears an Oath of Retribution against Lady Luck and uses a Mead on himself.
  7. OoC: I don't know if we can take this. It's been a while playing Heroica and can't remember fighting an enemy like this before. But let's try anyway, we can still run if needed. Eric eyed Lady Luck, measuring up his opponent. She seemed incredibly light on her feet and there was something about her that belied incredible nimbleness. This wasn't going to be easy. The Nord cracked his neck and then attacked Lady Luck from the front row, using Conspirator.
  8. "Ja, we all enjoy a little gardening in our free time. Especially during the dead of winter. And while we're being chased by the Town Watch. It's kind of a hobby of ours", Eric said dryly. "Or I don't know, maybe we're doing this because we're actually doing something useful for this city?" The Nord rolled his eyes at all the ignorance. "Listen, you seem interesting and all, but I'm not going anywhere with you." He grinned. "You didn't try asking it nicely." Shifting the topic of conversation, Eric tried to gain some more information on the roots again. "These white roots have anything to do with the whiteness of your hair?" D'oh, I posted at the same time you did Eric grunted and glared at the Demon Germ. He shook his head. "That guy needs to learn when to shut up sometimes". The Nord detested that it had come to this. Not that he disliked a good brawl, but the chance of gaining more information on this whole situation had gotten a whole lot slimmer once more. "So, how are we going to handle this? Anyone have any bright ideas? I doubt spewing tough-talk at her is going to bring her down."
  9. "You're not the arbomancer we're looking for", Eric stated and then turned to people who actually knew Wally, "is she?" "We're known to be quite bold. I can't argue with that."
  10. "My companion didn't turn anything into a monster. He simply released your pet and returned it to its natural state", Eric snarked. The Nord nodded in agreement. "We should definitely move. I say we try to follow the vines. Maybe they're related to the Arbomancer's whereabouts. He might've picked up on their trail and started investigating himself. I imagine these plants would be of great interest to someone studying wood magic" "Like I said, if we try to follow the roots, I have a feeling we might find the your friend as well" Eric turned to Wally's fiancee. "Does your guy have any place where he studies trees or plants or whatever it is arbomancers do? A place where he might've gotten so hooked on his studies he lost track of time and forgot to meet you here?"
  11. "I do, actually. Thanks for understanding", Eric replied. "Well, safe travels then! I hope you don't encounter the monster me and my colleagues are currently investigating. It'd be a shame if you left this world so early."
  12. "Dare I say the gardens have only improved now that they let characters such as myself in. I was just catching a fresh nose. Enjoy the view, " Eric said as his eyes locked with those of the noble woman for a brief moment. He shifted his attention to the dog. "What a lovely pooch you got there!", he complimented her dog, while in fact he rather detested the animals. "Do you walk it here often in the gardens?"
  13. Eric looks around to see if if there's anything of interest to spot at the park. The Nord kicked up some snow, which reminded him of home. He really did like the cold. Noticing the aristocratic ladies walking their dogs, Eric decides to walk up to the sour looking blonde with the spotted dog. "Any way I can help to turn that frown upside down, miss?"
  14. "The Hanging Gardens are the only place botanical I can think of. Those and the Triad Park, but the Triad park's is more southward instead of northwestward", Eric shrugged. "If we can't find the source of the flowers there, maybe someone there can point us to a wood magic user capable of sustaining flowers in such way? I say we go to the Hanging Gardens."
  15. D'aww shoot! Well, I could only try, right? Eric raised an eyebrow. It had been a while since the Nord had last been on a Quest, let alone be with other heroes. Combined with the fact that most of the party were "newcomers" he had never met before, he needed to get used to everything again. Especially the thinking patterns of people he didn't really know. "Crescent Hill? What do you hope to find there? Except this Orcish assassin you claim to know?" Eric took off his Heavy Armor in preparation of what was to come. "Wouldn't it be better if we checked out Fort Bonaparte and see this Council of Peace and Prosperity? For all we know, they summoned the demon to get rid of us."