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  1. Great, I love it! The top shot is an excellent view for this scene. I love the circling birds and seeing the pirates trudge their way up the cliffs.
  2. Khorne

    [OL - FB] Leaving Kingsport

    A column of troops is always an imposing view! It's great to see so many of the Knights of Hades. Like the others have mentioned; interesting technique to build the craters. Maybe not tiling the top would make it more rough and crater-like perhaps, like irregular piles of dirt stacked by the explosion instead of it being very smooth? Simple yet effective wall, as well. The gap is very nicely built.
  3. Khorne


    Interesting way to raise more troops. It's something else than the usual marching or shooting at stuff. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it is nice to see some deviation. Is the wall only a wall, or is it part of a larger castle you have build? It looks incredible!
  4. The story made me chuckle for sure. Making "fake" clothing is such a pirate thing to do. The MOC itself is very beautiful, too. It has a great tropical feeling all-around and fits the pirate theme very well. I love the general style of the architecture.
  5. Khorne

    [COR Troop] Raising the Block Watch

    Interesting tent design. I haven't seen a tent like that before. The figures and background obviously steal the spotlight here. They're gorgeous! Those custom kilts fit so well. Awesome group of soldiers. Block Watch is a great pun .
  6. Hahaha, awesome! Love that second picture with the field of depth and the Dutch-ish tilt going on. Cool build with a beautiful wind mill! What torso does the guy standing with his back towards the camera in the first picture have? It looks like a pirate-y torso, but I don't recognize it.
  7. Khorne

    [SR - FB1] Sugarcane Plantation

    Great build with lots of cool techniques and piece usage to pick up on. Like the others have said, there is a distinct Carribean feel! I like how you used olive green for the base. I haven't seen that a lot, but it works well here. The usage of the palm tree leaf pieces stands out as well. Would be neat to see such a huge quantity in real life, but the price would be exuberant, I think. I also really like the construction of the wind mill: simple, yet effective.
  8. Khorne

    [OL - FB] A necropolis for Acropolis

    Love that concept. A cool idea to expand upon! All three options look really interesting, lore and MOC wise.
  9. Another classic Ayrlego build! Gorgeous! Yellow as the primary color works so well here and give it a real exotic vibe. It just looks like a clean and well-finished built all around. Beautiful!
  10. Khorne

    [OL - FB] A necropolis for Acropolis

    Neat build! A necropolis suits the Canon's personality and story. I like how you did the small roofs. Very clean solution to add a Greek/classical touch. The different statues and such are probably the urns or graves of the deceased? Re: photography; decent lighting changes so much. I finally bought myself a lightbox with built-in LED lighting and the quality of my photos has significantly improved. Now I only need to up my photography skills themselves as well . Before, I was very dependent on good weather for proper lighting and never found a good setup, so having dedicated lights now really helps.
  11. Khorne

    [COR-FB] Porridge Line, Westface

    Nice cooks and lineup of figures. Like I said on Flickr: an actual soup or field kitchen would also be a nice addition. I think I've seen the elephant trunks mostly used as exposed roots and not branches.
  12. Like I said on Flickr: I really like this shot. The source material is very apparent and the execution with the forced perspective is perfect. Love the addition of the small people in the background to give it more life.
  13. Khorne

    [OL-FB] Smoked meat for the Fort

    An excellent build and very interesting exposition that goes with it. I like how you did the smoke cabin, with actual meat inside.
  14. Khorne

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    I saw this MOC when you first posted it, but forgot to comment. It's a really good build! I think you nailed the play vs. realism here. It looks realistic enough to be a proper model, but doesn't look off when you'd put it next to the new Black Seas Barracuda. You really hit the spot between having enough details and not going overboard with too much details. Can't wait to see it with the figures! I also saw the brickbuilt bottom on Bricksafe and that looks interesting as well. A neat solution to expand upon the existing hull pieces.
  15. Like I said in a previous build: those cannons are very nice. I love the way you built those. Is there a reason for the white limbers, instead of reddish brown? Personal preferences or don't all of the parts needed exist in reddish brown?