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  1. Your stories are great as always! They never fail to disappoint. Like I said in DM before, I love seeing the builds and story develop. It's great to see the Great Alliance State being fleshed out. All the figures have a distinct Russian/Slavic feel to them, which helps to immerse in the story. I really like the gypsy wagon too. The decorated tiles give it a genuine gypsy touch. Are those from Elves sets? Can't wait to see how it continues!
  2. Neat build! I like the curved wall and the small tower containing the stairs. The sea looks really gentle and quite tropical, which is fitting for the context. The only thing I'm not really fond off are the random tiles on the sides. I prefer to see the SNOT's all horizontal, instead of diagonal and crooked as they are now. But that's only a minor nitpick. I really like the build overall.
  3. Khorne

    [Mini-Challenge] The Ice King

    Neat set of MOCs, @Ross Fisher! I like the gradient of blue colors you used for the water in the last MOC. Like I said on Flickr, the design of the ice drill is simple yet so effective. I really love it. The dog sled is also well-built. Do the dogs connect to the sleigh? The design of the minifigures is great, as well. I believe I've already stated somewhere that I like the Oogstmeister with the fur collar. Regarding the name of his function. Just nitpicking here and I don't know if you did it on purpose, because of Altonia's Dutch and Swiss influence, but the term 'Oogstmeister' you used is actually a mixture of Dutch and German. Proper Dutch would be oogstmeester, while in German it would be Erntemeister.
  4. Khorne

    The Battle for Lowtown

    Nice story and accompanying MOCs! I really like the interiors, especially the first room. The atmosphere and minifigure selection is also on point. I also like the reference to the police secrète .
  5. Khorne

    [WTC] WTC Offices, Quinnsville

    Nice build. I like the overall composition and the way you did the gables and the stairs. The façade itself is maybe a bit too plain for me. Maybe you could use some masonry bricks in between the regular bricks to give it more texture? Adding some window sills to the windows would also help to make it feel a bit less plain, I think. But all in all, it is nice. I envy your collection of dark red bricks . I really need to get me some.
  6. Khorne

    [Al'Sayeed] Home at last

    Nice clean build. Instantly recognizable as "Middle Eastern". I really like the way you did the blue curtains and the offset door.
  7. Okay great! Thanks for the clarification .
  8. Both categories are more about creating an image to give the BoBS subforum some sort of own identity, but it doesn't really say anything about a logo as such specifically. Is a logo required to participate in one of both categories or can you also just build and make a cool header? I for one would love to try my hand at a logo as well, but I can imagine some people who have no access to - or knowledge of - vector-based design software (or Photoshop and the likes) would abstain from the contest because an actual logo is required. Perhaps an extra category 'C' is possible, solely for the design of the logo itself? Just spilling my thoughts here .
  9. Thanks! How cool to read that they remind you of paintings? Awesome comment . I always sort of try to give my builds a somewhat realistic and lively touch, so thanks! I believe S.XIII will try their utmost hardest to quell this train of thought and all its adherents .
  10. Interesting! Hopefully I can make some time for this!
  11. That's really great to hear . Thanks a lot! I especially love that you like the photography as that has been a working point of mine for ages. I've definitely improved on it over time, but it can always be better. Ayrlego's and Gideon's photography is always superb, but I try to do the best I can with the equipment I've got at hands.
  12. Khorne

    The town over the cliffs

    Neat build! I was going to ask if the elevator actually works, but you've already answered that question. Like Bregir (and others probably) it reminds me of Castle Black and its Wall elevator from Game of Thrones. I love how you made the Sea Rats flag. It's a simple solution, but contains all what is necessary: yellow, blue and a trident. Nice!
  13. These pen pushers are always interested in having more dossiers and eyes on the people! We shall see. Thanks for the comment! Exactly what I had in mind. Good to know Mesabi Landing is open, but these minifigs would rather change their homeland for the better (?) instead of just moving . They are glad to know they don't fight their struggle alone! As Ross said, these are internal Section XIII documents which will never see daylight outside their offices. Most of the Oléonese public doesn't even know - or is only vaguely aware - of their existence, so I doubt the WTC Monthly would know . I will have to check that Flickr issue. It's probably because I put the visibility on 'private', because I assumed everyone could see it if they had the link, but apparently you are required to have an account. I didn't know that. Thanks, Ayrlego!
  14. Thanks, Keymonus! I'll see what I can do in terms of continuing the story .
  15. Thanks! Yes, down with the opponents of the King! I'm sure the Padre would be shocked as well when he hears of the anti-monarchist and anti-Order messages this group of rebels preaches . Thanks! I liked the blue as well, kind of fits with the vibe of interiors back then. Thanks for the comments . I always like looking for good torso/leg/head and accessories combos to give the figures a certain feeling or identity. Here, you can immediately feel that most people are poor because of the browns and other muted colors, whereas the government officials have crisp clothing in fancy greys, blacks and dark blue. Thanks for the input. I based the house on several images of Parisian houses during the 18th century. I never really noticed the issue with the first story until you pointed it out. I should've indeed place the windows 1 brick higher and slightly lowered the top part with 1 brick. I hope I can make some MOCs in the future, but I certainly can't promise anything. I have some other ideas I can work out to expand upon the Force Publique and S.XIII Bureau de Preuve. It will depend on my free time, though. Right now was perfect, because I had several days off and I was close to my collection. We shall see, I guess.