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  1. Nice scene! I like the brick-brick outer wall. It's a simple design, but effective. The highlight is obviously the array of different Oleonese soldiers. Quite impressive! Really neat to see the diversity of Oleon's strength. Great collection of zouaves .
  2. Just popping my head in here! I'm looking forward to the Lotus challenge and most likely seeing lots of great MOCs once more. Really nice to see the world of BoBS being expanded upon. Regarding the Lotian flag, I might have 2 cents to pitch in with the discussion . I like the purple lotus on the yellow background and while the illustration itself is nicely done, it kind of looks really contemporary western to me. It doesn't look like an oriental art style. Is this necessary? Perhaps not, since all of this is just fantasy, but for immersion purposes it might be neat to explore some alternatives. (Middle and Far) Eastern art is generally really noted for abstractions of natural elements, particularly flowers. They're common motives throughout architectural and "graphic" design. So my suggestion would also be to make the lotus look less "real" and more like a simplified abstract form or idea of a lotus. Japanese clans especially have really cool iconography going waaaay back. These are called mon. If you check the link, you will see what I mean with "abstract designs". That being said: I tried my hand at designing my own version of the Lotus flag, based on real-life inspiration I found from architectural ornamentation and the aforementioned mon. I'm posting two versions below, feel free to use any - or none. Whatever you like . The first one is visually more simple, while the second leans closer to the style of the Japanese mon. Perhaps these might be too simple, but I just wanted to share my views on this .
  3. Another fine addition! The parts selection for the Winged Hussar is perfect and the addition of the "real" feathers at the end of the crowbar is a great finisher. I never do that, but it really adds to the figure. I also spotted the Viktor Krum torso recently and thought to myself "that would make an excellent part for a GAS figure", so it's neat to see it work. Great figures all around and nice story .
  4. Cool! Great to see the Great Alliance State being fleshed out further. The North-West passage hypothesis sounds like a good starting point for your adventure. I recently watched 'The Terror', so I'm fully in the mood for icy sea adventures now .
  5. Khorne

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    I saw the rules' designs you made some days ago, WBD, and I remembered I still had mock-ups of "space" Heroica rules from back in the day when the "Heroica in space" idea first started floating around. The background is some artwork that was used in box art or instruction booklets for the 2000s something Space Police line, I think. If anyone wants, I can maybe send the original PSD file and you can fiddle around with it. I still have it saved on an external HD.
  6. Your stories are great as always! They never fail to disappoint. Like I said in DM before, I love seeing the builds and story develop. It's great to see the Great Alliance State being fleshed out. All the figures have a distinct Russian/Slavic feel to them, which helps to immerse in the story. I really like the gypsy wagon too. The decorated tiles give it a genuine gypsy touch. Are those from Elves sets? Can't wait to see how it continues!
  7. Neat build! I like the curved wall and the small tower containing the stairs. The sea looks really gentle and quite tropical, which is fitting for the context. The only thing I'm not really fond off are the random tiles on the sides. I prefer to see the SNOT's all horizontal, instead of diagonal and crooked as they are now. But that's only a minor nitpick. I really like the build overall.
  8. Khorne

    [Mini-Challenge] The Ice King

    Neat set of MOCs, @Ross Fisher! I like the gradient of blue colors you used for the water in the last MOC. Like I said on Flickr, the design of the ice drill is simple yet so effective. I really love it. The dog sled is also well-built. Do the dogs connect to the sleigh? The design of the minifigures is great, as well. I believe I've already stated somewhere that I like the Oogstmeister with the fur collar. Regarding the name of his function. Just nitpicking here and I don't know if you did it on purpose, because of Altonia's Dutch and Swiss influence, but the term 'Oogstmeister' you used is actually a mixture of Dutch and German. Proper Dutch would be oogstmeester, while in German it would be Erntemeister.
  9. Khorne

    The Battle for Lowtown

    Nice story and accompanying MOCs! I really like the interiors, especially the first room. The atmosphere and minifigure selection is also on point. I also like the reference to the police secrète .
  10. Khorne

    [WTC] WTC Offices, Quinnsville

    Nice build. I like the overall composition and the way you did the gables and the stairs. The façade itself is maybe a bit too plain for me. Maybe you could use some masonry bricks in between the regular bricks to give it more texture? Adding some window sills to the windows would also help to make it feel a bit less plain, I think. But all in all, it is nice. I envy your collection of dark red bricks . I really need to get me some.
  11. Khorne

    [Al'Sayeed] Home at last

    Nice clean build. Instantly recognizable as "Middle Eastern". I really like the way you did the blue curtains and the offset door.
  12. Okay great! Thanks for the clarification .
  13. Both categories are more about creating an image to give the BoBS subforum some sort of own identity, but it doesn't really say anything about a logo as such specifically. Is a logo required to participate in one of both categories or can you also just build and make a cool header? I for one would love to try my hand at a logo as well, but I can imagine some people who have no access to - or knowledge of - vector-based design software (or Photoshop and the likes) would abstain from the contest because an actual logo is required. Perhaps an extra category 'C' is possible, solely for the design of the logo itself? Just spilling my thoughts here .
  14. Thanks! How cool to read that they remind you of paintings? Awesome comment . I always sort of try to give my builds a somewhat realistic and lively touch, so thanks! I believe S.XIII will try their utmost hardest to quell this train of thought and all its adherents .
  15. Interesting! Hopefully I can make some time for this!