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  1. I love the howitzer horse wagon, with the extra carriage! Interesting military build, with plenty going on. I also like how you did the fortification and the terrain. Well done.
  2. Another great MOC! There's a nice tropical feel to it, with the colorful palette, all of the flowers and of course: the toucan. I like how you did the planter below the windows. That's clever. Weird seeing your sigfig in flesh, though .
  3. Khorne

    [OL - FB] Lacroix Oliveyard, a quiet start

    What a great build! It's instantly recognizable as something mediterranean and you did a nice job on the trees and vegetation. Like someone else already noted, perhaps a touch of green would make it feel more 'alive'. The terrain looks rather arid and dead right now with all the sandy/earthy tones. In any case: it will be interesting to see this being expanded upon.
  4. I saw it over the weekend. I thought the world building was interesting and most of the visuals were very nice, except for the sea beat itself which I found a bit lacking. Also, the story is just a retread of the better "How to train your dragon" with a weird "watch out for fake news" message shoehorned in at the end, IMHO. The design on the characters, ships and setting were all top notch, though . Really loved that.
  5. Great job on the architecture of the building. It is instantly recognizable as something Polynesian-like and it's a style you don't often see in MOC's (or at least I haven't). I love the organic, round shapes of it. It's great to see the Tyree'dee expanded upon. Hopefully these men will be able to help in withstanding the Lotii surge.
  6. Khorne

    [GoC] Spudkirk Primary School

    Nice little build. I like the headmaster surveying the playing kids and the overall atmosphere of the build. The lettering on the front gives it very school-y feeling.
  7. Can't believe I missed commenting on this. I loved this type of challenge, because I like to mix and build minifigures. I also don't have that much bricks to build big MOC's, so the larger challenges are often larger. However, I think a mixture of both type of categories would be better. Perhaps there could've been an extra "vignette" category as well, to stimulate the people who are more into MOC'ing than solely figures into participating as well? That way, the challenge remains small-scale, lightweight and accessible to all, but it also opens up to "actual" builders. Overall though, maybe the low rate of participation (esp. cat. 2) is due to the low activity in general? Thanks! I personally preferred my Monomonto entry, I think. Even though the Blue Banner was more diverse in terms of designs and accessories. I also really like @Jeff of Clubs's mercenaries. Loved that cetbang.
  8. So cool that the artwork I did years ago can still inspire people . Like I said about Ross's Artemisian Nuns: another great entry to our roster. I like the background information that goes with the build. You incorporated the Raid on Jiangkai nicely into their story.
  9. Another lovely entry to our roster of troops. A good read and cool setting, too.
  10. Khorne

    [OL-FB] A mission to plan a mission

    I love the guy with the scrolls. Clever parts usage there.
  11. Khorne

    [OL - FB] Onward, to Seawatch!

    Glad I could inspire you! Great to hear. I'm pleased you like the build. You are right: there's bound to be some real mountains somewhere out there to full optimize the potential of mountain troops . Artists do love to exaggerate, don't they . The photo editing is at its core rather "simple". It's mostly a background replacement and several layers of snow over the photo, some of which I motion blurred for some sweeping action. After that, some color and lightning corrections to set the tone and bring it all together. It's a bit of trial and error and seeing what fits and what doesn't until I get to a result I like.
  12. Another beautiful example of NPU. The way you did the backdrop is really great! A job well done there. I also like the patterning on the ground with the slope tiles and the "spills" over the border.
  13. Great build. I love the work in progress look of the earth works and the ragtag nature of the unit. Lots of personality all around!
  14. Khorne

    [OL - FB] Onward, to Seawatch!

    Thanks, NOD. Like I mentioned in other MOCs of mine before, I try to compensate a lack of pieces and the ability for 'grand builds' by Photoshopping effects in some images to up the presentation and make it more immersive. An eagle would be nice, indeed! I'll have to expand my collection of LEGO animals. Thanks! I don't often build terrain and definitely not rockwork (for whatever reason), so I wanted to try my hand at is. I thought I had more dark grey slopes though, but sadly I haven't, so this is about as large as I could make the mountain. I chose to build it with an angle to make it more dramatic and for "practice".
  15. A dramatized depiction of the 'Trek to Seawatch', artist unknown. Seawatch remains beleaguered by the Lotii savages! According to the latest news, its valiant defenders are down to the last rations and ammunition, due to the strict Lotii siege. A dire situation, for sure. A way through the blockade and fresh intelligence is needed in order to prevent Seawatch from falling, however with most of Oléon's men on El Oleonda already tied up in the theater of war and the lives of citizens being costly as they are, no commander is quick to send troops on such a dangerous task. Such a fool's errand is a task tailored to the soldiers of the Légion Etrangère, Oléon's foreign volunteers. They yearn for adventure and a chance to prove their merits to the Crown once more. The job falls on the shoulders of 'les Audacieux', or 'the Bold Ones', elite mountain infantry of the Legion. These men are specialists suited to rough terrain and extreme conditions and are drawn from volunteers whose nations are known for its mountainous terrain, with many soldiers originating from Altonia, Pontilla, Varcoast, even Carno and others. While their uniforms are only a little less conspicuous on the battlefield than those of their brethren in the line infantry regiments, the red adornments are still very recognizable - together with the wide-brimmed hats. 'Les Audacieux', officially 'chasseurs de montagne', will trek over the central hills and mountains of El Oleonda preferring the less-trodden and more difficult paths of the interior over the easier to travel coastal sides. In this way, they hope to circumvent Lotii forces and find passages unknown to the enemy which might help top bring supplies to their beleaguered brethren. After all, there are still Oléonese "merchants" stuck in the city, which need the help of the motherland. Notes: I saw Keymonus' mountain artillery and I loved them. Having members from nations such as Altonia pits the Legion's narrative perfectly, so I decided to try my hand at a variation with my own spin. Reading Keymonus' description made me think there were high mountains on El Oleonda, hence the snow. However, as I've found out right before posting this: apparently the mountains on El Oleonda aren't all that high . Hence the disclaimer of "artist's interpretation". This is a very small freebuild, for story purposes mostly. The intent is to gather information on the siege and find a way to resupply.