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  1. Khorne

    [OL Troop Raising] Letter from Breshaun

    Very neat to see a column of that many soldiers marching! The shed looks decayingly beautiful . I like the repairs on the roof and the worn parts of it. That's a large amount of dark orange bricks! I love the allround vibe of the build, with soldiers preparing themselves. Are those hats hand painted?
  2. Brave of them to show up, but resistance is futile! That's is an interesting technique for the ground. The mound it creates looks really smooth. Probably very difficult to use on a large scale MOC?
  3. I've been watching '1864' on Netflix and also had 'Alatriste' in mind, both featuring gunpowder era trenches and I knew I wanted to build something like that. Ideally, I would've made a longer and more winding trench, but I sadly don't have the parts to do that. There was also an excellent Star Wars Factions build featuring an Imperial trench that served as inspiration. Can't remember who built it, though. Thanks! WOW! That rendition of Hokusai's Great Wave is just gorgeous! Instantly recognizable and indeed some interesting wave techniques there. The upside down scarf is something I saw a long time ago somewhere. It's not my own idea, just to be clear . Glad to hear! Thanks! I think the SNOT way looks better than exposed studs for beaches, because the studs give to much texture to represent wet sand properly. I transitioned from SNOT to studs to show the start of the "looser" sand and the dunes. Thanks! I agree that the smoke and editing add to the atmosphere. I really wanted an atmosphere like that to show the grittiness. Since I'm not a great photographer, I resorted to Photoshop instead to accomplish my goal . On to Kingsport and victory!
  4. The blue waves of Oléon's brave soldiers crashed upon the beaches of Terraversa. The fight for control of the sea front was intense and price paid for in blood, but the sons of Oléon managed to drive away the Terraversans manning the defenses. A myriad of Oléonese army units were taking part in actions all over the island to free its inhabitants from the tyrannical rule of which they were suffering, amongst them several Fusiliers Marins, or Troupes de la Marine. Easily recognized by their token red scarf, blue uniform or striped shirts, these are Navy soldiers trained to participate in land operations from the sea. Being part of the Navy, they share a great affinity for the sea, not unlike regular sailors. They see Poseidon as their patron deity and try to invoke his blessings in most undertakings they are part of. Once the beaches were cleared of the last stragglers and a decent beach head was set up, several men gathered to appease the King-in-the-Deep. A small wooden horse, symbol of Poseidon, carved from driftwood was their idol. The men stood and watched as it was taken by the sea, uttering songs praising the God of the Oceans. The battle for Terraversa did not end on the beaches, however, and the soldiers were ordered to march further inland in assistance of other army units heavily involved in the house-to-house fighting in Kings Port. So, they crossed the beach head trenches which were still smoldering from the battle and trekked to their next ordeal. Some surrendering Terraversans were still being rounded up and readied for questioning later. You might never know what valuable information they hold... Aiding the men of Oléon were several natives of El Oleonda who had volunteered to join the impressive army of the blue coats in search of adventure and to satiate their lust for fighting. Wielding a their trademark machetes they had descended upon the trenches with great fury and valor which had utterly surprised and shocked the defenders. One can only hope the Lord of the Depths is listening and does indeed grant his blessings over this endeavour. For Oléon and the King! ------- OOC: Sorry for yet another beach scene, @Mesabi . I've built these small MOCs last week, but only got around to taking pictures today. I will try to follow-up with a city fight! I didn't really know what to use for Terraversan soldiers, so I just used the sand green Frodo torsos. I've seen custom yellow torsos being used, but I'm not really a fan of using stickers ... I was struggling with making a decent beach at first, but then I saw @Ross Fisher's Star Wars build and really liked the smoothness of it, so I decided to make my own version of that concept.
  5. Another gorgeous build/render! I like the light grey accents between the different floors of the building. The cannon and accompanying men look great, too! That's one pretty cannon design!
  6. There's no rule. It's up to what you prefer. If you prefer flesh toned figures, go ahead and use those. Personally, I like to use yellow ones. I like the cartoony, lighthearted and classic feel they have; but I understand the appeal of the flesh figures. They do add a certain touch of 'realism' the yellow figs don't have. Plus, I think they have a wider range of more detailed expressions.
  7. Another great build! As usual the presentation and photography are once again top notch. The texture of the blue is somewhat distracting, but it's a really minor issue. I love the building with the curved gables. The Port Woodhouse style has become so recognizable! The Ranger minifigs are top notch as well. Quite jealous of those .
  8. Khorne

    [OL-MRCA] Cliffs of King’s Port

    As I've said before: a gorgeous build! It's packed with action, from the explosions in the sand (and on the water) to the soldiers storming the beach and the smoke of the musket fire. The forced perspective from the Terraversan fortification is a great opening shot for the post and immediately sucks you in the story. The organ gun is well-made too. A design our army surely should copy! Beautiful build all-around and great narration to accompany it! For Oléon!
  9. I like the gnarly and rundown look of the buildings. It looks proper grimy! I also like how the tan and brown building is squished between the other two. It helps sell the feeling of a busy and maybe overcrowded and seedy city.
  10. As others have said here, black shakos might have looked somewhat better. It's understandable however that'd you'd choose brown ones if the black ones are 3 times as expensive. I'd do the same . I like the fence/wall. Simple, yet very effective and it adds a nice extra touch to the build.
  11. Unit name: Tirailleurs de Guelph Type: Guelphian irregular infantry, excelling at tracking and sharpshooting Uniform description: Short blue coat, decorated with native artwork, dark green sash, short trousers and distinctive red fez Equipment description: Rifle, backpack, many soldiers also carry indigenous knives Recruitment center: Guelph only, mostly drawn from desert tribesmen Unit history and description: While the Légionnaires and Marsouins Coloniales may make up the larger part of the Guelphian lines, one should not forget the Tirailleurs. These are elite light infantry, drawn from the inland tribesmen of New Oléon. Accustomed to the climate and a semi-nomadic lifestyle, these men are expert trackers and crack sharpshooters. They are the quintessential unit of the sometimes hard frontier life in Guelph and are known for their tenacity on the battlefield, high morale and loyalty. The first Tirailleurs were drawn from desert tribesfolk loyal to the Crown of Oléon during the War of the Guelphian Succession. Later these were formed into actual army units after proving their worth on the battlefield many times over. Even more so than that of the Marsouins, their uniforms are directly based on clothing of the native populace. The fez in particular is worn with great pride by members of the Tirailleurs. Campaigns: War of the Guelphian Succession, Pacification of Guelph and many others Motto: More about the unit:
  12. Khorne

    The pup and the whore Part II.

    I actually really like how the cistern looks now. Those diagonal support beams work really well. The entire scene just oozes character, with so many details to look at! Dark green is indeed a good color for murky water. Can't wait to see what else you have in store!
  13. Khorne

    To arms, loyal Terraversans!

    I've said it the previous time you used this build for a post: a nice little scene. It look very realistic and lively. That printing press is awesome and the attention to details such as the fonts drawer is great! Quoted for truth.
  14. Nice to see this story line continuing! I liked it when you first started it and will eagerly continue to follow it. I'm in no way a great photographer, but something that always annoys me (and to which I try to pay attention) is crooked angles. I don't like it when a photo or building is slanted to the left or right. Paying attention to avoid this issue, greatly improves the quality of a picture, I think.
  15. Khorne

    [OL - FB] A Proclamation

    Nice guillotine and overall scene, Roadmonkey! The Charlatan Bay storyline was a good one. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it.