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  1. Sympatik Brick

    GoH 10 B: The Witch of Heedwor

    Everything is great here, the snow looks real, the Tudor style is amazing, the proportion are perfect!
  2. Sympatik Brick

    The Summit

    Thank you! I didn’t know I would spend so many hours to build this « tiny » Moc. But I was so amazed by Socalbricks’ creature that I had to surpass myself. If I tell you that all my cheeseslopes in lime and medium lime were used in this moc... you will understand that I had no choice to mix! I guess if I had had enough of one of the two colors I would probably have mixed anyway!
  3. Sympatik Brick

    Viking Life in the Frozen Wilds

    It’s my first ever « Mitgardian » Moc. I hesitate a lot before to join Avalonia. I was also really inspired by this guild. It was funny to build this boat « upside-down »
  4. Sympatik Brick

    GoH 10C: The Monastery

    Neat build! I especially like the brown / nougat / lime colors and all the flowers and vegetables. I don’t know this extension of Catan… I will definitely have to look after, at least to see the other drawings.
  5. Sympatik Brick

    Peasants of Avalonia

    Sure! Steal it! I have so many things to steal too in all the beautiful Mocs I see here, in brickscalibur or summer joust… I guess some other builders did the same before me but I remember well to try this tip on my own with one of my 8 Vikings female. I was so sad these were not fleshies!!! I’m sure you can use some fleshies bodies on your « yellows » too! Just put yellow hands! 😝
  6. Sympatik Brick

    Peasants of Avalonia

    Thank you… the « yellow skin tip » is not new for me… you can see it in my « New Hope » grange, my « Golden Dragon » tavern or in my round windmill… The « yellow skin tip » can work with other colors too… I used the goblin torso (serie 13) in another minifig here! (and in the « New Hope » grange too.) Edit: I’m happy with my cows, and I hope you’ll find somes. Thank you! It was the perfect timing. These modified plates came in PAB here in France a few months ago…
  7. Sympatik Brick

    Peasants of Avalonia

    Harvest Time The wheat is dry, it's time to harvest. A rain would have a catastrophic impact on the harvest. My entry to Colossal Castle Contest: Have a Peasant Day! Farmstead Figures My entrie for the Farmstead Figures category (Brickscalibur)
  8. Sympatik Brick

    Viking Life in the Frozen Wilds

    A small foray into Mitgardian territory for the purposes of two contests: « Viking Life » for the Classic Castle Contest (CCC) « Frozen Wilds » for Brickscalibur Contest Winter is coming. It’s time to leave the boat building sites... the vikings will only survive this difficult period by taking the lives of others... whether it's hunting or war and looting.
  9. Sympatik Brick

    The Summit

    Built for Brickscalibur (Labor of Love category) as part of a collab with @socalbricks One beautiful summer morning on the coast, a man named Nemyk (wanting to beat the “morning rush”) went down to his favorite fishing spot. What he found instead was a basking mermaid named Lorena, who wanted to take advantage of the first rays of the sun while out of the sight of “land dwellers”. Both caught off guard, the two engaged in some awkward small talk before parting ways. As fate would have it, the two would encounter each other again the following morning, and the morning after that, and so on. Gradually warming to each other, the two poured out their hearts, and (after a few months) were deeply in love. On the anniversary of their meeting, both decided to surprise each other with a gift. Nemyk sought a rare flower that was only found deep within the inhospitable Rakath mountains, while Lorena sought a crystal in the cold abyss of the ocean. Neither were prepared for the dangers that awaited them… Here's @socalbricks's half of the collab! Additional Images: Socalbricks and I both agreed to build a heart-shaped base to further tie into the aforementioned "Labor of Love" Theme!
  10. Sympatik Brick

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome T-86! Nice to have new Avalonian’s builder. i am looking forwards to see your mocs and stories. I’ve seen nice builds already on your Flickr account.
  11. Sympatik Brick

    GoH 10 A : Exploring Cedrica

    Congrats for your mention in Tips & Bricks (#1897 Technique Analysis)!
  12. Sympatik Brick

    GoH 10 A

  13. This is my entrie to « Life in Cedrica » contest. It's daybreak in Cedrica, the fishermen bring back their booty from the night to the smokehouse... the fish will be sold in a few hours on Cedrica’s market. At the top of the astral tower, it's time to put away the telescope... on the floor below, magicians and sorcerers take advantage of an unobstructed view to admire the first lights of the sun. Others like Dohvakiin continue their nocturnal readings. Walt was refused access to the upper floors and preferred to wait quietly in the tavern on the ground floor. A howl resounded! Listening only to his courage. Walt climbs the stairs four by four to help a woman in distress. And there’s a bonus! My entrie for the « Where’s Waldo » contest in Brickscalibur (Not for this challenge: but I want to avoid multiple posts) I added a market in another baseplate ! Walt Herboï is on a mission to Cedrica to accompany the sorcerer of the clan of dragons to Cedrica, the capital... The sorcerer has made some purchases in the "astral tower", a high place for sorcerers from all walks of life and has bought there four frogs with the amazing ability to change color in order to escape their predators. While joining the one he likes to nickname "Waldo" on the market place, he accidentally let the four batrachians escape. Help Waldo find the 4 frogs... but… Where is Waldo? You can also find a dog, a cat, a rat, the character represented by the painter and a coin of 5 to reward you!
  14. Sympatik Brick

    [freebuild] The library of Oxenfurt.

    Cool little build. I like especially this black roof and the wooden upper part.
  15. Sympatik Brick

    GoH 10 B