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  1. Sympatik Brick

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    Here’s my ship for the « Categorie B »
  2. Sympatik Brick

    SPC [Cat B] The Ironclad Gunner

    The Ironclad Gunner: Terror of the Stars Inspired by « Renegade Runner » (Lego set 6268) Tremble, space enemies! The Ironclad Gunner, flagship of the infamous Captain Dreadnought Blackheart, plies the galaxies, sowing chaos and destruction in its wake. Aboard this steel behemoth, a motley crew of galactic pirates united by an insatiable thirst for freedom and treasure. Suddenly, the alarm blares! An enemy ship has been spotted. Captain Blackheart barks orders, while the crew rushes to their stations. Cutlass Crimson rushes to the deck, ready to face the enemy on the front lines. His saber shines in the sunlight, as he dodges the first enemy fire with cat-like grace. Deadeye Dan is ready to fire on the enemy ship. With a precise shot, an enemy crew member falls, dead. Chef "Spoon" Silver has abandoned her kitchens, she will be more useful by joining Cabin Boy "Toothless" Leaf in operating the particle cannons! Lookout "Golden Eye" Raven takes off on his jet pack, to observe the battlefield and give orders to the crew. Golden Hands" Jack climbs to the top of the mast, ready to jump into the enemy ship to thwart traps, pick locks, and most importantly, sabotage their defense system. Polly, perched above the Captain, encourages the crew with his sharp cries and colorful insults. The battle rages, but the crew of the Ironclad Gunner is determined to win. Their courage, determination, and teamwork make them a formidable force. The Ironclad Gunner is their kingdom, space is their playground. Their adventures are full of twists and turns, humor and action.
  3. Sympatik Brick

    GoH 11: The herbalist’s cart

    Thank you very much Grover for your comment! I am delighted that you appreciated my build. I took great pleasure in adding all the details you mentioned, and I am happy that you noticed them. I am always looking for ways to improve my builds, and your feedback will be very helpful to me. I will continue to work hard to create even more beautiful and detailed builds in the future!
  4. Sympatik Brick

    [Freebuild] The Kolgaris

    I appreciate the variety of dwarf minifigures, but it can be frustrating that some helmets and beards don't fit together, even though they seem like they should visually. The beard often hides the torso details and limits creative customization. Additionally, the short legs of dwarves are rarely printed, which further reduces customization options. Fortunately, the creation of weapons (axes, maces, etc.) remains, which can allow for a great deal of freedom of expression! Thank you! I wish I had a much wider selection of these colors, but I'm really happy with how it's turning out. I am a Lego purist and all the parts here are from the Lego Group! I built these shields using a round shield, a dish, and a 1x1 round tile. I am flattered by the comparison with @Aurore and I am not surprised that she is a reference for so many people! I indeed took advantage of our collaboration during Brickscalibur to ask her for two or three opinions on these creations. The collaboration also led us to exchange some pieces and that's how I was able to get this magnificent magenta dress for Asha (originally belonging to Dumbledore). Yes, all of the friends'/elves' hairpieces fit on classic minifigures. A few 'Disney princess' hairstyles can offer some nice combinations.
  5. Sympatik Brick

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    Here’s my crew for the « Categorie A » !
  6. Captain "Dreadnought" Blackheart: A bearded colossus with a steely gaze, wielding a giant axe with terrifying precision. His mere presence inspires terror in the hearts of enemies. « Life is short, space is vast. Plunder, plunder, and plunder again! First Mate « Cutlass » Crimson: Agile and quick as lightning, he wields his saber with lightning dexterity. His smirk is the last thing his victims see. « The sabre is faster than justice, and more precise than mercy. » Mercenary Deadeye Dan "The Shadow" A taciturn and mysterious bounty hunter, always lurking in the shadows, ready to take down his enemies with a precise shot. « Silence is my weapon, the shadow is my ally. » Cook Chef "Spoon" Silver A matron with a face weathered by years, she concocts dishes that are as nourishing as they are surprising, capable of transforming space rations into feasts fit for a king. « A full belly is a happy belly, and a happy belly is a belly that fights well. » Lookout "Golden Eye" Raven An old man with a piercing gaze, capable of spotting an enemy ship from light-years away. His parrot, Polly, is his inseparable companion and an excellent indicator of danger. « Danger lurks in the shadows, but I see it before it sees me. » Parrot Polly: A chatty and sarcastic bird, capable of imitating voices and repeating the most inopportune phrases. His presence is a mystery to the crew, but his intelligence and loyalty are undeniable. « Polly wants a cracker! (Translation: Polly has important information!) » Cabin Boy « Tothless » Leaf : A young orphan full of enthusiasm, always ready to help, despite his legendary clumsiness and addiction to interstellar sweets. « Even the smallest can do great things! » Monkey « Golden Hands » Jack: An agile and cunning primate, capable of picking the most complex locks and outsmarting the most devious traps. His only flaw is a unfortunate tendency to kleptomania. « Oooh ooh ahh ahh... (Translation: I have stolen the most precious treasure!) » Together, this unlikely crew forms a formidable team, capable of braving the dangers of space and plundering the richest ships. Their adventures are full of twists, humor and action, and their reputation is matched only by their thirst for freedom.
  7. Sympatik Brick

    [Freebuild] The Kolgaris

    My long-held dream of creating a Minifigure series exclusively with "Lego Elves" hairstyles finally found its spark with the "Magical Minifigures" contest! This collection introduces you to several key members of the Kolgaris, a civilization infused with potent magic. From the left to the right: Opalina is an adventurous water warrior who travels the world's rivers and shores in search of water spirits to further her magical knowledge Asha is the high priestess of fire and the city's protective guardian. She is kind and warm to her people, but her power would prove destructive to anyone daring to defy the Kolgaris. Aria is a scribe, translator and archivist... she ensures the power of the Kolgaris in the future by constantly adding to the collection of magical works in the great library. Oklada is Asha's elder sister, more of a recluse by nature, she is adept at hypnosis and mentalism, and regularly isolates herself to study vacuum magic. This is certainly the most powerful of magics, but also the most difficult and dangerous to master. Medeia is both the guardian of the city gates and Oklada's loyal disciple and friend. She makes sure her friend doesn't get caught up in the void she's trying to control. It wasn't easy to find sources of information and inspiration about the sunken city and its inhabitants. So my inspiration was mainly drawn from this post
  8. Sympatik Brick

    GoH 11: The herbalist’s cart

    Thank you! Thank you! This Ninjago sand Green dragon is really usefull… I think he is dispatched in all my Avalonian Mocs! 😂 Thank you. He’s actually displayed on this « travelling » phase but I guess I will choose the « selling » phase for exhibitions !
  9. Sympatik Brick

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    I’ve already build 6 differents minifigs + 1 monkey (old classic pirate one) and 1 parrot. Can I use all my 6 minifigs or should I choose between the monkey and the sixth minifig? Can I count the parrot as an accessory ? 🤔
  10. Sympatik Brick

    GoH Challenge 11 Voting Topic

    Aurore - 1 point Soccerkid6 - 1 point Tayaya - 1 point
  11. This is my entry for Fantastic Feast (Brickscalibur) and also for The Colossal Castle Contest. It is an addition to a previous Moc (The Throne Room of the dragon clan fortress) that I didn’t post here yet! King Dagorn and Queen Alienora host a grand reception at the castle. The chandeliers sparkle, the tables are laid with delicacies and the guests, decked out in their finest finery, converse happily. Among the guests is Dovahkiin, the kingdom's sorcerer. Accustomed to powerful spells and explosive potions, he can't help diverting his attention from the conversation to use his magic for more gourmet purposes. A flick of his wand and a delicate macaroon lands directly in his hand. Another spell, and a cup miraculously fills up. Dovahkiin savors every moment, amused by his discreet little game. Not far away, an archer is having dangerous fun with fruit. With a precise shot, he aims at an apple placed on the head of one of the guests. This perilous game attracts the attention of some guests and provokes a few cries of fright. A juggler, meanwhile, impresses the crowd with his acrobatic skills. Juggling fruit, fish and sausages, he performs extraordinary feats, sending food tumbling through the air with disconcerting precision Urzul and Durzum, the nomadic orcs, were also invited. They swapped their traditional outfits for evening wear. Although they have made an effort to adapt to the customs of the kingdom, they find it difficult to behave socially in the presence of meat. The sight of steaming roasts and whole hams whets their appetites and they can't help glancing greedily at the tables and aggressively at other diners.
  12. Sympatik Brick

    GoH 11: Elven Trading Post

    This is one of my favorite constructions for the "Enchanted Forest" in the Brickscalibur contest. Now I understand why: as a resident of the Enchanted Forest, it's easy for you to represent your living environment so accurately 😉
  13. Sympatik Brick

    GoH 11: The herbalist’s cart

    Thank you. It's not very difficult and actually quite quick to make bases like this. I needed to find something to highlight the charette and accentuate the Avalonia colors!
  14. In addition to everything else (the quality of the figures, the color palette and the story!) I particularly like the depth you were able to put into this creation, which is barely 16 tenons deep. The sloping walls, the mirror and the window with its view of the castle all worked in this direction. Congratulations!
  15. Sympatik Brick

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome Tayaya. We're all delighted to have new members in Avalonia.