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  1. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] Smith's Smithy

    Wonderful! That moron is a man after my own heart. Excellent forge and bellows. Actually, it's all excellent. I like the vast swathes of various consumer goods they are churning out there.
  2. Huzzah! Gotta love a good marching moc. Digging those bayonet bits.
  3. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] Return to the Tyree'dee

    @Ross Fisher The very same! Excellent moc as always but the writing and image pacing made this one of my faves.
  4. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] Return to the Tyree'dee

    This fella is great and his mission to New Haven is a lot of fun to follow. I really liked 'Achu's People' I think was the name?
  5. Jeff of Clubs

    [COR-FB] El Oleonda, again

    Love the unit and that coast looks absolutely dismal! Well done!
  6. Nice looking troops. Digging the trick with the seated figure.
  7. Jeff of Clubs

    The Gran Military Encyclopedia of Oleon

    Ha ha! Epic. I was musing on this, as I have a bunch of manacles and chain pieces, I was thinking of mercilessly shackling them into formations. This was a fun read
  8. Jeff of Clubs

    [COR-FB] Land Ho!

    Very cool! I was wondering about trying this as a story's setting. I've been tinkering with overlapping images in order to show a whole company performing close order drills. This gives me hope.
  9. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] Hoang's Coffee House, Jiangkai

    Thanks for the pics. Very clever!
  10. Cozy and a fun color too! I am loving the wayer effects!
  11. Jeff of Clubs

    Count Lewisham

    He sounds the consummate politician! Looks great!
  12. Jeff of Clubs

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Thank you, Khorne! May you throne swell with skulls! Yeah, Peter Dennis' stuff are some of my favorite illustrations ever.
  13. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] Homestead - Fort Arltrees

    That gambrel roof is awesome! Love the style and that carriage!
  14. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] Hoang's Coffee House, Jiangkai

    Seconding the rickshaw photo request.
  15. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] Hoang's Coffee House, Jiangkai

    Nice use of colors and part orientation! Love it! I'd drink there!