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  1. Jeff of Clubs

    Era III and a call for New Leadership!

    Fantastic work one and all. I'm in the midst of some personal nonsense but will type up some thoughts later. A big world changing event would be a good idea,as well as logging many era 1 settlements into a group with the home countries. There for lore but not interactible for player EGS. I forward a grand Oleonic Revolution with all nations vying over it's outcome, thus shaping the world of BoBS E3.
  2. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] The Secret War

    Fantastic stuff! I thought you were on to me. Probably should moc some initial panic on DuQuesne's end.
  3. @Wellesley, nice work! Do you have somewhere to view your paintings?
  4. Wonderful stuff! I'm particularly ticked with the tube, dowel, and ski pole rigging on display here. Fare the well!
  5. Jeff of Clubs

    Ship open for licensing

    Would ya look at that thing! You know who hates pirates, has two thumbs and can pay the mostest? The Good King Philip, of course...
  6. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] The Death of Hercules

    Great stuff! "Hurry up!" Beautiful scene. What a deathbed! We can moc a scene showing command being transfered to Colonel Beauchamp @CapOnBOBS after the General fell? The thinking here is that the 'meat and potatos' of Oleon's battle plan was his anyways. He made the maps n such to go with in the first place.
  7. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] Meanwhile, in Nola Mar

    Good stuff!
  8. Jeff of Clubs

    [COR - FB] Class 3 microship

    Oh very clever! I've been itching for some micros.
  9. Jeff of Clubs

    Account Summary

    Ye be a rock in sea of numbers. Thank you!
  10. Fine write up! Thanks for the work! Sounds like a long war. Let's beat the brush for these snakes! Well done gang!
  11. Jeff of Clubs

    [CONTEST] Creative Critic Registrations

    I can set time aside for this as an emergency choice. I'm not really comfortable judging the works of other, better builders but I was once told I have a very critical a narcissist... To that effect, if something falls through for some reason and you need a 10th for this, lemme know. I'll try to get something modest entered, myself.
  12. Check out the BoBS mocs for modern pirate kit ideas. There are some truely tremendous builders in there.
  13. Those are some mighty trees! Nice work on the Iwo Jima posing.
  14. It's definately Queenston! Great to see some other of Corrington's troops.
  15. Jeff of Clubs

    [SR-FB] Salty Dawgs Mine

    You shifty so and so. Those are rock premolds! Nice part usage!