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  1. Jeff of Clubs

    [COR - FB] Leaving Spudkirk

    A rowboat get away lagoon?!? Very nice. Good use of those bulky prefab mountainy bits. The rugs was a nice touch! What part are you using for cans anyways?
  2. Jeff of Clubs

    [GoC] Corner Townhouse, Queenston

    Great colors! Your pantile roofs are always fun. Now I wanna live in Queenston!
  3. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL-FB]...mud, mud, mud...

    Thank you! I was tickled with how the gun came out. Realized I had no 2x2 axles thus the experiment began. The tree is mostly parts from the bonsai tree kit. Even the base is just the tree tray trim flipped upsidedown and filled in Baller on a part budget these days. @Ross Fisher, Thank you! @Spud The Viking, Thanks! @NOD, yep! Mud is not the mark of a nobleman. Thanks!
  4. Jeff of Clubs

    [COR-FB] Scoping out the perimeter

    That is a great little slice of jungle there. The stepping stones and steam are a nice addition. As for the figs, very nice! Love the light utilitarian feel of them! Welcome ashore!
  5. Although difficult to transport through a fresh-cut and narrow jungle road, artillery is a critical component of any modern army. Here some poor souls from the artillery branch work to dislodge their 6lb field gun. Although frustrated, they are surely greatful that they don't operate one of the many larger pieces in the Oleonda Division. Part of 3.Division's march to Seawatch. Thanks, ♧
  6. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL - FB] "Watching the Coastline"

    Great little background story! Welcome!
  7. Jeff of Clubs

    [COR - FB] HMS Meteor

    Nice stuff! Good to see a bombard vessel! Just stay outta the arctic with it .
  8. Jeff of Clubs

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Welcome! Congrats on your fine taste in coats. Fine builds there. Someone will reach out to you and give you access to our faction thread, if not, pm me and I'll rattle some cages.
  9. Wonderful and full story! I have a good feeling about this guy!
  10. Jeff of Clubs

    José's Inn - Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Wow! Look at that thing! And you had time to eat and sleep?!? Welcome back!
  11. Six battalions of La Grand Armee have been marshalled from across the empire in Fort Arltrees. There they are to be formed into the new 3.Division de la Armee "Oleonda", more commonly referred to as the Oleonda Division. This new division will draw upon the experience of an old hand in the ways of war. The vaunted Hercule Francois, the Vicomte Guemain, has been pulled from retirement by his most patriotic heart (and nothing else) to assume the rank of General de Brigade, 3.Division. For several months, advance parties of light infantry and native allies, supported by mountain howitzers have been screening over three hundred civilian wood cutters as they blaze a road to Seawatch, the Oleonda Division's main column hot on their heels. La Grand Marche mocs; Pain for the artillery train; ..................... As far as planning goes, I don't believe for one second that the Lotii are going to allow us to join forces without a herculean effort to stop the Oleonese column. Much more sensible to hit us while we are still separated. I'm of the mind that most of our plans should focus on this eventuality. Devising an ambuscade for the Lotii, sprung by Corrington, Eslandola, and Carno when they move to cut the path between us. OOC; I opted for 6 battlions rather than 2 regiments in order to more easily include necessary formations and allow a great deal of artistic liscence to anyone who cares to MOC troops of the 3.Div.
  12. Jeff of Clubs

    [FB-OL] Le Grand Delais

    Thanks! I'm down to about 5 kits and some ebay puuchases at the moment but I was happy enough with it. Need some trans blue for water sometime. 250 casualties AND a general because of a Lotus Spy! @Ayrlego, thanks! Glad you dig it! "One total catastrophe, is just the beginning!" @Professor Thaum, ah, noted. Thank you! I'm not as familiar with the french language as I'd like. I asked about in the faction chat for anyone who is but there were none! Apologies in advance for the continued mangling of the language. @Thomas Waagenaar, thanks! We had to make something up at least.
  13. Jeff of Clubs

    [FB-OL] Le Grand Delais

    As word of the coalition's victory at Seawatch speads across the brick seas, it seems everyone is asking, "where is La Grande Armee?" It would seem that even the royal family has been asking this question. A week ago, a group of dour toughs, clad in black and carrying only the seal of the royal family, barged into the headquarters office for the army mustering at Lavalette and demanded an audience with the ranking officer. Major Cambois: "...but he asks the impossible. I need more men." The Stranger: "Tell me. What is the nature of this army's delay in sailing for New Haven and what happened to the general? Major Cambois: "Ah, you see, just as the army moved to the docks to embark, a crane line broke depositing hundreds of poisonous tree frogs of some type all across the harbor." The Stranger: "Sabotage?" Major Cambois: "We don't believe so. In any event, the ordeal took several weeks to rectify and cost us over a hundred casualties." The Stranger: "Your General was among them?" Major Cambois: "Well, no. See, after the battle there were ample slain frogs laying about and as no true blue Oleonese can throw away a perfectly good frog leg, a morale building feast was held." Major Cambois: "Sadly it turns out they were still quite poisonous and we lost the general, another hundred and fifty-two men, and a whole month." The Stranger: "Outrageous! If word of this ever reached the coalition!... We shall have to blame this whole incident on a Lotii spy within headquarters..." Major Cambois: "...megablock..." Thanks, ♧ OOC; I got a Bonsai Tree kit. If, like myself, you struggle with trees and/or floral bits, I can't recommend that kit enough. Plus it has a hundred frogs! Which should come in handy all the time.
  14. Oh wow! Wonderful stuff! Very lively and well laid out. The damn is a great idea.
  15. You can pull the instructions for free from Lego's website. Cross refence the parts with the part list in the instructions and then yeah. Bricklink. Those parts you have could fetch a pretty penny. They only just re-released the hieroglyph columns this year.