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Found 5 results

  1. An elementary school in Astrapi, one of the free licenses we've won at challenge 5, to be licensed as a small education. Vive le Roi!
  2. Elise, Oleon granted me permission to purchase a large plot of land in Fatu Hiva to build a factory. We're expanding our rum business further, out amongst the white sands of Fatu Hiva. Yes, I know, sugarcane isn't growing there and we'll need to import it, but the land was purchased at a good price. This should bring in increased revenue for us. Hopefully Terraversa will have a good amount of cane for us to begin importing. Emile This is my first microbuild, and I think it turned out somewhat decent. I really tried to keep to the lore established for Fatu Hiva, but Emile has to continue to expand his alcohol business.
  3. A Doctor for the refugees in Puerto Desafio Since the end of the Eslando-Mardieran war on Isla de Victoria, many refugees from the ancient Mardieran colonies went to find help in the controled areas of Eslandola new territory. Eslandola is welcoming all the war victims what ever be their past. Even the former soldiers of the Mardieran Army are welcome to settle in the new Puerto Desafio colony ! And to provide the basic first aid and health support for all this growing population, a Doctor was needed ! It is Doctor Ayuda, graduated in the Great Medical University of Nova Terrelli, who decided to answer to this need. He managed to save an ancient mardieran house from destruction near the quays of Puerto Desafio to open a Hospital in order to welcome the refugees. This build will be licensed as a Medium Artisan in Puerto Desafio in order to use my reward in the Challenge V. Of course C&Cs are welcome.
  4. philynx

    A micro Minas Tirith

    First, I apologize if my english isn't good, I'm french. So, I made a little building with LDD, a mini reconstitution of Minas Tirith. It can be interesting to have that kind of little building in a LOTR fan's collection, because if you buy the parts of the model from Pick a brick, you can have it for less than 25 dollars, which is cheap for Minas Tirith. I give you the LDD fileMinas tirith.lxflist and a screenshot. Thank you for your consideration, I hope you'll like my first LDD building. Wow ! sorry for the page's organisation...
  5. NiceMarmot

    GoH Advent Calendar

    Guilds of Historica Advent Calendar Dec 1st - Messahmuk Winemakers Guildhall (a classic building, now a major landmark in downtown Messahmuk) advent.calendar.hall Dec 2nd - Windmill, southwestern Kaliphlin (typical southwestern style, on the islands around the Inland Sea) advent.calendar.windmill Dec 3rd - Fortified Bridge over the Muk River GoH Advent Calendar - Bridge An ancient fortified bridge over the Muk River, in south central Kaliphlin, with two sentry towers and a gate on the south end. December 4th - Mitgardian Cottage (by Kai NRG) A guest build today, from Kaliphlin guildmember Kai NRG! A cottage in a snowy Mitgardian scene. December 5th - Kaliphlin Black Oil Worker GoH Advent Calendar - Dec 5 - Kaliphlin Black Oil Worker Another guest build today, this time from Masa of Kaliphlin. He's presented us with a Kaliphlin black oil worker. It's a messy job, but he's up to it. December 6th - Nocturnian Octosucker GoH Advent Calendar - Dec 6 - Octosucker The bane of fishermen everywhere, this horrible creature is most commonly found in Butchers Bay. December 7th - The Old Mill advent.calendar.7.mill.small A small mill in western Kaliphlin, on the edge of the Wither Woods near Eastgate. December 8th - Petraea University Student GoH Advent Calendar - Dec 8th - Petraea U Student Built and photographed by Kai NRG! December 9th - Avalonian Farm December 10th - Mitgardian Winter Scene advent.calendar.10.mitgardian.cottage December 11th - Kaliphlin Castle GoH Advent Calendar - Dec 11th - Castle Another guest build from Kai NRG! December 12th - Dwarven House Golem GoH Advent Calendar - Dec 12th - Dwarven House Golem Dwarven mages of old built and magically animated these small golems out of clay to serve as butlers and valets in their households. Some can still be found in the households of the old Mitgardian nobility, patiently running the household. December 13th - Kaliphlin Temple advent.calendar.13.temple The temple of Amon-Jazreth, the god of shiny stones found on the beach, on the outskirts of Barqa. December 14th - Larger Kaliphlin Mill GoH Advent Calendar - Dec 14 - Large Mill A larger mill on the eastern Siccus coast, north of Peregrinus. I built this one first, and then decided to try to minimize the piece count, and so built the smaller mill displayed on Dec 7th. December 15th - Kaliphlin Lighthouse GoH Advent Calendar - Dec 15 - Lighthouse Built by Kai NRG. December 16th - Kaliphlin Oil Rig advent.calendar.16.pumpjack A Kaliphlin pumpjack oil well. A captive magical imp inside the motorhouse turns the drive shaft which moves the 'donkeyhead' up and down, pumping precious Black Oil from the desert sands. December 17th - Prickly Pookfruit Cactus advent.calendar.17.pp.cactus Common around Petraea and in the south and southeast Siccus badlands. Delicious leaves and fruit, but slightly hallucinogenic. Favorite meal of desert womp-rats. December 18th - Silo Cottage This is a guest build from Jareth, a micro version of his Silo Cottage build, in Scarborough in Northern Nocturnus. December 19th - Thin Ice This Kaliphlin tourist to Mitgardia apparently couldn't read the Dwarvish signs that said "Thin Ice"! PM me if you have a build that you'd like to show in the GoH Advent Calendar. Original Post: So today I was helping my son rebuild his 2011 Star Wars Advent Calendar, and then build some new random microscale starships of his own design to add to them, and I thought: we should have a Guilds of Historica Advent Calendar build! It could have GoH microscale builds of buildings, vignettes, vehicles, and creatures, as well as perhaps a few unusual, custom minifigures that fit with GoH. So I'm going to kick it off with two little builds he and I did today. I'll try to add some more, but everyone feel free to chip in and add your own, and I'll update the first post with everyone's pictures and short descriptions.