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  1. Questions - small layout possibility

    I also have limited space for my layout, but managed to make a small loop, maybe you can find a little inspiration from what I have done. Even if you do not have room for a loop. Link Flickr
  2. Getting an Emerald Night in 2017

    I think the white windows look nice, there are probably many different opinions about that. There have been many versions of the cart in different colors, but I thought white looks as close to the original as possible.
  3. Getting an Emerald Night in 2017

    I have made a dark blue version of Emerald Night, and carts with White windows instead of Tan, I can't remember what it cost but significantly cheaper than second hand market. 2017-06-26 23.08.40 by SpinX125, on Flickr 2017-06-26 23.09.10 by SpinX125, on Flickr
  4. ETR 1000 Frecciarossa

    Super nice train Love the design and all the details
  5. Red Horizon Express 10233

    Super nice
  6. Small Train Layout (4x7 baseplates)

    Thanks for the comment Thanks for the comment Thanks for the comment I see what you mean with the cargo crane, and i will consider what to do. I cant move the shed turnout to the left, then the wagons will hit the door frame on the way in, i dont want to lose the signal-box (its also hides the motor for the switch) What do you mean by controlling signals? I have considered making some lights in the building and lightposts, i also considered some automation (maybe arduino) but i havent decided if i want to do so. Thanks for the comment Yes it is a challenge to make a nice layout on a small place, it hat to be a loop, so i can run some trains.
  7. Ghent Harbour MOC WIP

    Old post, i know. but really have to say that i love the work you done with this layout, i found a lot of inspiration here for my own layout.
  8. [MOC] Railroad Signal tower

    Great work, love the snow on the roof
  9. Home Layout WIP

    Amazing layout, great work. will love to have the space myself.
  10. Now it has become my turn to share some pictures of my little train layout. It's a project that has been running since autumn 2015 and evolved over time, the space is not that big, the layout fills 4x7 baseplates (32x32) It’s my first attempt at building a MOC. The roadplates are raised so that they fit the railroad crossings and a little SNOT road has been made in front of the warehouse. The position of how the warehouse stands is determined by the shift track behind. The station is inspired by the set: 4554 Metro Station. All rails are raised with "Ballast" and tiled so they look better. One switch is by engine, so if two train sets are parked, I can choose which one I want to drive. The layout was shown at the Danish event “Klodsfest” in may 2017. https://www.flickr.com/photos/137767198@N08/sets/72157681704024404