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Found 8 results

  1. The colorscheme is based on the US Postal delivery vehicles,while the overall shape s inspired by classic cars of the 30s.The powerful repulsor engine boosts this hovercar into mindblowing speed. Thanks to it´s quirky handling it can zoom around even in extremely congested cities and tight spots. IMG_20180630_152543_1 IMG_20180630_152614 IMG_20180630_152632 Well, that´s quite a hot rodded engine.. IMG_20180630_152652 IMG_20180630_152717 Hope you like this small MOC,comments are welcome.
  2. Welcome the newest Addition to the Traffic of tomorrow....well,actually i made this Car a while ago but forgot to post it. It´s a sleek and fast Coupe with long Tailfins and an overall Design that was inspired by the roaring 1950s. The People of Lego City will sure turn their Heads when they see this Baby glide past them. 20170723_191842 20170723_191859 20170723_191923 20170723_191934 I hope you like my newest Creation. Comments are always welcome.
  3. Lego City Future - Hoverbike Chase Teenagers tuning their Scooters to be faster and louder is still a Thing,even in the Future.And like in the old Days,you can still get in Trouble for that. Lucille is an ambitious Mechanic and spends her Freetime working on her little Hoverscooter and racing it in every possible Location.No matter if the bustling Downtown,the dry Concrete Canals in the industrial Zone or the Scrap Fields outside Lego City. Of course she prefers the Scrap Fields since she grew up there in a small Street and she`s working in Beekerz Garage. But it looks like she has met her Master today when one of the Police Interceptor Bike Units noticed her. These are no ordinary Bike Cops.They are well trained and perfectly equipped for the rougher Terrain.... Let`s just hope Lucille only gets a Ticket for speeding. 20170513_221414 20170513_221421 20170513_221432 20170513_221442 20170513_221501 20170513_221523 20170513_221541 20170513_221554 20170513_221619 20170513_221643 20170513_221655 Hope you like my tiny MOC. Comments are welcome.
  4. badchriss

    Lego City Future - Tuk Tuk

    I got the Idea for this MOC from someone else`s Creation where you could see a blue/yellow Tuk Tuk standing next to a Flower Market. I really liked the Idea of building a semi futuristic Tuk Tuk and so i started one by myself. I designed my MOC using LDD and instead of three Wheels,my Tuk Tuk got the "Lego City Future" Treatment,which means no Wheels but some Repulsor or Antigravity Engines to lift this Vehicle above the Ground a few Inches.After the basic Construction was done,i tried to decorate it with colorful Lights and some Flowers,since real Tuk Tuks are often beautifully decorated. The Driver is very proud of this little Beauty and enjoys showing his City to Tourists...exept if there`s one who constantly hits the Drivers Head with his oversized Camera,this gets annoying very fast. Since Ads are nowadays everywhere,i added some sort of Advertisement Board to the Roof.It shows nothing specific,just some colorful Tiles. 20161207_130749 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161207_130821 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161207_130834 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161207_130846 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161207_131023 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr I hope you like my newest Creation and i wouldn`t mind seeing some Comments... BTW,you can see a couple more Shots in my Flickr Album.
  5. I`ve been very busy the last few Dayws and yesterday i planned a new MOC. It still only exists in virtual Form but i`m collecting Parts to build this Bus in real Bricks. You can clearly see i used the classic red Doubledecker Busses from London as an Inspiration,removed the Wheels and added a whole lot of scifi-ish Stuff to make it float. I worked around 5 Hours on this LDD Model and the Rendering for all Pictures (exept the one with the Lift) also took about 15 Minutes each Pic. As usual i took a regular old Car and upgraded it with modern Hover Engines to make it fly.Since the Double Decker Bus is a big and very heavy Vehicle,the Hover Engines needed to be a bit bigger.They can swivel up and down to keep the Bus stable and are very safe.Maybe your Hair gets messed up if you go too close to the Engines but otherwise it`s fine. The futuristic Routemaster Bus also lost the narrow Stairs to the upper Area and replaced it with a small Elevator,now older or handicapped People can go up there too The Undercarriage also holds a few Details and some simple Greebling I wouldn`t mind getting some Comments,Critics and maybe some Ideas or Advices what i can do better. And before you ask:Yes,a matching London Cab might be in the works :D
  6. Lego City Future - Vintage Hovercab A while ago i presented you a sleek and modern Hovercab.This aerodynamic Vehicle was build from Day 1 as a Hovercar and was build for Speed and even for flying in higher Altitutes,so you could even call a Cab in the 200th Floor of your Apartmentcomplex. Compared to this,my newest MOC rather depicts a sluggish and old Vehicle from the so called "Rubber-Era" which was the Time when all Vehicles were still earthbound and moved on Rubbertyres. As you may know by now,converting an existing 4 wheeled Car into a Hovercar by replacing most of the Drivetrain and the Chassis by some Aftermarket Hover-Engines is cheaper than bying a new Hovercar.Taxes and Insurance are also way lower because they cause less Accidents and they preserve historic Vehicles. When this Yellow Cab was still new,it was a large,almost enormous and elegant Car with a powerfull Engine and a Suspension you might think the Car was floating on Clouds.Not much has changed since then.Still big,still comfortable and under the Hood a huge and powerful Engine.Sure,nowadays,it`s an electric Plasma-Turbine but it`s the Idea that Counts. The only Downside:Better don`t try to float over Structures taller than 3 Meters.The Hoverpads can defeat Gravity up to a certain Point.but try to get higher and you will hit the Ground like a Rock. I also added some Pictures with my earlier build Hovercab,which depicts the modern Hovercar. Hope you like my newest MOC and enjoyed a bit my little history about Hovercars in Lego World...
  7. Hey Guys, right now i`m building another Vehicle for my "Lego City Future" Theme. This Time,it`s a small and ordinary old Car (modeled after a Ford Model A) that was once retrofitted with affordable Aftermarket Pieces to turn it into a Hovercar. The Main Body is pretty much done but i still struggle to think of something for the Chassis (the Area with the orange Bits) I know that there are a lot of talented Masterbuilders around here and i`m sure someone has a cool Idea. I added the LDD File for your convenience. Would love to hear/see some Input and Ideas. Lego City Future-Ford Model A.lxf
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your Eyes on my newest Addition to my "Lego City Future" Theme: the Yellow Cab! Everyone needs a Cab from Time to Time.And if you need a fast one,better call for Frank.He has the fastest yellow Cab in Lego City and also one of the coolest.Huge Air Intakes and some wild Graphics on the Hood make it look as fast as it is. Sure,some Customers might need a Barf Bag after a Ride in Frank`s Cab but they sure are never late. There`s only one Problem:From Time to Time Frank gets into Trouble with the local Police....of course because of speeding :D I hope you like my newest Moc.Comments are welcome