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  1. mona_maomao

    [MOC] S.S. Venture

    I like everything about the construction of ships. The handling of rust is very clever.
  2. mona_maomao

    Mod fishing store

    The idea of color lanterns is fantastic.
  3. mona_maomao

    Modular Buildings help

    If the step part is made pluggable, either the first scheme or the second one can be used.
  4. mona_maomao

    Fascist Building MOC

    It's a good way to restore the history. It's suggested that the red part should be longer.
  5. mona_maomao

    [MOC] Modular: Metropolitan Courthouse

    Great work. The photo of the toilet is my favorite.
  6. mona_maomao

    [MOC] Museum of artificial Dinosaurs.

    The decoration details are beautiful.
  7. mona_maomao

    My relax and addiction room :)

    Like poster
  8. mona_maomao

    (MOC)-Modular Cinema Empire Updated

    The sign of the cinema is very beautiful.
  9. mona_maomao

    [MOC] Clutch Bros Coffee

    The garage is impressive and the tilt angle is amazing.
  10. mona_maomao

    [MOC] Botanic Mansion

    I like the ground and the plants. They look very real.
  11. mona_maomao

    The Car Wash

    My friends and I have seen this module before, and the details are very rich and amazing.