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  1. Tariq j

    Doctor Who General Discussion

    That sounds interesting, it could also be a reference to the Channel 4 TV show Lego Masters, maybe one of the contestants builds something DW related on there.
  2. Tariq j

    The Morality of Leaks

    I remember in the run up the 2nd UCS Falcon, Lego released a small teaser each week, building up the suspense, and then about a week before the product’s release, a picture of it and some box images got leaked, and Did feel bad for Lego since they had kept it under wraps so well for so long. I do ton on Instagram every now and again to look at leaks, and a lot of the time now if there is a new look of interest (like a new wave of sets or something) someone often comes here and and mentions it, which then drives everyone to go and look at said leak. Thing is with Leaks (whether they’re pictures of sets, or simply a list of sets with prices) is that they’re a privilege, not a right. Lego don’t owe us any leaks so if they were to crack down even harder it wouldn’t bother me hugely.
  3. Tariq j

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Saw the Crimes of Grindewald yesterday, I might go and see it again, but at the moment my feelings are a little mixed, there’s some good moment but some bad moments and plot choices too.
  4. This was on Day 1, page 3 I think. Finn said something like “Joker, if Bob isn’t lynched today shall we kill him tomorrow” or something along those lines.
  5. This raises the question, does this quote have more to it than meets the eye? Moody first suggested that Finn accidentally posted on the main thread instead of the Scum chat, and no one really suspected anything at the time, but now we know Finn is scum, could this be a slip of the tongue?
  6. Um well, first the big spoiler in the crimes of grimdelwald and now this.... what a day. Unvote: The joker (Asphalt) Vote: Finn (Foreman)
  7. I doubt a vanilla townie would try and throw off the town just to protect herself. The goal of a vanilla Town is to help the town win, not to survive. It’s worth noting that Hera only claimed miller to try and get a discussion rolling, I don’t think she was trying to plan anything huge here. The issue with scum posing as a Miller theory, is that it would rely on quite a few stokes of luck, that is no rolecop in the game to validate the claim, that the scum is not caught targeting another player by the tracker/watcher (if there are any in the game that is). Bold moves can happen, and have happened in the past, but this seems almost too wild to pull off. I feel Hera’s claim may have also been some sort of an attempt to start a PR/town block maybe? Hera dose t technically have a “role” since the miller doesn’t physically perform any night actions, but still.
  8. As well as making some generally fluffy posts today this just feels like a rehash of Chell has said in her argument against Moody. You've pretty much used his exact wording. You've never mentioned you've found Moody suspicious before so why suddenly now? Vote: The Joker (Asphalt)
  9. I apologise for my delay in voting, to answer your question, the Miller claim was left for open for discussion and I just felt going after him, when he was the only Town role we had, not “role” per se more just town, but still, it felt too easy. Granted there was (and still is) a tiny possibility Hera is lying, but there are just too many risks involved in that. So voting for her felt like an easy way to bump off a town player.
  10. Fair enough, but regardless of who went after went after whom first, you still went after Hera. I’m not trying to bandwagon against you or finish anything. I’m just justifying my vote against Moody’s questions.
  11. My logic is (at least on Day One anyway) too vote early, that way we have the rest of the day to discuss said votes. At the time, I felt Ellie was the best person to vote for, for going after the milller claim so quickly. Plus didn’t you yourself also jump on a bandwagon of sorts? I’m also a little wary of the people who waited until late in the day to place their vote. Almost like they were deliberately withholding it as to avoid jumping on a bandwagon.
  12. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with that. All I'm saying here is that I can see both sides of the argument but I didn't like the way Ellie immediately went after the Miller claim, she's eight, it could be a scum claim, but that would rely on 1.) Most, if not all of the scum tram surviving so that Ellie doesn't inherit a major night action. 2.) There are no rolecops in the game.
  13. Well to be fair, the start of Day One usually has a lot of role playing as we don’t always have something to go on. But even if someone does come out with something crazy (which I guess he kind of did ) doesn’t immediate make him scum. True, I guess what I was trying to say was assuming the claim is correct, which I think is likely, it’s better to have that town player in the game than not at all. Granted, Ellie could very well have a PR role as you said, but it just felt like an easy vote for me.
  14. I’m hoping it’s something similar to the Medical Chamber we got this year (only larger of course) as a kind of add on to the Assualt on Hoth set, since that’s exactly what that set needed.
  15. You don’t consider it Lynch worthy and prefer not to have a lynch, but have voted for her anyway? I feel like we’re reading into the Miller claim too much, as well as trying generate a discussion for Day One, the Miller claim could save time later in the game. Say Hera hadn’t claimed and the investigator investigates her later in the game, He/She gets a scum result back, they reveal it in the day thread and we spend the day discussing it and lynching her. That’s a whole day wasted. By having the claim now we can avoid that scenario. Vote: Ellie Sattler (Legomonorailfan) I get where you’re coming from with that, but then to claim this early, Hera would have to tread on egg shells for the rest of the game in order to make herself town. There are so many roles like the tracker, watcher, etc. That could catch her out here.