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  1. "I'd like to check inside the bag of the vaccum cleaner to see if aby evidence/clues are inside" "Not that I can recall, no. From what I can remember Colin was hungry so I was giving him some snacks. Then I got up to chevk on my Petri dishes when the power went out"
  2. "Good Cop, Bad Cop tehcnique - I like it. I wouldn't mind some of that Coffee actually if Ezra doesn't want it"
  3. Seymour bends down so his level with Ezra "You're name is Ezra Parry, you are onboard the Excelsior and we are your fellow guests." Seymour pours Ezra a glass of water and hands it too him "Here, drink this it'll help you feel more relaxed. It Looks as though our friend Ezra's head wound has done some serious concussion damage, worse than I thought".
  4. A bit of a stretch (no pun intended) but the Fitness Room is right next to the lift. So if someone was going between floors they could’ve quickly slipped in there to avoid detection. So there could be a clue or two in there.
  5. I’d like to look inside the bathroom for any clues or hints that might be in there.
  6. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    That Mcgonogall looks brilliant. It’s amazing how even a small change, like adding hair to the headpiece, can really improve a figure.
  7. "Do any of the crew know how someone could (raspberry) jam communications from inside the ship? Maybe if we could find the source of the jamming and figure whether someone is doing it internally or if it's from an external source"
  8. I think Oliver Hudson suggested searching room 1H - the vacant one. I wouldn't mind going there next.
  9. Finally! Some order to all this chaos. As said above, Emily smashed a teapot in the lounge and grabbed the stun gun. Colin’s keeping an eye on her though.
  10. Charlie steps up and holds his index finger out. ”Fine by me” Charlie places his the tip of his index finger in Gabriella’s eye shadow and then presses it next to his name on the piece of paper.
  11. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think those are brilliant. I think there are lots of elements there that can be implemented into the existing sets. I kind of hope we get more of these sort of sets. There were a couple of rooms in the Hogwarts sets like Dumbledore’s Office and the DADA classroom that (whilst fine) could’ve been much better. Opportunity for them to be remade here.
  12. The X wing looks surprisingly good . I’m glad they’ve taken that approach to the set. The Shuttle looks good too. Not sure what’s going under the cockpit but looks as though it can be removed if need be.
  13. “Oh yes, of course! I brought all that steak for Colin! Plus some bacterial Petri dishes”. Could I examine the other personal items for anything of interest I’ll help with that. Charlie bends down and grabs hold of Ezra’s ankles. “I’m going to need someone to hold Ezra’s head so we can carry him safely to the sickbay”
  14. I’d like to inexpert inside the refrigerated storage section on the wall.
  15. I'll have Colin walk behind and watch Emily... just in case she tries to do a runner.