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  1. Tariq j

    Star Wars is kinda fading

    Yeah this is a big one for me. As an example I already have Luke's landspeeder from 2014 - and I think it's great. So unless a new version offers something truly amazing then it won't interest me as much. I think they still make some good sets - the Inquisitor ship from Kenobi and the Clone Wars sets come to mind.
  2. I must admit I've always preferred location based sets over ships. I would love to get a Battle of Endor remake. I wonder if they would give us a Jedi Temple for the 20th Anniversary of RotS.
  3. Tariq j

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Same here. Every once in a while it seems to get stuck at the top.
  4. Agree with all of those. Whilst it didn't play a huge as role as the others, I think I'd also add:
  5. Tariq j

    Which are your top 12 minifig-scale vehicles?

    All 3 previous Falcons (RoS, Solo and TFA) were great.
  6. Yeah, we only seem to get Obi Wan's starfighter or Clone ships like the Gunship/AT-TE (and those aren't exclusive to AotC). The speeder chase and Slave 1 haven't been touched since 2002 and they've never done anything with the arena or the droid factory.
  7. Tariq j

    Doctor Who General Discussion

    RTD definitly wants the show to become big again so I would love it if they did launch a line of sets.
  8. That's a good figure too. Surprised we haven't seen that or Episode 2 C-3PO yet. I like the Gunship but I do still prefer the 2013 version.
  9. That sounds like a really solid lineup. Lad to see the return of the midi scale sets. I wonder after 24 years, will we finally see a Shimi Skywalker figure.
  10. Was just about to say this! We've had two Tennant figures so far... let's hope the 3rd is the Doctor. I really like both of those sets. The shuttle is a little on the small side - I think the previous version was able to accommodate 2(?) figures.
  11. This is what frustrates me a little. It feels like it's taking up another set's place. There are so many sets we could've had instead of this. A Battle of Endor or the Home One Star Cruiser to celebrate the 40th anniversary of RotJ. I know what Lego are trying to do with these sets - they want to appeal to people outside the usual AFOL demographic. But I feel like most people would probably spend a bit more money and buy the Hot Toys 14 inch figure or just MOC their own rather than buy this.
  12. Tariq j

    Wizarding World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I really like it. I think having the bank and the mine cart system in one set was always going to be tricky to pull off but they've done a good job.
  13. It looks a bit blocker and a bit more basic than previous versions. We'll have to see whether it looks better in clearer pictures.
  14. Tariq j

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

  15. Apologies for the long wait, work and real life got in the way. I should still be able to host mine in July I think.