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  1. Thanks for the game Darkdragon! Feels like ages since we’ve played Mafia. I was also convinced that the werewolves were a third party because we were given a voyeur and a seer. It’s crazy how the investigators got both scum on the first night. We should’ve definitely listened and lynched one of them.
  2. Ha! It’s actually just some clever foreshadowing by TLG I really like it. Hopefully this is just the start of PT UCS sets.
  3. That looks brilliant. It’s good to see the hold has so much space. Even if it’s larger than minifigure scale you can still fill it with Clones.
  4. I’m begging you all to rethink your votes here. Consider this, at the start of today Valorie mentioned that she had received a barrel and that said barrel contained something that could prove useful to us. IF I was lying about finding barrel why would I not just say something similar - That I found one and it contained a shield. Why would I go to the trouble of making up an entire story about how I had to wait 72 hours to find out what was inside? I don’t know why the powers that be waited till the end of Day 2 to tell me (it’s not like I could’ve used it during the day anyway). As I’ve said before I feel like you’re focusing too much on my barrel story and not enough on who was unaccounted for on the last two nights. If you lynch me then the scum will again tonight. At which point I don’t know what’ll happen.
  5. You're all making a mistake. Everything I've said is true about how I recieved the barrel. I feel you're all focusing on the wrong thing here; too much how I recieved the barrel and not enough on who wasn't accounted for on both nights. I don't know what else to say. I'm not scum or werewolf I'm a town vanilla. The only thing I can say (assuming Steve is telling the truth) is that by process of elimination Kai is scum and Valorie is a werewolf.
  6. You’re reading into this way too much. I have no idea why there was a delay in me receiving and getting the item. But I don’t get how that means I was lying about it. Here’s what I think so far: Steve: Town Investigator Hex: Not Mafia/possibly werewolf Valorie: Possibly werewolf maybe the target of a framer Myself: Vanilla Townie Kai: Possibly scum If Steve is lying then it’s likely he’s lying about Hex and they’re both in a scum team together. But Steve’s counterclaim to Hal on Day 2 seemed a pretty bold move that I can’t see a scum willingly doing. I think it is likely that Valorie is a werewolf since Hal would have no reason to us and there seem to be too many loops to jump through for Valorie not to be a werewolf (scum and werewolves having alternate kills, a framer targeting him the same night as Hal etc.) I know I’m not scum or werewolf, which means by process of elimination Kai has to be scum. I don’t think I buy the theory that the scum and werewolves have alternate kills each night. I think the scum made both kills and I noticed Kai has been unaccounted for on both nights. Vote: Kai (Dragonator)
  7. To clarify, I was informed at the start of Day 2 that I had found a barrel and asked what I wanted to do with it and I responded. I then was told at the start of Night 2 that I had opened it and found a shield inside and then proceeded to block Valorie. Exactly this, I think it doesn’t mean anything but is down to lucky timing.
  8. I should point out the reason I didn’t mention the barrel was because even though I had found one I wasn’t actually told what was in it until the start of last night. If we are going with the theory that the scum and the werewolves have alternate kills then I think the werewolves were more likely to have killed last night since I feel the scum would have no reason to kill Hal since he specifically looks for werewolves.
  9. Apologies, it won’t happen again. To correct myself I blocked Valorie last night. Hal was town. Which means everything he said (in terms of his results and his role) was true. He’d have no reason to lie to us so I believe that his investigation result on Valorie and his claim about his sanity were true. This means Valorie is indeed a werewolf or she was the target of a framer on night one. I honestly don’t know what to believe. I presume Steve is not a framer, obviously Valorie wouldn’t be and I know I’m not a framer either. Which leaves us with Hex and Kai. Steve made a good point in that if the scum were to frame someone, it would frame that person as scum as oppose to werewolf surely? So I still that you can’t be a werewolf but how does me blocking you last night mean you can’t be the scum killer? So I get that you can’t be a werewolf but how does me blocking you last night mean you can’t be the scum killer?
  10. Not a good start to the day. Yesterday, I was informed by the host that I had spotted a barrel floating in the water and was asked what I wanted to do with it (but I was not allowed to confer with anyone about it). I chose to pick it up and open it up to see if there was anything useful inside. I was given a shield which meant I was able to block or protect a player. Last night I chose to block Shadows and I was successful.
  11. That looks really good. Much larger than I thought it would be. More of this please LEGO!
  12. A framer could make sense. With 7 players it’s likely the framer and investigator could target the same player. With Hal getting a “werewolf” result and Steve getting “non mafia” I feel I’m still in the camp of there being a third faction at play here. It feels like there’s a missing link to all of this. I fear Kai may have had some crucial track/investigation role that (given his inactivity) he did not use and therefore we only have what’s been said to go on.
  13. I probably should’ve deleted that part. My point was that I was initially confused about there being two cops but having read about the werewolves role then it could make sense. Since if you have werewolves and mafia in the same game then having a seer and a town cop could make sense.
  14. Unfortunately I cannot add new info in terms of night actions. I agree with Valorie. It seems highly unlikely in a game of 7 players we would have 2 sane cops. I don’t see Steve lying. If Hal is town there is no point in the scum pretending to counterclaim. One thing that’s really throwing me off is the “sane” claim. I’ve never been an investigator/cop before (as far as I can remember) so I have no previous PMs to compare to. But would investigators be told that that they are sane or not? I thought the whole point is that the investigator(s) doesn’t know whether they’re sane or not and they have to figure it out. The other thing that’s throwing me off is the whole werewolf/seer thing. According to mafiascum the rules state that “When checking for a specific faction other than Town or Mafia, the role is normally renamed; "Seer" when checking for Werewolves” when I looked further on the werewolves page it states that “The role names are different to those in mafia: there are Seers instead of Cops” But then when I look at the werewolf role I get this: “Notably, some games have included Mafia and Werewolves as opposing anti-Town factions.” So if there was a game with mafia and werewolves as anti town factions it wouldn’t be out of the question for there to be a seer and a town cop in one game right? However small. If Hal really is telling the truth then I’m going to Vote: Valorie (Shadows).
  15. There's too many signs. It's confusing me. Are they directions?