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  1. Tariq j

    Adding on to the Harry Potter Quidditch Match

    Very nice work! I like the seating areas you've added, they blend in well with the towers, neat idea with attaching the trans long pieces to the tops of he towers to pose the figures
  2. Tariq j

    James Bond 2018

    Looks as though the roof can come off, I’m interested too see if the ejector seat will be able to actually eject and what other gadgets are working.
  3. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    A truly fantastic line up. The Invisibility cloak looks amazing, looks like they've even got the patterns on the underneath so it can be double sided. And we also get a Barty Crouch Junior head and hairpiece.
  4. Tariq j

    James Bond 2018

    That's interesting, since those lines are from Goldfinger which would imply the upcoming set is the DB5, but the silhouette on the Creator page says otherwise, and hints towards a DBS/DB10. Having a DB5 in Creator scale would be good as it would allow all the various functions to be included and work.
  5. Tariq j

    James Bond 2018

    Definitely seems to be one of the two, it could even be the DBS from Casino Royale. The DB10 would make the most sense since I guess it’s the most recent iteration, but either one would do. It’d good they’ve gone for the creator scale since if they do move round to doing the DB5 they’ll be ab,e to include all the various functions and gadgets, something a minifigure scale car might not have been able to do. Maybe they might include a minifigure on a stand, like they did with the Tumbler. The DB10 had an ejector seat, so I guess as well that makes it unique to Bond.
  6. Tariq j

    [Ep XVII Freebuild #2] Belly of the Beast

    Excellent build! The photography and use of forced perspective here is brilliant , and I love that shot of the Death Star from the inside of the shuttle - just like in the films.
  7. Tariq j

    Cataloging the LEGO licenses

    Excellent list! James Bond has (sort of) been confirmed to have at least one Aston Martin set. So I guess that could fall under corporate brands too. But no pictures have yet been released.
  8. Tariq j

    James Bond 2018

    I'd love to get the Lotus Espirit from the Spy Who Loved Me, it would be nice to get at least one car from each Bond. The DB10, the Vanquish, etc. I hope they throw in some villains as well.
  9. Tariq j

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Big congratulations to the Rebels! It seems very fitting you guys won this being Endor . Huge thanks to MKJoshA and all the Judges for running the contest , just by looking at the full map it's clear it was a big task for everyone involved. I really loved the format of the game, it also encouraged a lot more team communication. It's been fantastic building alongside everyone and definitely can't wait for SoNE 2.0!
  10. You can always be sure when a battle has truly ended, wounded soldiers retreating, remaining ships escaping. The Battle of Endor was reaching it's conclusion, the Rebels had got switch to deactivate the generator and we had still yet to find ours. The Emperor was planning something, that much was obvious, Star Destroyers had moved away from the surface of the planet. Was the Emperor planning to annihilate the planet? Surely not, although that hadn't stopped Tarkin during the Battle of Scariff. But now we had too get up the mountain to see if we could find the switch.
  11. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Dean Thomas, Crabbe and Goyle are potential characters that spring to mind, or maybe even the original, older version of Flitwick (since he has a different look for the rest of the film after CoS)
  12. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think the other was Ron winning the House Cup or something like that.
  13. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I really hope so too, as well go a more spacious interior it would also be a good way to get Buckbeak. I feel like the troll from the dungeons might have been a better inclusion than the Basilisk, but otherwise I think it’s a great set nonetheless.
  14. Tariq j

    I'm getting married!

    Huge Congratulations! Hope you have a great future together!
  15. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    The box art for the Great Hall just makes it looks even better! Really string wave we’ve got here so far