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  1. Something I did pick up on, regarding Wilson Goddard during Hour 3: For his first three posts of the hour, Mr Goddard appears to be strongly against Bob's vote for Benson, he questions him, asks him for more evidence and even appears to prompt Benson to argue his case against Bob. And then BOOM! Like a switch flicked in his head, Mr Goddard claims Bob "has a point" about Benson and votes for him, despite the fact Bob's evidence for Benson has been there since Hour 2. It feels like Goddard was trying to defend his scummy mate, but afraid that it might backfire on him the next day went and voted for him.
  2. It feels like an attempt to look like he’s made a large post, when in fact he’s just copied someone else’s posts with no thoughts or anything. What’s more is that I don’t see the point in showing us all of a dead townies posts, especially since Kaster didn’t say much anyway.
  3. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Best rule of unknown lists as per the Star Wars forum: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is .
  4. The 20th Anniversary figures also come with a little display plate, that’s really neat. I’m liking what I’m seeing with the scout trooper and Kylo.
  5. Really? Admittedly yes, maybe you never out right said “there have to moles on the bandwagon” but you kept on heavily implying that that was the case here. Like I said earlier, I’m not disagreeing with what you’re saying here, it’s jsut the assertion with which you’re saying it makes you sound like you no it’s correct.
  6. Tariq j

    Ghostbusters 2016 Reboot discussion

    I'm really looking forward to this, although we don't know who's socming back, I have a feeling the premise is going to be like the new Star Wars films with the original actors passing the torch onto a new set of Ghostbusters.
  7. I apologise if it felt like I didn't address the argument against me. It was a stupid post to make I'll admit, but I wasn't fishing for PR's. One thing I will say is that other members did pick up on what I said, mostlytechnic, khascarymovie4, and Jamesn just to name a few, it wasn't just you and Kristel exclusively. In regards to our three main choices, Zip has been giving a Townie read until today, his constant and forceful suggestion that there "absolutely all scum MUST be on the bandwagon" feels like he's trying to draw focus off those who were not. I'm not disagreeing with his claim, but his certainty that ALL scum must be on the bandwagon is strange. I'm stuck on Benson, I was also in a PM with the late Office Lewis and he was convinced Benson was scum. I'm not totally convinced by his argument here which seems to amount too, " Bob felt scummy to me and Lewis felt town, but I voted for Lewis because I forgot about Bob" this also puts Bob on my radar because I'm thinking Benson may be playing a bit of WIFOM here I.e. calling a fellow scum scummy, but then not going ahead and voting for them. Then there's Agent Moore, I feel likes he's the least likely to be scum, based on the fact he hasn't done anything majorly concerning. This got to me a little, the constant mention of Kristel, it feels like Agent Moore is trying to say "look everyone, I agreed with a confirmed town player we both had the same theory about something" Reagrdless, to me it's a flip between Benson and Zip, I don't like how certain zip is with his arguments, he either knows too much or is trying to influence the attention away from certain players. Benson's logic isn't adding up at all. And he feels the more summer of the two. Vote: Benson (Legomonorailfan)
  8. Sad to see about both the losses the town has endured. Office Lewis confuses me because he wasn't actually being lynched, granted he had votes on him, but no where near enough to get killed. So I don't know why he did that. But by that logic, surely you are scum, since Office Skinner voted for you on the first day and he's dead too. Assuming every person a dead Townie voted for is scum is an odd claim. I'm still suspicious of Mr Goddard and his "3 member mob lynch" that he was trying to propose yesterday. The fact we know Office Lewis is town makes this even more weird.
  9. Ah ok, maybe it's a general collectible thing. Like each anniversary comes with a different coloured blaster and the aim is to collect all the colours?
  10. Maybe Han isn’t the only 20th anniversary figure, perhaps they’re others too?
  11. That's what I was trying to allude too earlier since I don't really know how we go about this, since Office Lewis doesn't seem to be returning. To be honest, I can't think of anyone scum or town, giving up like this, there's no logical sense as to why you would since you're not helping whatever team you're on. Looking back, Office Lewis's last post makes it sound like he quit out of anger than anything else.
  12. Than new Han (or old I guess , depending on how you look at it) is brilliant. Especially love the pearl blaster. Now just waiting for the original Boba Fett to make an appearance
  13. If a player quits are they modkilled? Because if so there's no point voting for him if that's going to happen anyway. I can't see a scum doing this in any scenario to be honest. For now I'm going to Vote: Lewis (jamesn)
  14. Has he quit? I'm so confused.
  15. I don’t know what I was trying to say with that post. But that wasn’t my intention at all. I’m not trying to get any one into revealing anything.