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  1. Star Wars Rebels

    Agreed, a good two parter
  2. Homemade Road Plates

    Those look amazing , loving the bus lane and all the details. The level of realism is really good too.
  3. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    And Thanks for designing such an amazing model! And I’m also glad you kept scabbers in, I really love the mould used.
  4. Looking at this picture I can see what Lego we’re going for. Although the seat design from the two previous Falcons would have worked just as well in yellow.
  5. The interior looks good, they’ve managed to get that black and white colour scheme from the trailer in there and I love the way they’ve designed the sleeping compartment.
  6. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Maybe the cogs are too flip the tables over when Malloy and Harry are duelling? And is that Dumbleodre sitting next to Quirrel? Or someone else?
  7. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Is that not Ginny? Maybe it’s Susan Bones?
  8. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Interesting set. I like some of the new mounds they’ve used on some of the characters and we finally have some new wand pieces! I also love how they’ve managed to include so many details like the candles and the fireplace. In many ways this an excellent update of the very first Hogwarts set Lego gave us. Really looking forward to seeing the other sets
  9. Unfortunately not, but the description has said it will come with some kind of bar, beds and a Dejarik table and hyperdrive.
  10. Lots of good stuff here! I love those first couple of shots through the leaves, giving the build a cinematic look and that penultimate shot of the Rebels and the AT-RT making their way through the forest. I also like the smooth transition from the water, to the beach, to the forest area. The tree is also very good, the vines and foliage on the trunk really put it in the context of Endor. And I see Peter Pettigrew has ditched Voldemort to become an Officer
  11. Future Star Wars Sets

    IIRC the rumour for the SSD was slated for a release in 2019. So I think Robianco is right, we’ve got the Rebel Fighter and Bespin this year and the SSD (plus whatever other UCS set there is) next year. I’d love to see that as a set, from the looks of the trailer it’s either two halves that move simultaneous to one another or one whole monorail where the rail physically runs through the ship. If Lego could pull either of them off I’d be amazed.
  12. Trial by Jury - Conclusion

    Well played scum! And once again excellent job hosting Medium , to echo Jluck, the story pics, and characters were very strong. The kill cancelling mechanic really threw me off since I was sure there was a blocker out there and it was just a matter of time before they revealed my name on the day thread.
  13. Almost forgot! We’d like to move Three Squares right to R22 Word had come in a force shield had been positioned around the generator (typical of Vader to employ such high security), so all squads had been designated in finding the switch to deactivate it. So far... no success. We were approaching a mountain, so we dug a makeshift trench to camp out, just to make sure the furry locals weren’t following us. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed! So for this week I wanted to try and do a different border to the one I did in the previous build, and I’m happy with the way it turned out. In hindsight, the trench could have a been a little deeper and maybe a little more rough cut around the edges.
  14. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I’d also agree with the above, and even if Diagon Alley is remade, whether it’ll have the charm of the D2C set we don’t know.
  15. Defective minifig heads?

    When heads get stuck on torsos people use all kinds of tools like clippers, tweezer, even pliers, to try and get the head off. And the seller has tried it here and it’s obviously gone wrong. People also use all kinds of oils to loosen the plastic so that might explain the green residue.