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  1. CMFanatic

    Ideas for CMFs

    My oh my! xD
  3. CMFanatic

    Ideas for CMFs

    Dude I was working on one a long, LONG time ago (back before series O) and got completely distracted by life lol. I should go through and list them off. Always happy when TLG looks at your excellent designs and decides to steal borrow them!
  4. CMFanatic

    Ideas for CMFs

    I'm glad to be back, too! 2021 was a VERY hectic year for me...yeesh. I think there are around 50 in total. TLG has been very liberal with taking your ideas and making them a reality - without hiring you, STILL. I understand you have a job already but you should at least apply to be a graphic designer for them at some point! They're hiring for one in Europe.
  5. CMFanatic

    Ideas for CMFs

    Note that I refer to @Robert8's minifigs in bold, and TLG's minifigs are in italics. Series D: Ice Cream Girl was another Minifigure that wasn't released in a CMF, but was instead introduced in 2022's 60314 Ice Cream Truck Police Chase, where two crooks are wearing ice cream suits - one blue and one pink. (She was also the probable inspiration for the Ice Cream Guy in Vidiyo Series 1 - except he wasn't a suit, his head was a scoop.) Virtual Reality Gamer got redesigned into the Video Game Champ from Series 19. (The one who looks like PewDiePie.) An improvement was made by TLG in that they featured an actual Xbox controller piece instead of just a printed 1x2 tile. Series E: Dog Groomer was released in Series 19 as the Dog Sitter. Instead of grooming, though, she takes pets on a walk. And instead of a single poodle, we got a dachshund and a French bulldog in white. Gingerbread Woman was released in 10267 Gingerbread House, a Creator Expert set which also had a Gingerbread Dad with a mustache. (I guess the S11 Gingerbread Man was off at college or something, having already moved out of the home.) She was redesigned to have a skirt instead of a different gingerbread hat to denote her gender. Castaway was released in Series 21 as the Castaway, with an orange hermit crab instead of a monkey, and long hair rather than a pirate cap. (They kept the "paper in a bottle" piece though! Series F: Piñata Party Boy was released in Series 20 as the Piñata Boy, with a poncho and a Mexican hat instead of hair and a blindfold. Piñata piece was almost exactly as imagined - down to the color. The difference lies in the fact that Robert's has a little hole where one could suspend it on a pole or string, whereas TLG's doesn't have that. Spooky Knight was released in Series 19 as...the Spooky Knight. He got a light blue head, transparent blue sword and a piece of classic armor with printing instead of the more retro, green vibe Robert was going for. Minstrel was released in Series 22 as the Troubadour. They reused the old Foresters hat in a different color for his hat, instead of the new piece Robert had imagined. He also didn't come with a cape, but instead had 3 printed coins. Additionally in this series, the teacup piece and the Cartoon's hair both got made into pieces at a later date - the former with Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter S1, and the latter with Series 18's Party Boy (in blonde.) Series G: Dragon Suit Guy was released in Series 18 as, well, Dragon Suit Guy. They went with neither dark red nor dark green (I really loved your idea about the different rarity ones, though!) but instead with the standard red....which reminded me of the Devil more than anything else, tbh. TLG also created their dragon hat to have removable black horns, instead of it being one piece. They did use the pieces suggested: S14's Gargoyle's wings (in red) for his wings, and also S14's Lil' Devil tail piece.
  6. CMFanatic

    Ideas for CMFs

    I've just spent waaaaaaay too much time compiling a list of the Minifigures that The LEGO Group has actually made from these ideas, going from Series A onwards. So here goes with the first three, and I'll update in a bit. (Eurobricks isn't letting me do a super long post for some reason.) Series A: Giraffe Suit Guy was released in The Lego Movie 2 Series. TLG didn't give him a tail like @Robert8 did. (An injustice, IMHO.) They also added a piece of vegetation. Lifesaver Guy's float was used in two Batman Minifigure series - Joker in S2 and Batman in S1. The Batman one had a Batman mask, while Joker's was green. It was also used on a minifig suspiciously like the one created here, which was included in a Gift With Purchase CMF display stand from 2019, and was indeed yellow with a red beak and normal eyes. Robotics Engineer got a slight redesign (into the female form) and became the Programmer from Series 19, with a white laptop instead of a radio control, and with more of a relaxed "chillz with my bros" vibe, rather than the clean-cut scientist vibes that the Robotics Engineer exuded. It's arguable that the Galactic Traveler turned into the Retro Space Hero, but the resemblance is faint. Series B: Rapper Girl was released as HipHop Girl in Series 20. She got a recolor and a new hairpiece, but the resemblance still existed - down to the amount of midriff exposed! Archer was released as the Forest Rogue in Series 17. He kept elements of the dark red but mostly changed into dark green. Also gained a full-face mask, rather than the hat and feather, and he lost the apple. No new quiver piece - TLG reused the same one that they've had for ages. Series C: Ladybug Girl (one of my personal favorites!) was released in Series 21. Nearly all of the elements came out as imagined, with the exception of the hat changing colors from black to red with black antennae. She also was released as an adult instead of a kid - a rather disappointing change. They could have at least given her teen legs!! C'mon, was that too much to ask, TLG? Kayaker wasn't released in a full-on CMF series, but a kayaker (with a kayak!) was released in the City People Pack: Fun Outdoors set.
  7. CMFanatic

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    Dude, epic! I supported you on IDEAS. Good luck! You're already to what, nearly 3k votes? High chance of making the 10k club and *gasp* hopefully this becomes a set! I know I'll definitely buy it if it does get voted in! :D
  8. CMFanatic

    Ideas for CMFs

    Dang, Robert8! Blown away, as usual! That steampunk guy is really cool - if LEGO made this series (which they NEED TO , as usual...) I would get him and use his torso/legs for Watson in my Sherlock Holmes MOC. I also really like the Landscaper and the Expectant Mother. I would get them both and give the Landscaper to a good friend of mine who is actually one. And I could give my mum the Expectant Mother one - she's had 9 kids, and maybe it would get her to not be so indifferent towards LEGOs any more?
  9. I agree...something more than our typical CITY stereotypes: "bad guy in a boring, printed-on and hardly concealing mask" "bad guy or girl stupidly jailbreaking someone else out pf prison while still wearing their own prison jumpsuit", and the newest, "bad guy in a barely believable disguise", would be nice. And perhaps some jury members, or a lawyer for Series 20? That would be nice - we only have a judge and three police officers so far in the CMF line...and they can't exactly go anywhere without a jury and lawyers. Come on, LEGO!
  10. And to get yourself on the platform....Once you did that, if you ever had another good idea then you would already have a following.
  11. Do put it there! It could be pretty popular! I know I would vote for it, sure! Also, perhaps if you were to add a minifigure...
  12. Hey guys! I was able to pick up an ENTIRE CASE of Series 19 for $120! What happened was, my best friend went to our local Walmart and he found that the new Series 19 minifigs had been mis-labeled so they were on sale for $1 apiece!!! And he was like, "WHOA!" So he got the entire box! Then he realized that HE couldn't exactly DO anything with he sold it to me for $120. What do you think? Any similar stories? Our theory was that they had hired a new clerk and he had accidentally mixed up the LEGO Movie 2 minifigs with the new ones, and had put them on sale for that price. They'd had 2 cases, but the first one was gone in a flash. So he got the one remaining one. I have a list of the rarities of each one, if anyone needs them.
  13. Dude, like, submit it to LEGO IDEAS already! I would TOTALLY vote for it! It's SOOO cool! Btw, is it the lighting or is that in dark silver? I couldn't tell if it was dark silver or black.
  14. So right about that! I would rather they had kept the whole old system - even though we wouldn't get extra pieces, it would be worth it. The newer posters are literally onion-skin-paper-thin (ha! it rhymes!) and tear/fade/wash out REALLY easily. (I had one in my wallet when I went into a lake recently, and though an old-style one would have been OK, the newer ones just faded like crazy and tore like mad. Damn.) The plastic packets are helpful for ID-ing them faster - you can get to know who has the inner packaging and who doesn't and it speed the process exponentially. BUT, in view of LEGO's newfangled "environmental awareness" program, I'm surprised that they switched to this newfangled and uses-more-plastic system of packaging! Come on, LEGO! Stick to your commitments.
  15. Saw some photos on eBay: So apparently LEGO is going to continue this new trend of including extra pieces with some minifigures - something that they only recently restarted with The LEGO Movie 2 Series, after dropping it after Series 2. (Waaaaay back in 2010!) The Ghost Knight/Frightening Knight minifigure will have an extra transparent blue sword and transparent blue plume. Monkey King dude is going to have an extra crest piece, an extra red rod and an extra gold lightsaber hilt. Also, what do ya'll think about those clear plastic "inner packets" that they're using for some of the minifigures? I thought LEGO was trying to become more "environmentally friendly", and that is one thing that will now add hundred of pounds more to the Great Atlantic Garbage Patch and our trash dumps.....any thoughts? Did they really have to put them in there? Would it be better if they just removed them?