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  1. I was wondering what happened, since the website that hosted Joebot's comic has been replaced by an unrelated underground blog. Joebot had a good thing going, and I thought his comics were funny.
  2. Justin

    MOC: Brick-Built City Billboards

    Nice job on the billboards! They look awesome!
  3. I voted for the Flintstones, too. Yabba dabba doo! It's getting very very close to becoming an official LEGO set. A lot of the other ideas are great, but I chose the Flintstones due to how iconic it is.
  4. Justin

    Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    New pics!!!! (source: The Brick Fan) 41287 Bubbles' Playground Showdown 41288 Mojo Jojo Strikes
  5. Justin

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I just watched Wreck-It-Ralph for the first time a few days ago on ABC. It was amazing! I loved all the video game references peppered throughout the movie!
  6. Justin

    Exxon Version of 6371

    Here's a translation of the website I made using Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.1000steine.de%2Fde%2Fgemeinschaft%2Fforum%2F%3Fentry%3D1%26id%3D370908%26showall%3D1%23id370968&edit-text=&act=url It's a very interesting subject. I like the fact that LEGO had to create an official "MOC" to make up for the fact that the set wasn't available in some countries, by taking some creative liberties with the set's design, like replacing Shell's brick colors with Exxon's brick colors and making various sticker and part substitutions.
  7. Justin

    Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    What I'm interested in, is what the final pictures of the sets will look like.
  8. Justin

    Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    The LEGO Powerpuff Girls minifigs have been revealed: Source: http://thegeekiary.com/rick-morty-ben-cartoon-network/50069
  9. Justin

    Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    The setting of the first set, 41287 - Bubbles' Playground Showdown is the Townsville Midway Elementary School during a battle with Princess Morbucks on the playground, while the setting of the second set, 41288 - Mojo Jojo Strikes takes place in downtown Townsville during a battle with Mojo Jojo outside of a jewelry store and an ice cream parlor. Mojo Jojo appears to be driving his red convertible from the Winklegruff Gals episode of the current Powerpuff Girls incarnation. That is...unless these sets sell well...
  10. Justin

    Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    I'm liking the sets already. The colors of the various LEGO elements are true to that of the 2016 incarnation of the cartoon. We get in addition to the girls, Princess Morbucks, Mojo Jojo, Donny the Unicorn and Octi the Octopus.
  11. Justin

    MOC: Bookstore for my town

    Very nice! :)
  12. Justin

    Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    I also would like to see LEGO release sets based on Powerpuff Girls classic. If they do, it would have to tie into the 20th anniversary re-release of the Powerpuff Girls Complete Classic Series DVD box set.
  13. Justin

    Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    If the summer releases are successful, maybe LEGO will release more Powerpuff Girls sets during the holiday season in 2018. I would love to have Professor Utonium's house with Professor Utonium, all three Powerpuff Girls, Blisstina Utonium, Pack Rat and Man-Boy. It would also include the professor's white car. They would have to take some liberties with the design, like putting the professor's lab on the first floor.
  14. Justin

    Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    If they're releasing sets based on the current Powerpuff Girls cartoon, I think they'll redesign Bubbles' hair to include the little blue hairbands in her pigtails, something they forgot to include in her Dimensions counterpart.
  15. Justin

    Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    I'm so excited for this! The modern Powerpuff Girls reboot seems to be popular, while the classic Craig McCracken version of The Powerpuff Girls cartoon (where it all began) will be celebrating its 20th anniversary milestone in November 2018. This could be my chance to add some sugar, spice and everything nice to my LEGO collection! I hope we get Professor Utonium's house: "classic PPG" version: "modern PPG" version: