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Found 12 results

  1. My own version of the Millenium Falcon in mini scale. Hope you like it.
  2. Hi Everyone, My first post here. I have been working on a lego star wars mini ship set for awhile now and thought i'd share it with everyone here. The ships are primarily built to play with my 2 boys (4 and 1.5) so they have to be extra durable. I do my best to get sizing as close to same scale for all the ships as I can. I have a few more ships as well you can check on my Flickr page. There are many more photos of each of the individual ships but wanted to post a fun little render I was playing around with here. I also have instructions on some of the ships and am working on a build-guide for the falcon. Flickr Gallery:
  3. Prologue: Following the countless hours I productively wasted last year building a 10143 UCS Death Star II (link here), via Bricklink, I’ve been looking for another project. Next on my list was the 10030 UCS Star Destroyer, but after sourcing about 50% of the parts I admitted defeat as I couldn’t obtain several of the rarer ones inside Europe. I briefly debated building an Endor Landing platform, using instructions which I’d purchased from Ebay, but it wasn’t going to big enough for my UCS shuttle so that was the end of that. Back to the drawing board, ho hum. To be honest, since I’d ‘Bricklinked’ the Death Star, normal sets (the ones that come in a box with all of the parts in numbered plastic bags) seem a bit too easy somehow... and I like a challenge!! I considered numerous options, but kept circling back to the idea of a UCS Falcon. I would like to say that I did try to stop myself from starting this for several weeks, but finally gave in. My wife gave me her, classic, disappointed look when I mentioned my plan to her and, to be fair, she did have a point as I already own one! My logic: My current Falcon is the third one I’ve owned (long story) and I paid £750 for it MISB a couple of years ago just before the prices got really silly. I built it once and displayed for a week in a darkened room before my irrational fear of dust & light damage made me disassemble it and return it to the safety of its packing box. Hence, there was some logic to this project after all....if I could build one (relatively) cheaply I could then display it long-term without any fear of i) daylight ii) dust or iii) one day finding our cat asleep on it!! Now I know that this project has been well-documented before by BobBongo and jFox but I thought you might like to see how my project develops, building it my way. Firstly, I’ll admit that I’m rather OCD about Lego; it has to be new! Secondly, I wanted to see how cheaply this could be done, keeping to the original colours wherever it was sensible to do so. Some of the costs I’ve seen for building one seemed ridiculously high and I was determined to do better, at least that was the plan.... My Strategy: Firstly I checked the Lego PAB website to see what parts were readily available to set a ‘benchmark’ cost. Next, using a spreadsheet, I recorded the cost of the parts which were available in four of my favourite stores, not overly scientific but it was a useful starting point. Using a few formulas I estimated that I could do this for about £550, give or take some postage. Before I forget I’d like to pass on my thanks to both gizmocom and KRAM who supplied a total of 1,541 parts, in 50 and 67 lots respectively. Their excellent service deserves a shameless plug; both sellers are 100% Lobot recommended! Bricklink: I’m not an expert in Bricklink, but if you haven’t sourced a lot of parts before, I can offer the following advice: i) Buy within your own country wherever possible; the cost of long-distance postage really adds up after a while. If you’re in the UK also be very wary of any potential Import taxes so try and order from the EU if you need to go further afield; I got stung a couple of years ago and it resulted in a cheap purchase from the US being a very expensive one!! ii) Don’t get too obsessed about saving the odd penny here and there; it’s far more important to minimise the total number of orders. During my searches I set myself a minimum 100 (ish) parts per order; otherwise the postage gets prohibitive. iii) Having said that, I’ve adopted a policy of ‘grabbing’ parts wherever I could. For example the Falcon requires 243 x 3021 ‘Light Bluish Gray Plate 2 x 3’; these are £0.10 from PAB, so that’s £24.30 unsurprisingly. However, if you can buy 20 @ £0.07 from a seller, as part of a larger order, you’ve just saved yourself £0.60. Now that doesn’t sound much but if you manage to source all 243 for that you’ll save £7.29, as long as you don’t incur any additional postage charges. I’ve found that most sellers use weight bands (0-250g, 250-500g etc) so provided you keep a careful eye on the total weight of each order, via the shopping basket, you can make significant savings. For my orders I estimated that the weight of the packaging would be a maximum of 30g, so kept all 250g orders below 220g. iv) PAB can look expensive for some parts, but for some they’re unbeatable (for example the 3069b ‘Light Bluish Gray Tile 1 x 2 with Groove’ & 3068b ‘Light Bluish Gray Tile 2 x 2 with Groove’); also they have a fixed shipping charge which can be very helpful if it’s a large order. You need to bear in mind that lots of plates will be heavy, and even if you can get them slightly cheaper on Bricklink the cost of postage may eliminate any potential saving. v) Don’t automatically disregard sellers with only a small (ish) parts inventory or feedback. By using the Bricklink filters I used several with 50-150 feedbacks; their service was at the same level as those with 1000+ and frequently their price per part was significantly less. Progress to date: I managed to find 414 new parts from my own collection before I started ordering. These were mainly small Technic connecters etc and realistically they were probably worth £15. During the last 6 weeks I’ve made a total of 13 orders for 3,747 parts at a cost of £374.74, excluding my own stock. 6 orders were from the UK, 3 from the Netherlands, 2 from Germany, 1 from Denmark & 1 from Belgium. Including my own stock this adds up to 4,161 parts, or 80.42% of the set which I’m quite pleased with, breakdown as follows: Orders Parts Total Cost (£) Cost per part (£) Source Own 414 £0.00 0 N/A 1 873 £46.99 £0.05 UK 2 668 £36.52 £0.05 UK 3 443 £42.68 £0.10 UK 4 343 £37.40 £0.11 Denmark 5 311 £34.46 £0.11 UK 6 147 £28.35 £0.19 Netherlands 7 103 £20.56 £0.20 Netherlands 8 100 £30.22 £0.30 Germany 9 111 £15.70 £0.14 UK 10 96 £12.30 £0.13 Belgium 11 206 £24.76 £0.12 Netherlands 12 98 £13.82 £0.14 UK 13 248 £30.98 £0.12 Germany To date 12 orders have arrived, totalling 3,913 parts (75.63%). So, what does this look like? Scroll down to find out: A large box: Han in part heaven (insert the music to American Beauty here): And what can I build so far: “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts”...Han paused and then, with a deep sigh, continued...”Ok kid, I’ll admit it’s total rubbish” I’ve just made two orders for another 457 parts, including the technic beams, so I should be able to make some tangible progress soon. I add another update soon. Cheers, Robin
  4. Hi all, This is my first post. At the moment I'm selling a lot of my old lego. It was displayed for most of its life in a small museum but since that closed it has been in storage which really saddens me as they should be appreciated. I have put them substantially below the next cheapest price on amazon as I want them to sell and not just sit for ages by putting a super high greedy price. Here is a link to my amazon, there is only 5 sets on there at the moment but I have a that of 215 lego sets, mainly on the bigger side but if there are any you are looking for let me know and I'm sure I can make you a good deal. But yeah, at the moment on my amazon is a few rare sets at good prices. All the sets are complete and have been behind glass their whole life until recently they have been in a dry storage unit. Box, instructions and spare pieces are all included.. Price can be discussed -[link removed]-
  5. Hey everyone, so while I am waiting for a big order from Bricklink to start my next large scale MOC I thought I would kill the time by building a little micro landscape of Jakku, specifically Niima Outpost. Its a very simple little MOC, only 16x16 and its actually based on the loading screens from Lego: The Force Awakens on the PS4 (for those of you who have played it you might recognise it?) I really enjoyed making this little model and I am quite tempted to do similar scenes for all the famous locations of the entire sage (any suggestions welcome!) Anyway as always be great to know your thoughts!
  6. Hi, I badly wanted to have the Millenium Falcon 4504 as I liked the overall design the most. What I did was not just buy a set but to look for missing parts at bricklink to build my one version. Regrettably I realised that the original build was highly unstable and nothing for a 7 year old son. Whether it was lifted on the side or in the frond it almost ended up breaking apart... Folding up the top ends in having the parts in the hand rather than on the falcon... . I do not know what TLG thought at that time how this should be playable... So I completely enforced the ground plate, the front wings (still space for the cargo :) ), two hinges on each pair of roofwings, raised the center tower by two plates in order for the falcon not to look too flat, etc... Well here is the result, hope you like it:
  7. Recently out of my dark ages, and got some nice Christmas gifts these holidays - the 75050 among it. However, the interior of the 75050 was... sparse. It needed some TLC. As luck would have it, I got the 21304 for Christmas as well - the two seemed like a match made in heaven!
  8. LEGODrongo01

    [MOD] 7965 top hatch

    FIRST POST I've been lurking on these forums for quite a while now, and I finally decided to get an account and post my things... Anyway, the top/bottom hatches of the 7965 and 75105 always bugged me, because the window that the shooter looks through is just a print. I took it upon myself to make a new hatch with the window. I'm not exactly sure how to mount it onto the falcon though...
  9. Hello... After some time away from LEGO... I created something I had designed a long time ago in paper using digital bricks. This is a concept I used for a script i sent to darkhorse when the LEGACY comics were out. In that script the Corellian armada had become one of the most powerful fleets in the galaxy and had incorporated in their cruisers, technology from the lost galaxy gun... SO those big guns you see on each side are supposed to shoot hyperspace energy shells, turning the ship into a deadlier vessel than the death star :D Of course, that is only a tale I made up. But I would really like to see one such ship in the new STAR WARS movies. Even if it is not a cruiser it can be adapted to become a ship for a crew of three or four :D That's how many minifigs fit inside :D Hope you like it and let me know your thoughts. Cheers
  10. I was able to purchase the brand-new and very rare Lego Nanofighter 0.0000007965 Millenium Falcon !! The size of this new nanofighter fits exactly to the scale of the 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer. So my goal was to rebuild the famous Star Wars Scene from Episode V when Han Solo docks the Millenium Falcon to the Star Destroyer. Luckily I own 3 sets of 10030 as well as one set of 10221 Super Star Destroyer. So I was able to setup this movie scene in real life. As you can imagine, it was quite a bit fiddly to assemble this nanofighter. Especially assembling the laser cannons was a challenge. However, by using a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers I was able to accomplish this mission. Have fun! original movie scene: Remake: Hi-Res Image
  11. Larsen

    MOC Millenium Falcon

    Hello I'm rather new to this forum, I've been lurking for some time tho. I've always considered the Falcon to be one of the coolest designs around. I've also been telling myself if I ever got around to wanting to build it, I'd do it from scratch and in styrene, maybe on a wooden base, like the studio scale. I've certainly been telling myself that doing it in LEGO is stupid, it's hard to get the dimensions right and it'll cost you:-) Until my 5 year old came to me one day and said: "Dad I'd really like a LEGO MF!" I said: "The current set isn't really that cool, and the proportions are way off, plus it's really expensive!" I probably shouldn't have said that, cuz he looked at me and I could tell he was putting two and two together. Then he said: "Dad, why don't we just build our own Falcon then... and it's gotta have guns dad, on top and on the bottom?" I thought what the hell, and we started putting some pieces together, it quickly became apparent tho, that we did not have the needed parts, not if it was to be anywhere close to looking like the Falcon. I did some research and found some good references including the base drawing of the MF off of So this may go a bit slow, cuz I'm doing this with my 5 year old, but it's for him , and that's the way it is. Anyway, this is our attempt at the Millenium Falcon, she's gonna be something around 65-70cm. About 0,78 percent of the studio scale. As of now, we've managed to build the forward mandibles which are pretty close to sticking to the proportions. The angle looking from the top, is slightly off, but acceptable. The cockpit is a real PITA, and obviously too big, but that is a trade off so it'll fit two minifigs. This is the 4th or 5th time we've rebuild these sections alone and I think we're pretty close to what we can accept. We hope to get some good suggestions along the way, and a lot of fun out of this thread. Brian and son