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  1. CardinalBricks

    [M4-24 - The Phantom Menace] Naboo Swamp

    This is a great little display piece. You did a great job updating the original set using modern parts/sensibilities, but still maintaining the essence of the old set—including the green whip was a great idea in that respect.
  2. Well deserved, winners! This was so much fun to be a part of. As many others have pointed out, it was hard picking just 3 to vote for. Garmadon, how are those 1x4 planks attached on your build? Especially the ones going sideways?
  3. CardinalBricks

    Eurobricks' Licensed Summertime Style Contest - Voting topic

    8. Kristel 6. BardDandelion 7. Chachatbricks
  4. CardinalBricks

    [M4-24 - Coruscant] - Coruscant Lower Markets

    I really like that you broke up the monotonous light bley walls (which is of course necessary in a representation of Coruscant) with pipes, cavities, interesting textures, and other colors. Especially in that corridor that 3PO and R2 are walking through, it is so atmospheric with the crumbling wall. The market setting is brilliant as well, because of course there would be all sorts of vendors on that planet. This is one of my favorite Coruscant MOCs I've seen.
  5. Wow I never realized how incredibly well the N-1 would work in micro scale since you're able to get the metallic silver in there, it looks phenomenal! I also like that you used the diorama design TLG uses with their official sets, this would probably display really nicely with those. Amazing photographs as well, I want to add. I thought these were digital renders at first until I saw the stress marks on some of the bricks. What is your process for getting the images to look like this?
  6. Davy Jones on the Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride What better way to spend a summer weekend than to visit The Happiest Place On Earth? After more than a year at sea, the abominable Davy Jones and his sinister first mate Maccus opted for a much deserved break; and spent most of their booty while they were at it.
  7. CardinalBricks

    [M4-24 - Duel of the Fates] - The Last Command: Finale

    I adore the Vornskr hound build! You could get some fun ideas about how to make a brick-built xenomorph from that, I reckon. That Mara Jade is perfect too.
  8. CardinalBricks

    [M4-24 - Duel of the Fates] - Assasins on Eclinsonite

    I second what Sentinel_Brix said! Flickr is a great way to do images here on Eurobricks. Plus you can have photos of all your builds handy on there and you can have a "portfolio" of sorts. To get a bit more specific about what to do (I don't know about you but I am not the most tech literate person out there), upload your pics on there, click into one, click the downward arrow icon next to the shopping cart, click "view all sizes," select the image size you want, then right click on it and select "copy image address". Then when you're on Eurobricks, click "insert other media" off to the right, select "insert image from URL" and paste the link in. That's how I do it anyway. I like your minifigs a lot, also the wavy tree and the imaginative world building. Great job!
  9. Basically the troopers knew something was up when Flank decided to get out of there, and they attempted to shoot him down so the details of the secret meeting don't get out (due to the accident, these troopers have more than a couple screws loose). The "admiral" made a deal with Ki-Adi Mundi (a notoriously scummy Jedi, if you know the ~lore~ haha) to procure the scroll in exchange for money and other perks. But the troopers had never met Mundi before, so when they saw Flank, for all they knew it was him, he just showed up earlier than scheduled. It is certainly fan fiction adjacent, and I did get a bit carried away with it haha. The story will be continued in my Coruscant build... only a month left so I'd better get going on that.
  10. CardinalBricks

    [M4-24 - Duel of the Fates] - Ultimate Fate

    Some amazing figures here—which is the point of this category after all! I would give this a lot of points for the "technical ability" metric if I were a contest judge (Superman heat vision/Bruce Banner hulking out heads, the various elements used for lightsaber blades, dynamic poses). You really brought the goofy EU vibes with this and I'm all for it.
  11. CardinalBricks

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I completely agree with what you both say about the detailing on the tower after the rocks looking off. I think there are just too many things with the set that don't meet my expectations that I would end up heavily MOCing it. Is it still worth getting for the parts/minifigs? Maybe? I'm not really sure. I'm inclined to hold off on it. $460 is more than I spent on all the Lord of the Rings sets I own combined, and even then it's not like I bought them all at once. Going through the Bricklink pages of parts available in pearl dark grey, I think making a rock section in that color may be more possible than I initially thought. It will be a challenge for sure, but building under part constraints is kind of the bread and butter MOC making anyway.
  12. Thanks! I liked your build a lot too. Designing the speeder was definitely my favorite part of this. It felt awkward building with the BURP pieces because I'm used to sculpting everything myself but trying to make a whole landscape with little more than 50 pieces was a fun challenge!
  13. CardinalBricks

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Wow, with that side-by-side comparison I'm realizing that it is definitely the color of the rock section in the middle that is throwing me off about the look of the Lego model. I wonder if it would look better if they were a uniform dark bley? Though probably the ideal color would be pearl dark grey (but that would not feasible of course).
  14. CardinalBricks

    REQUEST Name Change HERE

    I would like my username changed to "CardinalBricks" if possible! Thank you!
  15. CardinalBricks

    [MOC] Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter • Minifig-Scale

    Putting those new 2x1 18° slopes to immediate use... I love it! I am a Star Wars ship builder as well and I like your technique of having the edge of the wings be a layer of plate and tile, and then introducing the SNOT after that. It's always tough to get wings and panels to be as thin as possible and of course the outer edges matter most visually. Might take a crack at a MOC of this ship as well.