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Found 5 results

  1. After the events of Endor, only a couple of the squads could make it out of the moon. We don't know a lot about, what really happened, most of it is highly classified. The overall info, is that the rebels attacked the space station and the shield generator as well. (We've noticed that.) All the available troops were ordered, to return to their original outposts, and need to secure the planets the empire controls. As we arrived back to Takodana, we went back to our everyday work. Our captain said we will maybe get a promotion cause the last mission, but it's will be real after the official announcement. Until that, we will continue serve as patrols and security units. Checkpoint 717 located at one of the main places of the town. This street nowadays is the home of the main market. It's mostly a quiet place but too, so we need to be carefully. Many don't know, but there have been several battles in the past as part of the Galactic Clone Wars. Today we'll patrolling here at the market... BN-0303 - What's all this? Come on, let's see some scandocs. TG-0222 - Watch out! Blaster! BN-0303 - Put it down! BN-0303 - Stop! "We were attacked. One of the suspects is heading to the checkpoint. Stop him!" Security Control - "Copy that BN-0303." Shock Trooper - Freez! Don't move! Shock Trooper - "Sir, we caught both of them." Security Control - "Copy that, bring them in. Is there any loss?" BN-0303 - "Negative Sir, we are fine." TG-0222 - We are fine except my blaster... Please judge.
  2. This MOC is my entry to a local contest organised for Star Wars 40th Anniversary. I began organising the parts needed around January 2017. It took 2-3 weeks of planning because I don't stock many parts. I did a MOC on Mos Eisley Cantina so this seems like the natural progression to me. The main challenge here is finding good material for the model reference and the scale that I will use. For economical reasons, I followed the same scale used in 75139 Battle on Takodana. I used 3 sets to build the basic "U" structure then everything else is procured from Bricklink. It took about 5-6 weeks to design because with my goal is to make it faithful to the actual model used in the movie. I did a lot of revisions especially on the angled corners of the building. The actual build took less than 1 week initially but it gathered dust until March 2017 when I went back to redo the whole build to add interior design from the ground up. Finally it took another 1 week to do furnishing and adding the customised flags. There are 2-3 more building modules not completed which I will complete in 2-3 months as I expand this MOC.
  3. Hi there guys, this is my first post and I am sharing with you my first ever MOC! I would love to know your thoughts as well as any tips, advice or guidelines to help me with future builds. The courtyard is a two set build of the official 'Battle on Takodana' set and can actually slide out from the front as its own piece. The forest to the side of the castle (representing where Kylo Ren confronts Rey for the first time) is also its own piece and can slide out if you want to use it as a separate element. The main tower lifts off as does the entire roof section on the left hand side revealing more tables, patrons and the performance area for the band. The turret on the right side is hinged and hidden inside is a bluetooth speaker that plays 'Jabba Flow' when its turned on. I have included the room where Rey finds Luke's lightsaber. To access the room there is a vertical sliding door and the roof piece lifts off too. To populate the Castle I have mixed and matched a few of my favourite characters from the Star Wars universe, some of which are not exactly movie accurate but fun anyway, such as Hera and Sabine from 'Rebels' recruiting new members to join their crew. Greedo in the back hoping to capture another bounty and lando enjoying a drink with Figrin D'an. As for the new characters I have custom made the Crimson Corsair and GA97 (although thats really just 21B with a new paint job!) Bazine Netal... And Maz's band (including the fender guitar Sudswater Dillifay Glon is playing) Finally I added some more plants and water as a bit of detailing. Overall I have tried to include as many elements from the film as possible whilst keeping some fun elements within the MOC. I have also used a mix of bricks and colours as I was trying to give the impression that the castle is very old and has been patched up over hundreds of years...hope that comes across and it doesnt just look messy?! Like I say this was my first ever MOC however now I have well and truly got the building bug it wont be the last! Hope you enjoy!
  4. StarWars8Spoiler

    [LDD MOC] Micro Battle on Takodana

    Hello, everyone! Today I bring you a 135-piece micro scale model of 75139 Battle on Takodana! It has all the details and figures from the original set, just in a much smaller scale! It can fold in and out like the actual set, but it lacks the action features (because that would be hard as hell fitting that in with my level of experience). Please feel free to comment or criticize as you wish!