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Found 1 result

  1. The new Force Awakens sets appeared in the store and There are a few I'd like, but just not that much. The new vehicles are pretty interesting though, and I had to get just one. Set#: 75099 Name: Rey's Speeder Theme: Star Wars Year: 2015 Pieces: 193 Minifigs: 2; Rey and Unkar's Thug Price: ¥3180 MSP: U.S.$19.99, £19.99 Peeron Brickset Bricklink The box There's some action, some Kylo Ren at the top. Schematics and action points are shown. And she's surfing a box top. Is that a spoiler? The booklet There is one book, cover same as the box. You know the deal. Inside, we see the instructions, plus the action features. We also see the characters of the first wave of toys from this series. They are pretty disposable to me now, but I have no doubt they will be burned in my brain by the time 2016 comes. I hate the prequels, and have seen them all ten times, so I will know The Force Awakens intimately through sheer habit. The Pieces Two bags, it's a small set. As per usual. A sticker sheet. I've moved beyond calling it The Dreaded Sticker Sheet. It is a matter of economics, they have to use them to avoid the price of this going from ridiculous to ludicrous. The set has two figs, Rey and Thug. They are nice enough. The Thug is bland enough to make me think of the bland dementors from Harry Potter, or the bland Chitari from Avengers one. The close up on the thug is alright. At least they have a face. But it's no Tusken Raider. Rey has a second face, and it's nice, but not that different from her first face. Gotta love the goggles and head wrap. This probably was 20% of the cost of the set. Got a nice sculpting, nice painting. Nice piece. And nice sculpting on the back. The Build This is the build as of the end of bag one. Fairly symmetric. The Finished Product The speeder is one of the best looking things to come out of the trailer. I think it's pretty damn cool. It's not exactly symmetrical. It's just 90% symmetrical. The lower back booster twists to push a piece to open the door. Inside, a strangely shaped box fits snugly. The box is pulled out. The cockpit is pretty damn cool as well. Open, and looking down. The side has Z-shaped piece integrating the newish blasters that have become the norm. I hadn't seen these before. They'll get no action from me since I never pew pew toys, but it's an interesting new piece. The Final Verdict Design: 10/10 This is really well made. There is no criticism of the source or the interpretation. Build: 8/10 I like the build in the nose of it, but overall, not a single technique surprised me. It's a workman like build. Playability: 8/10 I think a little tension is needed for play. This set has Rey and a Thug, theoretically a conflict, but a pretty vague one. Points given for the 'action' features which would actually be fun for kids. Minifigures: 8/10 The printing is fine, and I love the turban, but the designs are more perfunctory than illuminating. There's no Lobot here, for sure. Price: 7/10 Should be ¥2000, cost ¥3000 plus tax. Way too much for a little set. Due to oil prices and the American dollar rising, 2015 became the year that LEGO wasn't worth the cost, here in Japan, and this set suffers for that. Overall: 8.5/10 This is the most interesting design in the Force Awakens trailer. It's a speeder, and the colour reminds my of the 7113 Tusken Raiders Encounter set. There's a lot to like about it. It's not a great value, and it feels like the LEGO GROUP is testing the price points with this series. That said, this set won't break the bank, and looks a lot more iconic than any other Force Awakens set that isn't clearly based on Original Trilogy vehicles.