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  1. abyssahx

    Review | LEGO 75170 Star Wars ● THE PHANTOM

    Yes it does : More pics in my blog : http://abyssahx.blog.weareplaystation.fr/archive/2016/12/22/avis-fantome-the-phantom-lego-star-wars-75170-103975.html
  2. abyssahx

    [75078] Imperial Troop Transport With three sets

    It's me ^^ I'm happy that my MOC has inspired you. You MOC looks strange at first seen, but is cool (even if it's not the same shape as "real" ITT).
  3. abyssahx

    [MOC] Rey Speeder - Minifig Scale (using #75099)

    Yes, this is more a microfighter than a minifig scale ^^ But there is not enough parts for that. There is 75 parts in my MOC (an around 100 in other microfighter) ! However, thanks for you comments
  4. For my new MOC, I used the LEGO Set of Rey Speeder to create a new one (minifig Scale) using only parts of the sets and none from my stock. The result is not perfect, but can be reproduced by anyone owning the set. The length of the speeder is around 12 studs which is near 4 meters like “real”. I kept the weapons/tools attach on the side. Rey can stand in the speeder as she bestride it. A parts can be placed instead of Rey when she goes down. As I said, the result is not perfect, but despite the parts limitation, I’m happy of the result. I also created an other speeder (with my stock parts) for the other minifig of the LEGO set (a "thug" of Unkar Plutt) which I called SandSpeeder (due to the color). Nothing special, but good with Rey Speeder… More pics (Full size) : http://abyssahx.blog...ifig-scale.html
  5. New comparaison pic between 2bp and 3 bp version:
  6. Yes, but 4 new troopers to place inside
  7. Thanks, a picture with your other Lego will be good ^^ Yes, this is one of my regret on this moc, cannot have 6 trooper inside. but I had to make a choice between ammo boxes and troopers... There are bigger pics and 2 comparaison pics (last pics at the bottom of page) on my blog : http://abyssahx.blog.weareplaystation.fr/lego-star-wars-moc-v2-imperial-troop-transport.html
  8. As I have 5 75078, I can, but I had'nt think about that... I don't think so, because I haven't new ideas to enhance this transport (for the "3 version", I wanted to work on ammo boxes place).
  9. Hope you will post a pics of your fleet ^^ Thank's ^^
  10. After my MOC based on 2 official ITT sets #75078, I tried a new MOC of the ITT, but now based on 3 official ITT sets #75078. Same rule as the first Moc, used only parts of 75078 sets (only 6 parts not used - guns not included). This 3 sets version is based on the 2 sets version, but is a little longer and seems more massive. What I have done : - 3 places for StormTroopers instead of 2, - moving front cannon (horizontally only), - place inside 3 StormTroopers (4 with touching helmets), - place for a pilot (minifig comming from an advent calendar), - a door to access inside (but a fake door...), - ammo boxes place in back of the ITT, - possibility to place 2 to 4 ammo boxes on the roof, - easily removable roof, - roof cannon. More pics and LDD file in my blog : http://abyssahx.blog...-transport.html
  11. 2 new pics (complete presentation comming soon): Pics in full size (end of page) http://abyssahx.blog...-75078-set.html LDD in progress (50%) : http://abyssahx.blog...ssahx_3sets.zip
  12. More pics of my first version of the ITT with 3 75078 sets : http://abyssahx.blog.weareplaystation.fr/lego-star-wars-moc-v1-itt-with-three-75078-set.html But I was not satisfied so I worked on a version 2, see a preview :
  13. No time for LDD now, later... Yes, high enough ! To be honest, me too (will certainly re-work the "3 sets")
  14. More pics in next days. The dark grey roof can be removed to place 6 troopers (and put off the 3 ammo boxes by back), and the light grey roof can be spinto acces to the driver.
  15. Preview (poor quality, I only had my PSVita) of my new MOC : ITT with three 75078 set (6 stormtroopers outside + 6 stormtroopers inside + 1 driver + door + 3 boxes that can be put off by back of ITT...).