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  1. I'm just surfing my bookmarks on a Sunday night, and looked in on the forum. It's quiet. I'm a little surprised because online forums were mostly dead when Eurobricks was peaking, and it seems Lego is more popular now than ever. It's too bad, but I'm sure Lego fans are congregating on Reddit or somewhere. Not the same level of community on sites like that, but that's the Internet. I just wanted to say: I have no clue how I could put that much time into mafia games. Like, it was a lot of fun, but there had to be something else to it, because if you asked me to commit a half hour a day to something now, that would feel like way too much. Anyway, nostalgic times. Very goofy fun, much better than watching TV or many other ways to spend time at home. All the best for to my mafia peeps.
  2. def

    Pirates Mafia II

    Wow, looks like a greatest hits game. So tempting, I will... decline Real life, etc etc i hope you all drive each other mad!
  3. That's not all you stole But good luck with the game Real life commitments will keep me from playing, no matter how fun cosplay mafia is!
  4. We’re all good, no worries I came back and played your game, had fun, but now that spring vacation has ended, I'm really swamped with work till August, when I’ll be swamped from a family vacation, then back to work. Mafia is about number six on my list to do, so that Pirates game is looking like a one off. Until I quit my day job at least!
  5. I told Hinck I’d check the conclusion, and I have! It seems like a complicated set up. Bob’s referenced me, so I had to check it out and... I really don’t think you get my point of view. I thought it was a broken game mechanic so I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. If halfway through a soccer game, the forward picked up the ball and said hands were allowed, you could get frustrated, but it would depend on how invested you were in the game. After playing many (frankly, too many) mafia games, I came to a strong conclusion that if I didn’t know the rules of the game I was playing, I couldn’t really care too much about it. I’m not a fan of the lottery. Shortly after was my general mafia retirement Remember, I'm a satanist and not ashamed to admit it.
  6. I haven’t looked at this mafia site, but likely it’s standard rules where a day and night is 24 hours total, so a game lasts about a week.
  7. No worries Bob, I think everybody had lots of fun. I don’t think you calibrated your rules great, and it’s happened in everybody’s games at some points. Remember that luxury ship game you ran where I got a thief role with a simple win condition, so I ‘won’ my game on day three, then just sat around. I wasn’t complaining there, though it didn’t make a ton of sense But it’s just a game, and you’re always trying new things, and you put a lot of time into it. Thanks! And I enjoyed knowing I helped catch two scum, which is the number reason we’re all here, not to win.
  8. PGO only activates if killed, not just a night action. —— Giving it a little (already too much) thought, this game was a draw, as scum had no method of killing me. I won’t be pissed if it goes down in the books as a scum win, but it wasn’t, for very obvious reasons. That’s half the reason I had no sweat day nine. “In the case where the remnants of two factions cannot kill each other, the game is considered a draw between the living factions.”
  9. Well, it worked out in your favor then. I worked real hard to prove my town credentials in days 1-3, then then was pretty casual days 4-8, so I didn't pay much mind to Jack's vengeful or whatever it was when it happened.
  10. When I was first hosting, there was a lot of discussion of how recruiting worked. The general rule was vanillas only, and second was they lost their power if recruited. I think in my last game with recruiting, the recruitable were only half the vanillas, planned in advance, and that was stated in advance so players knew the game they were playing. How could there be a town block with recruitment? It drastically changes your play style when you know a teammate can flip sides. I thought about it for sure, it was the day seven vote that kept me from doing so. The number one reason I thought about it was this: it’s a Bob game. Sorry, Bob.
  11. Looking at a single game past game I hosted, it does say outnumber as well. This may have been an academic discussion in the the back end years ago, with the assumption that an EB game needs a majority to lynch, and that night the scum could kill, making it inevitable. But I bet there was a game where parity was reached and it didn’t end because of town actions flipping things back... but I only remember games I live to the end to very well, so I can’t give an example! But in this game, Patrick couldn’t kill me without dying, so I addressed that somewhere below the part you quoted. And yes, actions of the killed do occur in proper mafia rules.
  12. Eh, whatever. Patrick, nice job not voting for Jack day seven. That was the key reason I wouldn’t have changed my vote to you. Sneaky! That was a smart town play. EB always had a gentleman’s agreement that power roles were unrecruitable, and furthermore, if there was recruiting, it was generally referred to in the opening day or the rules, so that players could be wary of it. It’s helpful to know what game you’re playing before you play it. (You thought this was basketball? Hah! It’s soccer!) Everyone had a role, so that affected that first thing, but a heads up would have made some difference. Saying Patrick wasn’t investigated is meaningless since he could have been investigated day one, then recruited. So... As for two night actions, when Badboy allowed it in his Yakuza mafia, it was loudly derided by all. It’s not unorthodox, it’s broken and the host putting their finger on the scales to lengthen the game. You need to set up the rules and then play them out to the end, for better or worse. And rewrite your rules if you think outnumber means parity. I’m pretty sure a ton of rules over the years have established this. Going back to the earliest games held here as an example of why it was changed, not why it was okay Anyway, this was my first mafia in two years or so, and lots of fun! Thanks! No hard feelings, I’m not so mafia-nuts as I used to be, so I can write this with a bit of remove.
  13. Cosplay Mafia 3. Would you play?
  14. def

    REVIEW: 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    Thanks for the review, Whitie! I'd like to get this set, but the price just makes it impossible. Sometime around 2013, LEGO just started jacking up the prices. I bought the last Millennium Falcon, and like it a lot. I'd like to get this as well, but it is about 30% more expensive. It's a shame. LEGO is probably making more off of fewer sales, but that's not ideal.